22 things I learned from 22 innings of baseball.

April 18, 2008 at 10:33 am (Sports thoughts)

Last night my wife and I went to the Padres vs. Rockies. This morning we got home. Here is some knowledge I picked up along the way…

22. Tony Clark may be a good pinch hitter but now we know why he’s not a starter. (1 for 8 with 4 k’s)

21. Jake Peavy may be the best pitcher in baseball right now. (8 IP, 4 H, 11 K’s)

20. Jeff Francis pitches so well against the Padres. (but then again it seems like a lot of guys do.)

19. I think this is what would’ve happened had the umpire made the correct call way back in October.

18. Both teams allowed just one earned run apiece in 22 innings. I think that’s a combination of great pitching to start the game and tired legs at the end.

17. That being said Wilfredo Ledezma actually looked pretty good in his 5 innings.

16. Glendon Rusch finally had a good outing, but I think the Padres should option him back to Portland and recall Shawn Estes. The Pads are going to need a fresh arm and you won’t be able to keep Estes in the minors much longer, he’s throwing the ball very well.

15. I love my wife. She’s amazing. My wife isn’t a big fan of baseball but she went with me and stayed for the whole game. If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

14. People get hungry late at night. This one is a little strange for me because it’s not something I experience. I rarely eat anything after 9PM and was quite satisfied with the nutrition that my Ruby’s Parmesan fries had given me when I finished them off in the 4th inning. But by the 18th inning the crowd around me (Athena) was quite restless. And to make matters worse every concession stand in the stadium was closed except for 1. When a brave group of 3 fans came stumbling back to the seats with about 10 hot dogs I thought we were going to have a riot. Thankfully we were in tight with one of the guys and he shared with my wife a giant Randy Jones Hot Dog with mustard and relish. While I nearly puked she gratefully devoured it and was in a much better mood for the final 4 innings of the game.

13. Alcohol isn’t the only contributer to profanities. As a rule they stop selling alcohol at the 7th inning stretch, which means by the time the 21st inning stretch rolled around everyone who was still there had had plenty of time to sober up. Of course everyone feels kind of drunk around 2 AM and since most of the security guards and ushers had already gone home no one was too concerned with monitoring it.

12. Along those same lines comes the big screen camera operators who were bit a too slow to realize what a group of college-age guys were up to went they bent over as soon as the camera got on them.

11. That many innings and that few runs this early in the season means batting averages drop like a lead weight. Brian Giles started the night above .330 but after a 1 for 9 evening he’s at .298. In fact even the mighty Rockies lineup is down to just 2 regulars batting over .300 (Padres have just 1).

10. Trying to keep score gets very difficult in extra innings. Last season I made it a habit to keep score during the game. I really enjoy it and appreciate the knowledge it gives you that a lot of people might miss. (For instance on Tuesday night I went to the game and the friend I was with didn’t even notice Wolf hadn’t given up a hit and I sure wasn’t going to say anything.) OK so a “no-no” is a bit more obvious one thing I noticed last night was that after Jake’s “Texas leaguer” in the second the Padres hadn’t got a runner on base until Greene got a single in the 10th. In fact that was only the third ball hit out of the infield since the second inning (two fly ball outs were the others). Anyway, I stopped keeping score in the 15th. There was just no more room on my card.

9. I’m really bummed that we didn’t get to see Greg Maddux pitch. By the time we got to the 20th inning I thought there was a very real chance he would come in for an inning or two. How awesome would that have been for his 350th career victory to be in relief in a 22 inning game? Oh well.

8. The Padres fans need their own distinct rally cheer. For some strange reason almost all the fans stood up in the 20th and began to wave their arms up and down like that scene from Angels in the outfield. It makes sense for the Angels, but for the Padres? Oh well we still did it. It didn’t help.

