Ahhh…. October

September 29, 2008 at 12:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Now comes the true test of my baseball fandom. With the Padres being embarrassingly bad this season does my passion for the game itself still leave me interested?

Maybe I’m not AS passionate as I could be, but I am still quite interested to see how things shake out.

First of all I am desperately rooting for the white sox to win today and force a 1 game playoff with the twins. After what happened last year I’ve come to realize that a 1 game playoff just to make the playoffs is more exciting then all of the playoffs combined.

so here is how I see the playoffs breaking down…

Dodgers over the Cubs in 5. Pitching  duels across the board. Big Z can’t handle the pressure and cracks in the end.
Brewers over the Phillies in 4. When it comes to games that I think will be slugfests I go with the team with the most momentum

Dodgers over Brewers in NLCS 6 games. I really hope the Brewers can pull it off and get into the series for but I see the Dodgers right handed pitching being too much for Ryan Braun to be able to lead his team.

American League
Angels over Red Sox in 4. Angels are the most complete team in the game. Red Sox are relying on Pedroia (a younger version of Mark Loretta, NOT an MVP) too much. They are really going to miss Manny in this series.
Twins sweep Rays. This is one of the coolest match ups in modern baseball history. (combined payroll just over 100 million or just enough to be 10th in the league!)I give the nod to the more experience of Gardenhire and the twins.

ALCS- Angels sweep Twins

World Series, Angels over Dodgers in 5.

My Awards go…

AL MVP- K-rod. Most important player on best team in all of baseball.
AL Manager of the year- Joe Maddon. No Debate
AL Cy Young- Cliff Lee. Only K-rod was more impressive in historical significance, but Lee’s numbers are far superior.

NL MVP- Pujols. Reluctantly. I just can’t argue with the fact that he is the best offensive player in the game.
NL Manager of the year- Joe Torre. I used to think, “anyone could manage with the payroll he has in NY”. While he still has a huge payroll the roster isn’t half as good as New York’s and he’s playing in October.
NL Cy Young- Brad Lidge. 41 for 41 in saves! 92 K’s in 69.1 inn! And he plays in a band box.  think about it this way, if he had 41 saves in 45 chances that would be a great year closing, but the Phillies would have missed the playoffs because the only beat the Mets by 3 games.



  1. danielbalc said,

    OK so it’s the White Sox over the Rays thus ruining my dream of 2 teams with minuscule payrolls playing each other.

    Nevertheless my projection remains White Sox sweep the Rays

    Consider some of these amazing demonstrations of parity in baseball-

    In the NL west last year in was the D-backs, Rockies, Padres, Dodgers and Giants. The Padres just missed the playoffs the Rockies and D-Backs played in the NLCS and the Rockies lost in the WS.

    This year the 4th place team, the Dodgers is the only one in the playoffs.

    In the AL central the Indians were an out away from being in the WS. the tigers spent a bagillion dollars and were picked by many to win the WS and the start of the season. Yet it’s the Twins and WSox who play one last game to see who is in the playoffs.

    In the NL Central the Brewers haven’t been to the playoffs in about 25 years. I think Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder and CC sabathia weren’t even alive the last time the Brew Crew played in October.

    And in the AL East the Yankees, who have made the playoffs every season since the 94 strike, are left out cold this year (while Joe Torre continues his streak). And the bottom of the barrel in payroll and popularity team, the Rays (average attendance this season 22,259. Padres average attendance 29,629.)

    man there is a lot of good stuff to watch for…

    Possible Super WS matchups-
    Cubs vs White Sox- It’s the first time both teams have made the playoffs in over 100 years. Barak Obama would lose the election however based on the ensuing riots in his hood.
    Dodgers vs Red Sox- Manny coming to the plate with LA trailing by a run in game 7??? You think he would do a Kirk Gibson imitation with a walk off jack in that situation?
    Brewers vs Rays- Two teams no one expected anything from playing for everything?
    Dodgers vs Angels- Freeway series. West coast loves in but no one east of Dallas stays awake to watch any of the games.

    With all these great possible matchups I figure it’ll be the phillies and red sox and no one will really care except ESPN and everyone who claims to be a red sox fan will insit that they watched the games while it racks up the lowest ratings of any WS ever.

