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December 3, 2007 at 10:17 am (Sports thoughts)

It’s that time of year where things are getting very interesting for the Padres and with the New Padres Board getting lost in the archives it seems necessary to have something more accessible.



  1. danielbalc said,

    This is a HUGE Padres story.

    And makes my prediction on the new Padres board (comment 139) look pretty good.

    Also the Padres signed Randy Wolf to a 1 year deal with performance incentives. These are far and away the best kind of contracts because they motivate the players and they make the organization and fans feel like these guys are actually “earning” their money.

    I’ve always hated Randy Wolf because his brother is an umpire and I felt like that gave him some sort of an unfair advantage. Well now that he’s on our team I welcome unfair advantages. Of course you will hear me complain that the umpires are unfairly squeezing wolf to make up for the fact that his brother is an ump and that advantage will then be turned into a disadvantage.

    That’s how I roll.

  2. Anthony said,

    What are your thoughts on losing Milton Bradley?

  3. danielbalc said,

    They haven’t exactly lost him. They aren’t going to offer him arbitration because he won’t be ready to play for at least a few months into the season.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they do work out some kind of a deal with Bradley, but who knows.

    Outfield is going to be very interesting.
    Second base is not a position I am worried about. It’s probably the least vital position on the field.

    Let’s just wait till everything develops, but for right now I am really excited about how the rotation is shaping up.

  4. pokerforprofit said,

    Sign Bradley to play right field w\ Hairston backing up for the 3-4 times he is on the DL and move Giles to left.

    Bring in Coco Crisp to play center. Great speed, good defensively and a true leadoff hitter with base stealing capabilities.

    Hopefully Antonelli wins the job at second and is the next Barfield type player.


    That is a nice rotation.

    Lock up the World Series.

  5. danielbalc said,


    Mark Prior?
    Matt Clement?
    Johan Santana?

    just kidding…

    Probably some combination of Brett Tomko and our AAA team.

  6. danielbalc said,

    Because this is what the stove is for let me throw out some outfield names and see who people like… Here are my 5 favorite choices. And I do think we have a chance to acquire any one of these guys.


    Odds are against a big free agent like Jones or Rowand. Odds are high we sign a guy like Jeff DaVanon but he gets benched midway through the season.

    Fukudome is a really interesting Japanese player. The Pads have been trying to tap into the Japanese market ever since trading away Aki. San Diego has a decent sized Japanese community who would show up more often for an everyday player like Fukudome, than they did for a reliever like Aki was.

    Willits would be a terrific acquisition because the Angels outfield is very crowded right now Anderson, Gurrerro, Matthews JR and Torii Hunter. There is NO room for Willits even when you DH one of the 2 old guys.

    I would love to see a combination of Giles, Fukudome and Willits (all three have an OBO around 400) in the outfield at PETCO park.

  7. danielbalc said,

    Dodgers signed Andruw Jones, making him the 5th highest paid player in baseball.

    Stupid. Jones isn’t worth half what they are paying him. And a 2-year deal? Bizarre.

    Nevertheless I am not at all happy about having to see Jones visit PETCO park 9 times next season. He blasts balls into the left field bleachers.

    Meanwhile the rumor is that the Pads offered Fukudome a 3-year 30 deal around 30 million. I would up the ante by offering him performance bonuses….

    Rookie of the year- 1 million
    All Star Game- 500,000
    Gold Glove- 500,000
    Batting Championship- 2 Million
    MVP- 3 million

    And the thing is, he could compete for all of these things, he’s that good. He’s like Ichiro but with more power and less speed.

    He’s so much like Ichiro that I’d be willing to bet he chooses to have his first name, “Kosuke” on the back instead of his last name, just like Ichiro Suzuki.

    While it really bothers me that this is allowed I can totally understand it if your name is so similar to an American cuss word as is the case with Fukudome.

    so kids if you’re looking for a really hopeful Christmas present for that Padres fan on your list may I suggest this…

  8. danielbalc said,

    Drats the link didn’t work. Oh well it was the name “Kosuke” with the number 1. You get the idea.