7. Jim Edmonds went 0-5. He didn’t enter the game till the 10th inning.

6. Trevor Hoffman got a hair cut. And to let us all know how close a shave it was he got his outs the most exciting way possible. On fly balls hit as far as they can possibly go without being home runs. I love Trevor. He’s awesome.

5. Even though I was griping at the gate about them being “sold-out” of Park passes and having to pay $10 for my tickets I think I got my monies worth. (But I am still really ticked off about this corrupt “day-of-game” pricing that the Padres stick to their fans. It makes me spitting mad).

4. As far as I’m concerned Paul McAnulty earned his way off the team. I’m not a big P-Mac guy. The fact that he is on our team instead of Gerut really bothers me, and last night was the reason why. P-Mac doesn’t play smart. He led of the 13th with a double but was out by a mile when he tried to turn it into a triple. That’s as dumb as you can get. Now I’ve said many times that I won’t fault a guy for hustling but this one was really hard to not find fault in. And then to make his night even worse he can’t hit a fly ball with the bases loaded and 1 out in the 14th. Yuck.

3. I feel a certain sense of satisfaction having stayed throughout. I’ve always insisted that I will never leave a game before it’s ended. It’s just not in my make up. I don’t get people who leave early, at least in a regular 9-inning game. I totally understand people leaving early in this one. After midnight the big screen showed some little kids playing in the sand. That’s crazy. I don’t know how they were awake for one thing but that their parents didn’t take them home. wow. As for me I feel like I have proved my fanhood.

2. The fans who stayed for the long haul had a great time. I’d say there were about 2,000 people left by the time Glendon Rusch took a strike and ended the game. Every one of them will have a story to tell and a memory to enjoy.

1. Baseball is the best sport in the world. I heard some idiots on ESPN arguing about how baseball should add some kind of “sudden death” to prevent these kind of games from happening. Jerks. The beauty of baseball is that it could conceivably go on forever. Heck, we all sing “I don’t care if I ever get back” and I for one actually mean it.



  1. Jess Thompson said,

    OH Dude! I was there!!!! That was the best, or would have been if McAnutly wasn’t so blasted stupid. We were in right field screaming at Brad Hawpe for 6+ hours — it was a thing of beauty! I was sitting there thinking I bet some other crazy member of my family is here — funny stuff!

  2. Matt said,

    3 Things I Learned from 22 innings of baseball (on my couch and then in my bed).

    1) The Padres have enough issues scoring runs that I think it will prohibit us from making the playoffs unless moves are made.

    2) We have the best overall pitching staff in baseball and I can see a civil war breaking out in the dog days of summer if the O-fense (as Rick Majerus says) does not start pulling its own weight.

    3) I was glad I was not there with my wife because it would be the last game she ever attended if I made her stay to the bitter end and that would have been a tough choice 🙂

  3. danielbalc said,

    Jess, I totally saw you while were leaving by the Padres parkade. I thought it might be you but wasn’t in the mood to stop and chit chat. Sorry.

    BTW we were in right field as well, in the porch and heard your chants quite clearly throughout (see #13). hahaha

    I’m with you I can’t remember having a better time at a game the Padres ended up losing. In fact I enjoyed that game more than some Padres victories.

    Matt, I ain’t scared about the offense. I know people love to push the panic button but it’s way early for that. Once the Padres get on the road and out of the West we are going to score our fair share of runs.

    As for moves being made the only one I see is P-mac being sent packing and Headley being called up mid-may. Other than that what exactly do you want to do with the offense?

    Which position player can you see sent packing?

  4. Albino Hayford said,


    Was Athena just as enthralled with the loooong baseball game?

    Did the concession stands eventually shut down and send their employees home?

    Did they stop playing loud music eventually because of noise codes?

  5. Matt said,

    I don’t really expect any major moves any time soon obviously. We just need better execution out the guys we have with RISP. We can’t single every team to death and it asks alot to get 5-6 hits an inning to score 1 or 2 runs.

