NFL Playoff Predictions

December 31, 2008 at 10:07 am (Sports thoughts, Uncategorized)

It’s the classic situation where you might find yourself saying, “Stranger things have happened.”  And yet as I sit here today the fact of the matter is that as far as NFL playoffs are concerned nothing stranger has ever happened.

The Chargers have been everywhere this season; I mean that in terms of both their play and their travel. They have been on a strange path to say the least, becoming just the first team ever to make the playoffs from a 4-8 record. Becoming the first team ever to overcome a 3 game deficit with 3 games to play. Becoming the first team ever to make the playoffs while a team with 3 more wins than they have stays home (hehehe).

And now the pre-season darling to win it all is right there in contention to, well, win it all.

But will they? I know the answer to that question and so much more in my magical look into the future…

Lets start with the NFC-

Atlanta at Arizona- The Falcons, along with the Ravens and the Dolphins are 3 teams that absolutely no one expected to turn around so quickly. Every one of them is being coached by a new head coach and being led by a new Quarterback.  How is it possible for teams with such terrible records to turn things around so quickly? It’s called the unbalanced schedule, and it makes some teams appear much better than they actually are.  In addition to your 6 division games each team also plays an AFC division, an NFC division and then 2 games determined by your record. Those two games match you up with whoever finished in the same place as you of the remaining intra-division teams (example the Chargers won the division and now must play the first place from the AFC south and the first place from the AFC east next season in addition to playing all the AFC west, north and NFC east teams). The Falcons last season were a last place team so they played two other last place teams this season so they got Philadelphia and St. Louis. But where they really lucked out was on their division draws by getting the weak AFC west and the poor NFC north.

promise I won’t take this long on each team’s break down but I want folks to understand exactly how the division scheduling works and why it is so difficult to keep winning divisions (because every time you win a division you end up playing two extra division champions).

That being said I highly doubt that either the Falcons or the Cardinals are legitimate threats to accomplish anything this postseason or in season to come.

So who will win in this battle of overrated birds?

The Cardinals will win by at least two scores. That is the boldest prediction you will find anywhere but I am supremely confident in it. While most folks are all over the Falcon bandwagon I’m all over comparisons. Like Rookie Matt Ryan verses 2 time MVP Kurt Warner. Like Rookie head Coach Mike Smith Vs super bowl experienced Ken Whisenhunt. Very few players on either team have much Playoff experience. But while Michael Turner has been to the playoffs 3 straight years now Edgerin James has had a few trips himself as a member of the Colts.

Clearly the Falcons have had a better season, clearly they have beat better opponents and clearly they are everybody’s favorite to win this game, but the 6-2 home record for the Cardinals is enough for me to believe in them to win one game.

Eagles at Minnesota-

I personally believe that the NFC North is the worst division in football.  While clearly both west coast divisions had awful records I attribute much of that to injuries and the fact that both had to travel to the east coast an unreasonable amount. By contrast the NFC north teams have very little travel and yet still the best they can produce is a team with Tavaris Ferotte at QB as their champion. I think the true measure of divisional strength is the quality of Quarterbacks and while Aaron Rodgers may be good some day the other three teams in the division all start backups! I’ll take the third best quarterback in the league (even if he doesn’t know the rules) over that team.

That would give a match up of Eagles going to the Giants.

I love it when teams play each other 3 times during the same season. It’s delicious. This season the two teams were road warriors with both games going a TD either way. I think the road team wins the rubber match and the eagles go back to the NFC championship game as the Bills of the 2000’s.

Then there is Arizona going to Carolina.

Carolina wins this game by 3 scores. It’s ugly. Not even close. yuck. Avert your eyes.

NFC championship game I think belongs to Carolina as the Eagles, playing on real grass for the first time in a month, are slowed down a lot more than they could have imagined.


Ravens at Dolphins-

This game already happened earlier this year and the Ravens killed the Dolphins. Part of it comes from the fact that the Dolphins last season were just about the worst team in history until they beat the Ravens. But last year’s Ravens were a product of a lot of bad luck, bad breaks and bad coaching. They fired their coach, got a soft schedule and brought in one heck of an offensive coordinator who believes in running the football, while continuing to maintain their reputation as an elite NFL defense. That’s what it takes to win in the NFL. The Dolphins meanwhile have survived on gimmicky plays and one of the softest schedules in history. They won 5 straight to get into the playoffs but in three of those games they scored just 16 or fewer points showing that teams have picked up on how to play against the “wildcat”. Baltimore already showed they can handle high school football tactics. I expect them to do it again.