  9. danielbalc said,

    Well I guess it’s down to only needing 1 outfielder now.

    Milton Bradley is sticking around

  10. pokerforprofit said,

    It looks like Coco Crisp might not be an option as the Red Sox are shopping Ellsbury in order to get Santana.

    Jones is out, Rowand will never happen, so we shall see.

  11. danielbalc said,





  12. Anthony said,

  13. danielbalc said,

    Yeah, That’s quite a ridiculous situation indeed.

    Bradley saying “I don’t think the Padres really want me”.

    Well obviously the Rangers wanted him more since they are offering him 1 million dollars more. That doesn’t mean the Padres don’t “want” him. They just want him cheap.

    Oh well.

    This makes signing Fukudome REALLY important.

  14. Anthony said,

    Towers on Fukudome…

    “The agent has kept it close to the vest,” Towers said. “All I know is that it’s come down to two cities. From a geographic standpoint, I think we’re attractive. Money certainly plays into it, and the competitiveness of the ball club.”

    I wonder how the San Diego Discount works on international players? My feeling is that the reason Fukudome is leaving his home country is because he wants the money. I don’t know what kind of contracts they get in Japan but I’m sure it’s not $50 million like the Cubs are offering.

  15. danielbalc said,

    I think it’s a combination of money and the challenge to prove yourself at the highest level that drives Japanese players.

    Ichiro is known to have chosen Seattle because it’s the west coast but then again he also gets tons of money.

    I think both the cubs and the padres are doing a lot of posturing trying to drive up the other teams price or trying to sound like they are offering less to keep the other team from getting over their actual offer.

    Here’s my prediction…

    If the Padres get him they paid big money either 3 years 45 million or 4 years 60 million. While I can’t imagine the Padres EVER paying that much for a position player without a single AB in the majors I am throwing it out there as the only way possible the Padres get him.

    If the Cubs get him they paid even more. 4 years 70 million. But it will also come out that the Padres never offered him the 15 mill a year I reference above but rather offered him something like 3 years 38 million Like the crazy Jose Guillen contract with KC.

    It’s all abut advertising dollars and the cubs have a national TV deal with WGN and so being able to draw a japanese viewership would be HUGE for them.

    They win across the board. Padres can’t compete with that market or incentive.

  16. Pablo Honey said,

    CRAP. I hope he ends up sucking.

  17. Anthony said,

    Another one bites the dust. Who is playing left field?

  18. danielbalc said,

    This is indeed crap. I am very interested to find out what the Padres offered him since the cubs got him the same that the KC Royals got stinky Jose Guillen.

    12 Million is clearly the market for a stud outfielder and if the Padres aren’t willing to pony up 12 mill a year than there is virtually no way of acquiring a type A outfileder.

    I’m hoping that the Padres DID offer around the same as the Cubs but that Fukudome chose the cubs because (business wise) they are a much better team to market yourself from. Meaning he will make much more in endorsements because of their large exposure.

    But hey the Padres signed Iguchi to play 2nd for a season. That shores up the infield.

    But we NEED an outfielder.

  19. Anthony said,

    Padres want to trade for Jason Bay

    Maybe we can send Giles back and throw in his brother too while we are at it.

  20. Former multiple FFL Champ said,

    “12 Million is clearly the market for a stud outfielder and if the Padres aren’t willing to pony up 12 mill a year than there is virtually no way of acquiring a type A outfileder. ”

    This is why I am giving up my season tickets. They will stink next year.

  21. danielbalc said,

    I just can’t see this as a possibility.

    Bay isn’t a Padres type of guy. And trade prices are skyrocketing (The Astros gave up 5 players for Miguel Tejada?!)

    I think the Pads are satisfied with Scott Hairston and Brian Giles as two thirds of the OF. And They Acquired Jason Lane for more than just insurance. He’s on the 25 man roster so I think he may be it.

