Padres Cold-Hearted Stove

November 11, 2008 at 10:15 am (Sports thoughts)

As my loyal readers know I have been the most staunch Padres apologist over the years. I always see the glass as half full. I always anticipate things will turn around. I always believe the Padres are committed to and are going to win the world series. And while last season was an abysmal display of Padres baseball from the top down I was convinced that the mistakes were minor enough that the core of this team could quickly rebound and contend.

The core that I believed could contend consisted of 3 hitters: Adrian Gonzalez, Kevin Kouzmanoff and Chase Headley. 2 starters: Jake Peavy and Chris Young. and 2 relievers: Heath Bell and Trevor Hoffman.

About a month ago the rumors started to fly that the Padres would be trading a piece of that core in Jake Peavy, their staff ace who just last year had signed the largest contract in Padres history. Though it was the largest contract in padres history it was actually much smaller than an offer he could have received in other markets with other teams. Jake Peavy took the “San Diego Discount” because he cared for the team and the community and wanted to commit to both. Trading away the cornerstone of the pitching staff in Jake Peavy seems to me to be completely unnecessary and terribly insulting. I don’t see how it could improve the prospects of the team winning in the near future, especially considering the value of the player for the price being paid. Nevertheless if it were possible for the padres to recieve 4 or 5 players in return for Peavy where the value of those 4 or 5 players was greater than Peavy’s than I suppose I could understand the move. Except there is no way that new players value can exceed that of a homegrown player in terms of community involvement and fan appeal.

And this brings me to my next point.

The news yesterday that the Padres had removed their contract offer to Trevor Hoffman, the face of this organization for the past 17 years. this is awful! Terrible. I know there are many Padres fans who feel that Hoffman has lost his game and should retire, and while there can be no argument that his abilities have diminished over the years there can also be no argument that he maintains a certain amount of pitching professionalism that enables him to still be effective. When you combine his abilities with his appeal there is no way that you can quantify his value to the Padres and the city of San Diego. In other words he is a guy you have to pay. You pay him whatever he wants. last year it was 7 million. He brought far more than 7 million dollars back into the team. this year the Padres allegedly offered him 4 million dollars plus incentives, but they didn’t wait for him to negotiate, they didn’t wait for him to say no. They simply backed out. IDIOTS. At least stand by your offer. At least give the man an opportunity to decide what he wants to do. Give him and us the courtesy of being honest about your intentions!

I’m fed up with the Padres. I guess I have finally seen that this divorce is a genuine destroyer of the franchise. I wrote them the following message this morning…

For 17 years the face of the Padres organization has been Trevor Hoffman. He has been a hero in this community and now you are simply kicking him to the curb? I’ve written previously regarding the lack of class you are showing by talking about trading Peavy, but now you have gone too far. Make Hoffman a FAIR offer, if he rejects it, that is his choice. But how dare you insult him and the Padres fans by not even having that kind of decency? I’m done. You have lost my season ticket purchase (small as it may be), my merchandise purchases (a jersey or a t-shirt here and there), my concessions purchases (I do like to eat). All of it. You’ve lost one of your most faithful fans because you are classes. You disgust me. I can’t express how angry I am at the way this organization has treated me and the rest of it’s fans this offseason.


So there you have it. Am I off the wagon? Well not entirely since they haven’t yet traded Peavy, but I certainly have one foot hanging off and dragging in the dirt.



  1. danielbalc said,

    last night I had a nightmare that I was at petco park watching a Padres game. (Set up right there).

    At this game I went to the go get something to eat and when i arrived at the concessions stand I was disgusted to see that it was decorated in dodger blue neon lights. There was dodgers merchandise everywhere. Dodger blue against the sandstone of Petco park looks terrible enough as it is but it wasn’t the clashing colors that made me so angry it was the fact that the Padres were blatantly trying to appeal to their opponents fan base because they had simply given up on their own.

    I sure hope my dream wasn’t prophetic.

