Unicorns are cool but I’d rather have a nice Tight End

August 25, 2008 at 8:43 am (Sports thoughts)

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed about being married is how little comedic material I have. When you’re by yourself you can tell the same joke or story to multiple different groups of people while continually getting similar or hopefully better responses. I never even realized I was doing this until my wife came along and stood next to me in nearly every conversation I have. This is not really a bad thing however because she really inspires me to fine tune my shtick. Another positive is that I get to be that silent critic each time she goes after chuckles of her own. This is really enjoyable. I absolutley love hearing my wife tell anecdotes I already know. It fascinates me to compare her current effort to her previous ones and to just wait on the timing and facial expressions I know are coming. Sometimes the anticipation gets the better of me and I begin to laugh prematurely just in expectation of how delightful this story will be.

While I would love to tell some of her stories here I fear the ramifications would be horrendous since my lovely bride is also a casual reader (but only for the sake of keeping track of me). If I were to tell you some of her stories I would then handicap her ability to tell them and would thus forfeit a tremendous amount of joy in both our lives.

Nevertheless for the purpose of this blog entry I must tell of just one of her timely lines (I apologize dear).

As we find ourselves siting on the precipice of Autumn and children’s thoughts are consumed by which High School Musical character they want on their backpack we also see an extra spring in the step of the grown up versions of little children. Specifically the more muscular/hairier gender of the species. Men everywhere appear to be smiling a bit more, walking a bit faster, holding their heads a bit higher and (gasp) visiting bookstores more frequently.

What seductive siren call could beckon these surly, beastly, Neanderthals to seemingly skip into their local book retailers?

Fantasy Football Magazines

Yes indeed, August numbers at Borders, Barnes and Nobles and Walden Books must be off the chart. And while it may have something to do with teenage girls standing in line to purchase the latest romance novel about “vampires” (which aren’t really vampires because pretty much the only vampire-quality that they possess is the taste for blood and of course the eternal life thing but still if they can be seen in a mirror, can go out during the day and aren’t afraid of garlic or even the crucifix then they can’t possibly under any stretch of the imagination be actual vampires!) I think it also comes from the tremendous number of never-had-a-chance-but-really-truly-believes-that-if-the-coach-would-have-just-given-him-the-ball-he-would-have-been-drafted-and-living-the-high-life-right-now football studs buying up 9 dollar magazines (that were written in May, edited in June, published in July to tell us about what to expect in November) believing that they will find some sort of secret to fantasy greatness none of his peers will find because this magazine, “pro fantasy secrets of the vampire kings” was hidden underneath a Home and Garden magazine which he accidentally picked up because he wasn’t wearing his glasses that day and thought the turkey on the cover was a football.

Whew; that was getting weird.

The point is this, my wife likes to tell complete strangers that I’m delusional. She tells them that I frolic around the house carrying a football and sing “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. This is a complete fabrication of course because I’m a man and men don’t frolic, they skip (no wait, that’s not very manly either. hmmmm if you get an idea for “men don’t frolic they _________” please let me know).

She tells them this and they laugh and I laugh but that little bit of truth behind every sarcastic jokes rings true.

Am I delusional?

Am I crazy because I find my thoughts perpetually drawn towards men in tights?

Does the fact that when i hear the word “fantasy” I don’t think of Disneyland, Victoria’s Secret or midgets, but rather think of refreshing my sportsline.com football scoreboard, make me just a little off?

I literally have had nightmares of drafting LT only to have him go down with injury in the first week. Could this be a medical condition?

Is the debate in my mind over who would be a better kicker, Neil Rackers or Rob Bironas a symptom of a much greater problem?

When I project a list of the top 54 scoring tight ends for the 2008 season am I also projecting a home for myself in the nut house?

Do the 22 sticky notes on my computer with potential team names varying from “Marauders” to “Appliance Healers” to “The Church of Barak Obama of Latter Day Saints”, indicate that I need professional counseling?

I’m not sure. But I do know this (and I’m not afraid to say it while hugging with one arm between me and him and the other arm pounding on the back 3 times)…

“I love you fantasy football, bro.”

Fantasy football is here my friends and loved ones. It has arrived at long last. Breathe it in deep and exhale the exuberance of rooting for Darren McFadden, Terrell Owens and Tom Brady all while simultaneously hating their stinking guts.



  1. danielbalc said,

    The primary reason for this post is to answer the age-old question…

    Which is geekier, playing fantasy football or blogging?

    The answer of course is blogging about playing fantasy football.

  2. Aunt Beth said,

    Daniel, I was so confused by your title. I thought perhaps you were going to discuss a new fitness comittment.

  3. Albino Hayford said,

    For what it’s worth, my wife also thinks my fantasy football obsession is creepy.

  4. Goldminers said,

    Bring it on!!!!

  5. danielbalc said,

    Here is a comment for the Uberfantasynerds. I break down my first traditional draft along with the rationale I employed. (this may handicap me when it comes to my real draft next Monday but oh well).

    Did a Yahoo draft last night. A first for me. I had only done auction leagues before so this was different. Very different….

    Number of teams was 10 instead of 12.
    Number of players on the roster was 15 instead of 17
    Starting lineup has 3 WR’s instead of 2
    After you’ve gotten your starting lineup you are free to draft any position for bench.

    My biggest mistake was that I didn’t fill up my 3 WR spots as quickly as I should have and when they finally were filled I had 3 of the 4 with the same bye week. Classic mistake. I am also relying on two QB’s coming off of injuries. We’ll see how that works out.

    I picked 4th out of 10 (snake style) and the first 3 were…
    Adrian Peterson
    Tom Brady
    So I had a choice of Westbrook, S Jackson, Addai,

    1. (4) Joseph Addai RB
    I chose Addai because I didn’t like the injury risk of the other 2.

    2. (17) Willis McGahee RB
    This may have been a reach. I picked him instead of Ryan Grant because I have a bad taste for Green Bay RB’s. They seem to have a lot of “one hit wonders”. Neither option has a proven QB which means they could both be facing stacked lines. McGahee at least has proven himself.

    3. (24) Marques Colston WR
    Braylon Edwards was taken just before this which really irked me. Oh well, he was the best Receiver on the board and with 3 spots to fill I needed something.

    4. (37) Steve Smith WR
    I think this is a fortunate draw. His 2 game team suspension is the only reason he was taken earlier. I typically don’t start players against the Chargers anyway so it was only like a 1 game suspension and I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancel that. Plus I think he’s got something to prove now.

    5. (44) Darren McFadden RB
    Man did it feel weird going this direction. There were more proven backs available like T Jones, L White, E James, R Bush but having already snagged 2 starting RB’s I felt like I could afford to gamble on potential. I probably should have gotten another WR here because as you will see it became slim pickings (between this pick and my next these WR’s went off the board… R Williams, S Holmes, D Bowe, R White, C Johnson)

    6. (57) Marc Bulger QB
    Last year was a disaster but he was injured and so was Steven Jackson. It was just all around bad for the Rams. But being just 1 year removed from 8 300+ yard games (that’s as many as Brady had last year) I felt he was worth the gamble. The only higher rated QB left was Cutler. (Now I let these WR’s slip… M Harrison, G Jennings, L Evans)

    7. (64) Chris Cooley TE
    Here was another chance to get a WR but instead I went with one of only 3 or 4 truly consistent Tight Ends. Seriously look at the past 3 seasons of guys like Witten and Clark. There is no way to get a good read on them. Cooley however has been metronome-ish. (Staying with my WR misses… C Chambers, S Moss, H Ward, J Cotchery, J Galloway. Thus I missed out on 13 WR’s I’m pretty sure are better than my 3rd WR all to take a bench RB, a 50/50 QB start and a 50/50 TE start. This was a serious strategic mishap that comes when you’re not accustomed to a 3 WR format. )

    8. (77) Donald Driver WR
    Finally filled out my WR core. Can Arron Rodgers find him? I hope so. I think being a veteran he’ll be the type of guy that Rodgers will lean on.

    9. (84) Jake Delhomme QB
    Last year I had Delhomme and he started off on a tear. 8 TD’s and just 1 INT in 3 games. And then… Injury. yuck. BUt if he’s healthy and I can have him and Smith working together. *fingers crossed*

    10. (97) Vincent Jackson WR
    had to get a lighting bolt eventually. Last season the Chargers had very few deep ball completions. If they are going to throw a few more this season then Jackson will be the guy they go to. Like McFadden this is a “potential” pick. But then again I got him lower then I would be able to in my real draft on Monday.

    11. (104) Todd Heap TE
    I could have taken Seattle Defense here but went instead with TE depth. I’m a stockpiler of TE’s I don’t know why. Last year I had Gonzalez and Witten. I really need to break this fixation.

    12. (117) Indianapolis DEF
    Best defense on the board and some might say it’s a bargain. One cheat sheet I saw had them rated number 2 defense in the league. I got them as the 12th defense picked. Wow.

    13. (124) Nate Kaeding K
    Could have taken Gostkowski but I had him last year and he bugged the heck out of me collecting lots of extra points but few field goals.

    14. (137) Tampa Bay DEF
    This is strictly until week 5 when they will be dropped after Indy’s bye.

    15. (144) Darren Sproles RB
    Just in case my nightmare comes true. Actually I should have taken a receiver here but I felt like my dropping of TB defense in week 5 would give me a good chance to find a sleeper WR. Sproles is strictly an insurance policy if my real football team goes down.

  6. Pablo Honey said,

    I’ll follow Daniel’s lead and post my draft results here also. I will be in 3 leagues this year and I will try and post all my teams as well as weekly results and I encourage others to do the same, should be an interesting study in fantasy life.

    Yahoo Fantasy League:
    10 teams, 15 Player Rosters
    Starting: 1 QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF
    Bench: 6 Players, any positions

    Draft Results (8th Position):

    1. (8) Marion Barber – RB
    Since taking up residence in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, I have heard quite a bit of Cowboy talk on sports radio and the internets, as well as having opportunity to view Cowboy’s preseason action. By far the most impressive player I have seen is Marion Barber. He has been a TD machine the past 2 years splitting time with Julius Jones, now he is going to be the premier back with rookie Felix Jones stealing some carries. I believe he will have a strong year and I am projecting 1,100 yards and 14 TDs for him. My main concern would be injury as he runs extremely hard.

    2. (13) Reggie Wayne – WR
    I identified WR as the key position in this league and set out to have a strong top 2 WRs followed by a 3rd with tremendous upside and a reliable backup. Having Wayne on my squad is a great feeling, as I believe I will get consistently solid if not spectacular results. I expect a drop from his ridiculous ’07 numbers now the Harrison is back from injury but I am still anticipating 1,200 yards and 8 TDs.

    3. (28) T.J. Houshmandzadeh – WR
    I am anticipating a small drop off in T.J.’s yardage numbers from last year to this, but I still expect him to be a T.D. machine. Prediction: 1,000 yards and 12 TDs.

    4. (33) Willie Parker – RB
    I felt like Parker was a steal in this position. Last year Willy was a yardage machine but was not scoring any TDs and I expect similar results this year. With a small back like Parker you always have to fear injury, but I am comfortable with my RB depth. I am predicting around the same yards as last year for Parker if he hadn’t been injured, with a slight increase in TDs. 1,450 yards, 5 TDs,

    5. (48) Matt Hasselbeck – QB
    With lucky number 48 I felt it was time for a QB and I went with Hasselbeck here over Donovan McNabb. It seems to me that the Seattle running game has not really improved with the addition of Julius Jones so I expect Hasselbeck to be generating most of their scoring this year. Plus Hasselbeck is a much safer pick than McNabb. Prediction: 3,800 yards 26 TDs 13 INTs

    6. (53) Kellen Winslow – TE
    Rather than snag a mid level WR here I decided to go for the top tier TE. Winslow should be a yardage stud as long as he can stay healthy, which he has done for the last 2 seasons. I also expect a slight bump in TDs with a full year of D. Anderson under center. I say 1,000 yards and 8 TDs

    7. (68) LenDale White – RB
    I thought this was an absolute steal here. Though White is sure to share time in the backfield this year I still believe he will increase his yardage total from last year, and as the undoubted goal line back he should see an increase in TDs too. Prediction: 1,200 yards and 9 TDs

    8. (73) Jerrico Cotchery – WR
    I love this pick. He was already breaking out last year with a strong season but now with the addition of Favre I believe he has the potential to be a top WR this year. He is the kind of WR that Favre loves, extremely fast with great hands. I am giving him TD numbers just below what we saw with Greg Jennings last year, while keeping his yardage the same: 1,100 yards 10 TDs

    9. (88) Patrick Crayton – WR
    Solidifies my WR core with a solid number 2 who should get plenty of looks this year. I had him last year and he was a good backup. If by some chance T.O. gets injured this year Crayton’s stock will go WAY up. I predict 900 yards and 7 TDs

    10. (93) Dallas DEF
    I love this pick. I believe the Dallas D will be strong this year, and the special teams has the chance to be special with Pac-Man Jones returning punts and Felix Jones (potentially) returning kicks. Prediction – 20 INTs, 13 FF, 40 Sacks, 3 Special Teams TDs, 3 Def TDs

    11. (108) Philip Rivers – QB
    Glad to get a Bolt on my squad and I am hoping for big things for Rivers this year. I would be ecstatic if I can bench Hasselbeck for Rivers. Chargers schedule however, does not favor passing this year. Prediction: 3,500 yards, 24 TDs, 10 INTs

    12. (113) Owen Daniels – TE
    Had him last year and he was a yardage stud who started to pick up TDs late in the year. I expect an improvement in yards and TDs and will not be worried if I am starting him. 800 yards, 6 TDs

    13. (128) Phil Dawson – K
    He’s a kicker.