Colts at Bolts-

You already know who I am picking here but maybe I will surprise you with why. I never thought I would see the Chargers do something like this but I honestly think they are going to go for Mannings knee. I think the manning-crazy-media made a huge, huge mistake by “breaking” this story about how he had to have 80 staples in his knee instead of 20. He’s just made himself so much more vulnerable.

The Chargers struggle against mobile QB’s because their linebackers are inexperienced. Manning is not a mobile QB, thus they do pretty well against him. The home field advantage really helps neutralize his greatest strength and playoff Norv does seem to be craftier than regular season Norv. Finally PR is on fire. He’s the best QB in the league and is eager to show it.

Chargers by 9.

That means the Chargers go to Pittsburgh where they have never won in the regular season but have done OK in the Postseason.

I expect nothing less this time around. The Chargers pound a weak O-line on Defense and their overachieving D-line gets run over by a motivated and rejuvenated Chargers front. This time it’s Nate Kaeding who delivers in the clutch to get the Chargers back to AFC title game.

where they face…

Baltimore who upsets the Titans.

Titans had a nice run in them but have struggled mightily down the stretch. Kerry Collins is no match for Ed Reed and company. LenDale White has worn out and the only score the Titans can muster is with Vince Young running an option formation. zzzzz

The Chargers get the AFC title game at home where the loudest proudest fans enjoy a demolishing of epic proportions. Chargers win by 20.

I’ll give you my SB predictions later.

Let’s see what you’ve got for the postseason…



  1. Matt said,

    NFC Wild Card AFC Wild Card

    Falcons over Cardinals Chargers over Colts

    Eagles over Vikings Ravens over Dolphins

    NFC Divisional AFC Divisional

    Eagles over Giants Chargers over Steelers

    Carolina over Falcons Titans over Ravens

    NFC Championship AFC Championship

    Carolina over Eagles Chargers over Titans

    Super Bowl

    Chargers get revenge for week 1 loss and clip the Panthers. Woooooooooooooo!

  2. Bruce S. said,

    You guys crack me up. ESPN, SI, and Sportsline give you roughly 30 opinions on each game. Two of those 30 guys think the Chargers will beat the Colts. Those two guys think the Steelers will beat the Bolts the following week. What’s hard to figure is whether you really believe your own words or whether you’re just typing for the sake of typing.

    My own opinion is that predictions are very hard to make, especially about the future. But I could have easily made a prediction about your prediction.

  3. danielbalc said,

    but you still enjoy reading it

    don’t ya?

  4. Bruce S. said,


    Oh yeah. The pleasure’s all mine. BTW, the Bolts are favored by 1 in the Sheridan line (USATODAY) and the Colts are favored by 1 in the Caliente line.

  5. Anthony said,





  6. Anthony said,



  7. Anthony said,


  8. Anthony said,

    This is a fun one to watch.

    How many times has Rivers thrown the ball into the ground or out of bounds. Why hasn’t Jackson got a ball yet… He’s averaged 80 something yards a game. Playcalling????? Is he going deep every play and Rivers has no time????

    What gives???

    Let’s go!!!

  9. Anthony said,


  10. Albino Hayford said,

    I laughed. I cried. I screamed. I almost had a heart attack. Why do the Chargers always have to take it down to the wire???

    The punter should be the MVP. He should get the game ball. What a leg!

  11. danielbalc said,


    I absolutley loved reading your running commentary as the game unfolded. I can assure you as I sat high above 66,000 crazy chargers fans (the other 2,000 were above me) that we all felt pretty much the same way at the same times as you did. But what impressed me the most was that we (the fans) never turned on the team. We stayed LOUD even when things looked rather hopeless. I think it was because Mike Scifres kept giving us something to cheer about.


    How do you like four for four on first round picks?

    I feel especially good about it when i consider that ESPN’s idiotic sportswriter Bill Simmons recently stated that one of his sports dreams is to win all the games in the NFL playoffs against the spread. He then proceeded to pick the Colts beat the Chargers (giving 1 point). Ironically he predicted the exact score. Just the wrong team. Heck he pretty much predicted how the game would go, except for the wrong team.