    I still love our pitching and a little more production from the O and we will be fine.

    Nothing like a trip to the desert to awaken the bats……

  6. Athena said,

    Hot dog was nice, but a beer would’ve been better.

  7. Aaron said,

    Hey Daniel, Toronto Aaron here . . . I went to bed after the 16th inning (only internet updates, it gets pretty boring)–and keep in mind it’s three hours later here, so I was just reading a book and clicking ‘refresh’ every ten minutes for five hours up to around 3am or so. I only saw the McAnulty thing as an internet update and it still made me want to scream.

    As soon as I saw the box score I knew you had been there . . . I could feel it. My father once wen to a double-header at Shea stadium where the first game went 20 innings and they ran out of food and the plumbing in the bathrooms stopped working . . . and then they had to play a second game!

    Gutsy effort by Maddux last night, 7IP and 9ER to save the bullpen that must have been napping all night long. That’s why it pays to have real veterans on your staff.

    P.S. How is Headley doing at AAA? I know I could look it up, but I thought you might be hearing something.

  8. danielbalc said,

    Was Athena just as enthralled with the loooong baseball game?

    Did the concession stands eventually shut down and send their employees home?

    Did they stop playing loud music eventually because of noise codes?

    Not “just as enthralled” but like everyone who stuck around (officially they say about 5000) she had fun. It was like living a blooper.

    Most concessions stands closed down and most employees went home. All the walking around vendors were long gone. Like I mentioned we could only find one stand open in the whole ball park.

    We talked about the noise. There are some new condo’s built overlooking the ballpark and anyone who lives there must have been miserable. They were playing songs like “after midnight” and “I wanna rock and roll all night” and “Ain’t goin’ down till the sun comes up.” etc.

    Also both teams had to pay a hefty fine for their charters leaving past the noise curfew (3AMish)

  9. danielbalc said,

    Hey Aaron

    Dude, you need to pony up and buy MLB extra innings or whatever package it takes to watch the games online. That’s seriously crazy.

    Headly is off to a slow start you can see here…

    But he’ll still get a chance this year, and if they do with him what they did with Kouz I think he’ll be ok.

  10. danielbalc said,


    You should have seen the broadacst of last night. Maddux had to insist to be put back in the game. It looked like he was shouting at Black. Black is wayyyyyy to sensative to pitch counts (this comes from being a former pitching coach I’m sure) He told Randy Wolf that the 7th would be his last inning “no matter what”. meaning he was taking away his opportunity for a no no.

    But Maddux is the one guy who has enough clout to tell Black how he will be used. It was pretty impressive. Maddux has never done well in AZ ( I think last year he got his first win ever there) but he sucked it up big time. Big game today, I think the offense will get rolling.

  11. Out of thin air said,

    It was so nice to see balls flying out of the ballpark, hit in the gaps, line drives, balls hit out of the infield, somebody getting a hit with runners in scoring position. Now if only the Padres could figure out how to do it. Shssh! It’s pathetic. It’s going to be a long year.

  12. Anthony said,

    “9. I’m really bummed that we didn’t get to see Greg Maddux pitch”

    You could have caught him on TV the next day. He did a great job!

  13. danielbalc said,

    Over the weekend I heard some rumors of even more incredible feats than Aaron’s late night “refresh” session.

    One fan from Alabama watched the entire game and then went to work at 7 AM. That means he officially was in bed for a max of just over 2 hours.

    I was shocked this weekend to talk to so many local yocals who stayed up watching the game on TV. I was also comforted to find out that my good friend Carl Parry Jr. was at the game throughout (even forcing his wife to stay).

    Way to go.

  14. Matt said,

    You could have caught him on TV the next day. He did a great job!

    I laughed.

    We are only 4.5 games out with 145 or so to go, I think we are still in this thing.

  15. danielbalc said,

    I laugh at how often we criticize blemishes in the ultimate game of attrition.