    14. (133) Ahman Green – RB
    If he is healthy he will be a starting RB and thats not bad for my 4th RB. I have no prediction for Green, his season will be a total crapshoot.

    15. (148) Josh Scoobee – K
    A kicker.

    My one problem noticed right away is that I only have 1 defense so I will certainly need to add another one at some point in the year. Luckily I have till week 10 to do so. Overall I like my team and am expecting good things. Thoughts?

  7. Matt said,

    In the past, I have played in more than one league and always seem to be average in all but excellent in none. Maybe I just suck at fantasy football, but I want to believe it is because I do not put the time into making good weekly decisions due to being overworked.

    Soooooooo obviously this year I am taking a different approach and committing solely to crushing everyone’s souls in our church league. I look forward to the carnage.

    P.S. I was thinking the other day how many years I have been playing FFL and it has been as long as Randy Moss has been in the league (Weird that I remember getting him on my first team as a rookie)

    -Divorced ‘Til February

  8. danielbalc said,

    My thoughts are thought you were constantly stealing my picks.

    guys I thought I was in line for only to see Pablo steal…

    I also think you reached with Barber. Not that he’s a bad pick but I don’t think he’ll be better than Lynch or Gore.

    I liked Parker as my #3 RB, I don’t see his TD numbers increasing with the addition of Mendenhal. White and Green as #3 and #4 however are really nice depth.

    I think your expectations for Winslow are too high but he’s still a very good TE.

    While Dallas D may be good it’s just really tough to tell with Defenses.

    2 kickers was kind of strange as well. Not having to draft a 2nd kicker makes me soooo happy. I hated agonizing over which kicker to start. That was stupid.

  9. Pablo Honey said,

    I was going to use my last pick on either a kicker or a defense, my defense has a bye week 10 and my kicker has a bye week 4 so I went with kicker.

  10. danielbalc said,

    oh i see.

    I did the same thing with my defenses. how ironic

  11. Albino Hayford said,

    I picked 9th out of 10 and went for Owens. The rest were basically the best player available, using 3 different draft sheets from 3 different experts. I was bummed about some injuries on my list, but none are season ending.


    The first number denotes the order of my picks — the 2nd number is the overall order of the pick

    (9) Terrell Owens WR
    2. (12) Marshawn Lynch RB
    3. (29) Derek Anderson QB
    4. (32) Michael Turner RB
    5. (49) Santonio Holmes WR
    6. (52) Roddy White WR
    7. (69) Jeremy Shockey TE
    8. (72) Hines Ward WR
    9. (89) Julius Jones RB
    10. (92) Eli Manning QB
    11. (109) New York DEF
    12. (112) Green Bay DEF
    13. (129) Stephen Gostkowski K
    14. (132) Benjamin Watson TE
    15. (149) David Akers K

  12. Pablo Honey said,

    This video MUST be viewed by everyone who reads this blog. It is spectacular. Also if you have time check out the Olympics video by the same author.

  13. Matt said,


    That is great stuff and he does look like Eric Karabel’s son.

  14. Pablo Honey said,

    Check out all of his videos, the guy is amazing.

  15. Pablo Honey said,

    Alright guys, here is the breakdown of my 2nd fantasy team. This team is in an ESPN league with 10 teams, traditional draft style. We start:
    1 QB
    2 RB
    2 WR
    1 RB/WR
    1 TE
    1 K
    1 DEF

    This team is pretty strong, aided by some of the other teams auto-picking and apparently auto-picking is a really really really bad idea. (For example 1 auto-picking team’s first 3 picks went like this: Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, Chris Chambers. No, I’m not kidding)

    My team:

    1. (3) – Joseph Addai – RB
    With L.T. and A.P. off the board I felt safest with Addai. I like Westbrook but he is an injury risk. I had Addai last year and he was a stud, and I expect similar results this year. Prediction: 1,300 yards 13 TDs

    2. (18) – Terrell Owens – WR
    I was shocked to get T.O. here, it didn’t hurt that the 10th pick was auto-picking and took Tony Romo and Peyton Manning, again not kidding. T.O. should be a stud and I expect results right around last years numbers. 1,300 yards 14 TDs

    3. (23) – Willis McGahee – RB
    As much as I wanted to follow Paul Brogan’s advice and take a wideout here, I felt like McGahee was too good an RB to let slip by in the 3rd round, especially when the pick in front of me took Chris Chambers…. but I digress. I am expecting results even better than last year, things can only go up now that Billick is gone right? 1,200 yards 9 TDs

    4. (38) Torry Holt – WR
    Sticking with the most important positions in this league, RB and WR. I had Holt last year, and even in a down year he was very consistent and reliable. I feel like Marc Bulger is going to come back strong and as a result Holt’s numbers should jump up some from last year: 1,100 yards 9 TDs

    5. (43) Steve Smith – WR
    I agreed with Daniel’s draft assessment that Smith was a value pick when he got him at 37, so I was thrilled to get him at 43rd overall. The 2 game suspension will hurt, but I will have a stud WR group after that. Expect a big jump in Smith’s numbers with Delhomme back: 1,100 yards 9 TDs

    6. (58) Kellen Winslow – TE
    I took him 53rd overall in my other draft so 58th seems pretty good to me here. Once I had my starters in place at WR and RB it was my goal to get a stud TE. Same predictions I gave before: 1,000 yards 8 TDs

    7. (63) Matt Hasselback – QB
    I took him 48th last draft, which now seems like kind of a reach, but getting him 63rd seems just crazy. Especially considering that Rudi Johnson was picked 8 picks before mine (auto-pickers!) Same prediction as above: 3,800 yards 26 TDs 13 INTs

    8. (78) Matt Forte – RB
    Time to add some RB depth, Forte is a starter, but who really knows what to expect? I am guessing somewhere around 750 yards and 6 TDs, but I need some backups.

    9. (83) Marc Bulger – QB
    As I said before I am expecting a comeback year for Bulger, and considering Daniel had to take him 57th overall I think 83rd is pretty sweet! I predict a year a little off of his 2006 numbers: 3,900 yards 20 TDs

    10. (98) Deuce McAllister – RB
    Wanting to add more RB depth and if McAllister comes back and runs like he did in 06 then this will be a monster steal. I predict his number to be decent, but not crazy: 650 yards, 7 TDs

    11. (103) Anthony Gonzalez – WR
    Needing to add at WR, this isn’t so much a vote in confidence in Gonzalez as it is a prediction that Marvin Harrison is going to be out rather soon this year. I guess 900 yards and 6 TDs

    12. (118) Alge Crumpler – TE
    Wanted to get a good backup TE, only problem is that his QB has a passing infection. Prediction: 700 yards, 6 TDs

    13. (123) Dallas DEF
    Cost me the 93rd overall pick in our last draft, when D’s were flying off the board left and right. In this league you get points for your D holding their opponent to fewer points and are penalized for giving up a lot of points, Dallas should do well here. Same prediction as above: 20 INTs, 13 FF, 40 Sacks, 3 Special Teams TDs, 3 Def TDs

    14. (138) Vincent Jackson – WR
    I was glad to get him here. I have high hopes for him after his late season and post season surge last year, but I will try and be realistic with my prediction: 800 yards 6 TDs

    15. (143) Jacksonville DEF
    This should be a great defense for holding opponents to few points. No prediction though.

    16. (158) Rob Bironas – K
    Decided to follow Daniel’s advice and take only one kicker, hopefully he is healthy. No prediction.


  16. Pablo Honey said,

    And the final (and most important) team I will be fielding in a league this year is listed below. This is an auction league in which you must draft 17 players (3 QB, 4 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 2 K, 2 Def) with a $170 salary cap. Each week you start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def.

    QB 1: Carson Palmer $20
    I was pleasantly surprised to pick up Palmer for this price. At this point I had about 25 dollars max to spend on any given player and I was planning on splitting it up between a WR and a decent QB around 12 dollars or so. In reality I was only bidding on Palmer to drive the price up on Jeff, who had no QBs but a lot of money at this point and I didn’t want him getting him to cheap. I feel like $20 for Palmer is a good value and am happy to have him. Prediction: 3,900 yards 28 TDs 19 INTs

    QB 2: Troy Smith $1
    For some reason a lot of teams (5) decided to stockpile QBs this year and have 3 starters each. This left me late in the draft unable to draft a backup QB who is a starter. I decided it was best 2 pick 2 backups who have a good chance of getting starts as they are both behind unproven QBs. Only having 1 starting QB could become a problem for me, but I honestly would rather have 1 good QB and 2 backups than 3 mediocre QBs. No prediction for backups.

    QB 3: Chris Redman $1
    Same comments as QB 2

    RB 1: Joseph Addai $64
    Stud RB is always a primary goal for me in this league. Last year I went with Addai and had a solid team with a strong run in the playoffs. I was in the running for Adrian Peterson but he went at $77, much too high for my taste. Last year I got Addai for $56, and I feel like an $8 markup is acceptable. Same prediction I gave before when I drafted him in my other league: 1,300 yards 13 TDs

    RB 2: Clinton Portis $31
    I was thrilled to get Portis for $31. Portis was a top 5 RB last year and this year 9 RBs went for more than $31! I feel like this is a monster steal and I am expecting another solid year from Portis, numbers mirroring last year: 1,300 yards 11 TDs

    RB 3: Ahmad Bradshaw $1
    I like Bradshaw as a 3rd RB because he has the potential to put up a 50+ yard TD run any week. Bradshaw saw hardly any action in the regular season last year but come playoffs he got a lot of carries and gained over 200 yards. I am not expecting monster numbers here, hopefully just a decent bye week filler. 500 yards 5 TDs

    RB 4: Jacob Hester $1
    Needed a $1 RB and wanted a Charger on my squad. My main RBs bye weeks are 4 & 10, and the Chargers play the Raiders and Steelers then. Hopefully against the Raiders it is a blowout and L.T. gets pulled early and they let Hester play. I have no prediction here…

    WR 1: Terrell Owens $38
    Had to get me a Cowboy! Unfortunately $38 is right at the max I wanted to go and I wish I could have gotten him around $35. I am happy to have him though and I am expecting a monster season, as usual. 1,100 yards 13 TDs

    WR 2: Santana Moss $4
    I am actually somewhat bummed about this pick. At the time when he was thrown out I could only hear people saying wide receiver and start bidding up to 3 so I quickly threw out $4 (my max) and got Moss. I don’t mind having Moss on my team, I just wish I got him for 1 or 2 dollars instead of 4. Prediction: 800 yards, 4 TDs

    WR 3: Kevin Walter $1
    I am much more excited about Walter than I am Moss. I picked up Walter last year and he was a very pleasant surprise. In an offense that is just starting to come together, and with Andre Johnson drawing most of the heavy coverage, I feel like Walter is going to have a great year. 800 yards, 7 TDs

    WR 4: Devin Hester $1
    I like this pick for $1 because any time Hester is on the field he is a threat for a long TD. As a bye week or injury filler I will at least have a chance of getting a HUGE point day from Hester. Let me open your eyes a little here: Last year Hester had weeks of 26, 30, 55, 52, and 46 points. All in all he was THE 12TH HIGHEST SCORING WR IN OUR LEAGUE! Of course the downside here is that he also had 10 weeks where he scored exactly zero points, not the best average! I am just trying to hit him on the right week. He is too random to predict.

    TE 1: Kevin Boss $2
    When Boss came in and replaced Shockey late last year he looked like a stud and I think he will be a top 10 TE this year. I feel like he will put up numbers consistent with what Shockey was giving: 600 yards 7 TDs

    TE 2: Donald Lee $1
    Was a top 10 TE last year and I expect numbers a little lower than last year since Favre is gone: 500 yards, 5 TDs

    K 1: Josh Scobee $1
    He is a kicker, he cost $1

    K 2: Robbie Gould $1
    He is a kicker with a different bye week than my other one, he cost $1.

    DEF 1: New York Jets $1
    I gave up on trying to get a stud defense years ago, you just can’t accurately predict a Defenses scoring and the value just isn’t there. 6 of the top 10 defenses in our league last year went for $1, I’ll take my chances.

    DEF 2: New Orleans Saints $1
    See DEF 1 comments.