  2. Pablo Honey said,

    You are right on here Daniel. Every bit of what you are seeing is due to John Moores divorce. He is proving what everyone has been saying all along: he only cares about money. It is disgusting that they are treating Hoffman this way, and disgusting that they are trading Peavy.

    The market for Peavy is fantastic, because he happens to be one of the best bargains in baseball, signed to a long term deal at a great price. We will no doubt get some great prospects for Peavy, but we also get the realization that if any of them pan out to be stars the team will ship them out of town first chance they get.

    Out here in Dallas the sports talk stations are buzzing about how Mark Cuban is getting turned down to purchase the Cubs. It is highly unlikely that Cuban has any interest in the Padres, but it would be the greatest Christmas present ever if he managed to buy them from John Moores.

    This team is rotting from within, if the owner doesn’t care about anything but money how can we expect the team to care about anything else? San Diego needs to run Moores right out of town. We need an idea to force him into a situation where he must sell the team, and if that means boycotting the games for a season so be it.

  3. danielbalc said,

    I was watching PTI and Mike Wilbon and Rick Riely are talking about the Padres debacle.

    They flat out describe the situation as being a direct result of the divorce.

    they both expressed their sorrow for Padres fans (except wilbon said he would be really happy about Peavy going to Chicago). I can’t believe I’m receiving condolences from talking heads because of my team. UGH. I feel sick

    I don’t care if all moores cares about it money. That’s fine. He should care about making money. But I don’t see how this can help them make money. If he wants to make money he should be fielding a winner. Who is going to pay to see a team that has sold off their best players? eeegads.

    of course later on in the show they had the question “more likely to get it back LT or marvin harrison?” What? how is that a question?

  4. Goldminers said,

    I totally agree with everything you say. I’ve been looking for an email address for the Padres so I could express my displeasure with their decisions. Alderson will be on 1090 at 5:00 so I am looking forward to hear his excuses.

  5. Aaron said,

    1. As per our email, I agree with all you have to say Padres-wise. I actually think a Peavy trade could work out three years down the road, by why make this kind of deal when there is not much pitching depth at AAA and the team is still in a weak division and could make the playoffs this season with some shrewd moves?

    2. The Hoffman situation is pathetic. This is the last straw for me . . . as possibly the only San Diego supporter in Toronto, I feel that I represent Canadian-Padres fans in saying: screw you John Moores.

    3. Despite your very astute comment that I shouldn’t check your political emails, I did. (couldn’t keep my “hand” out of the cookie jar, I guess) I won’t respond, aside from to say that I am scared for the future of the world whenever you comment on politics. Love ya anyway, though!

  6. danielbalc said,


    most Padres employees have the email address of the first letter of their first name plus their last name….

    so ive sent emails to but never gotten a reply…

    so i suggest everyone write to these…

    Those are the folks who work in the season ticket office. I figure enough complaints to them will make their way up top.

    I did hear a little bit of alderson’s interview and he claimed that the padres listen to their fans “alot more than people think”.

    while I don’t think of the Padres team as my publicly elected officials and so their refusal to listen to me is less frustrating than congress passing the bailout I still have to decide how I am going to spend my money and I wont spend it on a team that isn’t interested in winning.

    I stand by my conviction that last year they did try to field a winner and things just didn’t work out. But so far this year they don’t appear to be tying to field a winner. Let’s see what they do.

    Again I haven’t given up, but if I don’t see an effort to win I don’t want to go.

  7. Goldminers said,

    Thanks Daniel. I’ll start writing. I don’t see trading Peavy as a positive. Even if they get several prospects this only confirms to me that they never will keep any quality player. Once someone becomes valuable they will only trade him just to save money. Alderson’s excuses last night were pathetic. Blame the agent. I think Trevor deserves better treatment. Now they are using the current ecomomy to justify not spending any money. I don’t see them lowing ticket prices or the price of my hotdogs, nachos and sodas.

  8. Goldminers said,

    An interesting comment from Tim Sullivan in the Trib today…

    “Such is the uncertainty surrounding the Home Team that its best players assume they will be around only until they become too expensive. ”

    How can they ever build a winner with this mentality. They won’t. Moores should sell the team to someone who cares about winning. Then he could pay off his soon to be ex-wife.

