Why I will not vote for Barak Obama.

February 8, 2008 at 8:51 am (Politics thoughts, Sports thoughts)

Secret provided this link to a very well made, very inspirational, very moving and energizing Barak campaign video. The only problem with it is that it is also very shallow…

I kept waiting for the blank to be filled in, “yes, we can ______________”

And then it came… “Yes, we can, the opportunity and prosperity.”

um ok? Don’t we have that? Don’t we have limitless opportunities and prosperity that is the envy of billions of others?

But wait, then the song breaks into a chant of “we want change, we want change!” So now we don’t want opportunity and prosperity?

It sounds like we want to change away from opportunity and prosperity.

Inspiration can only get you so far. Give me substance.

I know some musicians and talented video guys. Maybe we can use this link to help us write up a song that will tell the American people something more than “yes, we can” maybe something like “what we can” and “why we can” and “how we can”.

Or maybe a link to this page that tells people what Obama actually voted on regarding can’s and cant’s.

This video shows that Barak has reached out to the whiny, undisciplined, narcissistic MTV generation that NEVER wants to hear “no, you can’t” or “no, you shouldn’t”. All they want is entitlements and hand outs. That’s why they want Barak.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is a High School Senior at a little school in a tiny town called Fernley, Nevada.

Kevin, more than anything in the world wanted to play Division I college football. See nobody from his high-school had ever gone on to play Division I. In fact nobody from his town had ever accomplished anything. But Kevin believed in himself!. He believed, “Yes, I can”. He believed what he had been told from the time he was a little boy playing in his backyard, “Kevin, when you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you.” He KNEW that, “There can be miracles, when you believe.” And Kevin was able to say with confidence, “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.”

Kevin carried the HOPE of “Yes, I can” everywhere he went.

He took his hope, his belief, his I-can-do confidence with him to school everyday. So he wasn’t that surprised when his dreams started to materialize. His dream of one day being the first Fernley high grad to play division I College football was becoming a reality. He was getting all kinds of phone calls from all kinds of huge universities! He was being recruited! His top two choices came down to Oregon and Cal. Two of the best universities in all of Division I football. WOW!

His family, his school, his town were all so excited. If Kevin can achieve his dreams, so can we. They organized a press conference in the school gymnasium. There Kevin sat with an Oregon cap to his left and a Cal cap to his right. Which one would he choose? The anticipation was palpable, the energy in the room, electric. Hart looked at both caps and then, holding back tears, he picked up the Cal hat and placed it on his head. Standing up he raised his fist high into the air, this wasn’t just about his dreams, it was about the dreams of every American. Yes, we can.

The only problem with this story is the fact that Kevin Hart was never actually recruited by Cal, nor by Oregon, nor by any school. Kevin Hart is a liar. Kevin Hart intentionally and willfully deceived EVERYONE he knew. In his own words,

“I wanted to play D-I ball more than anything. When I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I made up what I wanted to be reality”

In other words, Kevin Hart was simply a “believer”. He is what we are producing today. Narcissistic, undisciplined, selfish, dreamers who believe they are entitled to have whatever they want. They believe they deserve it.

And what is more, the news reports depict him and his story as “bizarre” and “exceptional”. It’s NOT. His story is our story. Evidently most columnist haven’t been to High School lately. I’ve known dozens of people (not just kids) who have told me equally haughty “half-truth’s”. Maybe they haven’t taken it to the extent of Mr. Hart but they have certainly told me their perceptions of reality which are miles from the actuality of the situation. Haven’t you also experienced this?

In fact the situation is so prevalent that his fellow classmates are confused about how they should respond to his lies.

“I’m disappointed, but I’m not angry. I texted him and told him that I stand by him” said Sean Lewandowski, a Fernley High junior who writes for the school newspaper.

Ok, ok, I guess we shouldn’t expect much from a 16-year-old, but surely adults will be outraged at this…

“Now that it’s over you just feel sorry for him” says Nevada’s Head Coach.

Just feel sorry for him? Are you crazy? I don’t feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for us! At what point do we acknowledge that constantly telling kids, “yes, you can” doesn’t accomplish ANYTHING? When will it dawn on the people that no matter how big and fantastic your dreams are they won’t ever happen until you learn how to do what it takes to make them a reality.

Dream’s don’t motivate like doctrine.

Hope doesn’t move people like “how-to’s”.

Believing in the impossible doesn’t accomplish anything like doing the necessaries.