    Baseball, more than any other sport, is a game that goes to the one with the feweset mistakes, more so than going to the one with the most successes.

    There will be much more to criticize than to compliment in each and every ball game. Every 9-inning game will feature both teams having at least 24 outs. I have never seen a game where either team had 24 hits.

    While you can go ahead and mock Maddux for getting lit up, I (like Aaron in comment #7) applaud his performance. Obviously he got beat, but his 7 innings of work allowed a very tired bullpen to get some deserved rest. In 162-game season efforts like that can be much more valuable than a 5 inning shutout (like his previous start before).

  16. danielbalc said,

    Bold Prediction!

    So far the Padres offense has struggled to score runs. This of course leads to the inevitable cacophony of irrational statements on sports radio, blogs and in face-to-face conversations.


    “The Padres offense is terrible, there isn’t a single player on the team who can hit, they should all be replaced by minor leaguers.”

    (That would be my Dad speaking)

    Anyways in watching the trouncing that the Padres got at the hands of the Astros yesterday I was greatly encouraged to see a couple of positive signs and think that this is it. By “it” I mean this is the spot where the Padres turn the corner.

    The biggest contributer to the Padres missing the playoffs by one game last season was that they never were able to sustain a winning streak of any substantial length. That could be for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest are games like yesterday where your 5th starter gets matched up against an opponents ace.

    Well I think the Padres are long overdue for a winning streak and I believe it begins tonight with none other than Jake Peavy on the mound.

    I predict an 8 game winning streak for the Padres between April 22 and April 28. This is an especially bold prediction considering some of the potential match up’s consider…

    Thurs (24) Linncecum vs Young
    Sat (26) Owings vs Germano
    Tues (29) Maddux vs Hamels

    There is also a Randy rematch on Friday and a CY young winner battle on Sunday.

    Such a winning streak however seems plausible to me based on the Padres hitting a few more line drives and their bullpen getting settled down and back in control.

  17. out of thin air said,

    Your dad is mostly right. I would only add to his one statement…”there isn’t a single player on the team who can hit in the clutch.” An eight game winning streak?? Which team are you talking about? Even though they should win tonight there is no gaurantee that they will score enough runs for Jake. Remember last week? 22 innings and only 1 run.

  18. danielbalc said,

    Funny you should add that clutch comment in there thin air because the stats actually indicate the opposite of your understanding.

    The Padres paltry .239 team average shoots up to .271 with runners on and then skyrockets to .357 with the bases loaded (second best in the NL).

    a 22 inning game that produces just 1 run is certainly going to hurt your team numbers this early in the season (ask the Rockies who still have just 2 regulars batting over .300). So I prefer to look at the individuals stats and see if there is any reason to expect an increase or decrease in his performance. I expect every Padre with the exception of Jim Edmonds to have a better year than they had last season.

  19. Beth Ward said,


    We took our friends to their FIRST professional baseball game ever in San Francisco at the ‘Stick and it went into extra innings. There were about 15 people in our group and almost everyone left after the 10th. Our friends drove their car to the game and we talked them into staying (Uncle Paul never leaves before the end) and the game went on and on . There were fireworks after the game. By the time the game ended, there were hardly any fans left and they opened up the gates so that we could all go onto the field to watch the fireworks. We stayed for that also. Since we live about 2 hours away from the ball field we got home at 3:30 a.m. I don’t know if our friends ever went to another game – that may have been it. It was fun though.

  20. Matt said,

    We have no margin for error because our offense is anemic.

    Trevor is atrocious.

    We are not a good baseball team.

    That is all for now.

  21. Pablo Honey said,

    I will post exactly what I texted Daniel at the end of tonights game:

    7 batters to the plate… 1 run. Our offense is BAD.

  22. danielbalc said,

    I’m not going to deny that things are bad, they are, in fact they are worse than I imagined was possible.