    The Angels have way too many outfielders on their roster…
    Torri Hunter- 12 mill
    Vlad Gurrero- 14.5 mill
    Gary Matthews Jr- 7 mill
    Garret Anderson- 12 mill
    Reggie Willits- 380,000
    Juan Rivera- 2 mill

    plus two other guys they called up who are promising.

    Get one of those guys to come down the 5.

    There are still players out there and after the Mitchel Report the market may fluctuate dramatically.

    Maybe the Padres management is smarter than we give them credit for.

  22. danielbalc said,

    Wow, the old “I’m giving up my season tickets” line.

    C’mon, how many times do the Pads have to prove that they want to win by winning not spending?

    While I’m frustrated that they didn’t get Kosuke I’m not quite ready to think the team “stinks”. They still have the best rotation in the NL and maybe all of baseball.

    they obviously think 12 mill a year for 4 years is a big gamble on a guy with no MLB experience. I can’t blame them, I just wish they hadn’t made such a big deal about being “aggressive” for him.

    Why not wait until spring training to say, “This team stinks” ? We still got a ways to go.

  23. Former multiple FFL Champ said,

    Hairston’s not an everyday player and Giles is old. Even if they get Camy to come back he didn’t have that great of year. The outfield is going to be weak unless they can make a deal before the season starts. As it stands now I don’t like the looks of our outfield hence my assessment that this team stinks.

  24. danielbalc said,


  25. danielbalc said,

    Last year this time you were singing the same, “Padres stink” song.

    The Padres proved that they don’t stink by winning 89 games last year and being just a couple of pitches short of being in the playoffs (and had it not been for injuries it probably wouldn’t have even come down to a couple of pitches).

    I was blinded by the “potential” of Kouske as much as the next guy (probably more) but it was one of those situations where they would have had to actually pay more than the chubs to have gotten the guy.

    Aaron Rowand just went to the gi-aints for 12 million a year. He goes from the easiest ball park to hit in to possibly the most difficult but surely the most difficult division to hit in.

    Great for Rowand that he can get the money but what in the world are the giants thinking? Is Rowand going to sell tickets? Is he really going to help the team win ball games? Is he marketable? All these questions come into play when you’re trying to make multi-million dollar decisions. And the reason why the Padres are perennial contenders and the Giants have one good year every 5 or 6 years is because the Padres are a better run organization.

    So I’m willing to give them a lot more time.

  26. danielbalc said,

    Mike Cameron is now the best FA CF on the market. But then again he was 3rd best when the season ended (behind Hunter and Jones). Padres have a tremendous shot at Cameron and they clearly have at least 10 mill for 3 years they can offer him (something he will probably take).

    Last year we had Termel Sledge and Jose Cruz jr in LF for most of the year.

    Scott Hairston and whoever else they bring in will be an upgrade.

    The Rotation is already better (and we could add Mark Prior to that mix pretty soon)
    The infield is better now that Kouz has established himself and little Giles has been replaced by Iguchi.
    The outfield (if they get Cameron back) is the same.

    How can you say that team “stinks”?

  27. Former multiple FFL Champ said,

    Now that Camy can’t take his drugs anymore will his output fall all even more? Historically, that’s what happen to guys when they stop taking their drugs. No power from giles again and hairston isn’t an everyday player. The outfield is weak. I concerned that Hoffy is losing it. He isn’t getting any younger and if he is off that will hurt us. Catching is a problom. Yes, the infield should be fine but there are a lot of holes.

  28. danielbalc said,

    Tim Sullivan writes…

    “Human nature is to take for granted the familiar known quantity and to crave what’s new or different or unexpected. Thus the San Francisco Giants made a bigger (McCovey Cove) splash yesterday by adding free-agent center fielder Aaron Rowand than the Padres did by keeping Peavy. ”


    “Sometimes the guy you’ve got is a lot better than the guy you can get. Excitement only goes so far.”

    perfectly capturing the stereotypical “fan”. I used to believe this was just SD fans but it’s everyone.