  9. danielbalc said,

    See here is where I have to be the Padres apologist that I am.

    They have built a winner.

    There hasn’t been any type of “mentality” in the organization that made them lose 99 games. I did the breakdown earlier in another post to show how consistent and how good the Padres have been.

    If they have a perception of being “cheap” and not paying guys big money, I don’t really care. If you automatically assume that because they don’t spend a ton of money they aren’t interested in winning then you’re just wrong.

    The amount of money a team spends or doesn’t spend doesn’t have anything to do with that teams desire to be consistently competitive.

    There are certain organizations in sports where you do think that the team is not interested in fielding a winner, The KC Royals come to mind, but the Padres don’t seem like that kind of organization. That perception is a fabrication of a grumpy fan base.

    The current situation with the divorce does give an appearance that maybe they are dumping salary to sell the team, but the fact is they haven’t dumped anyone, they have only added 9 million with Giles.

    So we have to wait and see.

    But don’t pretend like 1 bad season out of the past 5 makes the Padres a bad organization when you heap praise on teams like the Rays who had one good season out of the past 10.

  10. Goldminers said,

    That would be an “old grumpy fan” who’s tired of mediocrity. 🙂
    Maybe I should just go back to rooting strictly for the Giants. Can’t be any worse.

    How long do you think Adrian Gonzalez will be here? Not much longer I bet. Maybe I’m just tired are the entire baseball environment of the current era.

  11. danielbalc said,

    The Padres have not been mediocre! They have been GOOD

    The Giants have been BAD

    This reputation that the Padres always send away their players when they get good, where does it come from? Who have we done that to in the past 5 seasons?

    We didn’t resign Mike Cameron or Milton Bradley, that’s not the same as trading them away.
    I can’t think of a single significant player we have traded away in the past 5 seasons.
    Adam Eaton and Aki? We got CY and Gonzalez!

    It’s a false reputation. IF it happens with Peavy that will be the first time since…
    Derek Lee for Kevin Brown? Or maybe I have just forgotten. Maybe we’ve had a whole bunch of up and coming superstars that got really good and we pushed out the door. Maybe my readers can remind me?

    BTW don’t try with the Perez and Bay for Giles deal. That was a good trade. Bay had exactly 2 at bats for the Padres and it was Ollie or Peavy so I think that one was in the Padres favor.

    If the complaint is that the Padres don’t bring in the big name free agent that’s fine. But bringing in a single big name free agent has never helped a team win.

  12. Goldminers said,

    I get tired of Alderson whining about payroll and giving us the poor John Moores is not making any money on the Padres. That is the biggest load of crap. These owners are all making money. They didn’t get rich by being dumb businessmen. If things were that bad he would sell the team. Then how much would he make. Smart business people don’t continue losing money on a business. I’m not saying he has to keep up with NY or Boston but now they are looking to cut an already low payroll.

  13. danielbalc said,

    Lynn, you’re so frustrating….

    Last year the Padres had their highest payroll ever!

    Moores should want to make money. He makes more money when the team wins. Thus they want the team to be competitive. It’s not that complicated.

    They should be trying to cut salary this season, i completely agree with that. They can put together a winner while cutting between 15 and 20 million from the payroll.

    Here is how…
    Josh Bard 2.2 million
    Michael Barrett 3.5 million
    Tony Clark 1 million
    Jim Edmonds 8 million
    Khalil Greene 4.5 million
    Tadhaito Iguchi 3.8 million
    Greg Maddux 10 million
    Randy Wolf 4.7 million
    Mark Prior 1 million

    That’s 39 million less than last year already (assuming you move Greene) meaning you spend 19-24 million to fill the following vacancies…
    1 catcher
    2 bench
    1 outfield
    2 starters

    That is assuming that E Gonzalez earned a starting job and the L Rodriguez will stay on the team.