    But the reason it feels so bad is because we all know this team is much better than this. We are playing so far below our potential it’s not even funny.

    But that’s also the positive. OK so you’re off to a slow start, but the talent is there. Top to bottom, 1-9 this team should be winning much more frequently. And I’m absolutley positive that it will. They will break through this funk. They will start game-planning better, taking better approaches, making better pitches. They have in the past so they will again.

    All of this feels eerily similar. Oh yeah I remember… you people sound like all the Chargers naysayers.

  23. Anthony said,

    “On fly balls hit as far as they can possibly go without being home runs. I love Trevor. He’s awesome.”

    Opposing teams love him too!

    You know, the 22 inning game has really sent the Padres into a funk. Since then they are 1-5 and now in last place. Of course you know this, but I find it odd that you enjoyed the 22 inning game even though it has hurt your team.

    And as far as taking the first initial of a players name the first syllable of the last name goes, I think it’s getting old. P-MAC? First, this should only be reserved for players who are actually known by people other than their family and a few fans. Second, I think P-ANUL might be more fitting for this guy.

  24. danielbalc said,

    Trevor is atrocious.

    I don’t think so. I think he’s righted the ship. He’s making good pitches, throwing good stuff. The homerun last night was totally a strategy mistake. They had Molina in the hole 1-2 early and he was fouling off a bunch of outside pitches. That’s good, that’s where you want to throw it because he doesn’t have the power to get it out to right and he doesn’t have the speed to stretch a single into a double anywhere. So pitch him away.

    And then all of a sudden I see Bard set up inside and I immediately thought of the pitch Cla Meredith got burned on earlier this year.

    Why throw him down and in if he’s burned you there before and he can’t hurt you away?

    I don’t know who chose to go there, Trevor, Bard, Black or Balsley but it was an awful decision. I’m guessing they thought he was going to swing over the top of it but it was almost like he knew it was coming or at least was hoping it would be coming.

    Either way I feel good about Trevor he’s throwing strikes and the ball’s moving. That’s where he struggled earlier but those woes are behind him now.

  25. danielbalc said,


    That’s a great nickname for him.


  26. out of thin air said,

    Always the optimist D-Balc. But we are going nowhere with the current outfield. And as much as I like Kooz he shouldn’t be batting in the cleanup spot. Let’s see if KT makes any moves soon. They historically do play better in May.

  27. danielbalc said,

    But we are going nowhere with the current outfield.

    If you’re counting P-ANUL in that “current outfield” description than I agree.

    I am satisfied with Giles performance so far. (.288, 2 HR, 14 RBI)
    I’m disappointed with Edmonds slow start (.190, 1 HR, 5 RBI) but I’m willing to give him at least a month considering he’s a seasoned vet with established numbers that he will probably replicate.

    As for the Hairston/P-ANUL platoon, that needs to be blown up. Hairston is a good 4th outfielder and should remain in the role. P-ANUL doesn’t belong on the roster. I am pretty sure they are just maintaining until they call up Headley in May but I hardly think that will make a huge difference considering his struggles in Portland.

    I will continue to trumpet the name of Reggie Willits who is just sitting on the Angels bench doing absolutley nothing because he can’t crack their billion dollar outfield of Andreson, Gurrero, Hunter and Matthews Jr. Who could?

    Trade for him, have him leading off and lets score some runs.

  28. Matt said,

    As far as the pitch Trevor threw to give up the home run, I am 99% sure it was supposed to be low and outside and he missed with location. I have not re-watched but I will to make sure.

    He also misssed with location on the the pitch to Wynn which he just got under or that would have been in the seats or in the gap as well.

    This has been his problem all year. He does not have nearly the command we are used to seeing and without command he is terrible because his stuff is lackluster at best.

    Honestly, has Trevor had a 1,2,3 inning all year? Has he had a save where he did not let a runner get into scoring position first?

    We have problems and this is where a manager needs to step in and earn his salary. Make the changes necessary.

