Sensational Basin Picks

January 30, 2008 at 7:46 am (Random thoughts, Sports thoughts)

I was feeling a bit nostalgic yesterday so I went back and reviewed a classic post from last year. Sooper Bole Picks

Indeed that was one of my most diverse group of commenter’s and it opened the door to a strange progression of posts. What began as a discussion about who would win the super bowl led to a discussion about sabbath observance, then a discussion about alcohol and then somehow a long debate over parenting.


Well I have no idea where this current game will lead us but let me once again issue the challenge for my readers to predict the outcome of “The Big Game”

Last year’s winner, miss Juarez, won a lotto scratcher but then wasted it by using her keys to scratch instead of a lucky penny.

This year’s winner however will get the option, they can either choose a lotto scratcher OR a free Chipotle burrito.

Also there was some debate last year as to why she won and not someone else who had the same point differential. Thus I give you a list of rules…

Rule #1 I have the final decision and will declare the winner based upon my assessment of the most accurate score prediction. Therefore I will disqualify anyone who makes more than one prediction or who owns any type of New England associated paraphernalia.

I guess that’s about all the rules I can think of for now. However I do reserve the right to make up rules as I go along.




  1. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    NE 24 NY 16

    I’ll take the burrito.

  2. Alex said,

    NE 35 NY 17

    Burrito will do for me.

  3. Matt said,

    NYG- 27 NE-24

  4. Business Banker said,

    Ok I am still trying to figure out what name I should stick with.

    NE – 31
    NYG – 10

    Even though I hope NYG win but in the process Eli looks awful. Not sure how he can look bad and his team wins but that is what would make me as a true San Diego fan happy. I will never root for someone who trashes my town (Manning) or who cheats (New England). So I will be cheering for the other 51 Giants out there.

  5. Pablo Honey said,

    NE – 31
    NYG – 24


  6. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    hey Business Banker. Why don’t you use “Show me the money”

  7. Anthony said,

    NE – 38
    NYG – 24
    Burrito – 1

  8. Anthony said,

    Daniel, where is your prediction?

  9. Anthony said,

    Matt is bidding 1 dollar price is right style. That might be a smart move, but probably not.

  10. lance said,


    I’ll try my luck with a scratcher 🙂

    or… if someone gets the correct score do they get a scratcher and a burrito?

  11. danielbalc said,

    My prediction for the score is the same as Plaxico Burress

    23 -17 Giants shock the world!

    I also predict that the pride of Kentucky, Jared Lorenzen, is a huge part of the Giants upset victory.

    Just imagine this truly giant, Giant rumbling over Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison for the game winning touchdown while Eli Manning sits on the sidelines. Oh what a wonderful feeling that would be.

  12. Matt said,

    When my prediction is realized I will take the scratcher.

  13. Midge said,

    This is a lose – lose situation…I don’t want to see the Pats win and I surely don’t want Eli to get a ring..but here goes…

    NE- 28
    NY – 20

  14. danielbalc said,

    21 to 14 Patriots

    Taylor Woods

  15. danielbalc said,

    24 to 21 Patriots

    Birthday Brother

  16. Albino Hayford said,

    Bwahahahahahaha….I can’t tell you the joy I felt at watching those arrogant cheaters go down at the end of the game. It almost made up for the sting of the Cowboys loss. Aaaaahhhhh….sweet justice.

  17. danielbalc said,

    It’s truly a sweet sensation this morning. Let me first say that thanks to the finest invention of all time, DVR, I was able to watch all of the Super Bowl for the first time since 2000 Rams vs Titans.

    these are a few of my favorite things….

    #1 Tom Brady’s well publicized reply to Plaxico’s prediction. “We’re only gonna score 17 points? haha, Uh Okaaaay. Is Plex playing defense?”

    People always dog players for making predictions (like Burress did, and which I stole and which I won my own game with (but I didn’t actually win anything unless all you losers want to chip in and buy me a lotto scratcher)). But how come nobody said anything negative about Brady’s dismissive, condescending, arrogance that essentially said, “we’re going to score WAY more than 17 points”?

    Well tommy didn’t score more than 17. He scored 14.

    #2 Bill Belichick’s lack of sportsmanship knows no bounds. He knows the rules. He knows that a final play must be run. Even the guy who pushes the button that send 10 ton’s of confetti onto the field knew that the game wasn’t over until Eli took a knee. And yet not only does billy leave the field but he essentially takes his whole team off the field with him. I don’t know who organized the 11 Patriots who finally got onto the field so that the game could end but it sure wasn’t bill. He was already in the locker room while there was still 1 second on the clock. (Oh and Tom Brady was right there next to him as well).