  2. danielbalc said,

    Well I was pretty much awful in my first round picks.

    the only team I got right was the dogers. YUCK

    I was so frustrated with the Angels losing the game last night on a failed suicide squeeze. I understand that playing aggressive like that is how the angels got there in the first place but clearly it didn’t work out in this series as that was hardly the first base running blunder for the Halos.

    Rays impressed me a lot so I will pick them over the Red Sox in 7 games.

    I hate the Dogs but I don’t know how I can bet against them, especially considering the choke jobs going on in the Phillies lineup.
    I give it to the home team and that is…Philly in 7

    Ok that’s what I am hoping for, but I anticipate the exact opposite. This is a MAnny vs the Red Sox world series. The networks are going to LOVE it. I already hate it because I loathe both of those teams. If the other two teams were the Giants and Yankees then I would have to swear off baseball forever.

    Go Cole Hamels!

  3. Aunt Beth said,

    The Dodger cloud has one silver lining for me – for Joe T. to depart from the NYY and then lead a team to the playoffs (and possibly the w.s.) is sweet even to a Dodger hater.

    I’m rooting for Boston though! Gotta love ’em! I became a fan 9 seasons ago, in Oakland, hanging K’s for Pedro M. and getting booed by the crowd for dropping a foul ball. I don’t care if you call it a bandwagon – it’s good baseball and it’s fun!

  4. danielbalc said,

    I’m rooting for Boston though! Gotta love ‘em! I became a fan 9 seasons ago, in Oakland, hanging K’s for Pedro M. and getting booed by the crowd for dropping a foul ball. I don’t care if you call it a bandwagon – it’s good baseball and it’s fun!

    WRONG! It’s everything that is wrong with baseball.

    the decline of baseball was when it became “fair” for certain teams to have tremendous salary advantages over others. Thus the Yankees became the Evil empire by hoarding all of the free agent talent.

    Ironically the Red Sox popularity is due to the fact that most people hated the idea of an evil empire and consequently they “became fans” of which ever team would/could beat the yankees.

    “My favorite team is ________ my second favorite team is whoever is playing the yankees” became common place.

    Not only did this ruin natural rivalries but it actually ripped away “fans” of the geographical fan bases.

    You are a classic example. You have ZERO business being a fan of the Red Sox. You have no natural or geographical connection. Your liking them came about because they happened to be the only team that could beat the evil empire.

    But the worst part about the Red Sox is that in order for them to defeat the evil empire they had to become the evil empire. That is they had to spend an equally ridiculous amount of money. This kind of hypocrisy is revolting.

    The only solution is to have a salary cap and a salary minimum. Every team can spend no less than 70 million and no more than 100 million.

    Every year there just so happens to be a team like the Rays who manages to make the playoffs with a small payroll. They very well may win the world series, but that is not a demonstration of competitive balance, it’s simply good fortune and good coaching. (although I would bet against them ever winning a world series even being just 8 wins away at this point. )

    I’ve strayed from my point so get be get back…

    Any “fan” of a team that is outside of a 500 mile radius of their home should have their rights as a fan removed.

    Only exceptions are as follows:
    1. Previous residence
    2. Ancestral affiliations
    3. League distinction (i.e. if your geographical team is AL you are permitted to “be a fan of” a different non-geographical NL team, however your fandom is not enough to permit the purchasing or wearing of non-geographic team merchandise)
    4. Local “product” ties (If a non-geographical team has an athlete who was either born or raised from within a 10 mile radius of your home you are permitted to “root for” that team and that player. (If the player is a personal friend then the purchasing merchandise with his name on it is also permitted). (I.e. Cole Hamels went to High School at RB high where I work with the FCA, therefore I feel vindicated in rooting for the Phillies, but since I did not ever meet Cole I cannot buy or wear any phillies merchandise).
    5. Opponents of actual rivals. (i.e. another reason I am vindicated to root for the Phillies is that they are opposing the Dodgers the actual rivals of the Padres)
    6. If none of these rules apply then you must, by all standards of baseball decency root for the biggest underdog (going into the season not finishing the season).

    Therefore there are only the following ways you (a nor-cal resident) can be allowed to root for the redsox…

    You used to live in Boston
    Your parents lived in Boston
    You have no AL team within 500 miles that you could be considered a fan of. By all ethical standards you are bound to be a fan of the A’s over the red sox
    Someone on the Red Sox went to a local highschool
    The Red Sox were playing the Angels, Mariners or Rangers (here you were permitted to root for the Sox over the Angels)
    But since in this ALCS the Red Sox face the Rays and none of the other rules apply to you; baseball law demands that root for the Rays.