Had this kid spent more time lifting weights, reading playbooks and running sprints he might have achieved his dreams. Instead he spent all his time telling new lies to cover the backs of his old lies.

Lies are tricky, they require a lot of effort; but then again, so does life.

I want change in this country, change back to the principles that made us great. Change back to adherence to the documents that shaped our way of life.

I want to change the tide of the “me-first” mentality that plagues our nation.

Barak Obama is the purveyor of undeserved rewards.



  1. danielbalc said,

    Kurt William Havelock, believed, “Yes, I can own my own business.” Until that evil corrupt Tempe, Arizona government refused him a liquor license.


  2. danielbalc said,

    Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton, believed, “Yes, I can park my commercial vehicles wherever I want.” and “Yes, I can stand up and shout in city council meetings.”


  3. 5najeras said,

    “At what point do we acknowledge that constantly telling kids, “yes, you can” doesn’t accomplish ANYTHING?”

    I have to disagree or maybe just clarify here. I think it is very important to tell people, especially kids, “Yes you can”. I tell my kids, “Of course you can”.

    I know that you know that, but what you might be meaning to say is that you can’t just leave it at that. I tell my kids they can do anything or be anything, not only because I want them to believe it, but because I truly believe it.

    But here are some things that I tell my kids along with the “Of course you can”s:

    1) God has blessed us, as his creation, with the ability to get smarter, and stronger, and more skilled. That’s how he designed us. So we need to remember, that anything we ever have accomplished or ever will, it is because of God’s doing. He gets the glory for you being talented or smart because it is His creation and his gift.

    2) You are going to have to work hard to get to where you want to be. Don’t expect handouts or for things to come easily. You HAVE TO work hard and make good decisions.

    3) Don’t give up. You can’t be a quitter. You have to have persistance.

    So along with these things, I think it is very important to tell people of all ages, “Yes you can “.

    Najera for President 2008

  4. danielbalc said,

    but what you might be meaning to say is that you can’t just leave it at that.

    see that’s the point, I meant exactly what I said.


    “constantly telling kids, “yes, you can” doesn’t accomplish ANYTHING”

    I don’t need clarifying, the “yes, we can” is what needs clarifying. (and you agreed with that by telling us what you attach to “Yes, you can”.)

    You’re proving my point. “yes you can” is only significant if it comes along with a “and here is how to”.

    Instruction over Inspiration!

    We are a country that has been inspired but not instructed. Barak is relying on inspiration. The impetus ought to be on the candidate to tell us HOW. And the How for this country was written over 200 years ago. Therefore it isn’t a matter of “change” but a matter of adhering and dong.

  5. 5najeras said,

    So you are saying instruction is more important than inspiration. Ok, that’s your opinion. I just think both are equally important. And I know that isn’t the heart of the issue of your post, I just felt like giving a little speech. It’s been a while.

  6. danielbalc said,

    And I’m grateful for it. It has been a while.

    I just figured you’d be with me on this one since Philip Rivers is such an inspirational guy and all 😉

  7. danielbalc said,

    wait a second, “equally” important?

    are you sure about that? I mean don’t you laugh to yourself every time you hear R. Kelley singing “I believe I can fly.”?

  8. Matt said,

    Kids that need to be inspired to doing things grow up to be adults that need to be inspired to do things. This country does not need any more weak-minded people that are waiting around for instruction.

    We need to cultivate within young people the ability we all have to be self-starters, self-motivators, inovators and hard-working people that are not looking for a free ride.

    Barack Obama and the Dems as a whole want people to be as dependent on the government as possible. They create a mindset of lackluster work ethic and laziness by offering hand-outs and creating a socialistic environment where everyone is entitled to the same benefits regardless of abilities and effort.

    We as parents need to fight against this mindset in the raising of our children by allowing them to be risk-takers, allowing them to fail and allowing them to learn on their own without our help every step of the way.

    Soapbox over.

  9. Albino Hayford said,

    Sad article about the young poser, but I don’t get your analogy to Obama or his followers. This kid was a narcisistic liar with some serious psychological issues, but he has more in common with people (some famous) who lie with no shame on their resumes than with Obama and Obamamanicas.

    Sometimes people will go to great links to appear greater and smarter than they really are. For example, if I told you a FACT — I was valedictorian of my high school class – you may be impressed, but would start snickering the moment I told you that my 1983 Good Shepherd Christian School graduating class totaled 6. I did redeem myself, however by scoring in the top .05 percent in the nation on my SAT test – GO EAGLES!!!

