Fantasy Football 2009 Rankings

September 9, 2009 at 8:29 am (Uncategorized)

Per EscoWhitey’s request I have assembled a breakdown of the 14 team LWCFFL.

I rank the teams from best roster to worst in my humble estimation….

1. Brazilian Bombers
2. Frightening Lightening
3. Mr. Meaner
4. Goldminers
5. Nature’s Finest
6. Mia Mamma
7. Divorced ‘Til February
9. The Sopranos
10. Fudgy Biscuits
11. Ted Dawson
12. Mr. Sunshine
13. Singeltary For President
14. Lance

Now let me explain my rationale…

I really don’t see much a of a difference between team #5 and team #14. Honestly outside of the top 4 it’s hard to say that anyone has any real advantages.

The top 4 are the top 4 for the simple reason that they have 3 or more studs. 3 Studs in a 14 team league is enough to get you into the playoffs. I break down each roster according to three categories, Studs, Solid and sleepers. I do not account for Kickers or Defense.

Going into the draft I had the following “studs”
7 QB- Brees, P. Manning, Brady, Warner, Rodgers, Rivers, Romo
11 RB- Peterson, Turner, D. Williams, Jackson, Forte, C. Johnson, Jacobs, LT, Westbrook, Slaton, Jones-Drew
10 WR- C. Johnson, A. Johnson, R. Moss, L. Fitzgerald, R. White, S. Smith, G. Jennings, Wayne, Boldin, V. Jackson
2 TE- Gates, Witten

1. Brazilian Bombers
Studs- Jones-Drew, Calvin Johnson, Witten
Solids- McNabb, McFadden, Ginn Jr.
Sleepers- S. Smith NYG
(#1 because of McNabb who is just on the cusp of being a fantasy stud. He seems to be a fantasy stud every other year. Is this the year? I think McFadden will have a monster year as well)

2. Frightening Lightening
Studs- Rivers, Tomlinson, Jackson
Solids- Addai, Keller
Sleepers- Crayton, Engram
(Maybe it’s just because I am big Chargers fan but I see this team putting up a lot of points)

3. Mr. Meaner
Studs- Warner, Forte, Fitzgerald
Solids- J. Lewis, Stewart, Evans, Z. Miller, E Royal
Sleepers- Austin
(Warner + Fitzgerald = playoffs)

4. Goldminers
Studs- P. Manning, Jacobs, R. Moss
Solids- T. Jones, Ward, Cooley
Sleepers- McGahee, Morgan
(How did Christa draft such a good team? By bidding on every player I bid on! I wanted Jacobs, Jones and Manning but when she is bidding off someone else’s notes I felt absolutley helpless to beat her. It was unfortunate indeed.)

5. Nature’s Finest
Studs- D. Williams, Westbrook
Solids- Schaub, Barber, Bowe, Daniels
Sleepers- Moore, Walter, Cassel
(Sigh. Pretty much nothing went my way. I didn’t get any of the players I wanted so I have talked myself into this team being a good team. I do have three running backs which is more than anyone else but if Schaub and Cassel are hurt all season I am screwed.)

6. Mia Mamma
Studs- Rodgers, Slaton, Wayne
Solids- White, Bryant,
Sleepers- D. Hester, Graham
(I am a huge Slaton fan after he helped deliver me a championship. But he went for a steep price (48). If a second RB emerges this is a playoff team.)

7. Divorced ‘Til February
Studs- Chris Johnson, Steve Smith (Car)
Solids- Ryan, P. Thomas, Berrian
Sleepers- F. Jones, Hixon, Quinn
(C. Johnson is my pick for RB MVP this season. S. Smith is my favorite reciever of all the studs.)

Studs- Turner
Solids- Cutler, Avery, R. Rice
Sleepers- Bennet (Chi), J. Davis, S Greene, Cotchery, S. Rice
(This team is mostly about sleepers. If Ray Rice and James Davis are as good as I think they will be and if Jay Cutler is as good as everyone in the national media thinks he is this team has a really good chance.)

9. The Sopranos
Studs- S. Jackson
Solids- Grant, Houshmadezeh, Welker, Edwards, E. Manning, Favre
Sleepers- Washington, Breaston, Winslow
(I see bounce back years for Grant, Edwards and Houzmanicky.)