    Fight against the pessimism!

  29. Former multiple FFL Champ said,

    There’s alway hope. I will still be at plenty of games next year because I love baseball.

    Good for the Giants for taking a risk. Sometimes you have to take a risk if you’re going to get to your goal. I don’t think SF overpaid since that seems to be the going rate for an “quality” outfielder.

  30. Pablo Honey said,

    Anyone shocked by anything that came out in the Mitchell report today? I am definitely not surprised by any of it and I feel pretty good about it because I have been saying for years (along with my brother Daniel) that Clemens was quite obviously a steroid user. I seriously doubt that anything comes from this report though, as every player will most certainly deny every allegation.

  31. danielbalc said,

    My “Sports quote” of the day for today, December 13th, comes from 9-time gold medalist Carl Lewis, “There are three things to remember about drugs. The first is that if you take drugs, you’ll never know your full potential; second, there is the obvious health risk; and third, if you do drugs, you’re giving up on yourself.”

    His first point resonates the most, “you’ll never know your full potential”. In the case of Performance enhancing drugs it would be better understood as, “you’ll never know your true abilities.”

    I think this is a GREAT thing for baseball because it re-instills fan trust. It is the first step to building a system that actually works. Stricter penalties, better testing etc.

    This isn’t just good for baseball but for all sports as baseball can now lead the way in showing the other leagues how it should be done.

  32. danielbalc said,

    No current Pads on the list.

    Mike Cameron is facing a suspension for greenies, which makes him stupid, but not a steroid user.

    No Giles, No Klesko, No Nevin. Strange. I was expecting to see all three of those guys on there.

    While there is hardly anyone that should or could be suspended because of this report is stands to reason that HOF voters will take it into consideration especially when the “best” hitter and the “best” pitcher of this era come up.

    Exclusion from the hall is the punishment that these guys deserve. You can’t take their “records” out, but you can keep their busts out. And the good thing is the guys that do HOF voting are the kinds of guys who actually do “punish” with exclusion.

  33. danielbalc said,

    It would be so interesting the have the general time frame for each players Steroid use followed by the contract they received following their roided up season(s).

    Guys like Denny Neagle and Kevin Brown stand out as having signed HUGE contracts (50 and 100 million respectively) only to break down and not even play through half of them.

    That’s why baseball should have wanted this long ago. Heck had the Brewers KNOWN (what is plainly obvious to us casual fans,) that Eric Gagne’s best years were juiced years would they still have signed him to a 10 million dollar deal?

    Shouldn’t the Angels, and Rangers be able to void the contracts of Matthews Jr and Tejada?

    Owners should be thanking their lucky stars for this report. Players too. Now at least they won’t feel the pressure to HAVE to do steroids just to stay with the competition.

    Nothing is more saddening then Wally Joyner talking about taking steroids to try and overcome his injuries. Wally Joyner!?!?!?!

  34. danielbalc said,

    But how about some positive news on the Padres.

    As we all know the Padres inked Peavy to a gigantic contract. But why would Peavy want that when he probably could have made much more on the open market?

    Peavy said he wanted to stay with the Padres because of the “unbelievable people in this organization. When you talk to Greg Maddux, after 20 years in baseball he said this is the most fun and the best people he’s been around in the game. It doesn’t take much to know that this is the place you want to be.”

  35. danielbalc said,

    Mike Cameron is out. Jim edmonds is in.

    I really liked Jim Edmonds, when he played for the angels, 10 years ago.

    We KNOW Cameron was going to miss at least 25 games. Will Edmonds actually play more?

    He’s old and cracking down on steroids is really going to limit his ability to heal.

    While he’s by no means a long term solution at least he can play center field.

    I just don’t know where he fits in the order.

    At least this should make us back off Jenkins because 3 old lefthanded used to be sluggers cannot be what the Padres want their outfield to look like.

  36. Defending FFL Champ said,

    As I said. This team will stink. Now we have two old left-handed outfielders who can’t hit the ball out of the ballpark.