    Overall I love my team. If you disregard K’s and Defs a total of 27 players scored over 240 points last year, and I have the only team with 4 of them. I wanted to build my team around studs this year and hopefully pick up some surprises on the waivers and I feel like I have a good chance! What do you think? How do you like your team?

  17. Pablo Honey said,

    Once again I have posted polls on the league website where you can place your vote for the strongest and weakest team in the league. Check it out and get your votes in.

  18. danielbalc said,

    Well last night was the big one and man was it big.

    Our annual church league is 10 years old (I think) and has been very much the same through those ten seasons. You draft 17 players using an imaginary 170 billion dollar salary cap. It averages out to 10 billion dollars per player. Here is the roster…
    RB- 4
    WR- 4
    TE- 2
    K- 2
    D- 2

    You can only start 2 RB 2 WR and 1 of everything else.

    With a few changes here and there to the usual suspects you get a very good feel for how people are going to bid. My usual strategy is to go for depth acquiring as many middle of the road players as possible and hoping that someone will emerge as a go-to guy.

    I didn’t do that this time. Well maybe a little but for the most part my objective was to target 3 players and to try and get them as cheaply as possible.

    I got those players, but only one came cheap. This ruined my ability to try and steal a couple of other players I had high marks on.

    I felt particularly bothered by a couple of players whom I believe intentionally bid me up. Actually I don’t know how much of it was intentional or if it was just reactionary to hearing my voice. perhaps they had just trained themselves to believe that any player I bid on was worth bidding on. Occasionally I would throw out phantom bids to see if this might be the case and in fact it was proved to be so. Late in the evening I began to bid on a RB I had no real interest in only to have the most nefarious perpetrator bid over me. The only problem was that he had already filed out his core of running backs and by rule wasn’t even allowed to bid! This gets really old but after 10 years of experiencing it you move on.

    OK so here’s what I ended up with (these are not in order taken because an auction draft is so different)…

    QB- Drew Brees (42) This was the top guy I wanted. I felt going in like he could be had at a reasonable price but I was wrong. he ended up being the 4th highest paid QB behind Brady (59), Manning (50) and Romo (44). I feel quite certain that he will be the number 1 scoring QB this year so I’m happy that I got him but still 42 really messed up some of my strategy.
    QB- Jeff Garcia (3)
    QB- Kyle Orton (1) I wanted starters as my back ups.

    RB- Willis McGahee (28) This was another player that I really wanted. Baltimore added Cam Cameron as their offensive coordinator this off-season. You may recall LT’s MVP season coming under the Cam Cameron era (LT averaged 5.2 YPC that season. Last year before getting injured Ronnie Brown averaged 5.1 YPC under Cameron’s offense). Am i suggesting McGahee will be the offensive MVP? No, not for the stinky Ravens. But I do think his numbers will be top 5 in running backs.

    RB- Larry Johnson (25) I am not an LJ believer at all. This was simply me getting caught driving up the price. Ohhhhh how I hate this pick. I am so frustrated having him. Had I not gotten stuck with him I would probably have been in the running for Clinton Portis who went for 31. This pick is why I won’t win the league this year.

    RB- Steve Slaton (6). This is a strange pick. i had him targeted going in to be a 1 player but someone else must have had the same idea. The reason I wanted Slaton is because the Texans new O-line coach is the guy who coached Denver’s o-line for centuries. He’s the reason you’ve heard of Mike Anderson, Olandis Gary and Reuben Droughns. None of those guys were drafted and then all of a sudden you see them putting up crazy numbers. A lot of folks might have thought this was the Mike Shannahan influence and thus picked up Selvin Young but I think it’s the Alex Gibbs influence. If I’m right then Steve Slaton will come out of nowhere beating out old-man Ahman Green and quickly finiding himself on the “most added players” list.

    RB- Chester Taylor (5) the back up for LT, Darren Sproles, went for 4. I think the back up for AD who scored 7 TD’s last year is worth 5.

    WR- Marques Colston (30) The third guy that I really wanted going into this draft. I was hoping to get him along with another top WR but this league was having no part in that. The top 7 WR’s went for 30+ Moss (49), Owens (38), Fitzgerald (33), Johnson (32), Edwards (32), Wayne (30) and Colston. After that Houzmanicky (23), Smith (22) and Ocho Cinco (22) rounded out the top 10 ( The two Detroit WR’s also went for 20). The only person to get 2 of the top 10 was Valerie getting Johnson and Smith. I’m the only player who got the QB to WR combo which was high on my list to get.

    WR- Greg Jennings (6) He scored 12 TD’s last year. If he can get half that under Rodgers I’d be happy.

    WR- Lee Evans (5) He had a steep drop off in numbers between 06 and 07 but I think he’s set to rebound with some stability at QB.

    WR- Hines Ward (5) Why not? maybe he’ll find a fountain of youth.

    TE- Tony Gonzalez (3) Getting near the end of the draft when resources were running out I saw both Tony Gonzalez and Jason Witten on the board. realizing I had more money than anyone else I knew I could go get Jason Witten and be very happy. But before I did that I wanted to knock out one more competitor by making them select the aging and QB-less Gonzalez. I was shocked when nobody wanted him so got him at 3. hmmm would I be able to get Witten still?

    TE-Marcedes Lewis (1) No I couldn’t get Witten because my idiot brother wanted to bid me up. A lot of players bid other players up. The result is that people get ticked off, go on tilt and do something stupid like way over pay. Well when my brother Lance who had already paid 18 for Antonio Gates was the only other player competing with me for Witten I got really ticked off and let him take him for 7. What a nerd. What was he thinking? He now has 25 of his cap invested in in a position where no one else has over 12. I took the best available TE after that debacle.

    K- Niel Rackers (2) This is the kicker I wanted once it was announced that Warner would be the QB. I love dome kickers of high offense teams. It was either Vinateri, Folk or Rackers for me. Withe Rackers being the record holder for most FG’s in a season I chose him.

    K- Lawrence Tynes (1) this was a player I picked up just to drop when i see a free agent I like.

    D- Jacksonville (2) The past 3 seasons the jags have had 19. 20 and 20 INT’s to go along with 47, 35 and 37 sacks. What did they add in the draft? Pass rushing Defensive Ends.

    D- Pittsburgh (2) They had 2 shut outs last year.

    there you have it.

    I am not a huge fan of this team being championship caliber but it’s playoff worthy and with the right adds and drops could be something good.

  19. danielbalc said,

    After reviewing the other teams strictly on the basis of their starters I don’t feel like my team is in bad shape at all. Nobody really blows your socks off. Everyone has holes in their starting lineup. Pablo’s holes are in his #2 WR and TE. That’s not bad. I think his team stands out as the team to beat, but with little depth you can beat him on bye weeks. I just so happen to catch him week 10 when he’s resting Portis, Owens and Santana Moss. Unfortunately I’ll be out McGahee that week.

    Should be fun

  20. Matt said,

    I decided to take a different approach this year and see what happens.

    Most years I go for depth never paying more than “average” for any one player which usually nets me a decent team but never seems to be a team that can win it all.

    I also always seem to discount the importance of the bottom 1\3 of the roster. Meaning I never get a good tight end, kicker or defense reasoning that most will score in the same range anyway so it does not matter and is not worth spending big bucks on them.

    Well this year I went against my usual strategy and spent (maybe overspent?) for a top 3 runner and loaded the bottom 1\3 of my roster with hopefully high scoring (relative to others at the position) players and the result is this….

    QB-Jake Delhomme

    I really like this pick and think he will have a great year. They have a solid O-line, a top tier reciever in Steve Smith, a promising running game with Jonathan Stewart and a defense that can get them the ball.

    QB-Donovan McNabb

    Another good looking QB who is one year further removed from ACL surgery and looking to have a bounce back year. I do not usually stockpile 2 top tier QB’s but they came at a great price which will allow me to work a trade in the future to improve my one weak spot.

    RB- Adrian Peterson

    Simply put this guy is a beast. Runs harder than anyone I have seen in a long time, has breakaway speed and a great O-line. Could easily be league MVP this year and could lead me to a championship.

    The flip side is I tied up a bunch of money in him so if he goes down with injury I will be in trouble. Here is hoping for a little luck that the injury bug stays away one time.

    RB-Jonathan Stewart

    Love this pick and think he will be a star and is very possible he can have a year like AP had last year. Built alot like AP and runs hard behind a strong O line.

    Only downside is he might not see the carries early in the year as they may employ RBBC with Williams but if he proves himself early he can take the job.

    RB- Rudi Johnson

    When everyone had left I snuck this pick in late and lo and behold he signed with the Lions last night! He could be the steal of the draft if given a chance. He is behind a rookie runner and if he cracks the starting lineup he could have a good season.

    WR- I am really not happy with this area of my team and will be looking to trade a QB for a top flight receiver soon. I thought I could get a competent stable of wideouts on the cheap but so did everyone else so it was slim pickings.

    Donald Driver- ????
    Jerry Porter-?????
    Drew Bennett-????
    Eddie Royal-????

    The good news is WR is always the most volatile of positions and anyone at any time can have a good game or a dud. I never like spending much on this position but this squad is definitely lacking.

    TE- Kellen Winslow

    The saving grace is I got a top tier TE who should put up numbers that rival most top WR this year. He plays in an explosive, up and coming offense and is their best option in the passing attack.

    K-Adam Vinitieri

    Like I said I stepped up and spent more than $2 on a kicker this year for the first time in a long time. He kicks for one of the best offenses is the league and in a dome and is a hall of famer. nuff said.

    DEF- Chicago

    Really like this pick because they have Devin Hester returning kicks and they play in a division with the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Tavaris Jackson, Kyle Orton and Jon Kitna at QB sound like some points to me.

    Stay healthy and crush one time team!

  21. danielbalc said,

    Um your defense isn’t allowed to get points for intercepting their own QB.

    Your WR’s are awful.

    Rudi Johnson for the lions may prove a big value.

    You failed to include how much you paid for your players…
    In addition to paying 77 for AD you paid 27 for Johnathan Stewart. This was killer. You should’ve spent that 27 on someone who has at least played 1 down in the NFL.

  22. danielbalc said,

    Best line of the night, maybe all of FFL history…

    “I thought he said Longwell.”

  23. Pablo Honey said,

    I love that the 3 current votes for best team are all the Balcombe boys. Nicely done. Too bad Daddo has picked up a worst team vote.

  24. Goldminers said,

    Is is because the only 3 votes cast were by the Balcombe boys?

    The Hudgins boys will still need to be reckoned with. Yes, we have won the last two titles and we are never preseason picks. I would even say the Cortese team has a shot this year since it has been impacted by another Hudgins. HaHa. Goin for the 3-peat.

  25. Anthony said,

    how does Witten go for only 7 and how does Gonzo only go for 3????? What’s going on?!??!??!

    how many teams in the church league? 12, 14?

  26. Pablo Honey said,

    14 teams.

  27. danielbalc said,

    Yeah the tight end situation caught me off guard big time.

    What also caught me off guard was people way overbid for top tier QB’s (I think Brady last season had a lot to do with that). Last year the top 5 QB’s taken were…

    Manning (51)
    Palmer (32)
    Brady (31)
    Brees (30)
    Romo (23)

    This year the top 5 were…
    Brady (59)
    Manning (50)
    Romo (44)
    Brees (42)
    Anderson (31)

    That’s a HUGE change. in hindsight I wish I would’ve taken Roethlisberger for 19 or Palmer for 20. Then I could’ve gotten a better RB than LJ.

    Last seasons top 5 TE’s taken…
    Gates (21)
    Shockey (15)
    Winslow (11)
    Gonzalez (6)
    Watson (5)

    This year…
    Gates (18)
    Winslow (11)
    Cooley (8)
    Witten (7)
    Clark (7)

    not too big a difference. I guess people just don’t believe in Witten and Gonzo.

    This year was weird all around though. Everything just seemed a little bit off.

  28. danielbalc said,

    5 votes in now and all of them are for Balcombe boys.

    I voted for Pablo. I’m told RC voted for me. I don’t know who else voted for pablo. I know Pablo voted for Lanceman though.

  29. Goldminers said,

    Just like preseason games…preseason picks mean absolutely nothing.

  30. Bruce S. said,

    Can someone check on the 10 year age of the league? I think it is more than that. I recall that in 1999 the draft was at Carl Parry’s house and Deb and/or Lisa ran it. I couldn’t go because of my back. And I know that was at least year 3.

  31. Bruce S. said,

    What’s your league website?

  32. Pablo Honey said,

    Here is the league website, check it out and give us your expert analysis.

  33. danielbalc said,

    It is possible that the league is 13 years old. quite possible.

    Matt gave me the 10 year number with his Randy Moss association but I don’t think matt was in it year 1. Come to think of it I may not have been in it year 1.

    The first player I remember everyone wanting was Terrel Davis coming off a ridiculous year. So I figured it was 98 but it may have been 96.

    Another association I have is the Barry Sanders retirement. I remember that at the servicemeaster draft some lady kept on trying to draft Barry Sanders even though he had retired.

    The last season he played was 98.