    He also picked Minnesota over the Eagles calling the Eagles the “Chargers of the NFC” as if that were an insult.

    So even though I didn’t bet any money on the games, I’m pretty sure that he did and knowing he, at best, broke even makes me just a little bit happier.

  12. Bruce S. said,


    The 4 for 4 was quite the feat. Although two of them were IMO pretty easy. The Sat. games you showed up very well. Given the scores of the 4 games, you also beat the spreads, I assume. No?

  13. danielbalc said,

    yup. I nailed the spread.

    I guess I will take a look at my picks and the spread for this weekend but since I have the underdogs picked in 3 of the 4 the only one I would consider changing is Carolina vs Arizona. I’ve heard the line is somewhere around 8 or 9. I already predicted a 3 score victory from Carolina so unless the line moves dramatically I think I’m good to go on spreads.

    I was really excited to see Peter King’s Monday Morning QB column this morning after last week he wrote this incredibly long piece on why he was voting for Peyton Manning for MVP. I wanted to see the guy eat his words. Instead this is what we get…

    The overtime rule continues to be the dumbest, stupidest, most indefensible rule the NFL has on its books. Giving a coin flip more power than Tony Soprano has now deprived us of a satisfactory ending to two pivotal games this year — Jets-Patriots in Week 11, when the Patriots and 401-yard passer Matt Cassel never saw the ball in overtime after a heroic fourth-quarter comeback, and Colts-Chargers, when we didn’t get to see the NFL MVP even play in the fifth quarter because it was a one-possession overtime.

    I have to finish the article to see if he did anything other than whine about the Colts loss but I doubt it will happen.

  14. danielbalc said,

    Peter King is one of 50 individuals who get an MVP vote. He spent his on the 5th rated passer in the league despite the fact that 3 of the 4 higher rated QB’s also made the playoffs.

    Do you think he regrets that decision 2 days after his selection gets bounced from the playoffs in the opening round?

    Mike Scifres Was Miraculous Saturday Night. Maybe Better Than Darren Sproles. More about both the San Diego punter and mighty mite back deeper in the column, but never, ever, ever do I recall a team having to fight out of so many deep holes as the Colts did Saturday night. Scifres was Kobe scoring 84. A net punting average over 50 yards … unbelievable. “He’s the best I’ve ever seen,” Norv Turner said after the 23-17 Chargers win. Other than maybe those couple of Arctic playoff games in Foxboro, this might have been the toughest, most physically and mentally taxing game of Peyton Manning’s career. You’re on the road, you can’t hear, you’re playing a team with nothing to lose and a defense that’s on fire, and you never get the ball on any of your 12 possessions in better field position than your own 33-yard line. The starting points of Indianapolis’ 12 drives: 10, 19, 3, 33, 7, 20, 26, 9, 20, 21, 1, 19. I laughed all day Sunday when I kept hearing from the experts about how Peyton Manning didn’t look much like an MVP on Saturday night. No crap, Sherlock! Pretty hard to be great when you’re on the road in the playoffs and your average starting point all night is the 16-yard line.

    When the best you can come up with to defend your vote is “No crap, Sherlock!” I think you sound pretty desperate.

    I do like how he describes the Chargers D as “on fire” instead of the usual “31st ranked pass defense in the NFL”.

  15. danielbalc said,

    I guess we should rename the MVP award to the, “most valuable player as long as he is at home against a defense that isn’t motivated and has good field position” award.

  16. Matt said,

    I doubt Peter King will even watch the rest of the playoffs seeing as Manning and Brady are no longer playing.

    This team is rolling right now and they know they will go into Pittsburgh, play them tough and pull out a win. Seems like a team of destiny and if it ends the way we all want it to, one of the greatest stories in the history of the NFL.

    One game at a time.

  17. danielbalc said,

    I also love that the yahoo sports writer who wrote the piece on Jay Cutler’s smack got his jacket stolen at a PB bar on Sunday. sweet….;_ylt=Ap15cCN50Ibo4B1otJs2cZY5nYcB?slug=ms-morningrush010509&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

  18. danielbalc said,

    OK so I went 4 for 4 in my picks also beating the point spread. Since ESPN’s Bill Simmons wrote an article talking about his dream to go 11-0 against the point spread in the NFL playoffs I am now motivated to do just that.

    so here are my betting picks…

    BAL +3 against TEN
    SD +6 against PIT
    PHI + 4 against NYG
    ARIZ + 10 against CAR

    The only difference between these and my picks to win is that I do think the Panthers will be the Cardinals and even though I originally predicted it would be a 3 score beating I guess those could be 3 field goals making it a mere 9 point game. It’s just so hard to pass up 10 points in the playoffs.