10. Fudgy Biscuits
Studs- Brady, A Johnson, Gates
Solids- Portis, Parker
Sleepers- Harvin, Nicks, Buchalter
(The lack of RB depth and strength is the only thing keeping this team out of the playoffs.)

11. Ted Dawson
Studs- White, Boldin,
Solids- K. Smith, Marshall, A Gonzalez, Shiancoe
Sleepers- Stafford, Moreno, Wells
(You need a stud at RB or QB. You can only start 2 WR at a time. But The potential with Wells and Moreno is HUGE.)

12. Mr. Sunshine
Studs- Peterson,
Solids- Palmer, R. Brown, Bush, D. Jackson, Olsen, Carlson
Sleepers- Ochocinco, Flacco, Bradshaw
(If Palmer is good so is ochocinco and so is this team.)

13. Singeltary For President
Studs- Romo, Jennings
Solids- Gore, L. Johnson, T. Gonzalez, Owens, Holmes
Sleepers- D. Brown, Mendenhall
(Most people like Gore and think higher of T Gonzalez and TO. Not I.)

14. Lance
Studs- Brees,
Solids- Colston, Lynch, R. Williams (Dal), Ward, Clark
Sleepers- McCoy, Stuckey
(The first 3 games will be tough without Lynch but then this could be the team to beat. Although an 0-3 hole is no fun.)

You may think that fudgy biscuits is kind of low based on having 3 studs but after those three I see a real lack of depth that precludes me from moving him up. But as I said at the beginning I do not see a huge difference between teams 5 and 14, especially since team 14 has the highest scoring player in the league.



  1. danielbalc said,

    Ironically according to our league poll the teams being talked about as the best are the teams I have ranked 13th and 10th. Also a little buzz for #7.

    Let me further why I don’t have those teams ranked high.

    Running backs! Gore, Larry Johnson, Donald Brown and Mendenhall. Gore is up and down. Johnson has been down and the other 2 haven’t proved anything.

    Running backs! Portis, Parker, Buchalter and Cadillac. Portis is sliding, Parker has slid and the other two aren’t likely to score.

    How can you consider teams with those RB cores to be tops in the league? That’s bizarre to me. I’m guessing people have just given up on RB’s being the difference makers and are convinces that it’s about QBs and WRs now.

    We shall see.

  2. EscoWhitey said,

    My rankings are based on the players as of today…not future trades, free agent pickups, etc. Basically I looked at the teams who had the most top 10 and top 5 players with emphasis on QB, RB, and WR. Yes, it’s nice to have top 5 TE, K, and D, but they’re not as impactful as the other three.

    Variables that aren’t considered in my rankings:
    1) Everyone has a slightly different ranking system. Mine is different than yours.
    2) Injuries play a big role; one team’s injury can ruin a team and at the same time help another team get better because they have the backup player.
    3) Team management; A great trade or free agent pickup in the middle of the season can turn an average team into a very good team.
    4) Forgetting to submit a current lineup.
    5) Roster depth. Most everybody will start their studs, so I didn’t go much into the depth of the roster…that’s part of the whole injury thing. If you don’t have depth, you could get hosed.
    6) Other.
    7) I’m not making any predictions past the regular season…too much will happen between now and then (see above).

    Here are my pre-season rankings:
    1) Brazilian Bombers – Six top 10 players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D), four top 5 players (RB, WR, TE, K)
    2) Singletary For President – Six top 10 players (QB, RB, WR, WR, TE D), two top 5 players (TE, D)
    3) Mia Momma – Five top 10 players (QB, RB, WR, K D), four top 5 players (QB, WR, K, D)
    4) Mr. Meaner – Five top 10 players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K), two top 5 players (RB, WR)
    5) Divorced ’til February – Four top 10 players (QB, RB, WR, K), one top 5 player (K)
    6) Fudgy Biscuits – Four top 10 players (QB, WR, TE, K), three top 5 players (QB, WR, TE)
    7) Goldminers – Four top 10 players (QB, WR, TE, D), two top 5 players (QB, WR)
    8) The Sopranos – Four top 10 players (RB, TE, K, D), three top 5 players (RB, TE, K)
    9) Ted – Four top 10 players (WR, WR, TE, D), one top 5 player (D)
    10) 1@ |\| ( 3 13@1 ( 0|\/| 13 3 – Four top 10 players (QB, TE, K, D), two top 5 players (QB, TE)
    11) Nature’s Finest – Four top 10 players (RB, TE, K, D), zero top 5 players
    12) Mr. Sunshine – Three top 10 players (RB, K, D), three top 5 players (RB, K, D)
    13) I’ve Had it up to Here – Three top 10 players, one top 5 player (RB)
    14) Frightening Lightning – Two top 10 players one top 5 player (QB) Sorry, LT isn’t a top 5 player anymore.