  34. Goldminers said,

    Didn’t the Goldminers win the first year of the league? That would make it about 10 years.

  35. Pablo Honey said,

    I know for a fact that my first year in was 1998, the last year that Barry Sanders played. I took over for Cody that year when he had to drop out for some reason, I have no idea why. I remember that I had both Barry Sanders and Terrell Davis on my team. I am pretty sure that the league had been in existence for at least 2 seasons prior to that point. Unfortunately I was not a charter member.

  36. EscoWhitey said,

    I think the league has been around since ’96 or ’97. The reason I believe this is because I’m a charter member (even though I dropped out for a few years), and the first year we had it is when Gill was here…that’s why my team name is Brazilian Bombers, because Gill and I drafted our team together, even though we didn’t know what we were doing. Gill graduated high school in ’96, but I’m not sure of the exact year in which we started the league. The first draft was at Bruce’s house. I also remember Tony always drafting a bunch of Bengals players during the first few years.

  37. EscoWhitey said,

    Also, I think there were a couple people from Bruce’s work who played during the first year.

  38. danielbalc said,

    Welcome to the conversation whitey…

    Outside of the completely irrelevant discussion of how long the league has been in existence what do you think of this year’s competition?

    I think you have a pretty good team providing Ocho Cinco can play with hurt shoulder.

  39. EscoWhitey said,

    Ok, here goes:

    Marion Barber ($42)
    Barber is a TD Machine…he has 28 TDs over the past two seasons. The Cowboys are gonna be good and Barber will be a part of it.
    Prediction: 1,100 rushing yards and 13 TDs.

    Selvin Young ($13)
    I got him because I put myself in a position of waiting too long for a second RB and I already spent money on WRs. I was gonna go after Clinton Portis, but then I saw that he has the same bye week as Barber. Right as I was starting to panic I was able to pick up Young for $13. Pretty much I was just trying to get a starting RB at that time for cheap, and I was just going with the old “Any Denver RB” theory. We’ll see…
    Prediction: Who knows? 900 total yards and six or seven TDs.

    Reggie Bush ($23)
    I’m not a big believer in Reggie Bush, but I got him more for the price and I wanted to get one more starting RB for insurance. I think he’s a top 15 RB, but he’s also an injury risk. I feel I lucked out by getting Young and Bush for $36 considering I got myself into a pickle with my RB position.
    Prediction: 1,000 total yards and 10 TDs.

    Tim Hightower ($1)
    I like this pick as my fourth RB, and I’m basically just banking on Ed-Garin James being a year older and a year slower. He was on my radar from the beginning and I’m glad I was able to get him. Hightower might get some goal line carries which will turn into TDs.
    Prediction: Another guess…hardly any yards and maybe five TDs unless Ed-Garin goes down.

    Overall I like my RBs and they all have different bye weeks, so I’ll be able to start two solid RBs every week.

    Matt Hassleback ($19)
    Ok pick, I guess. If I knew that I could have had Palmer or Roethlisberger for the same price, I would have taken them instead. Not thrilled with Hassleback, but it could be worse.
    Prediction: 3,000 yards and 20 TDs.

    Mark Bulger ($7)
    I like this pick because he’s a starter with potential, and he only cost $7. Nice insurance for injury and/or bye week.
    Prediction: 3,000 yards and 18 TDs with almost as many INTs.

    Chad Pennington ($1)
    This was a little bit of a homer pick, but more importantly another starter for only $1. I don’t plan on using him at all as he’s just for insurance.
    Prediction: 2,500 yards and 15 TDs with almost as many INTs.

    I’d rather have a higher ranked QB as my main guy, but I’m happy that I got three starters at a decent price. Two of my QBs have potential for solid a solid year.

    Larry Fitzgerald ($33)
    Dude’s averaged 91 receptions, 1,200 yards, and nine TDs over the past three years. He’s coming off a great year of 100 receptions and 1,400 yards and Warner is the starter. I like this pick a lot.
    Prediction: 1,400 yards and 10 TDs.

    Ocho Cinco ($22)
    Like Daniel said, it’s a risky pick but I think there’s plenty of upside. He’s been pretty consistent over the years. I’m just hoping the Bengals throw and throw some more.
    Prediction: 1,200 yards and eight TDs.

    Tedd Ginn Jr. ($1)
    This is just a pick to fill roster space, but I think he’s going to be the number one receiver in Miami. Any time you get a number one receiver for a buck it’s pretty good, even if said receiver is on the Dolphins.
    Prediction: 700 yards and five TDs.

    Bryant Johnson ($1)
    Another pick to fill roster space. Hopefully Martz will bring the Greatest Show on Turf to San Francisco and Bryant will have a respectable year. Bryant was on my radar from the beginning, but only for a buck or two.
    Prediction: 700 yards and five TDs.

    I feel I may have spent a little too much on my receivers because I ended up not having any money to get a quality TE or D or another top-tier RB. I’m counting on Fitzgerald and Ocho Cinco to cover up my shortcomings in those positions. My receivers all have different bye weeks as well.

    Leonard Pope (1$) and Alex Smith ($1)
    What can I say? Nothing to brag about here.
    Prediction: Three TDs each and nothing much else.

    Phil Dawson ($1) and Shayne Graham ($2)
    I like these picks as much as you can like any K position. Solid choices…not great, not bad.

    Cleveland Browns ($1) and Miami Dolphins ($1)
    What a joke. I waited too long to get a defense and this is what I’m stuck with. The Dolphins pick was just a homer pick.

    Overall I like my team but I don’t love it. I’m not high on my team like I was last year. I think I’m solid in QB, RB, WR and K, but I lack in TE and D. I’m counting on my receivers covering up for my mistakes at those positions.

    Ditto on the best line of the night…“I thought he said Longwell.” That’s why I voted Carl’s team as the worst. When you spend $25 on TE, K, and D, and none of them are #1 in their position, you’re not managing your money very well. Also, three of his RBs have the same bye week. Niiiiiice. He should have picked up Tim Hightower too.

    Of course Ted is always in the running for worst team. Any time you have $13 left over you didn’t spend well and you missed out on better players.

    Yes, I voted for Daniel as the best team. BTW, Daniel may not like Larry Johnson, but I think he’s a great pick for only $25.

  40. Pablo Honey said,

    Don’t discount you defenses too quick Rob. Remember, Cleveland has Josh Cribbs, probably the 2nd best kick/punt return man in the league.

  41. danielbalc said,

    Did you notice my team got a vote for weakest team?

    How ironic that at the same time “mr sunshine” got voted strongest team.

    Also ironic is that Mr Sunshine was the guy who bid up my running back when he had all 4 of his running backs.

    Does anyone else have it out for me?

  42. danielbalc said,

    Wow. i just reviewed some of the head to head matchups checking to see if I got any breaks with players on byes.

    well i do catch a few…
    week 4- Wes Welker, Nate Beurleson
    Week 5- Brett Favre, Steven Jackson
    Week 6- 4 dollar kicker Ryan Lindell
    Week 7- Michael Turner, Kurt Warner
    Week 8- Selvin Young, Chad Johnson,
    Week 9- Frank Gore
    Week 10- Clinton Portis, Terrell Owens, Santana Moss

  43. EscoWhitey said,

    Some guys have all the luck.

    I just looked at my schedule and I don’t get ANY breaks with players on byes.

    Looks like Daniel will steamroll through the season.

  44. danielbalc said,

    I was shocked by those breaks. I’ve seen others make the playoffs based on lucky scheduling so if it’s my turn i’ll gladly take it.

  45. Goldminers said,

    Week 6- 4 dollar kicker Ryan Lindell

    Are you sure that isn’t suppose to be Ryan Longwell? 🙂

  46. Goldminers said,

    You’re assuming I’m starting Burleson over Holmes. Let’s wait and see.

  47. danielbalc said,

    I’m not assuming anything. I’m just noting certain players who have bye’s against me.

  48. danielbalc said,

    Game time tonight!

    I’m curious to find out how many people are going to watch tonight’s game and why. So here are a couple of questions…

    1. Will you watch tonight’s game, Redskins verses Giants?

    2. If yes, why?
    A) Because I missed football and am just really glad to have it back.
    B) Because I am a fan of one of the two teams playing.
    C) Because I have a fantasy player going tonight.
    D) Because I know there is no way that John McCain’s speech can top Sarah Palin’s

  49. Goldminers said,

    Reason #1) I can’t stand to watch the Padres give the division to the stupid Dodgers by putting a AAA team on the field.
    Reason #2) I have a fantasy player tonight.
    Reason #3) I miss football.
    Reason #4) Actually I’d rather watch a rerun of Sarah Palins speech rather than hear McCain.

  50. danielbalc said,

    Reason #1) I can’t stand to watch the Padres give the division to the stupid Dodgers by putting a AAA team on the field.

    indeed, but the D-backs getting swept by the Padres last week means the Dodgers deserve it more anyway.

    FWIW I’m predicting a Dodgers vs Angels WS Angels in 5

    K-rod for AL MVP
    (Lee gets the Cy young)

  51. Pablo Honey said,

    Yes. A, C, D.

  52. Matt said,

    ….on a mini-vacation missed the fun

    Um your defense isn’t allowed to get points for intercepting their own QB.

    Obviously, but they will be given ample opportunity to be on the field and make plays due to the obscene number of turnovers Orton\Grossman will throw.

    Your WR’s are awful.

    Agreed. However, this position more than any other produces more “suprise” players from year to year. Even so-called “sure things” are rarely that on a week to week basis when it comes to WR.

    Rudi Johnson for the lions may prove a big value.

    Hoping he can steal the job away and have a year like he has the last 2 or 3. This will give me a great stable of running backs.

    You failed to include how much you paid for your players…
    In addition to paying 77 for AD you paid 27 for Johnathan Stewart. This was killer. You should’ve spent that 27 on someone who has at least played 1 down in the NFL.

    This is an inacurate statement. RB is the one position where year in and year out rookies come along and make a huge impact. AD was one last year and Stewart by all accounts is in the best position to do so this year.

    I am predicting he will be a top 10 running back (by FFL total points) by year end and am willing to offer you double or nothing on your burrito you owe me to back that up. 🙂

  53. danielbalc said,

    I’ll take it. I was al ready to give you that burrito too.

    This is a bet I like!!!

  54. Matt said,

    RB- Adrian Peterson

    Simply put this guy is a beast. Runs harder than anyone I have seen in a long time,

    Go ahead and add to that list, Brandon Jacobs, after he obliterated LaRon Landry tonight. That was quite funny.

  55. Pablo Honey said,

    So Matt, you’re hoping that Rudi Johnson can learn a lesson from Tatum Bell huh?

  56. Matt said,

    Hopefully he learns what not to do from him.

    The more I read the more I like the chances of him becoming the feature back in that offense. They are already planning to use them both as RBBC and a rookie runner could certainly flop giving my guy a nice opportunity.

    Here is hoping that Kevin Smith fumbles twice, misses a few blitz pickups and generally just sucks this week. 🙂

  57. danielbalc said,

    Speaking of generally sucking.

    Jason Campbell appears to have no clue how to quarterback in the NFL. It’s not entirely his fault that he has to have a new coach and a new offense every year, but he still looks awful.

    This worried me for my latest burrito bet.

    I was counting on Clinton Portis being a top 10 RB this season but without a passing attack he’s going to be keyed in on.

    I’ll still keep him in my top 10…
    1. LT
    2. Addai
    3. Westbrook
    4. McGahee
    5. AD
    6. Jackson
    7. Lynch
    8. Portis
    9. Barber
    10. Lewis

    Stewart will finish between 20 and 25

  58. danielbalc said,

    Just for fun (and also so that I can look back and see how poorly I did) I’m going to predict the top 10 fantasy performers in some other positions…

    1. Brees (i’m thinking he’ll be MVP throwing for over 4,000 yards and 40 TD’s)
    2. Romo
    3. Roethlisberger
    4. Brady
    5. Palmer
    6. Older Brother
    7. Kitna
    8. Rivers
    9. Favre
    10. Baby Brother

    1. Moss
    2. Owens
    3. Holmes
    4. Colston
    5. Edwards
    6. Wayne
    7. Chambers
    8. Burress
    9. Ocho Cinco
    10. Jennings

    1. Witten
    2. Gates
    3. Heap
    4. Gonzalez
    5. Winslow
    6. Shockey
    7. Clark
    8. Cooley
    9. Crumpler
    10. Boss

    1. Lindell
    2. Longwell
    3. Kaeding
    4. Gramatica
    5. Gostkowski
    6. Folk
    7. Graham
    8. Vinateri
    9. Rackers
    10. Prater

    1. Jax
    2. Pitt
    3. SD
    4. Min
    5. Indy
    6. Oak
    7. Ten
    8. Dal
    9. Cle
    10. NE

  59. Pablo Honey said,

    What I saw from the Redskins offense last night actually encouraged me, because there is no way it could get any worse. It was very clear the Jason Campbell was completely lost last night, yet in spite of that Portis was still able to gain over 80 yards even though it was obvious they were going to run. New York has a great defense so Washington looked especially bad last night, and I doubt Campbell is going to suddenly turn around and have a good year, but I still expect Portis to put up great numbers.