    But you don’t care. Why? because you are not a true fan of baseball. You and your support of the evil empire II is all that is wrong with the world today.

  5. Aunt Beth said,

    Pedroya went to Woodland H.S. Can that count? Really Daniel, my support of the evil empire II is all that is wrong with the world today? Lay off the hyperbole a bit.

    Also, by your definition, I am not a true fan of baseball. I think your definition needs some work. My definition is considerably simpler – I consider the definition of true fandom as having the ability to and the experience of listening to games on the radio and following and enjoying the game. By my definition I am not a true fan of basketball or football. But I am a true baseball fan.

  6. danielbalc said,

    Pedroya went to Woodland H.S. Can that count?

    No. For 3 reasons…
    A) 40 miles away is well outside of the neighborhood (if the radius was 40 miles there would probably be a dozen other teams you could root for)
    2) You’ve never set foot on the campus of Woodland HS. You have no allegiance, no history nothing. It’s purely coincidental.
    D) His name is “Pedroia” not “Pedroya”.

    The ability to listen on the radio is a good definition of fandom. But the problem is that you probably haven’t listened to a single red sox game on the radio all year, or if you did you were listening to them play the A’s which is the team you SHOULD be a fan of.

    As for my assertion that you are all that is wrong with the world today consider for a moment the most frustrating part of the upcoming elections and how it parallels your red sox fandom.

    You see most people who claim to be fans of the red sox are fans simply because they wanted to see the Yankees defeated. I admit I too shared the “anybody but the yankees” mantra.

    Bring that into the political world and you got…. “Anybody but Bush”. About a year ago it looked like Hillary was going to be the democratic nominee and i heard all kinds of republicans saying “anybody but hillary”. Well now look where we are. We don’t have any true “fans” of either Obama or McCain, we just have the results of animosity.

    It’s polarized politics rather than platform politics. No one cares what either candidate stands for they just want the other guy to lose.

    hmmmm sound familiar red sox fan?

    The red sox as an organization are the exact same thing as the yankees. And there you are in northern California with one of the premier organizations in baseball (the oakland A’s) who actually stand for baseball being played (and paid) the right way. And what do you do? You convert to the dark side.

    I don’t think i was too far off in describing you as everything that is wrong with the world.

  7. Aunt Beth said,


    Your description of “true fandom” seem rather “regulatory.” Perhaps they represent what is really wrong in the world (or at least in the economy) today.

    My distaste for the Yankees has more to do with the attitude projected by the front office than with how much $$ they spend or don’t spend. It’s their $, I should certainly make decisions about whether I should contribute to their largess based on how they spend it. But, the fact that they have a large market and make a bundle giving them the ability to spend a bundle on players – is just free market economics. I don’t necessarily find that evil in and of itself. A company with a successful product sells a lot of the product and is able to afford upgrades to their product (making it even more attractive to customers).

    Making a bundle on my back (by convincing taxpayers to subsidize a stadium) seems like a good reason to abandon supporting a team altogether. Especially if the city pays for the stadium, the maintenance, and the office supplies while the stability of the team rests on the strength of the owner’s marriage.

  8. danielbalc said,

    Making a bundle on my back (by convincing taxpayers to subsidize a stadium) seems like a good reason to abandon supporting a team altogether. Especially if the city pays for the stadium, the maintenance, and the office supplies while the stability of the team rests on the strength of the owner’s marriage.

    I can’t tell is this was a joke or if it was a serious perception of the Padres organization.

    If it’s a serious opinion then it is based solely on out-of-touch conjecture and deserves not the dignity of a response. If it’s a joke, it’s not really funny. soooo

    let me entertain this comment instead…

    My distaste for the Yankees has more to do with the attitude projected by the front office than with how much $$ they spend or don’t spend.