    #3 “The sorriest corner in the league” lives up to his nickname.

    #4 Junior is cursed. I dislike Junior almost more than I dislike Eli. Eli shunned San Diego because he didn’t have enough brains to act for himself. He did what daddy told him to do. Junior told San Diego fans, “I’m not retiring, I’m graduating”. And then promptly signed with the Patriots. He had his chance to earn a place in SD’s heart but he blew it with that publicity stunt. It’s sweet justice that once again he walks away from the big game a loser.

    #5 Same goes for Rodney Harrison. The HGH he used during the offseason wasn’t enough to help his game 10 months later as he was routinely burned for big plays. Including the ridiculous play that will live in Super Bowl lore forever. The Manning to Tyree 32 yard completion was INCREDIBLE! I would call it pure luck but clearly the football gods are alive and well and in the business of poetic justice. B-E-A-utiful!

    #6 The Coke commercials. Coke was definitely the winner in the commercial contest. My only complaint was the order of their two spots should’ve been reversed you’ve gotta save the best for last and the best was undoubtedly the giant thanksgiving balloons chasing after the coke balloon with Charlie Brown finally coming out on top. The “Jinx buy me a coke” add was pretty good as well but it could have used some better matched political figures. Either go Carville and Tucker or Frist and Kerry. But Carville and Frist was a little obscure to the average viewer.

    #7 The rest of that cocky bunch of Patriots that go home in tears. Especially Randy Moss, Asante Samuel, Richard Seymore, Wes Welker, Matt Light and I can’t forget about Vince Wilfork. Each one of them had their gregarious demonstrations of cockiness throughout the game and all fall down.

    #8 the look on Brady’s face almost the entire game. There was little of his trademark smugness and lots of the deer in the headlines shell shockedness. A good look indeed. I also like that they spent SO much time talking about his ankle. ha. hahaha. His poor “high ankle sprain” must have been so difficult to play with on 2 weeks rest.

    #9 I like that Boston didn’t burn down.
    As much as I can’t stand Bostonians I am glad that they didn’t riot this time because nobody wants to see that city become even more of a dump.

    #10 I like that the Patriots “dynasty” has been over for 3 years and that they probably won’t make it to another Super Bowl for at least a decade. Think about all the pieces they are about to lose or have rendered irrelevant. Their old linebacking crew may have 1 or 2 guys return. Rodney is done. Moss and Welker are gong to demand BIG money and that means less money to use on the free agent market which means they have to go to the draft which happens to be where they keep giving away picks through trade and through penalty. Bye bye Patriots, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    It’s a beautiful morning.

  18. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    I think it’s a good time to start a new 49er dynasty.

  19. Matt said,

    (like Burress did, and which I stole and which I won my own game with (but I didn’t actually win anything unless all you losers want to chip in and buy me a lotto scratcher)).

    Since you cannot win just give it to the only other guy to pick the NY football Giants.

    I like that the Patriots “dynasty” has been over for 3 years and that they probably won’t make it to another Super Bowl for at least a decade.

    You forget to mention that this spying scandal is about to hit the fan. The Patriots cannot compete in the postseason (like college teams face when they cheat). Belichik is thrown out of the league. The team loses more draft picks. In a perfect world.

    I loved seeing Bruschi and Seau hugging with 3 minutes left in the game as if it was already over. Nice.

    I loved seeing the hoodie leaving the field before the game was over. Real classy move.

    I love that Tiki Barber “retired because he is a smart man with a lot of other opportunites” 1 year too early. Sweet justice.

    New England come get your first beatdown of 2008 in week 1 against the Chargers.

    Roethlisberger and Manning have won Super Bowls, River’s wins his next year. Pretty good QB draft class.

  20. Pablo Honey said,

    If Tiki Barber is on this Giants team they don’t make the playoffs, let alone win the super bowl. He was a clubhouse cancer. I’m saying right now that the Patriots don’t win more than 6 games next year, and don’t expect opposing teams to show mercy while they are down. Here is your first prediction of the year (before the schedule is even released.):

    Week 1 (Thursday Game):
    Chargers 31
    Patriots 9

  21. danielbalc said,

    I loved seeing Bruschi and Seau hugging with 3 minutes left in the game as if it was already over. Nice.

    I forgot about that. Indeed that was great. Last game ever for Junior, and probably the last playoff game ever for Bruschi.