  60. Anthony said,


    No Larry Fitzgerald?

  61. EscoWhitey said,

    Yeah, I was wondering about Fitzgerald too. Must have been an oversight. BTW, I love Daniel’s #1 kicker ranking. Good choice!

    Here are my predications:

    T. Brady
    P. Manning
    D. Brees
    T. Romo
    B. Roethlisberger
    C. Palmer
    D. McNabb
    D. Anderson
    M. Hasselbeck
    J. Delhomme

    L. Tomlinson
    A. Peterson
    B. Westbrook
    S. Jackson
    J. Addai
    F. Gore
    M. Barber
    M. Lynch
    L. Johnson
    C. Portis

    R. Moss
    T. Owens
    R. Wayne
    L. Fitzgerald
    B. Edwards
    M. Colston
    T. Holt
    A. Johnson
    TJ Houshmandzadeh
    B. Marshall

    K. Winslow
    A. Gates
    J. Witten
    T. Gonzalez
    C. Cooley
    J. Shockey
    D. Clark
    T. Heap
    R. McMichael

    A. Vinatieri
    S. Graham
    S. Gostkowski
    J. Brown
    N. Kaeding
    N. Folk
    B. Coutu
    J. Scobee
    P. Dawson
    T. Mehlhaff


    There. I’m on record.

  62. danielbalc said,

    Out of all my picks Lary Fitzgerald is the only complaint?


    I’m not on the Arizona passing bandwagon. If I thought Warner would be starting all season I would be on. But I get the feeling they still want to give Leinart a chance and I simply don’t think he can do it.

    Hence no Fitzgerald.

    WR will certainly be the toughest to predict. You never have any clue which nobody will become a star all of a sudden.

  63. EscoWhitey said,

    I can’t complain about any of your picks because it’s all a matter of opinion and educated guesses. We all have our own opinions and predictions and we’ll just have to wait until the end of the season to see who’s closest to being right.

    I only singled out Fitzgerald because he led the NFC in receptions last year so I don’t see how he can be left off a top-10 list.

    Just my opinion…

  64. Anthony said,

    I’d like to make a burrito bet that Fitzgerald will out perform (total fantasy points) Chambers this year.

    Chambers hasn’t played a full season since 2006 and in that season he had 677 yards and 4 TDs.

    As a Charger, he hasn’t played a full season and his stats are still lackluster. With LT, Gates, Vincent Jackson, I don’t see Chambers cracking the top 10.

  65. Anthony said,

    “WR will certainly be the toughest to predict. You never have any clue which nobody will become a star all of a sudden.”

    That’s true, but Fitzgerald already is a star. I do like your Santonio Holmes pick though.

    I also see Chad getting hurt and missing most the season.

  66. EscoWhitey said,

    Yeah, I don’t see Chambers as a top 10 either.

  67. Matt said,

    Better put McNabb in your top five!

  68. danielbalc said,

    I like my Drew Brees MVP pick.

    My first week of fantasy was like the Chargers first week of reality. I learned a lot about my team.

    A) Never trust the liar coaches and the stupid injury reports. All week McGahee was listed as probable. Even Sunday morning they said he would get some carries. Going up against the vaunted(ha) bengals run D I felt it was worth the risk. Well he got ZERO carries.

    B) When it comes to Defense, if you have two good ones you will always pick the wrong one. I had the choice between Pit vs the Texans or Jax vs the worst QB in history, Vince Young. I chose Jax costing me 13 points.

    C) Same when it comes to WR. I started Colston and Jennings over Evans and Ward. Jennings plays tonight but Colston got nothing. Evans had 15, Ward had 26.

    I will probably lose tonight because Bernard Berrian will get a 25 yard TD and Jennings will get shut out (I’m up by 6 right now) but I still feel good about my team.

    As for my other league. I probably couldn’t have done worse.

    QB- Bulger- 3
    RB- Addai- 4
    RB- Mcgahee- 0
    WR- Colston- 2
    WR- Jackson- 6
    WR- Driver- NA
    TE- Cooley- 0
    K- Kaeding- 6
    D- Indy- 2

    That score would’ve been even less in the real league.


  69. Goldminers said,

    I still have a chance tonight with both of my running backs going but after yesterday my biggest disappointment on my team are the Chargers defense and Santonio Holmes. The Charger defense needs to figure out a way to stop the run and put pressure on the QB. At least I can fall back on Nate Burleson if S. Holmes fails to produce.

  70. Matt said,

    Fear Me.

    McNabb looks like he is back to his MVP form and Delhomme looks great and will be even better once Steve Smith returns. Anyone need a QB?

    Jonathan Stewart should get more carries as he is clearly the better back. He averaged 5+ yds to Williams 3 yds a carry and looked more explosive. Its only a matter of time.

    AD has not even played yet and I am encouraged because they get to play the Lions twice this year.

    Recievers have not played yet so the jury is still out.

    The back end of my draft strategy is looking brilliant (at least for one week) as my TE was the best player on the field for the Browns, my kicker delivered, and my defense was dominant and scored a TD.

  71. EscoWhitey said,

    New poll question on the web site: “How was your team’s performance after Week 1?”

  72. Pablo Honey said,

    Overall I am OK with my teams performance, as I expect this will be one of my worst weeks. I got absolutely no production from my QB (-2 points) and #1 RB (0 points) and yet I still have a reasonable chance to win this week with a good performance from my TE tonight (need 13 points). I feel like my team should be scoring right around 100 points every week, so I am happy for now, another lackluster week or 2 by Palmer and Addai and I will become concerned. In my Yahoo league I smoked all the competition, as the only team to even crack 100 points, and not only did I crack it, I put up 126. In my ESPN league I suffered a pretty poor week, as a result of being fooled into starting Willis McGahee. Amazingly enough I still have a chance to win this week, as I am leading by 9 points going into tonight but my opponent is starting Adrian Peterson, so I like my chances of winning about the same as I do in the LWC league where I need my tight end (Donald Lee) to score 13.

  73. Pablo Honey said,

    Rob, can you edit the poll you created to allow us to see the results? You must have the “Hide poll results until poll closes” box checked.

  74. Pablo Honey said,

    In other news, how about 4 teams (including myself, and last year’s survivor pick champion Frightening Lightning) getting knocked out of the survivor pool in the 1st week. OUCH.

  75. danielbalc said,

    Re: McGahee

    I should have learned my lesson last year with Marvin Harrison, who was listed as 50/50 every single week but only played like twice all year.

    I’m betting the Patriots are lying about Brady’s injury and he’ll come back in week 6 against the Chargers. The press will laud the incredible effort of Brady to make it back from a surgery that usually requires 22 months to recover and yet because of his superhuman work ethic he cut it down to 5 weeks. Oh how we love thee oh mighty Tom!!!!

    Peter King will write a hack job contrasting Tom Brady to Shawne Merriman saying how if Merriman really cared about the team he would do what Brady did (7,000 leg presses a day) instead of shooting a TV show on Thursday nights.

    It’s coming folks

  76. danielbalc said,

    Re: Survivor pool…

    To those who picked Indy, That’s tough.

    To Andy… DETROIT??????? Are you crazy?

    To Jeff… Mighty ballsy going Jets vs Dolphins. Good job.

    To the rest who, like me, chose the Pats… Sigh of relief. Even if I could pick them again i wouldn’t now.

  77. Matt S said,

    The best part of the Tom Brady saga is all the east coast Patriot lovers media trying to spin that the team still has a shot at winning anything meaningful this year.


    He means more to that team than any one player does to any team in the league and it is not even close.

    Karma baby.

  78. danielbalc said,

    Figures- No one took me up on the offer to make the pool picks interesting and of course I ended up winning it.

    Ted came in second but it appears as though he put in the numbers backwards. (Unless he was really confident in Arizona and not at all confident in the Patriots). Carl and Jeff seemed to do the same thing.

    I got bit by the Chargers and Indy costing me 29 points.(Everyone lost here but Ted and Jeff only lost 14 and 6 points hehehe)
    I thought the Raiders (10) might be better on Monday night at home (but I shoulda known better from personal experience).
    My other 3 losses accounted for 1, 2, and 3 points (Sf, Cin, Det)

  79. EscoWhitey said,

    Yes, I deliberately hid the results of the poll. However, I just changed it per your request.

  80. Save For Retirement said,

    I actually had the most correct picks. 11 total correct with two others tied for 10 correct

  81. danielbalc said,

    I guess I have no right to complain seeing as how wences lost tom brady for the whole season, but the Marques Colston injury is pretty bad for me. Not only does it take out my top WR play but it also limits my QB’s options.

    Combine that with the fact that only 1 of my 4 RB’s scored any points on Sunday I’m a bit concerned for the rest of this season.

    Waiver wire here I come!!!!

  82. danielbalc said,

    The salt in the wound was the BEATING I took in fantasy land. In both my leagues.
    165 to 85 in the real league (My entire team was beat out by just 2 players, Boldin (44) and GB defense (42))
    111-74 in the fake one (my entire team nearly beat out by 3 players, Boldin (32), Marshall (22) Peterson (18) Plus they have Romo going tonight)

    I also lose out in survivor game due to the incredible 49er upset. As well as sucking in my pool picks. (8 and 6).

  83. Pablo Honey said,

    My main fantasy team is in trouble. Probably the 2 biggest busts in fantasy so far this year have been Carson Palmer and Joseph Addai and of course both of them are on my team. Their combined point total so far this year is exactly zero (-6 for Palmer, 6 for Addai) Amazingly enough I have a good chance to win this week as I only trail by 6 going in to tonight’s game and I have T.O. playing, my opponent has Philly Defense. What do you expect in this scenario? Do you think I will win or lose?

  84. danielbalc said,

    You win going away with it. TO verses Philly? He hates Philly. he’s got at least 20 points in him tonight.

    Only way you lose is on a Philly defensive TD which are impossible to predict and are usually more the result of luck than skill.

  85. Pablo Honey said,

    That was my feeling. Of course all of this would be a moot point if I hadn’t dropped Santana Moss last week, as he went for a ridiculous 33 points yesterday.

  86. danielbalc said,

    BTW LT is a bigger bust so far.

    and with both LT and Addai I think the primary issue is the O-line injuries.

    Both team are missing their starting center plus the Chargers are missing their left tackle and the Colts have new linemen in both guard spots.

    Lines improve as they play together so expect both LT and Addai (if they can survive) to be back to form by week 5.

  87. Pablo Honey said,

    Not so fast! L.T. has scored 14 points this year and his salary is $80 making his value $5.71 per point. Addai cost $64 and has only scored 6 points for an incredible $10.66 per point, making Addai a much bigger bust so far. Of course these numbers are put to shame by the Patriot’s front office, who are paying Tom Brady $470,588.24 per week to heal.

  88. Matt said,

    My team still looks great and I shipped the Survivor Pool in week 2.

    Peterson is the only top back worth his pay so far, J Stewart has to have Daniel worried as he has shown himself to be the better back and more carries are just around the corner.

  89. danielbalc said,

    J Stewart has to have Daniel worried

    J Stewart currently ranks 14th. The only names that are above him that wont be at the end of the season are Sproles and maybe Graham. Meanwhile guys below him like Grant, Jones-Drew, Addai and LT still haven’t even gotten started yet.

    Worried? Not hardly. Not at all.

  90. EscoWhitey said,

    I need a QB and no one is untouchable on my roster…we just have to make it fit under the salary cap.

  91. danielbalc said,

    Even with all 4 of my running backs combining for just 12 points over the first two weeks of the season I can’t imagine myself swapping Drew Brees for either of your studs.

  92. danielbalc said,

    Nature’s finest looks like a much better team when his team isn’t disrupted by hurricanes.

    Dominating performance yesterday. PLUS it looks like Steve Slaton is a legitimate player giving me 3 starting backs.

    Meanwhile the goldminers look like the Broncos. Really lucky.
    3 and 0 while averaging just 81.7 points per game.

    That’s tied for 9th in the league and is less than the 0 and 3 Sopranos averaging 85.3

  93. danielbalc said,

    Solid performance again in the pool picks as well. Kudos to rob for getting all but 3 picks right. Too bad you bet against your dolphins because now (if the Chargers win) for the second time in 3 weeks I will be the pool pick winner.

    That’s 10 bucks you all owe me.

  94. Matt said,

    How about my Bills survivor pick pulling one out of the fire baby.

    Someone lay me odds of getting to week 10 and we can put some money on this.

  95. Goldminers said,

    How bout them Goldminers!! 3-0 Lucky again. Thanks Divorced.

  96. Matt said,

    I knew I was going to lose this week as I had tough matchups and my stud was banged up.

    However, I would have had a good sweat tonight if Romo did not throw that lucky late touchdown. Dang.

    In other news, AD came out of the game feeling fine and the hammy looks good, Rudi Johnson seems to have taken over the starting job in Detroit so I still like my chances overall.

