Chargers Thread

April 15, 2009 at 7:58 am (Uncategorized)

With the NFL schedule being released yesterday and the Draft coming up in just a a week and a half I thought I might make a place for new comments about the Bolts.

First I’ll give my quick take on the schedule…

The first thing I learned about the schedule came from a High Schooler who left me a voice mail exactly 5 minutes after the schedule had been released. His exact words were…
“Daniel Balcombe! The Chargers are going to lose to the Titans on Christmas Day, Christmas Day you better be warned!”
So I looked and saw that Christmas Day is on a Friday this year. Once again I figured the NFL must have it out for the Chargers. But after seeing the rest of the schedule I think it’s pretty fair (especially when compared to how brutal last year’s was).

They only play back to back road games once. (@ Cle 12/6, @ Dal 12/13)
They only play at 10AM local time once. (@KC 10/25)

The strangest part of the schedule though is that all of the division games are finished by week 12. Which means if we don’t have a 2 game lead by then it could be very difficult to make up ground.

My thoughts on the draft is that they should go Linebacker first pick. OL needs some help but time and time again I see guys drafted real late or not at all who become solid OL. I think it has to do with coaching more than physical talents.

RB should probably be addressed but not until 3rd round at the earliest. LT still has good years in him.

I would also like to see the Chargers trade Vincent Jackson and release Jamal Williams. Somebody needs to take a stand against Drunk Driving and I don’t see why the Chargers can’t be that team.

Of course if they release Williams they have to go DT with the first pick. DT and LB I think are your highest priorities. Those positions, contrary to popular opinion, were the most glaring weakness last season.



  1. danielbalc said,

    So after I played out the schedule in my mind I determined that the Chargers should go 13-3…
    Can you guess the three games I think they will lose?

  2. L Hudgins said,

    @Pitt, @Giants, @Denver

    I agree. They should draft LB first. The guy from USC.

  3. danielbalc said,

    @ Pitt is one (because I am convinced that the NFL will not allow us to beat the Steelers it’s another hoculie call coming)

    We will beat the Giants. Eli Sucks
    We will beat Denver both times we play them.

    Which guy from USC? There are 3 potential first round linebackers! that’s nuts

  4. L Hudgins said,

    Rey Maualuga

  5. L Hudgins said,

    I bet you think will lose to Dallas because of their new stadium.

  6. danielbalc said,

    No, I think we will beat Dallas.

  7. danielbalc said,

    This cracks me up…
    Evidently Jews are ticked off that the jets are playing on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

    Hey I’m not too happy about the Chargers playing on Christmas day but I don’t think the NFL needs to balance it’s schedule around my religion. Heck they play every Sunday!

    Of course this other New York fan has (I think) a valid complaint about religious discrimination at a sporting event…

  8. danielbalc said,

    the Detroit Lions are about to draft Stafford as the number one pick and in a desperate effort to sell more jerseys they have changed their uniform.

    watch this video of the explination of what the new duds represent.

    “a team with more animation”

  9. Matt said,

    Clearly the best part of that video is the clip of their QB (Orvlosky?) rolling out of the pocket in his own endzone and being out of bounds by at least 5 feet, yet being completely obvlious to this fact and acting like the play should just continue as normal.

    Cracks me up.

  10. Matt said,

    Wow had to go back and watch that again and man is that funny!

    How is it even possible to be that far out of bounds and not even realize it?

    (Its at the 45 second mark)

  11. anthony said,

    Look at the photo….,2933,517233,00.html

    This has nothing to do with chargers but it confused me pretty bad and I don’t know where else to post it.

  12. Bruce S. said,

    Call the FBI, that’s what you should do.

  13. danielbalc said,

    I’m proud that Daniel San Diego has moved up from just “most wanted” to “most wanted terrorist”. This is a big step…
    Go Diego Go!

  14. danielbalc said,

    Well the draft is over and even though I didn’t watch any of it I was always interested in who the Chargers would get. Except in the draft it isn’t really a “who” that you are getting. It’s more of a “what” Guys aren’t defined by their names but mostly by their numbers.

    i am felling terribly pessimistic today so I apologize that this comment will read as if my Dad wrote it)

    So what did we get?

    Larry English DE/OLB
    A replacement for when Merriman takes his show to Dallas, DC or NY.

    Louis Vasquez OG
    A guard who has never blocked a run play.

    Vaughn Martin DL
    A defensive end/tackle from a Canadian college (different football rules there) who only completed his junior year.

    Tyrone Green C
    An SEC center.

    Gatrell Johnson RB
    A mtn west short yardage running back (think about the prospect of being classified as a short yardage running back when your competition is the Aztecs?)

    Brandon Hughes CB
    A 5′ 11” 183 lb corner back who didn’t have the hands to play WR.

    Kevin Elison- The 7th best defensive player from USC. That’s right, 6 other players from USC’s starting defense were taken ahead of this guy. As were two players from offense and the Trojan’s kicker.

    Demetrius Byrd
    A speedy WR who just got out of ICU after being in a car wreck a week ago.

    of the 8 picks I do expect English to be a contributor this season. It could be really fun to have an extra pass rusher especially if they work packages where he, Merrmian and Phillips are on the field at the same time.

    I expect Vaughn Martin to be a part time player on defense for 6 seasons.