    Let the arguing begin!

  3. danielbalc said,

    I just want to know why you think DeAngelo Williams isn’t a top 5 player?

    I mean I realize he only scored the most points by a running back last season with 355 (compared to Maurice Jones-Drew’s 197) but I think he might possibly maybe could sorta crack the top 5. Hey speaking of 197 points that’s also how many my third string RB, Marrion Barber scored, but it doesn’t really matter since he will only start once or twice this season on bye weeks and favorable matchups. Most of the time I will be starting Brian Westbrook who had 233 points (10th best) last season. But evidently he too didn’t crack your top 10 RB list. And yet somehow MJD is top 5. Interesting.

    And then there is the question of QBs. it’s true that Matt Schaub wasn’t in the top 10, he was actually number 11. But he did miss 4 games, so maybe that should be taken into account (Oh and Matt Cassel was #9, 3 points behind McNabb, in what could be considered his rookie season).

  4. matt said,

    Let me quickly via blackberry tell you why I will win the league this year:

    Matt Ryan will be top 5 in FFL QB points at the end of the year. The defense sucks and their offense has ridiculous weapons

    Both Felix Jones and Pierre Thomas will be top 10 backs this year huge upside for both these guys

    Steve Smith is Steve Smith Berrian is ready to breakout as long as Favre stays healthy

  5. danielbalc said,

    After talking to whitey via text I found out that when he said, “my rankings are based on players today.” what he meant to say was “my rankings are based on how i project them to perform during the season.

    Silly me I thought he was using a silly little thing like actual numbers in his “top ten” “top five” stuff.

    • EscoWhitey said,

      That’s why my first disclaimer was, “Everyone has a slightly different ranking system. Mine is different than yours.”

      Everyone has a ranking system…those are my rankings…someone else will have different rankings.

      The thing that I think is funny is that Daniel ranked my team as #1, I ranked my team as #1, and Paul’s fantasy web site had Jeff and me tied for #1, but out of eight votes in our FFL poll, nobody ranked me as #1. (The lone vote is mine.)

      See, we all have our ways of ranking teams. Not everyone will agree with everyone’s rankings.

  6. danielbalc said,

    I also want to file a formal protest against my brothers for chaning their team names and icons so that there are 3 Nature’s Finest squads on the league website. That sucks you idiots! change it back!!!

  7. Pablo Honey said,

    The team analysis I sent was not my own but generated from the fantasy web site Anyone can get their team rated from their franchise setup page on the league site as myfantasyleague has a partnership with them. I just went ahead and analyzed each team and posted the results on the league comment board. I am doing my own in depth analysis as we speak and will be posting the results soon.

  8. Pablo Honey said,

    Alright guys, I have completed the most in depth fantasy analysis I have ever performed and I am pleased to share the results with you.

    Below you will find my team by team, position by position breakdown. Listed with each player is their final ranking from last year, as well as my prediction for their performance this year in the form of + (they will perform better than last year,) – (they will perform worse than last year,) and = (they will perform similar to last year). Note: this is my prediction for their overall statistics, not necessarily their movement in the rankings for their position.

    Players who are outside of the top 60 for their position and rookies will be listed as UR (unranked).

    Players who missed extensive time last season due to being a rookie this year, a suspension, injury, or benching will be marked with an asterisk.

    I will rate each player on each team and then provide my team ranking for their position as a group, as well as my overall ranking for all teams.