    I don’t think 3 home teams have ever lost in the divisional round so my 3 upset picks (Bal, Phi and SD) are skating on really thin ice.

    If I had to change one it would be Baltimore.

    The only one that is more a heart than head choice is Baltimore. I can really see Philly beating up the Giants and as far as I’m concerned the Chargers in Pittsburgh should be the lock of the season. I really don’t think Arizona has a chance against Carolina. Did Carolina lose at home at all this year?

  19. Matt said,

    For the record I went 3 for 4 in my playoff picks last weekend and with a Tennessee win will tie you (although I will be rooting hard for Baltimore)

  20. danielbalc said,

    what about spread picks?

  21. Pablo Honey said,

    Even though I didn’t publish my picks for last week on this blog I can tell you that I went 3-1 (Atlanta being my only loser.) Here are my picks for this weekend:

    TEN -3 over BAL
    SD +6 over PIT
    NYG -4 over PHI
    CAR -10 over ARI

  22. Matt said,

    what about spread picks?

    That is gambling.

  23. danielbalc said,


  24. Matt said,


    AFC Championship at Qualcomm baby just find a way to win please!!

  25. Anthony said,

    Good game. Too bad the D couldn’t pressure Ben on that throw to Ward. Having the lead at halftime would have been huge! How we have to come out and stop the Steelers on the opening drive. Bad momentum swing. We got to blitz more and take Ben out of the game/world.

  26. Anthony said,

    Game over

    McNeil doesn’t engage the lineman and let’s him tip it up. McNeil just stood there. Rivers is tall but throws from the hip.

    And the opening defense sucks. Nice 3rd and lopng and rush nobody and still leave someone wide open. And then the idiots drop coverage to go after the QB and then he throws to the guy you were covering. Idiots.

    I hate the Steelers.

  27. Anthony said,

    What a joke….

  28. Anthony said,



  29. Anthony said,

    BLOW OUT!!!

  30. danielbalc said,


    Ron Rivera was so completely outcoached it’s not even funny.

    The steelers came in to the game with one of the worst O-lines in the league so what was the game plan? RUN RUN RUN. They had to run early and often because they certainly couldn’t pass protect.

    Once the run was established the pass protection got an awful lot easier. Rivera was never able to guess what was coming and consequently played nothing but the vanilla defense that got Cottrell fired. If he (Rivera) thinks he’s getting a head coaching job he’s got another thing coming.

    Meanwhile there it is pretty much impossible to win that game after two crazy bad luck turnovers and two instant replays that go against you. Oh and the same old story with the officials. Brutal non-call for PI on the VJ TD only to throw a ticky tack PI on us later in the game in a score that would ice it.

    same goes with the instant replays. Cannot catch a break.

    I’m still convinced that this steelers team is not a great team. I hope, hope, hope that the Ravens beat em silly.

    BTW in working with my NFL conspiracy theory…

    4 teams left
    Ravens- Stadium built 1998
    Steelers- Stadium built 2001
    Eagles- Stadium built 2003
    Cardinals- Stadium built 2006

    Tow thoughts going through my mind were… The NFL cannot afford to have the possibility of a Chargers Cardinals super bowl. It would be the lowest rated in history. The Steelers are the NFL’s most watched team. They HAVE to keep them alive.

    The other thought was….
    In my NFL conspiracy theory I stated that the Cardinals were one of the few teams that is on schedule to be rewarded with a superbowl victory because they built a new stadium. I failed to mention that the Eagles could also be given that award because, while they have been to a couple of super bowls since building the new stadium they haven’t yet won one. Ravens and Steelers both have so count them out.

  31. Albino Hayford said,

    It was a combination of bad breaks and TERRIBLE 3rd down defense. A very frustrating game to watch. The most heartbreaking play of the game was the tipped and intercepted pass that followed the wonderful punt return. I felt physically sick.

  32. Matt S said,

    The defensive scheme for this game boggles my mind. We have a QB who had a serious concussion 2 weeks ago and we hardly ever bring any pressure.

    We had alot of opportunities to bring pressure on 3rd and long plays but instead sat back in coverage and let him pick us apart with 10 seconds to throw.