    No, this punk does not demonstrate the hope and idealism of the Obama campaign. Barack’s speeches have touched a chord with Americans, who long to get rid of “red” and “blue” state separations, “Black” and “White” divisions, and be one America, united by hope and idealism. That is a REAL longing, not some narcisistic selfishness. He has tapped into a powerful stream of idealism…this is not always a bad thing.

    Of course, when you get beyond the broad brush strokes, his solutions are the same old tired pablem of government solutions for everthing — “mommy and daddy” government to care for us from birth to death in the same old, failed socialist’s utopia. And throw in surrender in Iraq for flavor. And “talking” with despots as another lame solution.

    The solution is to reach that same group who long for unity and idealism, and reach them with an equally talented speaker. Is that man McCain? Excuse me while I vomit. I watched Obama follow McCain on network tv Tuesday night and it was like going from a corpse-viewing in a funeral home to a rock concert. Ugh…

    The further problem is that Barack is now waaaay more than just a candidate…he is a movement, a phenomena, a cult, into which everyone reads what they desire.

    There is nothing wrong with stirring oratory….I wish more people could pull it off…God knows I’m tired of being bored. We just need somebody to stir us to actions that will be CORRECT AND CONSTITUTIONAL. But the way things are going, the dems have all the energy and passion, and barring a juicy scandal or attack on America, the republicans are in for a whupping of Biblical proportions in November… “Beeeleee dat!”

    In conclusion….bad analogy between narcisistic punk footballer and Obama, but I agree with your conclusion.

    Am I becoming Echo?

  10. Albino Hayford said,

    In all fairness, I did come across a thoughtful Obama supporter, who defended his candidate in the face of a clearly hostile interviewer.

  11. Matt said,

    On a side note,

    The SNL crew has to be McCain’s biggest supporter as they will have a field day with his antics.

    Why can’t he move his arms like a normal human being? What is with the crazy laugh\smile he gives? And what is with the large cheek? Is he storing food for winter?

    I guess it is all remnants of being a POW.

    Watching him speak is great entertainment, who cares what he is saying.

  12. 5najeras said,

    Ok Matt. When Trevin gets a little older and says, “I want to be a soccer player when I grow up.” What are you gonna do, say “I’m sorry son. I cannot in any way encourage you or tell you that you can do it. Your gonna have to learn how to inspire yourself.”

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, if you went to Sondra one day and said, “I’m thinking about starting a mortgage business.”

    Wouldn’t you like it if she said, “I think you should go for it. You could be great at that!”

    Would you be weak minded then if you listened to that little bit of inspiration? Not at all. Inspiration to me, is another form of encouragement. I think both are good thing.

    “Kids that need to be inspired to doing things grow up to be adults that need to be inspired to do things.”

    I also think this is an irresponsible statement. I would say that kids that are inspired to do great things, achieve great things. I bet there are studies out there that back that up.

    You are unfairly attacking the whole idea of inspiration, because you seem to think that this is the root of the problem with this generation. I will agree that there is a problem with this generation, but I think the blame for it lies elsewhere. It lies with parents allowing their kids to be lazy, allowing their kids to be the parents, allowing their kids to get a mind set that there are things in life that they are owed or deserve, etc… But don’t say the problem with the kids today is because they are getting too much inspiration. I think you know I’m right, but you’re just too darned stubborn and argumentative to even acknowledge it.

  13. 5najeras said,

    PS. Sorry Daniel, I know this isn’t where your post was going…. But I’m sure you don’t mind your blog stats goin up. 😉

  14. Matt said,

    And, if you went to Sondra one day and said, “I’m thinking about starting a mortgage business.”

    Actually I have been the one encouraging her to start a bakery with one of her friends. 🙂

    Kids that need to be inspired to doing things grow up to be adults that need to be inspired to do things.

    Notice the wording here so we don’t put words in my mouth.

    I have no problem with encouraging kids or others to greatness. I have no problem with inspiring kids and others to do great things, but if they need this type of thing to accomplish their goals we have a problem. It can be a great aide in helping them achieve their goals, but should not be the only way they will achieve their goals.

    I do have a problem with parents who coddle and cater to their kids to the point where they are ineffective and unable to accomplish simple tasks without constant prodding (or inspriring or encouraging).

    Teach kids to self-motivate. It is an important quality to possess.

  15. 5najeras said,

    We need to motivate children to be self-motivated.