    Singletary for President (Jeff):
    QB1 – Tony Romo* 7th, =
    QB2 – Derek Anderson* 32nd, =
    QB3 – Jon Kitna* 36th, =
    QB team ranking – 10th
    RB1 – Frank Gore 12th, +
    RB2 – Larry Johnson* 25th, +
    RB3 – Rashard Mendenhall* UR, +
    RB4 – Donald Brown UR, +
    RB team ranking – 11th
    WR1 – Greg Jennings 6th, =
    WR2 – Terrell Owens 12th, –
    WR3 – Santana Moss 16th, –
    WR4 – Santonio Holmes 35th, +
    WR team ranking – 5th
    TE1 – Tony Gonzalez 1st, –
    TE2 – Alge Crumpler 33rd, =
    TE team ranking – 4th
    K1 – Joe Nedney 10th, =
    K2 – Steven Hauschka UR, +
    K team rating – 13th
    Def1 – Pittsburgh Steelers 3rd, =
    Def2 – Houston Texans 24th, +
    Def team rating – 5th

    Goldminers (Lynn):
    QB1 – Peyton Manning 6th, =
    QB2 – Kyle Orton 20th, +
    QB3 – Shaun Hill* 23rd, +
    QB team ranking – 4th
    RB1 – Brandon Jacobs 9th, =
    RB2 – Thomas Jones 4th, –
    RB3 – Willis McGahee 31st, =
    RB4 – Edgerrin James* 47th, +
    RB team ranking – 6th
    WR1 – Randy Moss 7th, =
    WR2 – Hines Ward 18th, =
    WR3 – Muhsin Muhammad 28th, –
    WR4 – Josh Morgan* 59th, +
    WR team ranking – 8th
    TE1 – Chris Cooley 8th, +
    TE2 – Todd Heap 22nd, =
    TE team ranking – 9th
    K1 – Shayne Graham 30th, +
    K2 – Olindo Mare 23rd, =
    K team rating – 12th
    Def1 – Chargers 20th, +
    Def2 – Bills 16th, =
    Def team rating – 9th

    Mr. Sunshine (Doug):
    QB1 – Carson Palmer* 39th, +
    QB2 – Joe Flacco 21st, =
    QB3 – Byron Leftwich* 43rd, +
    QB team ranking – 14th
    RB1 – Adrian Peterson 3rd, =
    RB2 – Ronnie Brown 21st, =
    RB3 – Reggie Bush* 26th, +
    RB4 – Ahmad Bradshaw UR, +
    RB team ranking – 5th
    WR1 – Donald Driver 19th, =
    WR2 – DeSean Jackson 30th, +
    WR3 – Chad Ochocinco* UR, +
    WR4 – Ronald Curry UR, =
    WR team ranking – 10th
    TE1 – John Carlson 9th, =
    TE2 – Greg Olsen 10th, +
    TE team ranking – 8th
    K1 – Nate Kaeding 21st, +
    K2 – Nick Folk 14th, =
    K team rating – 7th
    Def1 – Ravens 2nd, –
    Def2 – Cowboys 9th, +
    Def team rating – 2nd

    Mia Mamma (Val):
    QB1 – Aaron Rodgers 5th, =
    QB2 – Jason Campbell 22nd, =
    QB3 – Mark Sanchez* UR, +
    QB team ranking – 3rd
    RB1 – Steve Slaton 5th, –
    RB2 – LenDale White 20th, =
    RB3 – Earnest Graham* 39th, +
    RB4 – Darren Sproles 41st, +
    RB team ranking – 7th
    WR1 – Reggie Wayne 15th, +
    WR2 – Antonio Bryant 8th, –
    WR3 – Devin Hester 45th, +
    WR4 – Robert Meachem UR, +
    WR team ranking – 6th
    TE1 – Heath Miller 14th, =
    TE2 – Jermichael Finley 57th, =
    TE team ranking – 13th
    K1 – Rob Bironas 2nd, –
    K2 – Mason Crosby 12th, +
    K team rating – 2nd
    Def1 – Vikings 7th, –
    Def2 – Saints 23rd, +
    Def team rating – 8th

    Nature’s Finest (Lance):
    QB1 – Drew Brees 1st, –
    QB2 – Kyle Boller* UR, =
    QB3 – Michael Vick* UR, +
    QB team ranking – 6th
    RB1 – Marshawn Lynch 14th, =
    RB2 – Derrick Ward 27th, +
    RB3 – Fred Taylor* 57th, +
    RB4 – LeSean McCoy* UR, +
    RB team ranking – 14th
    WR1 – Marques Colston* 31st, +
    WR2 – Roy Williams UR, +
    WR3 – Laveraneus Coles UR, =
    WR4 – Chansi Stuckey UR, =
    WR team ranking – 13th
    TE1 – Dallas Clark 3rd, –
    TE2 – Bo Scaife 19th, +
    TE team ranking – 6th
    K1 – Robbie Gould 13th, =
    K2 – Rian Lindell 11th, +
    K team rating – 5th
    Def1 – Giants 10th, =
    Def2 – Packers 6th, =
    Def team rating – 3rd