  37. pokerforprofit said,

    Mike Cameron is out. Jim edmonds is in.

    I would rather have Cameron that Edmonds. There is no way he plays the whole season. He is just as injury-prone as Bradley. He is old.

    We should have just stepped up and resigned Cameron.

    Plus we had to give up a pretty good prospect, although 3B is a position of depth.

    I still think we will win World Series. We are just spotting the field a few strokes 🙂

  38. danielbalc said,

    Statistically Cameron and Edmonds aren’t far off.

    Last year Cameron played 151 games. The year before that 141 games.

    He went from batting 268 in 06 to 242 in 07. Home runs 22 and 21 and rbi 83 and 78.

    We KNOW Cameron would have been out for the first 25 games. And yet he’s still asking for 12 mill a year?????

    We get Edmonds for 7 mill a year. His BA is about the same as Cameron’s. If he plays more than 140 games he will hit more than 20 HR’s.

    He’s a better hitter than Cameron but a step or two below him defensivley.

    I am not at all dissapointed by this trade. Consider the available center fielders. Free agent wise there was Hunter, Jones,Rowand and Cameron We’re talking 18, 18, 12 and 11 million dollars for those guys.

    None of those make any financial sense.

    So you go to the trade market. Who’s out there? Who can you get?

    Edmonds is a proven veteran, a gold glove winner and he comes at a reasonable price, 7 million a year.

    Jim Edmonds is not going to hurt your team.

  39. Anthony said,

    “I still think we will win World Series. ”


  40. Bruce S. said,

    The SI article about the Edmonds trade has this line:

    The Padres fell one victory short of making it to the playoffs for the third straight season.

    What are they smokin’ over there? My memory ain’t what it used to be but I thought they make the playoffs last year – ’06 and also the year before – ’05.

  41. pokerforprofit said,

    What are they smokin’ over there? My memory ain’t what it used to be but I thought they make the playoffs last year – ‘06 and also the year before – ‘05.

    Well your 2\3 right. Unless you count the “one game playoff” as making the playoffs, which I am sure the front office would not mind.

  42. danielbalc said,

    So the D-backs add Dan Haren and the Dodgers add Japanese stud Kuroda.

    The NL West pitching is ridiculous.

    Consider the
    Padres top 4

    D-backs top 4
    (If healthy) Johnson

    Dodgers top 4
    (if healthy) Schmidtt

    Giants top 4

    Rockies top 3

    And the Rockies made it to the world series.

    Considering the pitching in the west and the size of the ballparks it doesn’t matter who your best offensive player is. his numbers will be way below anybody in the central or east.

    08 is going to be a great year for baseball.

  43. danielbalc said,

    Word on the Edmonds deal is that the Padres get 2 million in cash to ofset his 8 million salary. Meaning we are paying the guy just 6 million. Cameron wanted 22 million for 2 years and a month paid vacation in april. Oh and if he got caught again it would be 50 games.

  44. Bruce S. said,

    Well your 2\3 right. Unless you count the “one game playoff” as making the playoffs, which I am sure the front office would not mind.

    Which one game playoff? Was there also a one game playoff in ’06? Or ’05?

  45. danielbalc said,

    The Padres introduced their new second baseman yesterday, Tadahito Iguchi.

    I’m very pumped up about this guy.

    I’ll admit that I was pumped about little Giles playing second last year and that sure didn’t go too well, but Iguchi seems like much more of a pro. He seems much more committed and disciplined than little giles was.

    I obviously have an affinity for the Japanese. How can you not like quotes like this when talking about how Aki really promoted San Diego to him…

    “When I was flying in today, I thought ‘this is wonderful.’
    Players are practicing.
    It is December.
    This is not Chicago.
    I think Aki is a smart man.”

    Too true, Tadahito.
    It is December.
    This is not Chicago.

  46. pokerforprofit said,

    I just heard an interview with Sandy Alderson and I am a little suprised.