  97. Goldminers said,

    Would have been no need to worry. I’m expecting a big game from the Chargers D tonight and a win.

  98. Goldminers said,

    The Chargers D delivered as expected. Now if we can just fix the special teams.

  99. danielbalc said,

    I’m excited about the big early season game that puts me up against the only undefeated team in the league.

    I would say something about how 3 different teams have tried to defeat the miners except a breakdown of the contests shows that no teams have put forth any type of effort against him.

    Week 1 the miners backed into a 56 to 54 victory when the Oakland defense gave up so many yards to Denver that they went negative 2 points.
    Week 2 was a legitimate 127 to 97 victory. Legitimate even though his opponent Ted had just 65.5% efficiency rating and could have won the game with the right starting lineup.
    Week 3 was the miners most improbable victory as DTF’s studs, McNabb and Peterson put up a whopping 18 points allowing the miners to gain a 93-53 “W”.

    So here’s my chance to make parity the name of the game once again and give every team an L in just week 4.

    Projected scores favor Nature’s Finest by a ridiculously high 50 points (158 to 108) The largest disparity so far in this short season.

    This makes me nervous as the projected scores haven’t been too accurate this year (12 out of 21 so far but week 1 had 6 out of 7 correct).

    I consider this game a prime time showdown comparable to if the Denver Broncos (a lucky 3 and 0) were matched up with a “could be contender” like the Pittsburgh Steelers. And with a big time monday night matchup of his top WR and my Defense it could come down to the wire.

    One thing is for sure, I’m going to leave it all out on the field.

  100. Goldminers said,

    That’s the beauty of FFL. Stats, projections and history mean absolutely nothing. If your team doesn’t perform that week it allows even a “powerhouse” like the Miners to steal a win.

  101. danielbalc said,

    Good effort miner, but not good enough when you’re up against Nature’s Finest!

  102. Matt said,

    Just put a bad beat on Andy in case you missed it.

    McNabb needed to complete a 12 yard pass to a reciever other than DeSean Jackson on the last play of the game to give me the win. Thank you Reggie Brown.

    Of course I could have avoided all the trauma had I just started Delhomme.

  103. danielbalc said,

    I was watching the DTF vs Lightening match. Unbelievable final sequence of the game.

    When the last pass went to the air I totally thought the ball went to Jackson but as the player scrambled unsuccessfully to get out of bounds I saw his jersey and realized Matt had just pulled off one of the more remarkable victories of the year.

    This is the second time Andy has lost in heartbreaker fashion. First week of the season he went down when his defense allowed over 400 yards for minus 2 points on Monday night. He lost by 2.

    So not only does Andy name his team after the Chargers and make the cornerstone of his team LT, like the Chargers, but he gets bad beat losses, like the Chargers. Oh irony.

    Meanwhile Nature’s Finest put up ridiculous numbers yesterday and has a legitimate shot at breaking 200 if the Pitt Defense steps up tonight.

  104. danielbalc said,

    No 200 but Nature’s Finest is the first to break 500 and is poised for another big game this week. Once again first place is at stake come sunday.

    Meanwhile in the football pool picks please note that the winner of 3 of the first 4 weeks has been the same team… Nature’s Finest. That means…
    Paul owes me… 15 (-1)
    Rob owes me… 15
    Ted owes me… 15
    Carl owes me… 10
    Jeff owes me… 10
    Andy owes me… 5
    and I owe Lance… 5

  105. Pablo Honey said,

    You know what’s crazy? Through 4 weeks of fantasy play I have received a total of -2 points from my starting QB, even though between the 2 QB’s I have started this year have scored 25 total points combined. How is this even possible? I am incredibly lucky to be 2-2 at this point.

    Now that the Colts offensive line is getting healthy again I expect Joseph Addai to be back on top of his game. I desperately need Carson Palmer to get back in the lineup and keep playing like he did against the Giants. And what’s up with T.O.? He needs to start playing like he was the first 2 weeks. My squad is full of apparent busts this year, if they can get it going soon I will be in good shape.

  106. danielbalc said,

    yeah you are lucky, but not quite as lucky as goldminers who are 3 and 1 while having more points scored against than for.

    I’m proud of the team I have assembled so far. The only negative is that I spent so much on Colston and I am getting nothing from him due to his injury, but more so because I have 3 or 4 other great recievers. I wish i would have invested in a Clinton Portis, a consistent if not flashy points machine.

    But I rise and fall on Drew Brees. If he struggles I’m done. (Knock on wood).

  107. danielbalc said,

    Last week nature’s finest was This week? INSANITY

    Projected score 155 to 79

    how is that even possible?

    see comment #42

    luck of the draw 😉

  108. Charleston Goldminers said,

    Last week was a bad week for the Goldminers. Ran in scoring machine. Congrats to Nature. A solid team performance. Why can’t Larry J keep his mouth shut. Maybe KC would have kept the ball away from him and kept losing.

  109. danielbalc said,

    Nature’s Finest is on a roll.

    Both my starters and my bench scored 110 points yesterday.

    (I still have my starting QB and a bench WR and a bench RB to go).

    110 would beat all but 2 other teams.

    I do feel a little thin at RB with LJ being a crap shoot. So if anyone would like a top 10 WR I’ve got 3 and would be willing to negotiate a trade.

  110. Matt said,

    Well my team decided to take the week off.

    McNabb put up his worst performance of the year by far against a team he has owned in the past, go figure. I am going to have to give serious consideration to starting Delhomme depending on matchup from here on out.

    J Stew did not get in on TD party against KC which is amazing considering he has been a TD machine this year.

    I alway have 2 recievers that put good numbers each week the problem is they are different every week and thus far I have been unable to start the correct pair. Operator error.

    Oh well had a started Delhomme and Driver I would be a favorite to win with AD going tonight.

  111. Matt said,

    Well I guess my Tight End won’t be playing this week.



  112. danielbalc said,

    wow. oh the humanity

  113. danielbalc said,

    other sites call it an “undisclosed illness”

  114. danielbalc said,

    i would have considered him the biggest bust of the fantasy year but I guess “bust” isn’t the best word.

  115. danielbalc said,

    105 to 85
    85 to 165
    126 to 53
    193 to 115
    129 to 63
    118 to 138
    101 to 122

    That is how the highest scoring team in the league drops to 7th place

  116. Pablo Honey said,

    I’d say I am the winner of toughest loss so far this year. All I needed was 3 more points from Dominic Rhodes and he gets tackled at 1 inch line and then stupid selfish Peyton Manning decides to QB sneak instead of handing off for the TD on the Colts last offensive play. Brutal.

  117. danielbalc said,

    stupid selfish Peyton Manning

    hahahahha. How was the sneak a stupid selfish play? because it didn’t help your fantasy team? hehe

  118. danielbalc said,

    While in the NFL we have reached the half way point for most teams in the FFL we are just pat it. So now is a perfect time to talk about how my two fantasy teams are doing.

    Lets start with the team that I described in comment #5
    This team, Sumo Kun, started out going 0-3 but has stormed back into contention by winning the last 5 in a row! Of course when you take a look at my top 6 picks you can see why I started so bad.
    1. (4) Joseph Addai RB- Bust and now injured
    2. (17) Willis McGahee RB- Injured but now improving
    3. (24) Marques Colston WR- Injured until week 8
    4. (37) Steve Smith WR- Suspended first 2 games now dominant
    5. (44) Darren McFadden RB- Bust (Dropped) Added Steve Slaton
    6. (57) Marc Bulger QB- Bust (Dropped) Added Kyle Orton
    7. (64) Chris Cooley TE- Decent
    8. (77) Donald Driver WR- Decent
    9. (84) Jake Delhomme QB- Helped to save me
    10. (97) Vincent Jackson WR- Good
    11. (104) Todd Heap TE- Bust (Dropped) Added Jason Elam
    12. (117) Indianapolis DEF- Bust (Dropped) Added SD
    13. (124) Nate Kaeding K- Decent
    14. (137) Tampa Bay DEF- Good
    15. (144) Darren Sproles RB- Dropped Added Chris Johnson

    I’ve made a relatively small 8 moves in this league (they have unlimited moves allowed) and have essentially saved my season with two players… Steve Slaton and Chris Johnson. These two have been the best rookie RB’s and have kept me in contention while Colston heals. Now my starting lineup is…
    Orton or Delhomme (depending on matchup)
    Johnson, Slaton or McGahee (depending on matchup)
    Smith, Colston, Jackson

    Of course this week all three of my WR’s and Delhomme are on a bye. So I’m about to be 5-4 but that’s not too bad considering how I started.

    And then there is the league I care about. The team i broke down in comment 18

    QB- Drew Brees (42) I predicted him to be an MVP and he is playing like an MVP
    QB- Jeff Garcia (3) Dropped tp pick up Lance Moore in when Colston was injured. Really good move.
    QB- Kyle Orton (1) Big Surprise. It’s nice to have him as a back up.
    RB- Willis McGahee (28) Started slow but is doing well now.
    RB- Larry Johnson (25) What the heck are you doing LJ?????
    RB- Steve Slaton (6) Just like I figured. Surprise rookie RB of the year.
    RB- Chester Taylor (5) Why won’t AD get injured?
    WR- Marques Colston (30) It was tough waiting for him but the next 2 guys helped.
    WR- Greg Jennings (6) STUD
    WR- Lee Evans (5) STUD
    WR- Hines Ward (5) Done well in limited starts
    TE- Tony Gonzalez (3) Very good for a very bad team
    TE-Marcedes Lewis (1) Only start of the year was a good one
    K- Niel Rackers (2) Not as good as I had hoped
    K- Lawrence Tynes (1) Dropped for Matt Prater.
    D- Jacksonville (2) eh
    D- Pittsburgh (2) Done well

    Hurricane Ike hurt me in week 2 but it ended up helping my lack of depth at RB because I don’t need to worry about Slaton and McGahee having byes. They start every week. They are adequate.
    Brees, Jennings and Evans have carried my team and even though I have scored a 100 points more than the next guy (976-876). I’m in third place at 5-3! I have the second most points scored against me at 839.

    So even though i thought I would catch some breaks with players on their bye’s and such it hasn’t exactly been as favorable as I would have thought.

    So there you have it 2 teams at 5-3. One has been mostly lucky to get where it us and the other has been mostly unlucky to be where it is. Weird.

  119. Pablo Honey said,

    Here is my breakdown of my LWC team (the only one that really matters to me.)

    QB 1: Carson Palmer $20 *dropped week 8*
    Biggest QB bust of the year.

    QB 2: Troy Smith $1 *dropped week 2*
    No chance of playing.

    QB 3: Chris Redman $1 *dropped week 3*
    Unfortunately Matt Ryan is playing well so Redman never had a chance.

    QB 4: Kerry Collins $2 *Added week 3*
    Started 3 times for a total of 4 points, his yardage totals in the weeks I started him: 189, 199, 193 You can’t make stuff like that up

    QB 5: Marc Bulger $8 *Added week 8*
    I am stoked about this pickup. Sure Bulger was a bust early this season, but he scored 25 points for me in his first start for my team. To put that in perspective I had 16 points TOTAL from my starting QBs through the first 7 weeks of the season.

    RB 1: Joseph Addai $64
    Biggest RB bust of the year. I am holding onto him but he has almost been dropped a couple times. See WR2 below to see why I haven’t.

    RB 2: Clinton Portis $31
    Savior of my team. I would be SCREWED if I didn’t have him. I am 3-5, nearly 4-4 because of him. Best RB in the league by a bunch.

    RB 3: Ahmad Bradshaw $1
    Has had some good weeks but of course not when I started him.

    RB 4: Jacob Hester $1 *dropped week 3*
    Hate him for now.

    RB 5: Michael Bush $1 *added week 3, dropped week 8*
    Started him once and got 8 points.

    RB 6: Dominic Rhodes $10 *added week 8*
    Lucky to get him. Got me 12 points last week but his inability to move the ball 1 more inch into the end zone cost me a victory.

    WR 1: Terrell Owens $38
    Came out looking like a stud but hasn’t scored in 3 weeks, need Tony Romo back!

    WR 2: Santana Moss $4 *dropped week 2*
    Biggest mistake of my season, costing me big time. I dropped him after week 1 because Jason Campbell looked like the worst QB in the history of the world and he has come back to score the most points for WR since. Just to rub it in my face he scored 44 points against me last week, as if he hasn’t hurt me enough already.

    WR 3: Kevin Walter $1
    Is averaging over 10 points a week but I started him twice for a total of 0 points. This is a recurring theme for my WR2.

    WR 4: Devin Hester $1
    Started him once and, SURPRISE! He didn’t score. Still on my bench.

    WR 5: Chansi Stuckey $1 *Added week 3, dropped week 6*
    Started him twice for a total of 6 points, yay!