    Nature’s Finest (Daniel):
    QB1 – Matt Schaub* 11th, +
    QB2 – Matt Cassel 9th, –
    QB3 – Matt Leinart* 47th, =
    QB team ranking – 5th
    RB1 – DeAngelo Williams 1st, –
    RB2 – Brian Westbrook 10th, –
    RB3 – Marion Barber 17th, +
    RB4 – Glen Coffee* UR, +
    RB team ranking – 1st
    WR1 – Dwayne Bowe 20th, +
    WR2 – Kevin Walter 25th, =
    WR3 – Lance Moore 14th, =
    WR4 – Darrius Heyward-Bey* UR, +
    WR team ranking – 12th
    TE1 – Owen Daniels 6th, +
    TE2 – Vernon Davis 28th, +
    TE team ranking – 3rd
    K1 – Jason Elam 8th, =
    K2 – Jason Hanson 15th, +
    K team rating – 3rd
    Def1 – Jets 5th, +
    Def2 – Colts 12th, –
    Def team rating – 4th

    Divorced til February (Matt):
    QB1 – Matt Ryan 13th, +
    QB2 – Brady Quinn* 44th, +
    QB3 – Chris Redman* UR, =
    QB team ranking – 11th
    RB1 – Chris Johnson 8th, =
    RB2 – Pierre Thomas 23rd, +
    RB3 – Ricky Williams 44th, =
    RB4 – Felix Jones* 48th, +
    RB team ranking – 2nd
    WR1 – Steve Smith (CAR) 5th, =
    WR2 – Bernard Berrian 11th, +
    WR3 – Torry Holt 33rd, +
    WR4 – Domenik Hixon 46th, +
    WR team ranking – 2nd
    TE1 – Anthony Fasano 12th, –
    TE2 – Brandon Pettigrew UR, +
    TE team ranking – 10th
    K1 – David Akers 5th, –
    K2 – Dan Carpenter 20th, =
    K team rating – 4th
    Def1 – Dolphins 14th, =
    Def2 – Browns 21st, =
    Def team rating – 10th

    Nature’s Finest (Paul):
    QB1 – Kurt Warner 2nd, =
    QB2 – David Garrard 12th, +
    QB3 – JaMarcus Russell 26th, +
    QB team ranking – 1st
    RB1 – Matt Forte 6th, +
    RB2 – Jonathan Stewart 19th, +
    RB3 – Jamal Lewis 24th, –
    RB4 – Chester Taylor 56th, =
    RB team ranking – 4th
    WR1 – Larry Fitzgerald 2nd, =
    WR2 – Eddie Royal 22nd, +
    WR3 – Lee Evans 23rd, +
    WR4 – Miles Austin UR, +
    WR team ranking – 3rd
    TE1 – Zach Miller 7th, +
    TE2 – Martellus Bennett 26th, +
    TE team ranking – 7th
    K1 – John Kasay 3rd, =
    K2 – Phil Dawson 22nd, =
    K team rating – 6th
    Def1 – Redskins 26th, +
    Def2 – Falcons 25th, =
    Def team rating – 14th

    Fudgy Biscuits (Wences):
    QB1 – Tom Brady* UR, +
    QB2 – Marc Bulger 27th, +
    QB3 – Luke McCown* UR, =
    QB team ranking – 8th
    RB1 – Clinton Portis 7th, =
    RB2 – Willie Parker* 29th, =
    RB3 – Carnell Williams* UR, +
    RB4 – Correll Buckhalter 45th, +
    RB team ranking – 10th
    WR1 – Andre Johnson 3rd, =
    WR2 – Chris Chambers 56th, =
    WR3 – Percy Harvin* UR, +
    WR4 – Hakeem Nicks UR, +
    WR team ranking – 7th
    TE1 – Antonio Gates 4th, +
    TE2 – Donald Lee 24th, +
    TE team ranking – 1st
    K1 – Ryan Longwell 4th, +
    K2 – Sebastian Janikowski 29th, +
    K team rating – 9th
    Def1 – Raiders 15th, =
    Def2 – Cardinals 11th, =
    Def team rating – 7th