    It seems the Padres are willing to go into Opening Day with a combo of Hairston and Headley as our left fielder. They are not actively pursuing anyone else at this point.

    Headley is a 3B they are hoping they can convert and Hairston has played some LF but is not a “pure” outfielder.

    Not to mention their offensive capabilities over a 162 game season could be an issue.

    I don’t know if this is enough to make me comfortable, what say you?

  47. Bruce S. said,

    Never heard of Headley. But an interesting article on either SI or ESPN was that if you are in the AL, you’ve got lots of problems trying to compete, but if you are in the NL, not having to compete against NY, or Boston, or Detroit, you can be competitive with a triple A team. Hence the Padres lineup. So, yeah, Padres fans can be comfortable.

  48. danielbalc said,

    “I just heard an interview with Sandy Alderson and I am a little suprised.”

    You can’t take anything those guys say on interview seriously. They have to say things like that to be good negotiators. Matt, you out of all people should know how to do this. You don’t actually expect someone to come up and say, “I’ll take the sticker price” do you? They have to present themselves as not interested if they are going to acquire an outfielder in trade or get a free agent for less money.

    There is NO WAY the Padres open the season with the current group of outfielders as listed on 40 man roster…

    Jim Edmonds
    Brian Giles
    Scott Hairston
    Drew Macias
    Paul McAnulty

    even if you add Headly into that mix it’s not the outfield they will open the season with.

  49. danielbalc said,

    I still suspect they will get another veteran bat to maybe split time with Hairston. Unfortunately some of the names that jump out at me are quite distressing.
    Names like, Shawn Green, Darin Erstad, Kenny Lofton, Shannon Stewart and Trot Nixon.

    These are guys who are clearly past their prime but it doesn’t hurt you to bring in as many as you can to see if they can help out your team and maybe have some kind of bounce back year.

    But no team is going to say, “We NEED outfield help and are willing to take anyone.” Instead they will set themselves up as doing just fine and wait for the market to settle and then invite these guys to spring training to give them a job for cheap.

    Have no fear Padres fans, we’re only going to keep getting better this offseason.

  50. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    No fear…but they will still stink if all they do is pick up someone from that list.

  51. danielbalc said,

    I don’t buy the AL/NL disparity either.

    Since the end of the Yankees dynasty in 2000 the winners have been
    NL- Dbacks
    AL- Angels
    NL- Marlins
    AL-Red Sox
    AL- White Sox
    NL- Cardinals
    AL- Red Sox

    This is the parity baseball had been trying to make for so long. It has come via revenue sharing and luxury taxes and most importantly, smart executives making more reasonable contracts.

    The Angels, Marlins and Red Sox (1st) were all wild card winners. The Cardinals had a worse record than the wild card team. So SI and ESPN can go ahead making their asinine statements that only prove they can’t see further than super star status.

  52. danielbalc said,

    DUDE, if they pick up anyone from that list their outfield is better than it was last year.
    The infield is already better
    The starting rotation is better

    Bench and bullpen need to be strengthened and that’s KT’s specialty.

    The only way you can say they will “stink” this year is if you insist on saying they “stunk” last year.

  53. Bruce S. said,

    So SI and ESPN can go ahead making their asinine statements that only prove they can’t see further than super star status.

    First, it wasn’t SI or ESPN making the statements. They were reporting the statements made by NL GMs.

    And World Series results doesn’t refute disparity. Anyone can win a few games at the right time.

    I’d like to see a payroll comparison between AL teams and NL teams – even though we know that money can’t buy happiness.

  54. danielbalc said,

    That couldn’t possibly have been an NL west GM.

    The pitching in the NL west is better than in any other division in baseball. To say that a AAA lineup could be competitive against a division with 5 Cy young award winners and 8 All Star game Starters is, in my opinion, asinine.

    “Anyone can win a few games at the right time.”

    I disagree I don’t think there is a more difficult task in team sports than winning the world series.

  55. pokerforprofit said,

    You can’t take anything those guys say on interview seriously.