    That’s a deceived personality talking. That’s something that only Red Sox “fan” can say because redsoxfan is a mini version of yankee fan. He or she can’t call it out as a monetary/competitive imbalance issue, and instead has to blame some assumed “attitude projected by the front office”. I have no idea what this “attitude” is and how it would have any effect at all on someone who lives across the country and should be rooting for a team in a completely different division. If you were, as you ought to be, an A’s fan then you have no right to complain about the “attitude projected by the front office”. You could however complain about that competitive imbalance that allows the Yankees to be perennial contenders via an unhindered salary structure in MLB. You could also complain about the seeming bias in umpiring that appears to favor the bigger spending teams. But an attitude projected by the front office? Give me a break.

    It is right for a true red sox fan (see above restrictions in comment 4) to hate the yankees. They are division rivals. But the rest of major league baseball fans should constantly be rooting against both of those organizations because it is to the detriment of your local team and the league as a whole that they are permitted to have a salary more than double that of most major league teams.

    And those who have no right to call themselves a fan of some distant organization should have certain fan privileges removed. Access to games for instance. I think it would be AWESOME if the home stadium’s security denied entrance to anyone wearing the opposing team’s logo.

    BTW have you been watching the “red sox” (or should I call them the “whitey sox”)? They aren’t looking to fine this October, even after lucking their way into a series victory over the Angels.

  9. danielbalc said,

    BTW, the exodus of fans during the 6th inning last night was an absolute joke and a true testimony to the “fanhood” of redsoxfan.

    It’s the PLAYOFFS! how can you justify leaving a playoff game early? I don’t care what the score is. I don’t care how late in the evening it is (10PM????????). You can’t be considered some of the “best fans in the game” if you are going to quit on your team. It’s no wonder the team quit on them. Baseball isn’t like football. There is no clock you’re fighting against. Any amount of runs is indeed possible to come back.

    Then again in football amazing comebacks are quite possible as well (Colts coming back from down 17 in less than 4 minutes) but in week 3 patriotfan showed he’s the same as redsoxfan by abandoning the Patriots in the 3rd quarter of a game against Miami!

    The city of boston and the surrounding area officially has the worst fans in sports. It’s one thing to be obnoxious, but add to it whiners and quitters (and racists) and you’ve got every other team’s fans beat.

  10. Aunt Beth said,

    regarding comment #8 – I couldn’t stand the Yankees long before I was a red sox fan and It had to do with attitudes (Billy Martin, Steinbrenner, etc…).

    The Sox do look awful – so painful.

    I guess i’ll just have to enjoy baseball next year – at privately owned AT&T park.

  11. danielbalc said,

    There are certain columnists that I read just because I hate them. One such guy is on ESPN’s page 2. His name is Bill Simmons. They call him “the Sports Guy” which is stupid because he doesn’t care about sports, he just cares about Boston sports. I will however give him credit for being an unabashedly biased supporter in a career that emphasizes impartiality.

    After last night’s improbably Red Sox victory who wrote a HUGE article about his beloved Sox. In the middle of this article came a paragraph that emphasizes my point about why the Red Sox, and the fact that a middle aged lady in northern California could consider herself a red sox “fan”, are bad for baseball.

    Look, any neutral baseball fan should be rooting for the Rays in this series. They proved the flawed and immensely messed up sport we call “Major League Baseball” can still work competitively — as long as the Have-Nots hire the right guys, draft wisely and make low-risk free-agent bets on the right players. Maybe they can’t compete year in and year out, but if they play their cards right, things can crest every few years and they can make a run against the Haves. The Rays were the best story in the AL this season, the Bizarro Yankees if you will. They built something. It took some time — actually, too much time — but when it happened, it happened. They’re so loaded that a St. Petersburg reader named Darren needled me during the sixth inning by saying, “Don’t be down, Bill, just think of it this way: Your 2008 Sox just lost to your entire 2010 roster. Consider this a glorified scouting mission.”

  12. Aunt Beth said,

    A fan watching the games (regardless of the team she is rooting for) is bad for baseball?

  13. Matt said,

    Love that the Rays got it done, will be rooting for them big time in the WS.

    Could not stand another minute of the senseless hype surrounding the Red Sox, the major network’s love affair with them was unbearable but of course expected.

  14. danielbalc said,

    A fan watching the games is bad for baseball?

    Who said that?

    I didn’t say a fan watching games was bad for baseball. I said that a middle aged lady in northern California considering herself a red sox fan is bad for baseball.

    And so the question now comes to said lady, are you going to watch the World Series sans Red Sox?