    You also need to add bullpen help and the Hoffman situation is weird.

    I’m betting a deal gets done for 5 million plus incentives and a 3 million club option for 2010. That’s a saving of 3 million from last year so it doesn’t even count towards the 24 mill the Padres could spend.

    Now Jake, CY and Adrian all get a raise this year but it only adds up to about 4 million extra leaving 19-24 million to spend on 6 players plus middle relief so make it 9.

    1 catcher- David Ross (2 million)
    2 bench- Nick Punto, Ramon Vasquez (less than 2 million total)
    1 outfield- Griffey Jr (5 million)
    2 starters John Garland (13 million), Matt Clement (1 million)

    You add that to the current nucleus and here is your batting order…

    Hundley /Ross

    Your bench has…
    Punto, Vasquez, Hairston (Griffey and Ross)

    Your rotation is
    Peavy, Garland, Young, Beak, Clement

    Your Bullpen has…
    Hoffman, Bell, Meredith and 3 more (guys you fill out when you trade Greene)

    I still have room for 1 more bench or bullpen guy but you get the picture.

    BAM Daniel just put together a roster for 58 million dollars! I believe this is a team that can win the division. What do you think?

  14. Goldminers said,

    I’m just sooo ticked that they are even considering trading Peavy. That’s not a lineup that’s going to scare many opposing pitchers. Giles/Griffey are both getting old. Neither has much left. And you’re assuming Peavy will still be here. If they could put together a good team for 58 mil then great. I know it doesn’t take much to this division. But I get so tired of management complaining about payroll.

  15. danielbalc said,

    I’m assuming a lot of things because I made up my own team. but I did so to demonstrate that it is possible to field a competitive team for under 60 million without trading away your best players.

    Clearly the Padres wouldn’t sign Garland because he would demand something like a 6 year 70 million dollar deal.

    And they won’t sign Griffey because, as you said, he’s old. (and he will probably get more than 5 million)

    Clement is coming off a long injury but I expect both he and mulder will seek to resurrect their careers here.

    What I didn’t really address is what can be brought in for Khalil Greene. I think at least 2 pitchers.

    If the Padres do move Peavy and Greene they will have a payroll between 30 and 40 million. That would stink for Padres fans and I think it would backfire big time because nobody would go to the games and they wouldn’t earn any money.

    But look at my 60 million dollar team and ask yourself if you would pay money to go see them play.

  16. Save For Retirement said,

    Forget the Pastor thing and begin your internship with the Padres and maybe you will be GM by 2030 and you can make this a reality.

    Until then we have KT and more importantly Alderson making the decisions. I think this team you show is decent but you need to test yourself by putting a decent team on the field with $40 which is more realistic to what the Padres seem to be moving towards for this season. If it looks competitive I will buy season tickets today.

  17. danielbalc said,

    They do want a 40 million dollar payroll and that does seem to be almost impossible
    I’ll see what I can do….

  18. danielbalc said,

    (Anyone that earns under 1 million I consider a 500 K player simply to aid the process. Some make more than 500 and some less but it all evens out)

    Rodriguez (500 K)
    Gerut (500 K)
    Giles (9 mil)
    A-Go (3 mil)
    Kouz (500 K)
    Headley (500 K)
    E-Go (500 K)
    Hundley (500 K)

    Your bench has…
    Punto, (500 K)
    Vasquez, ( 500 K)
    Hairston (500 K)
    Podsenick (500 K)
    Ross (2 mil)

    Your rotation is
    Peavy (11mil)
    Young (4 mil)
    Beak (500 K)
    Clement (1 mil)
    Chris Lambert (acquired from the Tigers for Khalil Greene and Cla Meredith) (500 K)

    Your Bullpen has…
    Hoffman, (4 mil)
    Bell, (500 K)
    Joel Zumaya (acquired in Greene deal) (500K)
    Adams (500K)
    Patterson (500 K)
    Hensley (500 K)
    Haeger (500 K)

    this was a very difficult challenge. I got it in at 43 million. I don’t like it as much as my 58 million dollar team but It’s OK. The biggest thing is the dead weight of Giles contract. If I wasn’t paying him 9 million I would have so much more flexibility. Problem is he has full no trade powers and he doesn’t care where he is traded he wont go. I should have bought him out it was wishful thinking hoping I could move him.