    Why not? Everyone else is going to. You better believe the media will be talking about this ad naseum and creating a firestorm.

    Sandy would not “bluff” on the radio and create a big story if it was not at least partially true. We shall see, but my money is on Hairston being our LF on opening day.

  56. Anthony said,

    Daniel, your data shows the last 10 games. How can you explain the interleague difference? Don’t tell me DH.

  57. danielbalc said,

    Adding Prior is a very good move. Who knows if it will actually pay off in wins but it’s worth the very small risk they are taking.

    I also saw that the Padres signed Jeff Davanon and Robert Fick to minor league deals. Those are clearly back up plans for the outfield.

  58. danielbalc said,

    What’s going on with Sportsline? ON Dec 27 I told den readers that the Padres had Fick and Davnanon signed to minor league deals, well here’s the headline today a week later…

  59. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    Guess I’ve got to give Towers his due…

    “The Padres have won 970 games in Towers’ tenure. Only the Yankees, under GM Brian Cashman, have won more games (985) under their current general manager.

    However, the two teams are not playing with an even deck. The Padres average salary (according to USA Today) since Towers took over is $48.4 million per year. Compare that to Cashman who has spent an average of $141.2 million per year on the Yankees’ salary.

    To put that in perspective, it has cost the Padres about $600,000 per win under Towers. The Yankees on the other hand have spent more than double that (about $1.4 million) per win under Cashman.

    In fact, Cashman has spent more in the last three years on the Yankees salary than Towers has spent on the Padres salary in his 12 years as GM.”

  60. danielbalc said,

    This is something good brewing on the stove…

    Khalil locked up for 2 more years and the potential of adding Mike (not Mark) Sweeney to the bench. Sweeney is coming off a couple of injured seasons but was about as good a first baseman as you could find for the better part of this millennium. Such a move would be very interesting.

  61. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    The infield doesn’t worry me… other than catcher. It’s the outfield that’s a problem.

  62. danielbalc said,

    We are just 1 week away from Pitchers and Catchers reporting and while I still feel like the Padres are going to make 1 more move before the season starts we do actually have enough players to field a professional baseball team.

    Looking over the 40-man roster and the Non-roster invites these are the guys I project to make up the 25 man roster on opening day.

    Starting Pitchers-




    The lineup shapes up to be…
    Giles L
    Iguchi R
    Gonzalez L
    Kouzmanoff R
    Greene R
    Edmonds L
    Bard S
    Hairston R

    The rotation changes in May when Prior comes off the DL plus you have depth in the minors with Rusch, Hensley, Stauffer and Hampson all having experience. As well as a number of young guys who might earn a look.

    The Bullpen is as good as you can find in baseball.

    The Bench has a lot of versatility with Fick being able to play corners infield and out as well as catcher. Crabbe is a rule-5 utility guy who can run. Garut will try and make a resurgence after missing season with injury and DaVanon can be an OK 4th outfielder when Edmonds needs a break (at least once a week).

    McAnulty may also make the team like last year as a 4th outfielder.

    The biggest question is if Headley will make the team and I don’t think he will because they want him to get as many at bats as possible and he can’t get them at this level.

  63. danielbalc said,

    Padres seem to be on the cusp of signing Tony Clark.

    what do you think of that?

  64. Matt said,

    They need a backup for Gonzalez who could not take a day off last year so I guess it makes sense. Plus, he kills the Padres so keep him off another roster.

  65. Pablo Honey said,

    Apparently the Dodgers are after Clark too. We need to sign him just so we don’t have to face him 19 times this year.

  66. danielbalc said,

    I agree. I just wish he some versatility. Our biggest need is a 4th outfielder if not a stud corner outfielder. While Jody Garut may fill that 4th outfielder role I don’t see him being the stud.

    But as far as budget constraints go I think you get your monies worth with Tony Clark. He hit a home run very 13 at bat’s last year (by comparison Adrian Gonzalez hit a home run every 21.5 at bats; Barry Bonds hit a home run every 12.1 at bats). But then again I think like half of TC’s bombs came off of Chris Young so that kind of diminishes his value.