    Sopranos (Frank):
    QB1 – Brett Favre 14th, +
    QB2 – Eli Manning 15th, =
    QB3 – Kerry Collins 28th, =
    QB team ranking – 7th
    RB1 – Steven Jackson* 13th, +
    RB2 – Ryan Grant 15th, =
    RB3 – Leon Washington 28th, +
    RB4 – Laurence Maroney* UR, +
    RB team ranking – 3rd
    WR1 – T.J. Houshmandzadeh 29th, +
    WR2 – Steve Breaston 27th, =
    WR3 – Braylon Edwards 38th, +
    WR4 – Wes Welker 17th, –
    WR team ranking – 11th
    TE1 – Kellen Winslow 21st, =
    TE2 – Kevin Boss 15th, +
    TE team ranking – 11th
    K1 – Stephen Gostkowsi 1st, =
    K2 – Josh Brown 6th, +
    K team rating – 1st
    Def1 – Bears 13th, –
    Def2 – Seahawks 28th, +
    Def team rating – 11th

    Frightening Lightning (Andrew):
    QB1 – Philip Rivers 3rd, =
    QB2 – Chad Pennington 10th, –
    QB3 – Trent Edwards 25th, +
    QB team ranking – 2nd
    RB1 – LaDainian Tomlinson 11th, +
    RB2 – Joseph Addai* 36th, +
    RB3 – Julius Jones 53rd, +
    RB4 – Fred Jackson UR, +
    RB team ranking – 8th
    WR1 – Vincent Jackson 13th, +
    WR2 – Nate Washington 44th, +
    WR3 – Bobby Engram UR, =
    WR4 – Patrick Crayton 54th, +
    WR team ranking – 9th
    TE1 – Dustin Keller 16th, =
    TE2 – Brent Celek 32nd, +
    TE team ranking – 12th
    K1 – Neil Rackers 16th, =
    K2 – Jeff Reed 19th, =
    K team rating – 8th
    Def1 – Panthers 18th, =
    Def2 – Rams 29th, +
    Def team rating – 13th

    I’ve Had It Up To Here! (Carl):
    QB1 – Jay Cutler 4th, –
    QB2 – Matt Hasselbeck* 40th, +
    QB3 – Chris Simms* UR, =
    QB team ranking – 12th
    RB1 – Michael Turner 2nd, –
    RB2 – Ray Rice UR, +
    RB3 – James Davis* UR, +
    RB4 – Shonn Greene* UR, +
    RB team ranking – 13th
    WR1 – Donnie Avery 41st, +
    WR2 – Earl Bennett UR, +
    WR3 – Jerricho Cotchery 26th, =
    WR4 – Sidney Rice UR, +
    WR team ranking – 14th
    TE1 – Jeremy Shockey* 25th, +
    TE2 – Randy McMichael* 49th, +
    TE team ranking – 14th
    K1 – Matt Prater 17th, –
    K2 – Lawrence Tynes* 38th, +
    K team rating – 14th
    Def1 – Titans 4th, –
    Def2 – 49ers 17th, =
    Def team rating – 6th

    Ted (Ted):
    QB1 – Ben Roethlisberger 18th, +
    QB2 – Jake Delhomme 19th, =
    QB3 – Matthew Stafford* UR, +
    QB team ranking – 13th
    RB1 – Kevin Smith 22nd, +
    RB2 – Chris Wells* UR, +
    RB3 – Cedric Benson* 40th, +
    RB4 – Knowshon Moreno* UR, +
    RB team ranking – 12th
    WR1 – Roddy White 4th, =
    WR2 – Anquan Boldin 9th, =
    WR3 – Brandon Marshall 10th, –
    WR4 – Anthony Gonzalez 55th, +
    WR team ranking – 1st
    TE1 – Visanthe Shiancoe 5th, =
    TE2 – Tony Scheffler 11th, =
    TE team ranking – 5th
    K1 – Adam Vinatieri 26th, =
    K2 – Jay Feely 25th, =
    K team rating – 11th
    Def1 – Eagles 1st, –
    Def2 – Buccaneers 8th, =
    Def team rating – 1st