    WR 6: Domenik Hixon $4 *Added week 6, dropped week 8*
    Bummed about this pick because I wanted Steve Breaston but got overbid and got Hixon. Started him once for…. 0 Points! For those who have lost track that is a grand total of 13 points combined from my WR2 through 7 weeks, which brings us to…

    WR 7: Donnie Avery $6 *Added week 8*
    Finally! A WR2 performs and I make what looks like a good roster move. Avery puts up 3 points and keeps me in my week 8 matchup. It remains to be seen if he can keep it up but over the last 3 weeks he has averaged 22 points per game. I like the Bulger-Avery connection I picked up, especially considering their upcoming schedule (Arizona, NYJ, 49ers, Dolphins, & Cardinals, Seahawks, 49ers if I can make the playoffs)

    TE 1: Kevin Boss $2 *dropped week 3*
    Never started him and he hasn’t done much all year.

    TE 2: Donald Lee $1
    Haver started him 4 times for a total of 21 points. Stinky.

    TE 3: Anthony Fasano $2 *Added week 2*
    Started 4 times for a total of 18 points. My TEs suck.

    K 1: Josh Scobee $1
    With the changes to the kicker scoring this year all kickers are pretty even.

    K 2: Robbie Gould $1
    With the changes to the kicker scoring this year all kickers are pretty even.

    DEF 1: New York Jets $1
    Have produced as expected.

    DEF 2: New Orleans Saints $1
    Have produced as expected with flashes of brilliance (started them the week of Bush’s 2 punt return TD’s) Need Bush back.

    Overall I feel like I am very lucky to be 3-5, I’ll need to go at least 4-1 over the last 5 weeks to have a shot at the playoffs and I am playing 4 of the top 6 teams in the league and the top 3 socring teams. Yikes. If Bulger and Avery can keep it up and T.O., & Addai/Rhodes can step up their game then I feel like I still have a chance. This has been an incredibly disappointing year as I (and the majority of voting league owners) thought that I had the strongest team starting out. Bleh.

  120. danielbalc said,

    You did get stuck with Addai and Palmer busts. But the premature dropping of Moss was far and away your biggest mistake.

    Patience. It’s the only reason I still have Taylor. I keep my fingers crossed waiting for AD to go down with injury.

  121. Goldminers said,

    Goldminers are fading fast. Help, I need a QB…and RB and a WR. I would pick up Shawn Hill but he has a bye this week. Brad Johnson is a bust. Tony Romo with a broken pinkie would be better than Brad Johnson. The Chargers D is, yes, really really bad. They are hereby benched. I’ve tried to stay loyal but I can’t ignore my backup…the Giants. Chris Cooley and Wes Welker are my only two consistent scorers at this point.

  122. Pablo Honey said,

    After analyzing my scores I determined that if I had Santana Moss I would still only be 4-4 (the difference coming last week). I would however be higher in the standings because I would have more points scored.

  123. Matt said,


    McNabb and Delhomme have both been good all year and I have no problems here. Now that Westbrook is back McNabb should start to dominate again.


    AD has been decent but not spectacular although I feel his best is yet to come and look forward to some monster games down the stretch.

    My Jonathan Stewart pick is looking bad at this point. He had a chance early in the year to wrestle the starting job away from Williams but Williams managed to save his job with a clutch perfomance and now the RBBC is in full effect. He has not been terrible but is not the consistent play I need.

    However, I do have Pierre Thomas who should be getting the bulk of the carries for the next few weeks as Deuce better get suspended and Reggie is out. This could save my season.


    I am actually getting what I expected out of this unit and that is fine. Antonio Bryant has been a nice surprise, Donald Driver is solid, Randal El is decent and Eddie Royal is also decent. The trick has been starting the right guys every week.


    Kellen Winslow has been a big bust this year, although the whole Cleveland offense has been, but I wish he would just keep his mouth shut and play football. Hopefully his swollen balls are behind him and he can put up some numbers down the stretch.


    Vineiteri is terrible, I really missed on this pick, but I found Rian Lindell on waivers and plugged him in and he should give me solid outings from here on out.


    Chicago’s defense has been pretty good this year even without Hester getting into the act on special teams. I look for him to get a few returns down the stretch for me.

    Overall I am 4-4 won some close ones and lost a few I should not have. I am in good position to make the playoffs if my team can rise up and play like they are capable of down the stretch.

  124. danielbalc said,

    The Chargers D is, yes, really really bad.

    ah ha! the truth comes out. It’s a fantasy bias that taints your perspective of the Chargers.

  125. Goldminers said,

    Maybe a little…but they still stink. Can they turn it around? Time will tell. They do have a much easier schedule from here to the end.

  126. danielbalc said,

    Here is another strange FFL stat for you guys.

    After 8 weeks there have been 8 games decided on Monday night. Here are the records of the teams involved in Monday night games.
    Nature’s Finest -0-2
    Frightening Lightening 1-2
    Mr Sunshine 0-1
    Fudgy Biscuits 0-1
    I’ve had it up to here 1-0
    Sopranos 1-1
    Ted 1-1
    Mia Mamma 2-0
    Goldminers 2-0

  127. Goldminers said,

    What do you mean by involved. I had LenDale White going this last Monday but I still lost. So I couldn’t be 2-0.

  128. Matt said,

    ….And you forgot my defeat of your dad on the last play of an Eagle Monday nighter.

  129. danielbalc said,

    i shouldn’t have said “involved in”, because clearly a lot of teams are involved in monday night games.

    I meant to say teams where the team leading going in to a monday night game ended up losing.

    That’s why Matt’s isn’t up there either because he was leading going into the game and he won when it ended (on the last play of the game, 2 such games on the year for Matt).

  130. Goldminers said,

    Ok, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about my team. A catastropic change is about to happen that will turn my team around. 🙂

    Much like firing a D coordinator and replacing him with a conspiring linebackers coach.

  131. danielbalc said,

    Add Cedric Benson to the list of Jeff Garcia, Mewelde Moore and Braylon Edrwards as stud Fantasy Fill-in’s who have dropped my team to 5-4.

    Didn’t matter though my team put up a big time bomb yesterday. Worst game of the season. I had high hopes for Kyle Orton vs the Detroit D, but wouldn’t you know it he goes down with an ankle injury.

    Meanwhile in my other league my team has won 6 in a row after a terrible 0-3 start (provided Roethlesberger doesn’t throw for 3 or more TD’s and 350+yards).

    I am now in a tie for first place!

    the ironic part is that this team is much worse than my LWC team. I am just getting really lucky. This week my score of 64 is only good enough to beat 1 out of the 11 other teams.

    so bizarre.

  132. Matt said,

    144 points.

    I feel like the Chargers, poised for a big run after a relatively slow start.

  133. danielbalc said,

    1051 points.

    I feel like the Chargers, leading the league in scoring but have to win out to make the playoffs.

  134. Matt said,

    Its a team game, you need all 3 phases working well to win. Fix your defense.

  135. Charleston Goldminers said,

    “A catastropic change is about to happen that will turn my team around.”

    Gotta love Joe Flacco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 27pts… Goldminers are still alive.

  136. Matt said,

    This is a make or break week for me.

    I am playing one of the top teams in the league (at least by record) and have the toughest lineup questions I have had this season. If I get it right I will win.

    Do I bench McNabb going against the Giants on Sunday night in favor of Delhomme against the Raiders? Tough call.

    Do I start Ryan Torain against the Browns on Thursday night or stay with Jonathan Stewart against that same bad Raiders team?

    Torain should get more carries than Stewart but will he do more with them. He is a complete unknown.


  137. danielbalc said,

    Clearly you go Delhomme over the raiders. CLEARLY

    You start every single possible player against the Raiders. No doubt about it.

    Going up against Lance simply means you will have a bad game (teams against him average 76 PPG). Going up against me you will have a good game (teams against me average 105 PPG).

    So you aren’t really hoping for your team to do well, just for his team to do less well.

  138. Matt said,

    Well I made the right calls on my lineup and put a whooping on Lance.

    My squad is operating on all cylinders right now. All Day is destroying defenses, McNabb is great, Eddie Royal is a beast, and Winslow will have a resurgence with Quinn under center.

    Big game this week against the highest scoring team in the league. Just win baby.

  139. danielbalc said,

    i made all the wrong moves and still won easy. looking at the logjam at the top of the league I’m feeling pretty good about these last 3 weeks where I play 6-4 DTF followed by 3-7 lightening and 3-7 sunshine.

    should be interesting this week

  140. Matt said,

    My opponent already has his lineup submitted and I have major question marks and only a few hours to decide.

    Do I start BJGE against the Jet’s good run defense tonight, Jonathan Stewart against the terrible Lions or Jerious Norwood against the terrible Broncos?

    BJGE should get the most carries of the 3 but who will actually put up the best numbers?

    Also it is a toss up between Donald Driver and Antonio Bryant this week.

    I love FFL.

  141. danielbalc said,

    Your opponent has been dying to see what lineup you will put in. It’s driving him crazy!

    At the same time your opponent has changed his mind about his RB’s which 2 of these three…
    The finally off suspension LJ vs the woeful NO run d
    The only got 4 carries last week Steve Slaton against the poor Indy run d
    The finally had a break out game Willis McGahee against the good Giant run d

    Then my WR mess…. Which 2 of these 4?
    Marques Colston against the Chiefs?
    Lance Moore Against the Chiefs?
    Lee Evans against the Browns?
    Greg Jennings against the Bears?
    All four are going to be played in bad weather. yuck.

  142. danielbalc said,

    BTW if Benjarvis Green-Ellis was a baseball player wouldn’t have have to play for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? He could play shortstop and Maurice Jones-Drew could play second…

    Jones-Drew shovels the ball over to Green-Ellis who steps on the bag and ends the inning for the Los Angles Angels of Anaheim. This inning has been brought to you impart by Daimler-Chrysler, Promotional consideration paid in part by Chase/Manhattan Washington Mutual savings and loan international Investment brokerage bank and insurance house.
    And now lets listen to this performance of “God bless America” as performed by Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

  143. Matt said,

    I am leaning toward benching BJGE tonight and making my final decision later in the week between Stewart and Norwood. (leaning toward Stewart as long as he practices all week).

    The weather will be nasty in Foxboro and the Jets have a great run defense.

    Please don’t go off for a great game BJGE, okay thanks.

  144. Matt said,

    I cracked up when The Huddle glossed BJGE “The Firm” in their progonstications this week.

    ….Ben Jarvis Green Ellis & Associates can help you with your bankruptcy case, call today!

  145. danielbalc said,

    You should bench AD and go with “the Firm” and Norwood

  146. danielbalc said,

    No matter who you start I doubt you’ll be projected higher than 160 points like Nature’s Finest is.

    Those projections are so lame. I have Marques Colston in LWC league and in a Yahoo League. In the LWC he is projected 31 points. In Yahoo he is projected 7. Huh? And the scoring is pretty much the same! bizarre

  147. Matt S said,

    I cannot decide what to do about my lineup.

    I feel like all 4 of these players should put up numbers this week, it is just a matter of who will do best.

    Donald Driver or Antonio Bryant????

    Jerious Norwood or Jonathan Stewart?????

    I have flip-flopped and am now starting Bryant and Norwood.

  148. danielbalc said,

    We are the two highest projected teams.

    This should be fun.

    I’ve gone ahead and made a risky change going with Willis McGahee against a very difficult NY Giants team instead of rookie Steve Slaton against a weak Indy team.

    Why? I don’t know. I am trying to figure that out myself.

    I guess it’s just a hunch. I feel like it’s about time my money guys earn their money

  149. Matt said,

    Think long think wrong.

    I second-guessed my initial lineup submission and it cost me a chance at a win. Had I stuck with my initial lineup (with J Stew and Driver) I would be trailing by only 6 with Winslow going tonight. A decent chance.

    Now I have to win out to get in, we shall see.

    BTW how many teams make the playoffs? And how are ties in record broken?

  150. Goldminers said,

    Top 6 make the playoffs. Not sure about the tie breaker. I think it’s head to head and then total points scored.

  151. danielbalc said,

    So much for projected points. DTF and NF were projected to score like crazy instead we scored like the Chargers on the east coast.

    Third time this season that my bench outscored my starters. I’m the Norv Turner of fantasy football coaches.

  152. danielbalc said,

    yeah tie break goes head to head then total points.

    right now Wences is ahead of me, lance and lynn because he has beaten all three of us. If you win out (beating wences) and lance, lynn and myself go 1 and 1 we will go to total points because I beat you, lynn beat you and you beat lance. So the chaos is solved in total points.

    For how closely contested those 6 playoff spots are there aren’t very many “win or go home” matchups…

    In fact almost everyone is simply playing spoilers…

    Next week Matt plays Carl in a win or go home.
    Last week of the season…
    Matt plays Wences in a win or go home.
    Val plays Lynn in a win or go home.

    The only other match up of two possible playoff teams is Lance vs Ted next week. It’s a must win for Lance but not for Ted.

    Weird season.

  153. danielbalc said,

    Since the real football season seems to be all but over I guess I will turn my attention to Fantasy land where….

    My yahoo team improves to 8-4 and 4th place out of 10 teams. This team is dog lucky. The 845 total points I’ve scored is 7th in the league but one more win in the next two weeks and I make the playoffs!