    I would feel pretty good about his bat coming off the bench late in the game needing a Home Run to win or tie. Nothing in baseball like the late inning bomb.

  67. danielbalc said,

  68. Bruce S. said,

    Hoffman should have walked him – in hindsight. Had first base open, two outs.

    We had AS walk Tony Gwynn Jr. in 1992 Poway American LL game in a tight spot in the bottom of the sixth inning. He got out of the inning. And promptly got pulled from the mound since he had used up his weekly allotment of innings.

  69. danielbalc said,

    great story Bruce.

    Indeed he should have walked him. But in all fairness to Hoffman the pitch he threw him was not a bad pitch at all. I remember watching it and thinking “how in the world did he hit that pitch?”

  70. Matt said,

    This actually all happened because Daniel texted me that we were NL West champs BEFORE the game was over.

    Never again.

  71. danielbalc said,

    Darn you matthew. I have repented of that transgression!!!! I have vowed to never again be so foolish. Leave me now with my guilt.

    along those same lines I’ve forsaken the practice of futures betting on my beloved Padres and Chargers. No longer will I be tantalized by 50-1 odds at NL and AFC championships. Not because I think they are bad bets but because I believe my $10 wagers acted as curses.

  72. Bruce S. said,

    But in all fairness to Hoffman the pitch he threw him was not a bad pitch at all.

    No doubt. Actually, of course, walking Gwynn at that point probably would have been considered a dumb move, Gwynn being a rookie and all. I just wanted to get in a story through which I vicariously lived for a season.

  73. Alex said,

    Since were telling stories……

    I just found out two of my cousins played baseball with not only Adrian Gonzalez(Eastlake High School) but also Pony League(Bonita) with Mark Prior. My older cousin caught for Mark Prior and as his Dad tells the story, my cousin Anthony actually knocked Mark Prior out in their dugout because Mark had a bad outing and happened to push my cousin in the the dugout because he was standing in the way.

    I thought that was a pretty cool story.

  74. Matt said,

    In other baseball related news….

    This might be the best prank in history.

  75. danielbalc said,

    I often wonder about how professional baseball players spend their off-season.
    How much time do they spend working out or in the cages or watching tape on pitchers etc. I mean it’s a fairly long vacation from October till late February.

    I had a link to a TWIB video clip that showed how hard Trevor Hoffman worked out during the off-season a while back (running up stairs while carrying other pro players on his back), but I would really like to find a clip of how hard Jim Edmonds trained this winter. In case you haven’t heard, evidently he went through a SWAT team style training regimen that, he says, helped increase his leg strength 300%. When I say SWAT team “style” I mean he was literally trained by a Los Angeles SWAT team stud.

    Here’s the story…

  76. danielbalc said,

    Sports Illustrated gives us a nice little Spring training preview of each division. I don’t know if they did it alphabetically or in order of projected finish but what they had to say about the San Diego Padres was, shall we say, less than favorable.

    But then again their take on the Padres isn’t quite as bad as their take on the Giants.

    I’m working on my next padres prediction post and promise to once again astound you with my powerful prognostication prowess.

  77. danielbalc said,

    The 64 Dollar Question plaguing the Padres this season is, “Who will step up and be the man in left field?”

    The UT gives us a brief little synopsis of the 6 guys who will be fighting for that spot in Spring training.

    Of the 6 who do you like?

    And if you think that our relative weakness in left field is enough to keep us out of the playoffs consider the most prevalent left fielders we’ve had since moving into PETCO park

    2004 Ryan Klesko (104 games .291 9HR, 66 RBI) 87-75
    2005 Ryan Klesko (121 games .248 18HR, 58 RBI) 82-80
    2006 Dave Roberts (116 games .293, 80 r, 49 SB) 88-74
    2007 Termell Sledge (54 games .210, 7HR, 23 RBI) 89-74

    With decreasing Left field production we’ve increased our win total. Go figure.

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