  29. Matt said,

    …See here that the pitch was meant to be low and outside and he once again missed terribly with location.

    I liked Matt Vasgersian’s call except for the part where he says, “Oh my…..Bengie Molina is becoming a real problem this year” should say, “Oh my…. Trevor Hoffman is becoming a real problem this year.”


  30. danielbalc said,

    As far as the pitch Trevor threw to give up the home run, I am 99% sure it was supposed to be low and outside and he missed with location.

    Bard looks like he’s set up right down the middle not outside.

    We have problems and this is where a manager needs to step in and earn his salary. Make the changes necessary.

    This I completely agree with. Bruce Bochy has the same record with a fraction of the talent.

    Bud Black has been worse than the players this year.

    He never calls for hit and runs.
    He doesn’t manage the bullpen well (how can a guy be allowed to walk 3 straight and still stay in the game?)
    The defense seems out of position often.
    If he’s the one calling pitches he’s got a lot of explaining to do.
    But most of all he isn’t motivating this team. This team is way too good to have this poor of a record.

    That being said it’s very early and I think I said the same kind of stuff about Black at the beginning of last season and then he got the team going.

    I am not worried about the Padres because the starting rotation is just too good for us to not be in contention all season.

  31. danielbalc said,

    Hoffman is the least of this teams problems. Unless you put him into the overall category of “bullpen” but he’s just a part of the bullpen and so far no one in the pen has been immune from criticism. They’ve all had bad outings. Every single one of them, whereas this time last year not one of them had even given up a run.

    The chances of the entire pen forgetting how to pitch in just one off season seem pretty slim.

  32. Bruce S. said,

    But the reason it feels so bad is because we all know this team is much better than this. We are playing so far below our potential it’s not even funny.

    Is this really true? I say watch out if they go into a slump. And I request Mr. Balcombe to apply some of his statistician’s skills to the situation. How many of the Padres hitters are batting below their career norms. I’d bet not many – and not much below. Giles is about right. Gonzalez is settling in to a .280 hitter. Edmonds is so far from his peak years that no stats are meaningful. Greene is not much off his norm, although his power hitting numbers are down and he started the season on fire. (Maybe they took him off the B’hai juice). And what can you say about all the other ragtag hitters. Not much. I do know that you’ll never hear the word “upside” when talking about P-ANUL, Harriston et al. And Kouz is actually Ty Cobb compared to last year at this time. I don’t know much about the dude from the land of the rising son.

    So, being a realist, I say if these guys actually start slumping, things could get ugly. Honestly, though, the thing that is most worrisome for a Padre fan is that the pen is not what they were last year. It’s just an amazing turn-around. Toss in the standard starting pitcher injury or two, and who knows, 100 losses? More?

  33. danielbalc said,

    You call I answer. You, “being a realist”, means you have to admit this is a team that is playing way below average.

    Batting average (Career Ave in parentheses
    Giles- .288 (.293) right on.
    Iguchi- .209 (.272) considerably down
    Gonzalez- .298 (.284) slightly above
    Kouzmanoff- .281 (.270) slightly above
    Greene- .214 (.253) down
    Edmonds- .190 (.286) way down
    Bard- .243 (.273) down

    But this is the part where it gets obvious that the Padres are slumping
    Slugging pct.
    Giles- .463 (.515) Down but can be attributed to age
    Iguchi- .244 (.411) whoa
    Gonzalez- .524 (.489) slightly up meaning he’s improving as he gets into his prime.
    Kouzmanoff- .365 (.439) hmmmmm
    Greene- .286 (.438 ) are you kidding me?
    Edmonds- .276 (.528 ) I’m going to be sick.
    Bard- .286 (.407) yuck

  34. Matt said,

    Bard looks like he’s set up right down the middle not outside.

    I disagree, but what we can agree on is he was not set up low and in and that was where the pitch went thus missing with location.