  15. danielbalc said,

    BTW congratulations to Wences’ twin brother Matt Garza on being named ALCS MVP.

    uncanny look alike. Better than the wences/non-steroided Pudge Rodriguez. IMO

  16. Aunt Beth said,

    oh sure. I would only boycott the WS if it was LA vs NY.

  17. danielbalc said,

    OK dwindling readership, who you got in the WS?

    This was the matchup I was hoping for so I’m kinda pleased. A large part of me says, “you have to root for the small market, small budget, young and fun rays.” Another part of me says, “you have to root NL” and still another part says “you have to go underdog.”

    So I’m torn…

    small budget vs NL underdog?

    That’s 2 to 1 in favor of the Phillies for who I SHOULD root for.

    But how can anyone not want to see the rays win this?

    I have no team to root against.

    Since this is the dilemma I will fall back onto the local product and go for RB high alum Cole Hamles.

    My Prediction…
    Game #1 Phillies 5 Rays 2
    Game #2 Rays 7 Phillies 3
    Game # 3 Rays 8 Phillies 6
    Game #4 Phillies 6 Rays 4
    Game #5 Phillies 3 Rays 0
    Game #6 Phillies 5 Rays 4

    Cole Hamels works 16 Innings giving up just 2 earned runs and striking out 13 to earn the MVP.

  18. Matt said,

    Anybody who does not root for the Rays outside of Philly needs to get their head checked.

    The Rays are everything that is right with baseball. They are proof that you do not need a big budget to field a winner if you have a talented front office and draft well.

    They give hope to fans like us who have to endure 100 loss seasons that maybe one year it will all come together and the magic will happen.

    Not to mention the Phillies have some serious punks on their squad. Anyone remember Carlos Ruiz getting into it with Milton Bradley last year? Punk.

    Or how about Jason Werth(less) when he played for the Dodgers and had the worst attitude on the field. Punk.

    Or how about Pat Burrell who seems to hate life all the time with his Will Clark scowl. Punk.

    Or how about the overrated Ryan Howard who bats .220 and wins MVP while Adrian Gonzalez clearly outperforms him every year and gets no love.

    Or how about the Phillie fans, quite possibly the most arrogant, obnoxious, fans on the planet.

    Plenty of reasons to hate the Phillies.

    GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. danielbalc said,

    The Rays are everything that is right with baseball. They are proof that you do not need a big budget to field a winner if you have a talented front office and draft well.

    Agreed. With one exception. They haven’t necessarily proven anything that the Rockies didn’t prove last year or the Padres didn’t prove the year before last or the twins prove almost every year.

    Granted the padres didn’t make it to the world series two seasons ago but they made the playoffs. Anything can happen in the playoffs. The Padres as an organization had 4 straight winning seasons until this past painful season. The Rays have had one. The Rockies last year had one. So while I applaud a small budget team going to the world series it’s hardly the first time and in my opinion perpetual relevance is grander by far.

    I guess that also deals with how off base your “hopeless” comment is as well.

    Phillies have some serious punks on their squad.

    So do the Rays.

    Matt Garza saying that pitching to the Phils will be easier than pitching to red sox, Indians or Tigers? not smart.

    If getting into it with Milton Bradley makes you a punk then half the players in the league are punks.

    Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Cole Hamels… These guys are just as likable as anyone the Rays got.

    Quite frankly though if the Phillies were favored I would probably be rooting for the Rays, but since the Phillies are the underdogs that’s who I gotta go with. I have no remorse in that.

    One more point. I’ll take Phillies fans over Rays fans.
    Phillies fans are passionate. They care. I don’t think there is such a thing as Rays fans.

  20. danielbalc said,

    Ok So while my playoff predictions didn’t go so well my WS predictions were pretty good. I even got the Cole Hamels MVP right!

    I’m pleased that Cole Hamels won the MVP and I hope that when i visit RB high today there is a bit of buzz about him. (So far I don’t think any of the students have a clue that a guy who graduated from their class 6 years ago plays professional baseball, it’s very strange).

    But going back to Matt’s comment about how the Rays “are proof that you do not need a big budget to field a winner if you have a talented front office and draft well”

    Well no, they aren’t.