  16. Matt said,

    Check back with me in 10 years.

    ***Resume Obama thread****

  17. itsasecret2u said,

    I think there is a distinct possibility that Obama will win the White House this year… and I, for one, can’t wait. I’m excited to see what “we can” do. And I’m excited to see if it’s any better than what we “can do” now. Mostly, I’m excited to see what the Obamaophiles’ reaction to all this “change” will be.

    And holy-extended-vacation, Batman! What HAS Obama voted on in the last 6 months??

  18. Matt said,

    This is a good point. Everyone is a genius until they take their turn in the hot seat. Its about time the conservatives get a chance to rip each and every decision the President makes since we have been getting ripped for 8 years.

    Do you think somewhere in a back room Obama is wondering what the heck he is going to do if he actually gets elected? I get the sense he did not expect this to happen and now he is in over his head.

  19. danielbalc said,

    Glad to know that someone took the time to review Obamas voting record (or lack there of).

    I don’t know if any of you saw the headline today but Bush’s latest approval rating was down to 30%. The lowest ever.

    But if you think that is bad look at the approval rating for congress, 22%!

    And yet somehow people think that one of these 3 senators is going to do a better job than Bush?

    Doesn’t make sense.

  20. danielbalc said,

    Obama didn’t even give a yes or no vote for attorney general. How can someone holding 1 of 100 votes NOT vote for a position as important as attorney general and then have the audacity to encourage people like me whose vote counts for 1 of 100 MILLION to vote for him?

  21. danielbalc said,

    Sorry Albino but it seems your comment #9 got stuck in purgatory. I have released it as well as given you admin privileges so that you can release later spam-like comments.

    Now to respond:

    Sad article about the young poser, but I don’t get your analogy to Obama or his followers.

    It’s not an analogy between Obama and his followers. It’s a commentary on the direction of American youth and how Obama is targeting his campaign towards them.

    Obama’s agenda is to reach out to people with promises of accomplishing great things FOR them. (This isn’t exclusive to Obama it’s been a campaign strategy for decades).

    My point is that I’m sick of these type of agendas. They clearly don’t accomplish anything. I want more then vague promises of “change”. I want to know where we are going and how we will get there.

    But I am the minority. Our youth have been trained to expect things to be given to them or even earned by them with the minimum amount of effort necessary. From American Idol to the Lottery to the rise in Indian Casino’s to welfare. It’s an alarming trend of people seeking to get something without earning it. What is worse is that “greed” has transformed into “entitlement”. They don’t even realize they are lusting for more they actually believe they deserve it.

    If Obama wants my vote he will stop talking about generic “change” and start talking about actual steps. start talking about adhering to the constitution. Start talking about returning to the PRINCIPLES (a word “progressives” hate) and re-instilling a sense of hard work and dedication.

    I just don’t see that being an acceptable message to the group that Obama targets.

  22. RubeRad said,

    Concerning raising “inspired” kids, the answer is not to always, unreservedly tell them “Yes you can!!!”, which will simply set them up for devastation when they don’t. When they say “I want to be a soccer player”, or president, or garbage truck driver (what little boy doesn’t want to operate that awesome bit of robotic machinery!), you say, “That’s great! That is something maybe you could do, if that’s God’s plan for you. And let me tell you what it takes to get there — if you want to be a soccer player, you have to really love soccer, you have to practice all the time, you have to be disciplined, you have to have good coaches and you have to know how to learn from them, and in the end, yes, you have to have God-given talent. But if you put in all the work, and you love it enough, but you just don’t have the talent to go pro, you can certainly find a rewarding soccer-related career, such as working in the administrative offices of a pro team, coaching a high school team (or a college or even pro team), etc.”

    Of course, a two-year old won’t get much out of that speech…

  23. Echo_ohcE said,

    Obama has substance. He’s got lots of substance. He’s just not talking about it. He wants you to vote for him because he’s like a black Frank Sinatra. He wants you to fall in love with him emotionally, turning your brain off.

    But he’s widely known to be the most liberal senator in the senate. He talks about leveling the playing field, so that middle class and upper class pay comparable taxes, but what that really means is raising taxes on the upper class, which will accomplish nothing, so he’ll then have to raise taxes on everyone to pay for all the government bribes he intends to hand out.