    Even with this terrible scheme and the fact that our defense was on the field the ENTIRE 3rd quarter we still had a chance to win had we not had the tipped pass intercepted and the punt go off Weddle’s head.

    That is just too much to overcome on the road.

  33. danielbalc said,

    Too much to overcome even at home!

    Yeah that’s exactly right. We still had a chance after the punt bounced off weddle’s head (I think that was our first punt turnover of the year along with giving up our first punt TD of the year in the same game).

    After that ridiculously unlucky play the steelers drove down to the 1 yard line and were stopped. The Steelers had the ball for all but 17 seconds of the third quarter and the score going into the 4th was 21-10 not out of the question.


    Chargers have to punt and with 13 minutes left in the game steelers up by 11 they throw a deep ball into the endzone where the ref calls a pass interference. The exact same official who failed to call a PI on the jackson TD when the defender literally had his arm hooked through the receivers arm and pulling it down. He now determines that a little bit of mutual contact between Weddle and Washington is worth a 44 yard penalty.

    That was when the game was over. The next play resulted in the game icing TD where the steelers simply ran over a completely exhausted Chargers defense.

    Oh how I wish we could have seen what the Chargers would have done on 3rd and 6 with the game on the line. But it was too late. the flag had been thrown, and officials never pick up flags for Pass Interference. oh but wait in the previous game with the eagles verse the giants the officials had done just that! picked up a PI flag. I saw it with my very own eyes. unbelievable.

    To make matter worse I finally lost a game against the spread. 7-1 through the first two rounds aint too shabby though.

  34. danielbalc said,

    The good news for Chargers fans is in the coaching moves of other teams…
    A) The Broncos hire the Pats young offensive coordinator. (hahahahahahahahahaha how’s that working out for the Jets and the Irish?)
    B) Tony Dungy calls it quits. Great guy. Classiest coach in the league. It’s too bad he had to go out on such a sour note, but his departure means good things for the rest of the league.
    C) Raiders are looking strong at Kevin Gilbride.
    D) Herm Edwards is still coaching the chiefs.

  35. Bruce S. said,

    There was a flag on Jackson’s TD. What was it for?

  36. danielbalc said,

    It was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against jackson. I don’t know what he did in celebrating his TD but it somehow warranted a 15 yard penalty that made us have to kickoff from the 15!

    thus the Steelers started their first drive at their own 42.
    They stalled and Ben pooch punted the ball to the 9. After a 3 and out came the punt that was returned for a TD.

    So yeah that was a penalty that cost us in the field position battle big time.

    It might have been the correct penalty but since they never showed it on a TV replay we will never know.

  37. Goldminers said,

    It’s not the first time DUI Jackson has been flagged for unsportmanlike conduct. I predict he will be gone next year.

  38. danielbalc said,

    I highly doubt that Jackson will be gone next year. He finally emerged this season. As for his DUI, he still hasn’t been charged with anything. I doubt that he will. It sounds like his BAC was under half the legal limit. I don’t know the terms of his probation but I imagine the only thing he might be guilty of is violating those terms. That’s very different than driving drunk.

    If he violated his probation he may miss the first few games next season.

  39. Save For Retirement said,

    ok I know that everyone is trying to move on and get excited for the upcoming Padres season. Pitchers and catchers report in 34 days or something like that.

    I thought this article was a great read. This guy is trying to start trouble but I do believe we have issues and it starts with Norv.

    Also, can someone confirm the rumors I am hearing about Wilhelm high five after santonio Holmes scored the touchdown on the punt return?

    If so, he needs to go as do the offensive lineman who are having a good time after a loss and anyone else who doesn’t care if they win or lose.

  40. Matt S said,

    Also, can someone confirm the rumors I am hearing about Wilhelm high five after santonio Holmes scored the touchdown on the punt return?

    I saw it in real time (it happened real fast) and could not believe it. Very strange.

  41. danielbalc said,

    yeah, it happened.

    At first I didn’t think it was a big deal but then I realized that they went to school together at OSU so i am guessing they are friends. But Wilhelm should have had a clue.

    That being said, his high five didn’t cost them game. And while I’m not the biggest wilhem fan I still prefer him over Tim dobbins who I think missed a tackle that could have changed the whole game.

