Fresh brewed?

December 8, 2008 at 9:30 am (Uncategorized)

I’m having a bit of a chatoic morning. Mondays are usually a little busier than most days, hence the expression, “somebody’s got a case of the mondays.”

While I don’t think it’s that bad yet it appears to be well on its way.  One of the things the really got under my skin today was a debate about how long coffee can sit on the burner and still be considered “fresh”.

Rather than explaining the circumstances of the debate and clouding your judgment I will ask some simple  questions…

1) If you walked up to get a cup of coffee and knew the exact time that coffee had been sitting on the burner, what is the minimum number of minutes you would feel that coffee has been there too long and a new pot is in order?

2) What duration of time sitting on the burner do you feel the freshness and quality of coffee has been compromised?

3) If you are person who adds things like sugar, sweetner, cream or milk does the acceptable time change? If so, how?

4) How long do you think places like starbucks, dunkin donuts, 7/11 and your average gas station keep their coffee out before brewing a new pot?

5) If someone tells you at coffee is “fresh brewed” how long ago do you think the coffee was brewed?

Ok so I realize these questions sound similar in many regards but I really feel that injustice is occuring this morning so please give me your honest opinions and include what kind of coffee drinker you are (i.e. black, sugary, ceamy, social, emrgency, starbucks latte dotte, etc).



  1. Goldminers said,

    If it has a burnt smell or it’s really dark then you know it been out to long. I’m a cream guy so I can sometimes let it go a little longer. Usually, more than 2 hours and the coffee gets really bad.

  2. danielbalc said,

    ok so you’re telling me that the fact that you add cream means you’ll take coffee up to two hours old. but can you tell the difference between say 90 minutes and 30 minutes?

  3. Save For Retirement said,

    “Stop drinking black and add creamer, your coffee will taste the same now and after lunch. Even if it is the same pot”

    — Customer Service Manager

    I asked a customer service manager at work and that is what she said when I told her what you were asking about. She asked how you like your coffee and I mentioned black. Outsiders opinion here not mine.

  4. Goldminers said,

    Yes, I can tell the difference but I choose to drink it anyway.

  5. danielbalc said,


    that’s awesome. But I think there is a big point in there regarding people who drink it with cream. Can cream people, especially those who put heavy doses of flavored creamer, really tell at all a difference in the freshness of the coffee? Are they not intentionally destroying any possible coffee flavor to begin with? are they only concerned with the temperature?

  6. Goldminers said,

    As a creamer, I don’t really like the flavored cream. I prefer the real stuff. If the coffee is real fresh and not too strong I will drink it black. At work I have to use creamer because the free coffee is so bad even when it’s fresh it tastes like dirt. I don’t use creamer to cool it down but to weaken it.

  7. RubeRad said,

    Like all Real Men, I drink coffee, not coffee plus cream plus sugar (i.e. melted coffee ice cream). Cream and sugar are for people who don’t really like their coffee to taste like coffee — just like Budweiser and Coors are for people who don’t really like beer.

    Ennnnyways, I find that the quality of the coffee makes more difference than how long it’s been sitting on the burner. I’d rather have starbucks that’s been on the burner for 4 hours than the free coffee at my work, just brewed right now.

    If the coffee is old and burnt-tasting, then yes, cream and sugar can cover that up.

  8. danielbalc said,

    I’d rather have starbucks that’s been on the burner for 4 hours than the free coffee at my work, just brewed right now.

    how is this possible? everyone i’ve talked to today insists that starbucks throws out their coffee after a half an hour of sitting (I find this very difficult to believe but many folks have told me this today).

    The coffee I make every morning is the costco brand, kirkland signature. It’s a dark roast and I use the same measurements every day so it’s a very familiar flavor that I am quite pleased with. Someone stuck a bag of starbucks pikes place next to my costco can but I am not a fan of changing stuff up.

    At home I have a store brand french roast that I drink on saturdays.

    in the office I usually drink from the same pot for 2 hours and can’t tell much of a difference between the first cup and the last.

  9. Matt said,

    Like all Real Men, I drink coffee, not coffee plus cream plus sugar (i.e. melted coffee ice cream).

    Like all real men, I choose to get through my day the natural way, without the help of addictive substances.

  10. danielbalc said,

    Matt I have no idea where you got your definition of a “real man” but I’m pretty sure that you are completely wrong.

    Haven’t you ever heard of James Bond? The Marlboro man? Cheech and Chong? The Kool-aid man? All of them were real men and all BECAUSE of addictive substances, not in spite of them.

  11. Matt said,

    ….Yea and if you buy those products you will be a real man too! Its that easy.

  12. Goldminers said,

    An “old” real man drinks decaf.

  13. Athena Balcombe said,


    Daniel- seriously?!!…..

    Let it go!

  14. Albino Hayford said,

    Mexicans drink something called “cafe con leche” which brews the milk right in with the coffee. I am always amused when I watch my “black coffee only” friends take a sip of that for the first time.

    Starbucks is better, hands down, no matter how long you leave in on the burner.

    Without at least 2 squirts of creamer, coffee is way too bitter, and just adding sugar to black coffee without adding creamer is like putting on cologne without taking a shower, or spraying air-freshener in the bathroom without flushing the toilet.

  15. Andea said,

    Don’t drink coffee. I drink hot tea.
    The plan, a Krampus Christmas, is on. It will be particulary fun when we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus all Krampused up.

  16. danielbalc said,

    Krampus Christmas!!!!

  17. Athena Balcombe said,

    “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jesus! Happy birthday to you!” (does he get to make a wish after blowing out his candles?)

  18. laura said,

    my syrian neighbors drink turkish coffee black or with a little sugar – no matter what you might add to that type of coffee, it will knock you on your rear!

  19. itsasecret2u said,

    Wasn’t that Turkish coffee that we had in Kosovo?

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