Playing with fire…

April 10, 2009 at 10:24 am (Uncategorized)

When we left for our trip I left my car at my parents house so my brother could use it. The very next morning he text me to tell me I had received a parking ticket.


Come to find out the ticket was given at 3:47 AM for not having a front license plate.

That’s frustrating. Really frustrating.

Since I am not one to stay silent about frustration I made sure to write a letter and include it with my fine.

This post is called playing with fire because I realize the increased possibility of reprisal acts from the city of Poway. Nevertheless I will not allow the tyranny of the overpaid meter maids to silence me!

here is what I wrote…

Dear City of Poway Parking Administration,

I include this letter along with the $30 fee I must pay for not having a front license plate on my vehicle. I feel I must also voice my opinion about the obvious misappropriation of police resources.

I lived on Robison Blvd for the past two and half years. In less than one calendar year there were 3 drunk drivers who struck other vehicles on this block. One of those times my car was struck. On a different occasion my other vehicle was struck by a hit and run (I assume that driver also was intoxicated) while it was parked on Frame Road. All of these events occurred between the hours of 1 and 4 AM. Clearly the city of Poway is having problems enforcing the drunk driving laws. It seems to me the only way you can catch drunk drivers is if they happen to wreck their vehicles on Robison Blvd.

Why do I bring this up? Because I come out on a Tuesday morning to see that my vehicle has been ticketed at 3:47 AM for not having a front license plate.

It’s quite bothersome that police officers are patrolling the streets in the wee hours of the morning searching for parking infractions rather than out there protecting innocent lives against the recklessness of intoxicated drivers.

I respectfully ask that there be a reassessment of Sheriff department prioritiese


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  1. Aunt Beth said,

    I got a ticket for having my tires on the sidewalk. Where I live the curbs are sloped up to the sidewalk. My next door neighbor got a ticket for being parked wrong in front of his house also.

    Here’s why:,2933,490629,00.html

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