    It was on the Steelers TD scoring drive just before half time. 3rd and 1 from the SD 42 with 1:09 left to play. The Steelers ran with Russel and Tim Dobbins was right in the hole in perfect position. But Russel powered off his shoulder pads with dobbins falling down on his butt. 3 yard gain, first down and 4 plays later the Steelers would go ahead 14-10.

    Had Dobbins made that tackle the Steelers would have most likely punted the football (doubtful they would give up that ball near midfield with a full minute to go). We would have taken a 3 point lead into half time instead of a 4 point deficit. It would have been huge. But just like i’ve seen him do on numerous occasions this year Tim Dobbins whiffed on a tackle.

    He’s tops on my list of players I don’t want to see in a Chargers uniform next season…

  42. Bruce S. said,

    Hey DBalc,

    When are you going to come out with your annual “Padres will win the World Series” prediction?

  43. danielbalc said,


    The Mark Prior re-signing is a great decision. Says Towers…
    “But he is a guy we have rehabbed for a year. His long-toss work, it looks like he has good carry on the ball. He got up on the mound for the first time Friday.”

    see, great long-toss work!

    Getting rid of Hoffman was invaluable. Now Bell finally gets his chance to feel real closer pressure and if he struggles we’ve got Joe Thatcher just chomping at the bit.

    Giles has now finally cut off relationships with that stupid girlfriend of his who kept stealing his best swings.

    Padres also signed Chris Burke. He hit only .194 last year but, and I quote, “Towers thinks he is a much better hitter than that.”
    Why does Towers think that? because he “mashed” left handed pitching (another quote) batting 50 points higher than against right handed pitchers… .274!

    Look I’m a big time believer in strength up the middle of the diamond and how much stronger can you get than…

    Nick Hundley behind the plate
    Luis Rodriguez at short
    Chris Burke at second
    Will Venable in center

    Plus the news that the the ownership transition if going to be a 4-5 year process with Moorad gradually buying up a controlling stake is really helpful news because it means we will keep the stability of John Moores as an involved owner.

    Yes sir things couldn’t look brighter for my favorite franchise…..


  44. Goldminers said,

    P – Pathetic
    A – Atrocious
    D – Dreadful
    R – Ridiculous
    E – Execrable
    S – Sad

  45. Save For Retirement said,

    I find it hilarious that while mister negative is out of the country blessing little kids and probably being somewhat positive the Chargers dominate the Broncos and then play a great game to beat the Colts. As soon as he returns with his negativity we (the chargers) fall back to our old ways and lose in Pittsburgh.

    I would like to start a fund to send our old friend, goldminer, on a long-term mission trip to any country of his choice so that maybe we can finally iwn a championship in this city.

  46. Goldminers said,

    hahahahahahahaha. Its not negative, it’s reality. Besides I was pulling for the Chargers the whole time. No Charger negativism here.

  47. danielbalc said,

    While I failed to make it to 8-0 against the spread with the Chargers loss I did manage to sneak out a win with a last second selection of arizona and 10 points.

    So now to see if I can make 9-1…

    Cardinals + 4 over Eagles
    Cardinals get a free ride to the super bowl because they built a stadium. it’s that simple.

    Ravens + 6 over Steelers
    I think the Steelers will win. No, I KNOW they will win because a ravens vs Cardinals superbowl would be the lowest rated SB ever (or at least in the HD era of Telivision).
    The NFL needs to have the Steelers in the SB if anyone is going to watch. But the NFL could also use a game where viewers watch the whole time, so no blow outs.

  48. Goldminers said,

    I disagree with the Cardinal pick based on the conspiracy logic. I still think the NFL would prefer to see McNabb in the SB since they would get better publicity with him. But I agree with the Pitt pick.

  49. Goldminers said,

  50. Anthony said,

    Apparently Rivers has knee issues? If not, the NFL hates San Diego.

  51. danielbalc said,

    I was pretty surprised to see that.

    I think it comes from the player though. Rivers probably didn’t want to have to spend any time with Jay Cutler. It’s common knowledge that the guy has terrible BO.

  52. danielbalc said,

    OK so my only 2 losses against the spread for the playoffs have been when i picked against the Steelers.

    Therefore I swallow my pride and choose Pittsburgh to cover the 7 points in the Superbowl.

    I really hope I lose on this one. I hate the Steelers. I do not think they are a championship caliber team. I think they will be one of the worst teams ever to win a superbowl, but oh well.