    I expect the Vasquez and Green to get playing time in a couple of years. Possibly.

    And maybe in the 2010 season we will see Byrd on special teams and possibly grow into a Kassim Osgood player.

    Ellison, Hughes and Johnson will never play a down in the NFL. might help on the practice squad though.

  15. Pablo Honey said,

    Wow. What is wrong with you? I feel like you are way wrong on this post. Let me give you my thoughts on the players:

    Larry English:
    Athletic guy, apparently class act and very intelligent. I think he can step in this year and be just as effective as Shaun Philips. Philips is a stud when he is opposite Merriman but becomes barely above average when he is the main pass rush threat. With the reports that Philips has been charged with punching a security guard in the face and possibly facing legal charges I would like to see the Chargers cut him or trade him away, it’s not the first time he’s been in trouble. The fact of the matter is that our defense revolves around Merriman and if he’s healthy this year we will be in much better shape, if not we are in trouble and while English will help it is unlikely he will come in and set the league on fire like Merriman did.

    Louis Vasquez:
    I feel like you’re dead wrong on this guy. I watched a bunch of Tech games last year and he is a beast. It is a lot easier to learn to run block than to pass block and this guy is a stud pass blocker, I believe he’ll be starting by mid season.

    Vaughn Martin:
    Not so sure about this pick. He seems excited about playing right on the line of scrimmage (in Canada the DL starts a yard away from the OL) but I think it is going to be tougher for him than he thinks. He is a huge guy though so hopefully he can learn to use his weight to his advantage and be groomed to take over at nose tackle.

    Tyrone Green:
    Faced tough competition so he should be a decent backup Guard/Center.

    Gatrell Johnson:
    I don’t see how he makes the roster with the RBs we already have. Remember last year we traded up to get a bigger RB in Jacob Hester and he just started playing well at the end of the year. Plus we still have Sproles, Michael Bennet, and L.T.

    Brandon Hughes:
    Not too speedy but I think he can be effective in Nickel and Dime packages because he can line up right on top of a receiver and hold them up at the line, something I feel we haven’t done nearly enough.

    Kevin Elison:
    Probably my main disagreement with you, on the condition that he is healthy. He was a monster on the field when he wasn’t having knee problems, the big problem is that he has had multiple knee surgeries over the years. Hopefully with a top of the line medical staff we can keep him on the field, and if so I expect he’ll be an impact player for us in some way or another.

    Demetrius Byrd:
    I don’t really get this pick. It is HIGHLY unlikely that he would have been drafted so I think we could have easily got him as a free agent if they really wanted him. He definitely has wheels, so if he makes a full recovery he may be able to make the team. I would have preferred to see us take a WR with the pick we took Johnson on and if they felt we really needed an RB taken him here.

    So there’s another look at our draft class, and not one written by my Dad while Daniel left his name logged in at my parent’s house!

  16. danielbalc said,

    Like I said at the time I wrote it I was feeling pessimistic.

    Truth be told I feel like they were all risky picks with tremendous upside and Smith has a habit of winning on those kinds of picks.

    I feel like Martin and English will both play a big role this season and Vasquez has great potential to be a guard for a number of years.

    i really don’t feel too good about the USC guy but safetys have a way of coming out of nowhere, especially a guy who could get lost in the star studded USC defense.

  17. Matt said,

    Who really cares who you draft after the 3rd round.

    It is a 50\50 shot at best that those picks actually make an NFL roster, especially this roster probably the most talent laden in the entire league.

    Lets focus on the top 2 picks, these guys were picked because someone thought they could help us win this year.

    Larry English looks like a good football player. The way he moves and his body type remind me of Lamar Woodley, hopefully he plays like him. They clearly took him because A) they do not know for sure how Merriman will come back this year from injury and B) if they will be able to sign him long term. This is an insurance policy against both those things. Also, you can never have enough good edge rushers when you play a 3-4 scheme, so I like it.

    Vasquez will have as good a chance as anybody to start week 1. Obviously with Goff gone there is an opportunity there and I like his chances of taking advantage and working his way into the starting lineup. He would be part of a great interior line with Dielman and Hardwickif he is the “nasty mauler” he is made out to be.

    Looking at the big picture, this is one of the top 2-3 teams in the league with or without any draft picks. If Merriman comes back at full strength and our key players can stay healthy all year and through the playoffs we are favorites to win the Super Bowl. These guys hopefully can help that cause.

  18. danielbalc said,

    The NFL announced that tehre will be a bunch of “legacy games” in which teams that were a part of the AFL will wear throw back unis. This is kind of odd for the bolts because they have been wearing their throw back unis a lot over the past few years and even put together a “new” alternate uni featuring the throw back powder blue color.

    So this year we will see the Bolts wearing the 1960 uni (with the numbers on the side of the helmet) 3 times. Once again Oakland, once against Denver and once against KC. In addition we will see the Chargers in the alternate powder blue 2 other times to bring the Chargers season to 5 powder blue games!

    BTW there is a reason the Broncos don’t break out their throw back unis very often…

  19. hypnoticgenius said,

    Hi all,

    New to the forum, just thought I’d introduce myself 🙂

  20. danielbalc said,

    Hey genius bring all chargers talk to the 2009 nfl predictions thread.

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