    Now I understand why moving Peavy is such a high priority. Fielding a competitive team at 40 million is next to impossible.

    That’s the biggest frustration of it all.
    Attendance suffered dramatically last season (down 400K seats from 2007) clearly because the team stunk!

    The average ticket price for a Padre game is about 21 bucks. So because the team played so poorly they lost nearly 10 million in ticket sales.

    It seems pretty simple to me that they have to field a winner if they are going to sell tickets.
    However when i looked it up I found out that the Padres are at the very bottom of the barrel when it comes to making a profit ….

    So they HAVE to find a way to win games while spending less money. I completely respect that.

    Alderson was brought in to help the Padres make money. He’s doing what he can to do that. When the governator is talking about an extra tax on sporting events it becomes even more difficult. They recognize with the economy looking gloomy they are going to sell less tickets regardless because people have less money to spend. So they plan on dumping Peavy’s deal while they can.

    That makes sense financially but it doesn’t make sense when it comes to winning baseball games. UNLESS you get a lot of talent for Peavy. Like a young pitcher who can win 10-15 games and a young hitter who can drive in 75 RBI and a young outfielder who can steal 50 bases. And they think they can get all that for 1.5 million compared to Peavy’s 11 million.

    It’s hard to argue with that.

    Except you gotta do it.

  19. Athena Balcombe said,

    Nice blog babe. I totally agree.

  20. Save For Retirement said,

    First, seems very similar to the team we fielded last season when it comes to talent. So if you can save $40m and still have a similar team then you should do it.

    Second, I would dump Ross — you would be crazy as a GM to have a back-up catcher getting paid two mil when you have 6 of your starting 8 players making less than that. Waste of money and if you drop him and pick someone else up you will be down to $41 mil. Your owner is happier and it won’t cost you a single ticket because Ross will not be bringing in the fans.

    Third, if you drop Peavy, Hoffman, and Ross you could be at $27 mil and pick up some young talent in the Peavy trade. Fans aren’t happy but you could be competitive. Also, dump your manager for someone that can motivate young players and surprise your fan base by making a run to the playoffs and by the All-Star break they will all be back. Your fan base in SD is so fickle that they will have forgotten Peavy and Hoffman if you are winning. Can Marty Ball work in Baseball?

    Fourth, Does Athena know you sign in with her name to put nice comments from her on your blog?

  21. danielbalc said,

    Last year’s team lost 99 games. You can’t afford to lose 99 games again. You will never regain a fan base by selling off two fan favorites and losing 99 games. .

    Yeah I agree dumping Ross would make sense but the problem is that you can’t acquire any veteran catcher for under 2 million. They all get 2 million because they have paid their dues behind the plate. So if you dump ross then you have 2 rookies behind the plate. fine. but it’ll cost you games.
    It’s all about the balance between which matters more to the fans, the Wins or the players?

    We dropped 26 games between 2007 and 2008. 26 games cost the team 400k tickets 15000 tickets per loss more.

    Now you don’t start all over but you start from where you end. Meaning another 99 loss season will drop the team below 2 million.

    You have to get back to 500 if you are going to even maintain 2.4 million in tickets. There is no other way. You have to get above 500 to get over 2.4 million tickets

    And to get to 500 you have to spend more than 40 million.

    Last year we had Edmonds, Iguchi, Wolf, Maddux for over 20 million. I don’t think they were bringing in any fans.

    Greene, Hoffman and Peavy are undoubtedly the top 3 fan favorites (Maybe Gonzalez is in the conversation). If anyone comes for the players then it is for these players.

    So if attendance is more about the players you are screwed without these three. If it is about the wins you HAVE to get something good in return.