    Hoffman is a big problem because he is THE leader on this team and when he sucks he is going to have a hard time motivating the other players to pick it up.

    It is hard to say, “Come on guys we have to play better, excecute better and be more focused” when he goes out there and blows every save chance he has.

    This is a big series this weekend with the Dbacks if we get swept we will be 10 games out and a long shot to win the division. Nuff said.

  35. Bruce S. said,

    Thanks, Daniel. Nice work. This shows a lot. There is some hope.

    Unlike the D-Backs, though, who are loaded with young guys hitting well and a pitching staff at least as good as that of the Padres on paper, our offense is stocked with guys who are old and been traded around a bit, or fringe players who have been traded around a bit, and a few others who have been traded around a bit. Only Greene is homegrown and his hitting gets worse each year. If it weren’t for Tower’s miraculous trade that landed Gonzalez, we’d be in a world of hurt.

    I blame it all on you ticket buyers. Quit doing that if you want the home team to get better. You’re sending a message to Moores that all is well in Mudville.

    Blessings to all.

  36. danielbalc said,

    The starting staff is great and will continue to be great.
    The bullpen is scuffling but this is probably an aberration. It’s highly unlikely that the bullpen will end the season with an ERA above 6.

    Gonzalez, Kouzmanoff and Greene should keep improving.
    A healthy Giles is a slightly above average outfielder.
    Iguchi and Edmonds are both having to make a big adjustment from hitting in the central and east with it’s band box ball parks and mediocre pitching to playing in the west with it’s pitcher friendly parks and above average pitching staffs.
    Bard without Barrett is going to get worn out.

    left filed is an issue and has been for a number of years.
    I’ve offered a reasonable solution to the problem spot but all i hear from other “fans” is asinine garbage like, “they all stink, we should trade for A-Rod”.

    The D-backs are on a roll the Pads are in a slump. But just because a team is young doesn’t make it better, neither does a team that’s old become automatically worse (and I don’t know why we think age is the Padres problem when only Iguchi (34) Giles (37) and Edmonds (38 ) could be called “old”.)

    Outside of Iguchi you can’t even call any of the guys “journeymen”.

    It’s just very difficult for me to look at this roster objectively and speak negatively of it. I look at the career numbers and the reasonable expectations and I can’t write this roster off.

    Realistically speaking.

  37. danielbalc said,

    I blame it all on you ticket buyers. Quit doing that if you want the home team to get better. You’re sending a message to Moores that all is well in Mudville.

    Philosophically speaking I agree with this principle. But sighting my above evaluation of the team I don’t think Moores needs to “spend more money” to make the team better. I think this is a great team that has a legitimate chance at a championship.

  38. out of thin air said,

    Why isn’t Gonz hitting cleanup? He has the highest slugging pct. Because Black is doing a terrible job of managing. Yes, there are other problems but all them together add up to a very subpar performance from the Pads.

  39. Matt said,

    When does training camp start?

    This team is unwatchable and flat out terrible.

    Maybe they turn it around, but wow, just wow.

  40. Anthony said,

    Great game by Chris Young.

    Justin Huber is awesome! He must have Brian Wilson on his fantasy team! 3 pitches and 3 whiffs! This is major league baseball correct?

    Since when did Greg Maddux become a pinch runner? Is he a fast runner or is Black trying to throw the game?

    Padres offensive stats (truly offensive)
    3rd worst in runs
    2nd worst in average
    2nd worst in slugging
    2nd worst in strike outs

    After tonights game the above stats only get worse.

    I wonder what Moore’s stats are with this downtown development????


  41. Bruce S. said,

    Like I said, if they go into a slump, watch out.

    3 pitches and 3 whiffs

    At least he swung. Last year I saw a guy strike out on three pitches and he watched all three. And he adjusted his wrist band between each one.

  42. danielbalc said,

    Man it’s getting painful.