    Furthermore, he’ll be happy to sit down with any mass murdering dictator-terrorist and have tea in front of the cameras and make a laughing stock out of the US across the world. Meanwhile, he’ll pull us out of Iraq because it’s popular, and then Iran will explode into a neo-Persian Empire, and he’ll just smile and say, “Yes we can.” But what he’ll mean is “Yes, Europe had better…” raise an army and fight them, because we aren’t going back. I’d recommend staying away from skyscrapers and crowds. In fact, better go to the country away from cities, because terrorists will get the message loud and clear that we no longer have the will to fight them, and that’s when they’ll unload on us. Look out world, here comes Obama!

    And let’s not so lightly dismiss his pro-abortion stance. He wants women to continue to have the right to put their little darlings to death, if their baby is inconvenient for them.

    So you want to know how “yes we can” gets completed with Obama’s substance?

    Yes we can…murder our children.

    Yes we can…pretend that global politics is a game with no consequences.

    Yes we can…pretend that raising taxes on the “rich” will generate a lot of money for the poor, when we’re really only going to raise the cigarette and gasoline taxes, which will deepen poverty for the poorest among us.

    Yes we can…make empty promises that we have no intention of keeping.

    Yes we can…put a black man in the oval office, and won’t that be a nice change? (Not that he’ll make life any better for blacks, of course.)

    Yes we can…expand government handouts, ruin diplomacy, trample justice, and lie through our teeth.

    Well, he’s probably right. He probably can, and he probably will.

    Come on, Libertarian party!

  24. Echo_ohcE said,


    You said: “Dream’s don’t motivate like doctrine.”

    Echo: I wonder what implications, if any, this has for the church? Surely this has some effect, no?

  25. danielbalc said,

    Surely this has some effect, no?

    I think it does.

    I’ve always felt it does. But it’s about balance as well. If you have the head but not the heart you’re just as insignificant as having the heart without the head.

    The John Piper quote that I look at every day says,
    “For too long we have belittled theology in favor of passion or belittled passion in favor of theology. We were created to know much about God and we were created to feel much for God.”

    I think I actually stole my political view’s from my religious views when I wrote this piece attacking our “gimmie” society.

    It applies to all realms. religious, political, family raising, career. Heck you could even make a case for this applying to our diets.

    There are tons of food’s that are good for you and taste terrible and there are tons of foods that are terrible for you that taste delicious. Which should we sacrifice? Neither. Get food that taste good and is good for you!

    I’m afraid Obama’s presidency may taste good to some but ultimately for the majority it won’t be good for any of us.

    How fitting that McDonalds makes it’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook Illinois.

  26. itsasecret2u said,

    Get food that tastes good and is good for you!

    You mean like Taco Bell?


  27. danielbalc said,

    I don’t trust the opinions of agenda based organizations or the FDA when deciding what kind of food is good for me. I go by my own experiences and the observations of the diets and lifestyles of those around me. (While I observe that the Franklins are a skinny bunch I also observe a strange fear or M&M’s in their children which makes me question the mental impact their diet has on them).

    Pretty much everything negative said about a certain food can be disproved by the latest “study”. I just heard on the radio yesterday that a recent study found that real sugar actually causes less weight gain than artificial sweeteners.

    So is Taco Bell good for you? I think that discussion is just as debatable as the question of whether or not Taco Bell actually tastes good.

  28. itsasecret2u said,

    haha Well, I guess we actually agree, then. The FDA is an agenda-based organization and “studies” can’t be trusted.

    BTW, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with instilling a healthy fear of artificial colors in my children. 😀

  29. danielbalc said,

    “healthy fear of artificial colors”


    I can’t wait to see the latest torture scene from Saw 11 when jigsaw injects an unreasonable amount of yellow #5 into his next innocent victim.

  30. Matt said,

    You know you are in trouble when the terrorists are rooting for you to win the election.

    On the contrary, it is great when they hate you, that means you are doing your job.


  31. itsasecret2u said,

    It’s all fun and games until poor Saw Victim #362 gets cancer at the yellow #5 injection site.

  32. danielbalc said,

    Actually we always joked about yellow #5 having a far more terrifying impact on men than cancer.

  33. itsasecret2u said,

    Wow… it took me an entire day, but I just got that.

  34. Echo_ohcE said,


    You said: “I’ve always felt it does. But it’s about balance as well. If you have the head but not the heart you’re just as insignificant as having the heart without the head.”

    I think what you mean is that some people will argue for the truth, and they don’t care who they destroy in the process. I’ve seen people like that, and have even been counted among them. However, you can’t have the heart without the head. There’s no such thing. Those who have the head without the heart are never completely without the heart. They simply need to mature a bit and be guided a bit. But those who have the heart and not the head do not truly have the heart.

