NFL Conspiracy Theory

September 18, 2008 at 4:44 pm (Uncategorized)

As I was driving home today I heard on the radio that Brandon Marshall has been charged with domestic violence from an altercation in March. It was added that the NFL was aware of the possibility of these charges even when they had reduced his suspension from 3 games to 1 without any explanation.

I had commented previously that this unexpected and unjustified reduction of suspension was quite curious. Now it is even more curious. How in the world could they reduce a character suspension (from his drunk driving incident) when he also had a domestic violence charge pending????

Why? I’m not Roger Goodell, but if it were my company I don’t think I would agree with this decision. What logic did Goodell employ?


Obviously I am already a bit suspicious of the NFL officiating after the numerous wrong calls levied against the Chargers in their game against Denver on Sunday, and now this recent revelation makes it seem as though the NFL intentionally wanted to give Denver a better chance against the clearly superior Chargers.

Of course this suspicion brought back to mind some of the atrocious calls in the AFC championship game  verse the Patriots (The no call on the leg whip with the ref staring straight at the play).

So does the NFL not want the Chargers to win? And if that were the case, why would they do that?

As this thought got turned over in my brain the radio tuned into a (seemingly) unrelated subject; the inability of the city of San Diego to get a stadium built.

I remember quite clearly how after the 2003 Super Bowl in San Diego the Chargers were told by the NFL that unless they got a new stadium built the Super Bowl would never return to San Diego. We of course though this meant the hosting of the Super Bowl, but perhaps this meant something more.

Have you ever noticed that of the past 10 Super Bowl champions every single one of them had a “new” (5 years old or less) stadium either built or being built?

2008 Giants (Stadium to be completed in 2010)

2007 Colts (Stadium opened in 2008)

2006 Steelers (Stadium opened in 2001)

2005 Patriots (Stadium opened in 2002)

2004 Patriots (Stadium opened in 2002)

2003 Buccaneers (Stadium opened 1998)

2002 Patriots (Stadium opened 2002)

2001 Ravens (Stadium opened 1998)

2000 Rams (Stadium opened 1995)

1999 Broncos (Stadium approved in 1998 opened 2001)

1998 Broncos (Stadium approved in 1998 opened in 2001)

What is more, with only 2 exceptions (03 Oakland and 99 Atlanta) the losers of those super bowls also were playing in new digs. And it wouldn’t be too difficult to find examples of officials working against those teams in the playoffs (tuck rule anyone?).

Alright so I know it sounds like a crazy stretch of the imagination to think that the NFL would go to such drastic measures to reward teams for building stadiums; or even punishing teams for dragging their heels. But how crazy is it? Consider the teams with the oldest and worst stadium… San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and Minnesota. Outside of SF you have to go to the 1984 Raiders to find a champion (and they played in LA then).


Since the 1995 Super Bowl that paired the 49ers and the Chargers the only teams without a “New Stadium” to win the Super Bowl were the Packers and Cowboys, both storied franchises that play all their games in sold out stadiums.

The only teams with “new stadiums” that have failed to play in a Super Bowl would be Cincinnati, Cleveland, Washington, Houston, Detroit, and Arizona.

Then there are teams like Jacksonville (95) and Carolina (96) who are relatively new teams with relatively new stadiums who haven’t been very good or very bad. Carolina in fact played in the Super Bowl in 2004.

Meanwhile teams with the oldest “good” stadiums, Buffalo, Kansas City, Dallas haven’t really looked too good either. But with Dallas just a season away from moving into what will probably be the best stadium ever built I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them actually win their first playoff game in more than a decade.

Look I know this sounds really coo-coo but find me an exception to the rule. Find me a team that hasn’t or can’t build a new stadium that has won the Super Bowl.

Here’s how the theory can be disproved. It’s really quite simple. If one of these teams wins the Super Bowl without having approved a new stadium then I’m wrong. But until then, I’m betting the next 3 Super Bowl Champions will come from this pool: Dallas, Arizona, Detroit, Washington, Houston, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

I want to be wrong. I want the Chargers to win the Super Bowl. I just don’t think it’s going to happen until we can approve a new footbal stadium.



  1. Matt said,

    But until then, I’m betting the next 3 Super Bowl Champions will come from this pool: Dallas, Arizona, Detroit, Washington, Houston, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

    You better hope Dallas 3-peats.

    I like this theory though and think you should email it to the city.

  2. danielbalc said,

    On Tuesday I commented this on my football prediction thread…

    I accurately predicted the Chargers would lose in Miami because I foresaw that playing games at 10AM is the great equalizer. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for the Chargers going across the country playing a team coming off a bye and that’s exactly what we are doing again this week! When will the NFL schedule makers stop those kind of shenanigans? You would think with the ridiculous travel schedule the Chargers take on going to London and the East coast 4 times that we wouldn’t ever have to play a team coming off a bye. Quite the contrary. We have 2. I haven’t looked it up but I’m sure there are at least 5 teams who never play a team coming off a bye, let alone go across the country to face a team coming off a bye.

    Today the UT writes this story…

    Included is the quote from an NFL spokesman regarding scheduling of teams coming off of byes…
    “We pay careful attention to the (number) of times each team plays against a team coming off a bye – especially against a division rival – but because of the complexity of the schedule it is nearly impossible to schedule teams coming off byes against each other.”

    If it’s true that they “pay careful attention” than why is it that the Chargers got stuck with the brutal task of twice having to go across the country to face a team coming off a bye in just 3 weeks?

    Earlier I said there are probably at least 5 teams that never have to play a team coming off a bye. Actually there are 11! Denver (surprise), Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Indy, Jax, NYJ, NE, Buff, Stl, GB and TB (notice how all of these teams were mentioned in my NFL conspiracy theory as receiving favorable treatment from the NFL.)

    12 other teams play another team coming off a bye just once: Oak, Cle, Mia, SF, Az, Min, NO, Car, and Sea, Dal, Chi and Det all are coming off their own bye week when they play a team coming off a bye, (consider their stadium situations). Of the 8 having to play a team coming off a bye once only Miami having to go to Denver and Minnesota having to go to Tampa Bay face any real travel challenges (notice that both Miami and Minnesota are under tremendous pressure to get new stadium’s built)

    Teams having to play teams coming off a bye TWICE number just 9, but of those 9, 6 of them are themselves coming off a bye week, thus neutralizing any advantage and making it essentially 1 disadvantaged game. Those 6 teams are… KC, Ten, Atl, Was, NYG, and Phi.

    That leaves just three teams that must twice play a team coming off a bye giving the bye team an obvious advantage. Along with the Chargers are the Bengals and the Texans, However that was not the original scheduled bye week scenarios for Cin and Hou teams. They had to make adjustments due to Hurricane Ike.

    Therefore the only team with a clear disadvantage in the scheduling of teams coming off of byes is, surprise, surprise, the San Diego Chargers!

    And to exacerbate the issue both games have the Chargers having to fly cross-country and play at what is essentially 10AM.

    Unreal. Remember their words…. “We pay careful attention to the (number) of times each team plays against a team coming off a bye.”

    The NFL carefully selected this schedule!!!

  3. Matt said,

    That is some nice investigative work there detective. Forward that to the league offices.

  4. danielbalc said,

    i sent it to the proper authorities. I’m sure one of the nationally syndicated columnists will steal it and write about it soon ( Mike Wilbon is good at that). That’s ok though I just want the truth to get out.

  5. Matt said,

    I remember this being a problem the last couple years as well.

    I bet if you go back a few years you will see that each year we face at least 2 teams coming off byes.

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