    Meanwhile in the league I care about…
    My luck continues as Andy puts up his second best week of the season thanks to 38 points from Trent Edwards. I’m convinced that had Brady Quinn not been hurt last week he probably wouldn’t have even started Edwards. He did and his team scored a remarkable 117 points (they averaged 88 ppg coming in).

    I haven’t lost just yet but I need 44 points from Drew Brees, and 2 of the following 3 receivers… Greg Jennings, Marques Colston and Lance Moore.

    I get the feeling that whichever guy I leave out is going to be the one who scores the most points. (Actually that is somewhat true already as I benched Lee Evans and he scored 16, a total I would gladly take from 1 of my receivers.

    NO pass defense sucks so I think I have to go with Jennings.
    GB pass defense rocks so I am leaning towards Moore as the slot reciever getting the underneath passes.

    I am tempted to put all my eggs in one basket and go Brees, Moore, Colston figuring that those 3 will account for 80% of NO’s offensive production.

    Anyone got a suggestion?

  154. danielbalc said,

    How impressive was Trent Edwards 38 fantasy points?

    In his previous 6 games he had a total of 43 points!

  155. Goldminers said,

    How impressive was Tony Romo yesterday. 41 points. Good to have him back. Although it was a push since Paul had TO.

  156. danielbalc said,

    Nothing too surprising about Romo putting up 40 plus against a weak SF defense on the road.

    I honestly think Edwards 38 in KC has to be the biggest surprise of the season. When a Defense or a RB or WR has some crazy game with 2 or more long TD’s you are impressed but know that those can happen on any given sunday. QB’s are relatively consistent with their point totals. Even joey harrington and matt cassel with high totals have had good games earlier in the year. Edwards previous best was 17!

    And what is up with Larry Johnson… 7 rushes for 81 yards! How can he only run 7 times?

  157. danielbalc said,

    All my worrying for nothing. I should never doubt Drew Brees (57). When he hit Moore (34) for the 70 yard TD I was up and dancing realizing that I was within 4 points. Next thing you know it’s Jennings (21) with a TD and the route was on. Last night my team scored 8 TDs!

    totaled up to a whopping 186! (second highest league total all season).

    I’ve clinched playoffs in both leagues. With a little help next week I can finish in first place.

    Ok a lot of help…
    1. I have to win (over doug)
    2. Lynn has to win (over val)
    3. Paul has to beat Ted
    4. I have to score within at least 78 points of Ted (I am pretty sure that’s a lock).

    Would be sweet. But I am happy making the playoffs after getting shut out last year.

  158. Matt said,

    I have an outside chance of sneaking in I do believe.

    I need to win and score a decent number against Wences and I need Val to lose or at least have a bad points game so I can catch her. If that happens I should be the top scorer with my record and get in.

  159. Goldminers said,

    I need Val to lose too!

  160. danielbalc said,

    me too

  161. Save For Retirement said,

    I want Val to win!!!!

  162. Goldminers said,

    I also want Save for Retirement (aka Ted) to lose…Come on Mr. Meaner, help us out.

  163. Goldminers said,

    Nature Finests catches a break playing Mr. “no” Sunshine “this season”. Regardless, Nature is still strong having scored fewer than 100 points only 3 times this season.

  164. danielbalc said,

    So much for a break going against MR Sunshine. Brian Westbrook likes Turkey and puts up 40 points! I always get my opponents A game.
    He also got 16 from his kicker to put me a 32 point hole before Sunday rolls around.


    On a positive side even though Pablo’s QB stunk Kurt Warner had merely an average game (20 points) so Mr Meaner does have a chance!

  165. Goldminers said,

    My QB came through again with another top-notch performance. To bad I didn’t start Lendale White. I could have used his 27 points. But I’m still in good shape as long as my starting running backs continue scoring like the last few weeks.

  166. Matt said,

    Let’s just end the season now and forget about Sunday’s games.

  167. danielbalc said,

    Who would have thought that tonight’s game of the texans vs the jaguars would have so much impact on the FFL season.

    the way I see it 7 teams could be effected by what happens tonight.
    Right now the seeding is…
    IN Ted
    IN natures finest
    IN goldminers
    ? mamma mia
    IN DTF
    ? Lance

    I’ve had it up to here needs goldminers to beat Mamma Mia
    fudgy biscuits can’t get in.
    magic kingdom has to win by more than 19 to bump lance

    If goldminers beat Mamma Mia then Mamma is OUT and Goldminers gets second place (unless natures finest can score big with Slaton and pull out a crazy come from behind victory). That allows Carl to get in.

    If Magic Kingdom can score over 19 points and win then they are in and Lance is out

    And I can still win first place IF…
    1. Steve Slaton gets over 23 points
    2. Goldminers pull out a win.
    3. this one is great… Kevin Walter scores over 47 points!

    if all three of those happen then I am dancing.
    I would be happy with second and a first round bye but even that could be tough as it means Lynn has to lose to mamma and has a very legitimate chance of winning with his kicker going and only trailing by 7

  168. danielbalc said,

    and i need Marcedes Lewis to get a TD plus 20 yards to win in my yahoo league

  169. Goldminers said,

    I believe Mamma still has Andre Johnson going tonight. Goldminers winning is a long shot.

  170. Matt said,

    Just glad to be a part of the dance…..time to get hot!

  171. danielbalc said,

    What a beautiful way to end the regular season.

    Going against my Dad for nothing but bragging rights I expected a walk in the park. Instead he got the #1 QB performance, the #2 RB performance and 33 points from his defense (35 was the number 1). He put up a whopping 151 points ( 57 points above his average)!
    Things looked bad for Nature’s Finest and Dad was letting me have it all day. Telling me how he would at least have this victory over me to gloat about for the entire offseason.

    and then…

    The Steve Slaton show! 130 yards rushing 50 receiving 2 TD’s = 39 points! to give me an improbable come from behind 168 to 151 victory. WOW. it feels soooo good.

    Nature’s Finest is on fire. I wish I didn’t have a bye next week.

  172. danielbalc said,

    OK so when i saw the playoff standings today I was upset.

    the seedings are
    BYE- Ted (10-3), Daniel (9-4)
    3. Lynn (8-5)
    4. Matt (7-6) 1270
    5. Jeff (7-6) 1228
    6. Wences (7-6) 1154

    Meanwhile Mom (1349), Lance (1231) and Carl (1183) all are left out at 7-6

    How did Mom and Lance get left out with more points than Jeff and Wences?
    Lance even beat Jeff head to head!

    allegedly the tie break is winning percentage vs teams with the same record so Matt, Jeff, and Wences are each 3-2 while Mom, Lance and Carl are both 2-3 vs the other 5. But this does not seem fair at all.

    Even the standings settings say….
    1. Winning Percentage
    2. Head to Head
    3. Total Points scored.

    This clearly to me says that the three 7-6 teams to make the playoffs should be the 3 highest scoring 7-6 teams… Mom, Matt and Lance

  173. danielbalc said,

    If we went by the power rank (which I think is a completely unbiased indicator of team strength) the three in would be… Mom, Matt and Carl.

    If we went by Winning Percentage against everybody (which is a good way to see who lost by virtue of bad luck) the three in would be… Mom, Jeff and Matt.

    But we should go by total points because that’s how everyone understands it and should be… Mom, Matt and Lance

    This doesn’t effect me personally because my position is secure but I think it would be completely unjust for Mom’s team especially to be left out of the playoffs when it is clearly the superior team over Jeff and Wences’.

  174. Matt said,

    I have always assumed and have always remembered the tie breaker to be total points if head to head cannot decide it.

    When did this change?

    This is going to be a problem and needs to be addressed next year and should have been addressed at some point this season if the commish knew this was not the case anymore as I feel everyone else assumed the same thing I did.

  175. Goldminers said,

    I see Nature had an off week. Too bad I didn’t play you this week. Goldminers had a solid week except for the QB (2 pts). I will most likely need a better performance from my QB next week when I go up against the high scoring Nature. Good luck next week.

  176. Matt said,

    Well my season came crashing down yesterday as my team laid a semi-egg and ran into a well above average effort from my opponent.

    I was disapointed that McNabb only mustered 10 points although the windy conditions at Giants stadium were less than condusive for passing.

    I was really disapointed in the effort All Day gave me against the worst rush defense in the NFL. He should have been able to put up 30-40 points and instead I only get 16.

    And then there was Matt Schaub coming off a 4 week layoff with a bum knee. He should be rusty, right? Well at least they are on the road playing on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, right?

    414 yards and 2 TD’s later he hangs 44 on me and I am crushed.

    Good game me, see you all next year. Good luck those who are still in, as you will need it.

  177. danielbalc said,

    I could really use some luck as the schedule is not too kind to me this week. My star QB will be throwing in snow flurries in Chicago. My star RB will be doing his best get yards against the Tennessee D. And my WR’s have bad weather as well.

    And the worst of all situations is that I may have to disregard my principles and start 2 players against the Chargers, something I have only done once in the past two seasons of fantasy football!

    Meanwhile my opponent has several favorable matchups like… Chirs Cooley against the Bangles, Wes Welker against the raiders and Muhsin Muhammed against the Denver pass D we all know and love. Lendale White gets to pound houston and Ryan Grant will get healthy on the Jaguars weak run defense.

    It looks like the end for nature’s finest.

  178. Matt said,

    Well to add insult to injury, if I start Antonio Bryant instead of Driver (something I have done many times this year) I pull out a win.

    Nice coaching sir.

  179. Goldminers said,

    I’ll take all the help I can.

  180. danielbalc said,

    Terrible second guessing going on in my mind for tonight’s game.

    First of all my 2 QBs are playing each other. Drew Brees and Kyle Orton. The first obvious selection is Drew Brees because he has been amazing but the game will be in chicago in snow flurries which makes me thing Orton may be better prepared because he gets to practice in it.

    Then there is the terrible WR debate. Should I go with Marques Colston or Lance Moore?

    AHHHH that’s such a difficult call.

    OK I am probably 99% starting Brees, but I will live the WR call up to you people. Tell me who I should start please!

  181. Goldminers said,

    Tell me who I should start at WR. Muhsin, Santonio Holmes, or Derrick Mason. Wes Welker is a given. He’s solid week after week. Santonio and Mason are going against each other. Both solid defenses. Muhsin is going against the weak Denver defense but he has been a very low scorer for me are year except for one week.

  182. danielbalc said,

    I had figured you to start the terrorist. I was shocked to see you starting Holmes against the Baltimore D and I think there is no way you can go with Mason.

    The projected scores have both games looking pretty tight. It should be fun.

    I really wish the Saints weren’t playing tonight. I hate the fact that I will have such a huge percentage of points already on the books when it comes down to Sunday.

    I really wish I had a Monday night player just to hold on to some kind of hope. There is always a chance to get 30+ points out of someone and it makes MNF worth watching.

  183. Goldminers said,

    It benefits me very little having your QB go tonight. I’ll know how much of a hole I in come Sunday but it shouldn’t influence who I start. Historically, Mason and Holmes both scored points in their earlier meeting this year. Mason had 137 yds and no TDs and he’s had 50+ yds and 1 TD each of the last two games. Holmes had 61 yards and 1 TD and he’s had 50+ yds 3 of the last 4 games. Muhsin has been over 50 yds once in the last 7 games. He only had 38 yds against the Radduhs. So you see my dilemma.

  184. Matt S said,

    Chicago finally does something on special teams and Pierre Thomas has a monster game.


  185. danielbalc said,

    Well I got what was projected out of Drew Brees at 17 and a decent game from Colston at 20. I am so glad I chose Colston over Moore who got 0. I was close to getting nothing until Drew found Colston for an 11 yard TD with just 5 minutes left in the game.

    I am of course terribly disappointed that the saints didn’t get the ball back in OT because I feel like I lost at least 5 or 6 points.

  186. danielbalc said,

    and 17 points is 10 below his per game average and the third lowest score Brees has had all season.

    Things are shaping up swimmingly for Lynn to grab that upset victory.

  187. Goldminers said,

    I don’t know if that’s possible now that Romo and TO are feuding. I still need my team to step it up a notch. Like I’ve always said…it’s all luck.

  188. danielbalc said,

    Well it wasn’t Nature’s Finest’ finest week scoring just 109 points, but it was enough to hold off Lynn’s lackluster 84 and move me into the superbowl for the first time in Fantasy history!

    (I also managed to squeak out an opening round victory over Albino in yahoo league.)

    I’m very pumped up about next week with league MVP Drew Brees facing the Detroit Lions! And sleeper of the year candidate Steve Slaton facing the 30th ranked Oakland run defense!

    Will I be facing Jeff or Ted? Tonight’s Monday Night game is going to be huge with Jeff looking to get 12 points to sneak his way into the super bowl for the second year in a row.

    Ohhh the anticipation!

  189. Goldminers said,

    Congrats on the victory.

  190. Goldminers said,

    Congrats on your FFL Championship.

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