    The fact that the Chargers failed to make the Superbowl amongst this playoff field (the weakest in memory) is a huge mark against Norv Turner. They guy needs to be fired. Every other team in the AFC West will have new coaching blood this season, the Chargers should be on that train.

    Not to worry however I am convinced that Ron Rivera is the head coach in waiting and that if the Chargers get off to a slow start again he will take over the job indefinitely.

    When I get a look at the schedule i will let you know exactly when that change will happen.

  53. danielbalc said,

    I didn’t watch a single second of the superbowl or any commercials due to moving but I can say this. I HATE the steelers. The one time I bet on them they can’t even cover the spread. my only three losses of the playoffs were the stupid steelers.

    pop quiz… what do the Yankees and Steelers have in common?

    If you answered that they both have the most championships within their sport you got the easy answer.

    If you answered that both of them are deeply involved in the world of gambling (via horse racing) than you got the conspiracy theorist answer.

  54. anthony said,


    The NFL realized the burden of teams having to travel across the country and made a rule change to prevent a team from playing two cross-country games in a single season. But wait…. this rule only applies to teams going from East to West! Unreal!!!!!!! THE NFL HATES THE WEST COST!!!! BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. L. Hudgins said,


  56. danielbalc said,

    That is so totally bogus.

    It’s not a rule that just prohibits back to back east to west trips (which is in essence fair) but that says you won’t have to go to the west coast more than once a year! UNREAL!

    Unless they balance this rule out with a rule that limits the amount of 10AM games a west coast team has to play there must be some serious protests.

  57. danielbalc said,

    The NFL went a step further and made it illegal for a defender who has been knocked to the grown to lunge at the QB. Why? because this is the type of LEGAL play that injured pretty boy tom.

    Both of these changes, the scheduling and pretty boy rule were put into effect without a vote from the owners. They both were clearly the result of the Patriots’ complaints.

    What a crock.

    Now I guess if a defender gets knocked down he just needs to lay there until the end of the play. Maybe they should make a rule that they have to count “one alligator, two alligator, three alligator ” before rushing the passer?

  58. L. Hudgins said,

    Maybe it will help our pretty boy Phillip too.

  59. danielbalc said,

    Pretty boy Philip? You mean the guy who played in the AFC championship game with a torn ACL and torn MCL?

  60. L. Hudgins said,

    That would be the guy. The guy who can’t outrun a tortoise.

  61. anthony said,

    Worst part about the new QB rule is where were they when the Steelers intentionally destroyed Carson Palmer’s knee in the playoffs in 2005? Same situation. A defender is being blocked to the ground yet he manages to lunge at Carson and plant his helmet on the knee and twist… tearing his ACL. Steelers go on to win the Super Bowl and Godel parties and does the who dey chant with Cowher.

    I hate the NFL.

  62. danielbalc said,

    Good call Anthony.

    Special rules for special teams.

    The Patriots, Steelers and Cowboys are the league’s darlings.

    If the NFL had real concern for protecting the QB they would have made this rule back then. Instead they made this rule ONLY after it impacted not just Tom Brady but the Patriots organization. They say it’s about the QB’s. It’s not. it’s about the Krafts and the Rooneys.

    Just like this adjustment to the travel schedule. Did you know that the Chargers played more games that would be viewed at 10 AM west coast than the Steelers did last season?


    The NFL has no interest in protecting anyone on the Chargers. Take you back to the AFC championship game where Rivers who has a torn ACL and MCL (and who Lynn thinks is slow) gets leg whipped by Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel and subsequently throws and INT and possibly deciding the game. The official was standing right there and looking at the play. No flag AND no fine after the fact. And as far as I can remember they didn’t have some sort of rule change after that season to try and protect the QB’s from these types of cheap shots.

    BTW if you happen to stop in vegas between now and football season put some change down on Dallas. They got their new stadium which means they get their ring.

  63. L. Hudgins said,

    He IS slow. But I would rather have a slow QB than one who can’t throw.

  64. danielbalc said,

    Slow is so relative. He is faster than you and I. He is probably middle of the pack for NFL QB’s. So I guess average would be a better term. I would like to see a footrace between Rivers, Manning and Brady.

  65. Matt said,

    Well Philip Rivers does not get to own Jay Cutler twice a year anymore.

    I can’t believe how much the Bears gave up to get this clown. That should set the franchise back about 4 years.

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