    2008 Phillies win because their 100 million is better than the rays 45 million.

    2007 Red Sox beat the Rockies because their 144 million is better than 55 million.

    2006 Cardinals 89 million beat the Tigers 82 million

    2005 White Sox 75 million Astros 77 million

    2004 Red Sox 127 million over Cardinals 84 million

    2003 Marlins 48 million over Yankees 152 million

    2002 Angels 62 million over Giants 78 million

    2001Diamondbacks 85 million over Yankees 112 million

    2000 Yankees 92 million over Mets 79 million

    1999 Yankees 88 million over Braves 75 million

    1998 Yankees 63 million over Padres 45 million

    1 out of the past 10 years did the considerably lesser payroll actually win the World Series; 2003 Marlins.

    twice, 2001 D-backs and 2002 Angels, was there a “payroll upset”.

    3 out of 10 seasons is not a very hopeful situation.

    What is worse is that the Rays and Rockies “success” makes baseball feel like they are doing something right with revenue sharing. The fact is that the only thing that will make things right is to have salary minimums and maximums. Oh sure small market teams like the rays, rockies and marlins can have “success” in the form of a magical season every decade or so. And other small market teams like the Padres, Twins and A’s can have “success” in the form of being competitive 4 out of 6 years. But for the game to really grow and thrive it has to have a level playing field. Right now it doesn’t.

    But let me reiterate to all the people who have jumped off the Padre bandwagon. What the Padres have done since moving into Petco park should be considered much more impressive than what the Rays and Rockies did the past two seasons. Because the Padres consistently were in the hunt until last season
    2004 55 million 87 -75 3rd (6 games back of LA, 4 back of SF)
    2005 63 million 82 -80 1st
    2006 69 million 88-74 1st
    2007 58 million 89 -74 3rd (lost 1 game play-in)
    2008 73 million 63 – 99 5th

    Personally I am more impressed with what the Padres organization has been able to do over the past 5 seasons than with what the Rays and Red Sox did the past two seasons.

    And I still can’t fathom what went wrong this past year. It obviously wasn’t a failure to spend money.

  21. Save For Retirement said,

    2004 98-64 2nd (WS Champs)
    2005 95-67 2nd (Wild Card)
    2006 86-76 3rd
    2007 96-66 1st (WS Champs)
    2008 95-67 2nd (ALCS)

    Impressed? I am a true Padre fan and respect the payroll situation but I am pretty sure I would prefer those to be our stats than what you have listed above

  22. Goldminers said,

    “And I still can’t fathom what went wrong this past year.”

    Jim Edmonds,
    Khalil Greene,
    Left Field,
    Center Field,
    Right Field,
    4th and 5th Starting Pitching spots,

    Need more proof?

  23. danielbalc said,

    Need more proof?

    proof of what? what are you trying to prove? I don’t understand.

    why did Jim Edmonds struggle? Why did Khalil Greene struggle? Why Did Josh Bard struggle? Why did they allow P-Anul to play baseball?

    I don’t think right field was a problem, nor was the 4th spot in the rotation (Greg Maddux, Randy Wolf?)

    Again, what are you trying to prove?

    As for Retirement point out the redsox past 5 years. YES that is exactly my point. You have to choose a franchise with more than double the payroll to show better success than the Padres. Imagine what the Padres could do if everyone played on an even salary structure!

    2004 98-64 2nd (WS Champs) 127 million
    2005 95-67 2nd (Wild Card) 123 million
    2006 86-76 3rd 120 million
    2007 96-66 1st (WS Champs) 143 million
    2008 95-67 2nd (ALCS) 133 million

  24. danielbalc said,

    2004 70 -91 4th 29 million
    2005 67 -95 5th 29 million
    2006 61 -101 5th 35 million
    2007 66 -9 5th 24 million
    2008 97-65 1st (WS loser) 43 million

    2004 68 -94 4th 65 million
    2005 67-95 5th 48 million
    2006 76-86 4th 41 million
    2007 90-73 WC (WS Loser) 54 million
    2008 74 -88 3rd 68 million

    2004 55 million 87 -75 3rd (6 games back of LA, 4 back of SF)
    2005 63 million 82 -80 1st
    2006 69 million 88-74 1st
    2007 58 million 89 -74 3rd (lost 1 game play-in)
    2008 73 million 63 – 99 5th

    Which team would you prefer to be a fan of?

  25. Out of thin air said,


  26. Out of thin air said,

    That was my list of what went wrong. I could easily add more names to it.