    Jake Peavy will contribute to at least 15 wins and Trevor Hoffman to at least 30. Sure they wll overlap a bit but I estimate at least 40 wins are affected by those two players alone. 40 out of 63.

    When you factor in their fan appeal I don’t know how you can justify letting them go.

  22. Aunt Beth said,

    I agree with Saving for Retirement about #19.

  23. Aunt Beth said,

    Daniel – You are such an amzaing writer! I really enjoy reading EVERYTHING you write – even the stuff I can’t follow. I would like to read a short piece that would look good on a calendar. Maybe a paragraph about a particular holiday or a season. Maybe something about family. I’ll even accept Haiku at this point. I know you can do it. PLEASE. It won’t be the same without your voice. I love you and do think you’re a gifted writer. (P.S. – do you know how to get your family to stop talking to you and to hide from you? If you need to know I could probably give y ou some pointers. No one speaks to me or responds since I put out that cursed survey and started soliciting calendar contributions.)

  24. Save For Retirement said,

    Last year we had Edmonds, Iguchi, Wolf, Maddux for over 20 million. I don’t think they were bringing in any fans.”

    I totally disagree. I don’t think we know if Emonds would have had an impact or not because he was hurt then gone way too fast, Iguchi and Wolf agreed non-impact players.

    Maddux is the one here I disagree with. I believe he is/was more of a draw than Greene and Gonzalez. My wife loves to go watch him pitch, so does my dad and I know for a fact that both look to see if he is pitching before they go. I know others as well who feel this was so I think you aren’t looking at him properly. Can we get a stat man on this one to compare his starts to the other three rotation spots.

    On another note look at Brad Ausmus and I believe he would help us more that Ross and we could get at $1mil

  25. danielbalc said,

    Ausmus got 2 million last season. and he’s as old as moses.

    The point about the players was to ask what brings in more fans. Like who will pay just to see this guy? Edmonds might have had a few but he quickly became the scape goat. Maddux was certainly one of the three guys I was paying to see (Peavy and Young were the other 2). But with the Padres stupid “day of game” price gouging and ever changing rotations it was impossible to buy tickets ahead of time with the hopes of seeing a particular starting pitcher.

    This is where I think the Padres really messed up their numbers.

    You see I am sure that they probably calculated each starters average attendance numbers in an effort to see if people were really paying to see Jake pitch. but those numbers I believe are skewed because the past couple of seasons the Padres have discouraged walk up ticket buying by charging more the day of the game.

    Anyways most people only pay to see a player if the player is a superstar like Rodriguez, Pujols or Ramirez. The Padres, next year, have a chance to bring one in. In my opinion Matt Holiday will be a perennial MVP candidate. The Padres or any team for that matter can add him with a gigantic contract offer.

  26. Goldminers said,

    Got a phone call today from the Padres wanting to know why I had not renewed by season tickets last year and hoping to talk me into buying season tickets this year. That was perfect timing because it gave me a chance to spew my recent displeasure with the organization. After going through my long list of complaints the gentleman ask if he could call be back after the winter meetings are over and a more definitive team has been defined. Of course they used the Tampa Bay line about a small payroll yet they still won. Hah! I still have no intentions of buying season tickets. Will I go to any games at all…probably because I love baseball. But how many depends on the team.

  27. danielbalc said,

    I hope they call me.

  28. Save For Retirement said,

    Ok I have one for you guys to think about.

    If we look at next season and Greene, Peavy and Hoffman are all gone and in some way Peavy and Hoffman find their way together to the Angels(which has been rumored) would you attend more Padres’ games or Angels’ games?

  29. Goldminers said,

    Go Angels!!!

  30. danielbalc said,

    intriguing question. No I certainly wouldn’t, I am and always will be a Padres fan.

    I would probably intentionally make my way north for about 3 or 4 Peavy starts and probably end up at about 10 padres games.

    I’m not really an Angels fan (although after the Padres they are about the first team I would root for to win the WS), but I am a Peavy fan unless of course he is pitching against he Padres.

    Which is another interesting question. Only 3 MLB teams have the number 44 (Peavy’s number) retired. 2 of them are teams he has been rumored to go to. Can you name them?