    So much of the Patriots success this year was that they psyched out their opponents with their early season score running up. They looked better than they actually were. Huge margins of victory always does that. But it doesn’t give a true sense of the quality of the team. The Patriots were indeed a very good team as evidenced by their beating the Jags and Chargers, but not “the best” and I would say probably not even a “great team”. I would rank healthy Chargers teams and healthy Colts teams ahead of the Patriots. The beauty of that last sentence is that it’s actually a relevant debate now that the pats lost. Had they won that sentiment would be considered absurd, but now it’s fair game (except to those still blinded by 52-10 mid-season scoreboards).

  22. danielbalc said,

    Since you cannot win just give it to the only other guy to pick the NY football Giants


    Since you were the closest loser you should be the one buying me my lotto scratcher!

  23. Matt said,

    Go here:

    and click on the video, “Tiki Barber’s take”

    That has got to be a bitter pill to swallow. Having to interview players from your old team and not being a part of it.

    The best part is when he is interviewing Eli and Eli says, “We just had the right players come together to win” a clear shot at Barber. Beautiful.

  24. Matt said,


    For everyone out there who likes to crown Belichik the “best coach of all time” please tell me why he did not attempt a 48 yard field goal in the 3rd quarter, but instead went for it on 4th and 13?

    Could have used those 3 points.

    Just ask Marty who did the same thing last year against the Pats in the playoffs and got fired for it.

  25. danielbalc said,

    Just ask Marty who did the same thing last year against the Pats in the playoffs and got fired for it.

    Or we could ask Norv why he DIDN’T go for it on 4th when down against the Pats.

    I don’t think it was that bad a call. Patriots were still in position to win the football game. All they had to do was stop Little Brother from driving 80 plus yards in 3 minutes.

    oops. I guess those old legs just wore out.

    Belichek best coach ever? Depends, how much advantage has he gained the past 8 years via modern technology? He has three super bowl rings. I bet he never gets a 4th. Chuck Noll had 4. Bill Walsh had 3 and a half (his niners won the super bowl the year after he retired under Seifert).

    Brady Best QB ever? Let me put it this way, Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are both 4-0 in the Super Bowl. Brady is 3-1. Can’t blame this loss on the receivers right? What about his ankle? yeah, right.

    Best “dynasty” ever? The present Patriots aren’t a dynasty. There are 10 players left from the dynasty team which ended in 2004. Making it to the superbowl isn’t good enough unless you want to call the Bills of the 90’s a “dynasty”.

  26. Matt said,

    Or we could ask Norv why he DIDN’T go for it on 4th when down against the Pats.

    This is not the same. We were not in field goal range. The Patriots were well within range and took points off the board by going for it. Very curious decision by someone who is lauded as a genius.

    Just take points anyway you can get them and toward the end of the game if you need to do something drastic, do it. Not in the 3rd quarter.

  27. danielbalc said,

    I don’t think they “took points off the board.”

    It was a calculated risk. They had a chance at 3 or a chance at 7. 3 makes it a 10-3 game. 7 makes it a a 14-3 game.

    My feeling is, in the playoffs or super bowl err on the side of aggressiveness. Heck all season long the Pats had gone for it in that situation. I think it’s the right move.

    Or even if it’s not the right move it’s not as inexcusable as Norv’s punt.

  28. Matt said,

    It was a calculated risk. They had a chance at 3 or a chance at 7.

    4th and 13 does not have a high probability of success, especially against a pass rush like the Giants.

    Converting a 4th and 13 and then going in to score is remarkably more difficult than kicking a 48 yard field goal.

    Kick the field goal.

  29. Bruce S. said,

    I think Bellicheck was busy reading his press clippings or maybe Tuesday Morning QB.

  30. danielbalc said,

    Ohhhhhh the beauty!

    This “online petition” was started by some very sorry and pathetic Patriots fans to have the commissioner order the final 2-minutes of the super bowl be replayed.

  31. Matt said,

    This is hillarious.

    First, what is this rule. I have never heard of such a thing.

    10. When, in the judgment of the Referee, the level of crowd noise prevents the offense from hearing its signals, he can institute a series of procedures which can result in a loss of team time outs or a five-yard penalty against the defensive team.


    Why is there no mention of stopping the clock for a measurement? Surely this is allowed as it is done at every NFL game and was clearly the reason for the clock stoppage of the play in question.

    Classic Patriot Ridiculousness (CPR) should get added to Webster’s Dictionary.

  32. Matt said,

    This actually becomes funnier the more times you read it.

    The logic used to determine that the Giants would have run out of time is beautiful.

    Why would 40 seconds run off the clock if it was not stopped? I am guess Manning would be in hurry-up offense and get the ball spiked or a play run well shy of 40 seconds running off.

    I hereby start a petition to allow all of New England to secede and become part of Canada.

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