    Consider, for example, the liberals who embrace the social gospel. To make it more concrete, consider liberals who want to make their church into a homeless shelter, like one PCUSA church I have heard of recently. They seem to care for people, don’t they? How noble, to use your church to house the homeless! Here are these poor homeless people, and at this church, they give them shelter. But guess what? This church has a rule as well that you can’t talk to these homeless about the gospel. Why? I don’t know, probably because of some support they get from the government to house these people, who knows. But the point is, they can’t talk to them about the gospel. They can only give them shelter and maybe some food I suppose.

    This might seem like an example of having the heart but not the head. But the heart they have is not real.

    Taoism, a pagan religion, has an old saying: “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, he’ll eat for the rest of his life.”

    The PCUSA church in question want to bring the homeless in out of the cold, but they cannot help them to know Jesus Christ, their only hope for the age to come, which is a LOT longer and more important than this life! Maybe they’ve helped these homeless survive for a day, but they haven’t helped them survive for eternity! And they pat themselves on the back as if they’ve done these people some good. But the reality is, they haven’t done them any good at all.

    Arguably, even if they could share the gospel with them, the gospel they would share would be a deficient one. They don’t even confess the deity of Christ in that denomination. For them, Christ is just a moral example for us to follow. So the only gospel they’d share is the moralistic gospel of Rome, that you have to earn your own salvation by being a good person.

    So you see, they think they ARE preaching the gospel by feeding and sheltering these homeless people. They think they are living the “gospel” by taking these people in. This confuses the law and the gospel, turning the law into the gospel. In other words, they think living the gospel means doing the works of the law. But this is wrong altogether! Living the gospel means believing the gospel!

    You cannot have all heart and no head, because to truly love someone means teaching them to BELIEVE in the doctrine of the gospel. The most loving thing I could ever do for someone, and in fact the only loving thing I can do that will have eternal consequences for them, is to convince them that they cannot earn their own salvation, but Christ earned it for them. That’s the most loving thing I can do for them. Anything else I do for them won’t achieve this end, so in the end becomes meaningless.

    To be sure, part of convincing them that Christ saves, that we don’t save ourselves, may entail doing good for them, as a way of helping to win them over to this way of thinking. But when your good deeds are an end in themselves, rather than an adornment of the message of the gospel, they are meaningless.

    There can be no true heart without the head. The head alone can give rise to the heart. Or perhaps more accurately, faith alone gives rise to works. Works cannot be good apart from faith.

    Consider the atheist doctor who goes to Africa to help people, to cure the sick. His works appear good. But they aren’t good, because they don’t come as a result of faith. They are not done in faith. Indeed, they cannot be done in faith because the man is an atheist and has no faith. And Paul says, “Whatever is not done in faith is sin.” So even this doctor’s apparently good works are just another form of sin that looks better than other forms. There can be no obedience to the law that doesn’t flow from a desire to submit to God. Any “obedience” to the law that isn’t a manifestation of the desire to submit to the law of God from a heart that loves God, is not obedience at all.

    So in the end, I agree with you.


  35. danielbalc said,

    Put this one onto my list of why I won’t vote for Obama.

    An “endorsment” from Farrakhan.

    Farrakhan is the evil racist leader of the “Nation of Islam”.

    I’m sure that Obama is not going to be pleased with this praise, but he better come to grips with it. Obama’s electability is due in no small part to a large number of racists who are dying to have a “black man” be president. Such is the case of Farrakhan.

    As for arguments of racism hurting Obama I discredit that completely and echo echo…

    Obama is young and black and intelligent. Right off the bat people want to love him. He is tall and thin and reminds us of some charming professional basketball player. People in our culture have been trained to love people that fit his physical description already. I really think that his being black has a lot to do with how much people like him. People are willing, even eager to demonstrate that they’re ok with a black President, if someone qualified came along. Well, now everyone has their chance to put their money where their mouth is. A vote for Obama is a vote against racism. A vote for Obama soothes my conscience, because it proves I’m not racist. A vote for Obama makes me a good person.

  36. Albino Hayford said,

    I attended a Barack rally close to my house last Friday. I have posted my thoughts on the experience.

  37. Albino Hayford said,

    Whoops! Obama makes a really unfortunate statement when answering an evangelical’s question about gay unions. It seems even Jesus supports them, and Paul, well he’s just some obscure writer!

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