  27. danielbalc said,

    2004 91-712nd 82 million
    2005 75-87 3rd 90 million
    2006 76 -85 3rd 90 million
    2007 71-91 5th 90 million
    2008 72 -90 4th 76 million

    That’s an interesting choice.

    I guess you’re looking for the most inept organization in baseball.

  28. danielbalc said,

    What’s your list of things that have gone wrong for the Giants for 4 straight seasons?

  29. Goldminers said,

    Why else…Giants are MY team.

    Too many old guys. Dave Roberts, Klesko and others. But they have some promising young guns. Now that they don’t have to pay the big guy’s salary anymore they can maybe go out and sign a couple of key players to go with the young talent.

  30. Aunt Beth said,

    UP’s Cy Young Prediction – Tim Lincecum. And the winner is…

    By the way, remember the hypothetical question posed earlier in the season – Would you trade Peavy for Lincecum? Any change to your answer? Of course, now you don’t have either.

  31. danielbalc said,

    Lincecum winning the NL Cy young is strange. I don’t have any idea how he won that award.

    I’ll acknowledge that he had great numbers but they weren’t better/more important than the numbers of Brad Lidge.

    Regarding the trade of Lincecum for Peavy… Again I would say no and I’m sure the Padres would say no. They are looking for much more than just a Lincecum. They are looking for the proverbial “king’s ransom”. So if the Giants were to offer Lincecum plus 2 more players maybe the Padres would make that move.

    The factor you fail to consider is signability. The Padres have Peavy signed for 4 more years at a reasonable price. the giants control Lincecum for how much longer? 2 or 3 years? If he continues at this high level he will demand a TON of money. If he doesn’t continue at this high level then he wasn’t as good as peavy.

    The situation with the Padres right now has the appearance of a firesale. But right now that is just an appearance. Nothing has actually happened YET. So we shall see.

  32. danielbalc said,

    To refresh the memory of those following along at home Aunt Beth is bringing up a conversation we had in June where her husband asked if I would trade Lincecum for Peavy, here was my response…

    Thats an interesting question.

    On the one hand Lincecum is younger and currently has had a better season so far.

    On the other hand Lincecum being younger he certainly hasn’t proved anything yet.

    I would say out of all of baseball there are maybe 10 guys who simply should not be traded and Jake Peavy is one of them.

    But so many variables come in to play when you are talking about trading a player. Most of it has to do with money and age. Jake is just 3 years older than Lincecum. He’s a proven pitcher who has led the league in ERA twice, K’s twice and wins once. In just 6 seasons. Not only that but he is signed to a very reasonable contract that keeps him in town for at least 4 more years.

    Now we move over to Lincecum and consider he might be one of those ten guys you simply don’t trade. The only thing working against him so far is that he isn’t signed long term. He’s got a few arbitration years and then he’s going to demand a boat load of cash. The Giant’s, having already dedicated boat loads of cash to Zito, might actually look to trade TL some time in the future. But for now it wouldn’t make any sense to trade him for anyone.

    Now if the question wasn’t about the plausibility of trading young aces but rather a “would you rather have” question then I would still go with Peavy because of the club house leader he is and the fact that he’s proven his abilities. If TL keeps up this pace for another 3 seasons then you’d be able to actually wonder. But I don’t think he can/will.

    He does have an advantage in having Bochy as his manager however. Bochy is a great pitchers manager.

    He gets a lot of guys.

    Again if the Padres announced today that the trade they had traded Jake Peavy for Tim Lincecum I would be terribly disappointed. The Giants would have won in that deal. If it were Peavy for Lincecum and a speedy outfielder and a prospect pitcher I think i would feel ok about it.

  33. danielbalc said,

    Well the BWA gave away an MVP award today to a second baseman who hit 17 HR and 83 RBI.

    To put that into perspective the Phillies second baseman, Chase Utley, hit 33 HR and 104 RBI and finished 15th in the NL. Oh, and his team won the world series. (And he did so with 50 fewer at bats).

    Or consider that a guy on the same team as Pedroia hit 36 HR and 119 RBI!

    There is no doubt that had Dustin Pedroia’s jersey said anything other than “boston” or “new york” on the front of it he wouldn’t have received a solitary vote.

    This is the least deserved award since Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    what a joke.

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