    Brazilian Bombers (Rob):
    QB1 – Donovan McNabb 8th, =
    QB2 – Daunte Culpepper* 38th, =
    QB3 – Josh Freeman* UR, +
    QB team ranking – 9th
    RB1 – Maurice Jones-Drew 18th, +
    RB2 – Darren McFadden* 58th, +
    RB3 – Tim Hightower 50th, +
    RB4 – Jamaal Charles* UR, +
    RB team ranking – 9th
    WR1 – Calvin Johnson 1st, +
    WR2 – Derrick Mason 24th, –
    WR3 – Ted Ginn Jr. 37th, +
    WR4 – Steve Smith (NYG) UR, =
    WR team ranking – 4th
    TE1 – Jason Witten 2nd, =
    TE2 – Robert Royal 31st, +
    TE team ranking – 2nd
    K1 – Kris Brown 9th, +
    K2 – Josh Scobee 28th, +
    K team rating – 10th
    Def1 – Patriots 19th, =
    Def2 – Jaguars 27th, +
    Def team rating – 12th

    Now using my super advance patented mathematical formula of (QB rank + RB rank + WR rank + TE rank * 2) + K rank + Def rank = overall ranking, we get our overall power rankings. This formula puts more value on the skill positions, the less points the better.

    Overall team rankings:
    1st – Nature’s Finest (Daniel) 49 Points
    2nd – Nature’s Finest (Paul) 50 Points
    3rd – Divorced til February 64 Points
    4th – Fudgy Biscuits 68 Points
    4th – Mia Mamma 68 Points
    6th – Brazilian Bombers 70 Points
    7th – Ted 74 points
    8th – Goldminers 75 Points
    9th – The Sopranos 76 Points
    10th – Singletary for President 78 Points
    11th – Frightening Lightning 83 Points
    11th – Mr. Sunshine 83 Points
    13th – Nature’s Finest (Lance) 86 Points
    14th – I’VE HAD IT UP TO HERE! 128 Points

    So there you have it, the most advanced in depth look at our fantasy rosters ever compiled. Now feel free to pour out thine anger upon my rankings.

    • EscoWhitey said,

      Not sure I completely agree with the composite ranking thing…mainly because it appears you’re including the backups and scrubs into the rankings. For the most part, everyone’s gonna start their studs except for bye weeks, so I don’t think the backup players should carry as much weight into the rankings.

      For example, you have Singletary For President ranked as #10. His starting lineup will be T. Romo, F. Gore, L. Johnson, G. Jennings, T. Owens, T. Gonzalez, J. Nedney, and Pittsburgh. That’s gonna be a hard team to beat. I bet only one or two teams have a better lineup…if any at all.

  9. Pablo Honey said,

    I definitely put more of a premium on depth than studs, but I guess that’s because I was burnt with an all stud no depth lineup last year so I may be overcompensating. I think it’s more important to give yourself options to start each week based on matchups than to attempt to run the same lineup out each week regardless of matchup.

    For instance I think Daniel is better off choosing his starting QB each week based on who has the better matchup (between Schaub and Cassel) than Jeff is just running by running Tony Romo out each week. In fact I anticipate that Jeff will be starting Greg Jennings & Santonio Holmes/Santana Moss more often than he will Greg Jennings and Terrell Owens this year. Fortunately he has the WR depth to make those decisions.

  10. danielbalc said,


    I brought up the same question to Paul last night. While it is true that you can only start 1 QB 2RB and 2 WR it is also true that the likelihood of one of your “studs” getting injured and missing a game or two is quite high.

    Lets say your studliest player, MJD, misses just 1 game due to an injury. He also misses 1 game due to a bye week. And maybe he gets shut down and scores 0 points once during the season. That’s 3 weeks (out of 13) that you got absolutley zero points from your most important player.

    So while Paul’s rankings may lean a bit too much on depth yours and mine probably lean a bit too much on studs. Somewhere in between is most likely the reality.

  11. Anthony said,

    I just developed the best fantasy team ranking system. It works really well. I need to find tune a few of the algorithms so I wont be able to share for about 14 weeks.

  12. Bruce S. said,

    Making predictions is hard, especially when it comes to the future.

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