    I have to give some credit to Bruce Bochy and what he’s managed to do with his team. He sure is getting the most from the least. As for Bud Blacks team. They are getting the least from the most.

    I don’t even see how it’s statistically possible for this lineup to score this few of runs. In fact I put together some freaking crazy numbers to wow you as to how bad this current slump is.

    Consider… In comment #33 I showed how the 8 “regulars” on the Padres lineup are below their career BA and considerably below their career slugging. Today I look at a less scientific but still quite frightening numbers. Runs scored. Not RBI, but actual times these 8 guys touched the plate last year (not on average for their careers). Now you have to keep in consideration that these numbers don’t count any non-starter, left fielder, pitcher, pinch hitter or pinch runner (although they do include numbers not acquired on the Padres in Edmonds and Iguchi but I don’t think you’ll find they were too proficient anyways).

    Giles- 72
    Iguchi- 67
    Gonzalez- 101
    Kouzmanoff- 57
    Greene- 89
    Edmonds- 39
    Bard- 42

    That’s a grand total of 467 runs. A season without any extra inning games lasts 1458 innings. Meaning just those 8 guys above scored every 3.12 innings played.

    Last year the Padres team actually scored 741 runs in 1485 innings (One run scored for every 2 innings of play)

    Looking at those above numbers really makes you scratch your head when you see that during the last 4 home games the Padres have scored a total of 6 runs in 53 innings of play. That equals out to one run every 8.83 innings.


    Again I find it difficult to attribute this to age or a dramatic decline in talent. Even if you want to blame it on petco park consider…

    Last season we scored 323 runs at home in less than 720 innings meaning at home we scored every 2.4 innings (compared to 1.74 on the road)

    It’s just an incredibly depressing slump that these Padres are in.

    I liked what Jim Edmonds tried to do last night with the squeeze bunt, but it just barely rolled foul.
    I continue to dislike P-ANUL and his antics in left field (you could clearly see Edmonds calling for the ball). At the same time as I dislike him Scott Hairston got on my bad list with his inability to get a fly ball with the bases loaded and 1 out.

    And one thing I’ve noticed is that when Adrian takes all the burden on himself he fails to excel. It’s like Pao Gasol when he was in Memphis; he just couldn’t be “the guy”, but put him in LA where he’s the #2 guy and he’s incredible.

    Same situation with Adrian. Last season when Milton Bradley came in and started to act like “the guy” is when Adrian was really on fire.

  43. danielbalc said,

    Since when did Greg Maddux become a pinch runner? Is he a fast runner or is Black trying to throw the game?

    Really good question. I can understand using a pitcher as a pinch runner but I think Maddux has to be the slowest of the 4 starters sitting on the bench ( Wolf, Germano and Peavy). And considering the magnitude of what he represented it’s even more disturbing.

    That would’ve been prime the prime opportunity to attempt a double steal consider…

    Iguchi on second, ____________ on first, 1away down by one.

    If you try a double steal and Iguchi gets caught going to third you still tie the game with a base hit. If you execute the double steal you’ve got a good chance for Giles to tie the game with a sacrifice or even get us ahead with a knock. But once Greg Maddux came out to pinch run for Clark that idea was flushed down the toilet.

    Black needs to do something. Maybe a little bit of a tirade. Just lay into the players instead of telling them how hard they are playing and how they’re all doing a good job. Or get himself tossed by an ump. He had a great opportunity to with the bogus foul ball call in the same inning. Or he could’ve been out there arguing calls with the AAA fill in behind home plate. He’s got to do something to try and motivate this team.

  44. danielbalc said,

    Hitchhikers know…

    Don’t panic

  45. Matt said,

    Over\Under 75 wins this year????

  46. danielbalc said,

    Is that a serious bet? Like a burrito bet? I will take that over for sure.

  47. Matt said,

    booked. I hope I lose.

    Reverse psychology as motivation in full effect.

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