  31. danielbalc said,

    I was checking out some MLB retired numbers and was surprised to the most retired number in baseball is the number 5, which has been retired for 9 different players on 8 different teams.

    how many do you think of the 9 you could get (without cheating)?

    one clue is that the Reds have the number retired for 2 different players.

  32. Goldminers said,

    The only one I can think of is Johnny Bench. One of my all time favorite players.

  33. Goldminers said,

    Oh yeah, Joe D. and Brooks Robinson. I have no clue who the others are.

  34. danielbalc said,

    Probably the only other 2 you would get would be George Brett, and Jeff Bagwell (and an outside shot at hank Greenberg).

    There was Lou Boudreau of the 1940’s Indians

    The Marlins retired the number for Carl Barger the club president

    and then there is INCREDIBLE story of Willard Hershberger, who was a backup catcher on the 1940 Reds team. He committed suicide in the middle of the season after a couple of bad games where he took a lot of blame. So the Reds retired the number (i’m not sure if they thought it was bad luck or what?). They ended up un-retiring it and Johnny Bench did a darn good job of helping all Reds fans forget.

  35. Goldminers said,

    I don’t get the Carl Barger retirement. Did he ever play? If he did I assuming he must have worn #5. Otherwise, why #5?

    Astros didn’t waste anytime retiring Bagwell’s number. You’re right. I probably should have gotten Brett and Bagwell.

  36. Pablo Honey said,

    At least there is one winner in San Diego. Anurag Kashyap, the teen from RB who won the national spelling bee a few years ago has won another big prize: winning the Jeopardy Teen Challenge and walking away with $75,000. Check it out here.

  37. danielbalc said,

    The Padres trade Khalil Greene to St Louis for nothing….

    5 thoughts…

    1. Green had an awful season, swing, attitude. He was terrible. I’m glad to get him off the team.

    2. Last offseason I was praying that the Padres would trade Greene who was coming off a huge year. Sell High! Get something good in return! They didn’t so they didn’t.

    3. This is clearly a salary dump intended to save about 6 million dollars. This is a good thing because it at least gives me a little hope that the Padres will keep Peavy around.

    4. Luis Rodriguez showed he is more than capable of playing decent shortstop. I also heard Alderson on the radio yesterday saying the Padres were not in the market for second baseman. So the middle of your infield is Edgar Gonzalez or Antonelli ( if he has a good spring) and Luis Rodriguez.

    5. Last last time a shortstop who could play stellar defense made his way from San Diego to St Louis it turned out pretty good for that shortstop and for that city. But mark my words my only complaint about the Padres dealing Greene will be that they waited a year too long and thus missed out on getting better players. I will never complain about how Greene “used to be a Padre” even if he is putting up 30 hr a year for 5 straight years. He may do that in St Louis, but he never could have and he never would have here in SD.

  38. Midge said,

    That just hurts my heart…. =(

  39. Goldminers said,

    Why not wait until the season starts? If he gets off to a good start you might be able to get something for him. But then again the Padres don’t care. They’re idiots.

  40. danielbalc said,

    I think you have to trade him before the season starts. I think it’s completely the right move to deal him, they just did it a year late. They sold low.

    BUT we still don’t know who they got for him. Maybe the pitching prospect turns out to be pretty good. You never know.

  41. Matt said,

    This organization is a laughingstock.

    What separates us from the Royals? They have better prospects 🙂

  42. Albino Hayford said,

    I just saw the news on ESPN. Terrible. Season ticket holders should have the right to sue in small claims court.

  43. Goldminers said,

    Giants make Edgar Renteria their new shortstop.

    At least the Giants are trying. They are’nt afraid to spend a little money. That’s more than I can say for the cheap Padres.

  44. Matt said,

    In honor of Ricky Henderson’s Hall of Fame induction…..

    The guy is a classic.

  45. danielbalc said,

    I love Rickey. Honestly how did he not get a higher percentage in HOF voting?

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