Isn’t it iconic… don’t you think? A little too iconic… Yeah I really do think.

November 19, 2007 at 12:01 pm (Politics thoughts, Pop thoughts, Random thoughts, Sports thoughts)

An icon is something that is larger than life, something or someone who defines a culture. An icon is a symbol that unfolds a rich tapestry of significance, value, and history.

Icon’s are everywhere we turn. In fact, if you allow your eyes to stray from your computer screen right now you will most likely find something iconic in your very midst. From my vantage point the first icon in front of me is the American flag. The American flag is far more than stars and stripes to me. It is a symbol of an idealistic system of government. I look at this icon and see an indivisible republic. I see a nation committed to liberty and justice for all.

Justice. Our flag represents justice. The most common icon associated with justice is known as “lady justice“. She is a blindfolded woman holding in one hand scales and in another a sword, so that she may objectively weigh out all matters brought before her and execute right judgment.

Justice has always been a foundational concept in America. It is the primary effort of our the three branches of government. In case you missed this civics lesson in third grade here is a handy dandy refresher course.

I think it’s important that we be reminded of the importance of justice as a couple of our American icons go to battle in next few months.

Battle of the icons? Really? What are you talking about Daniel?

I’m talking about Wonder Woman verses Chemically Enhanced Man.

You might think this is just me beating a dead horse but I really hope you’ll hear me out on this one.

I am so frustrated that the Barry Bonds indictment is being portrayed in the media as a “steroid witch hunt”. When in reality his indictment isn’t about him using or not using steroids, but rather is about him LYING. Or to use the correct legal term, “committing perjury“.

Barry Bonds is not on trial for using steroids. He is on trial for lying to a federal grand jury. A grand jury is something unique to the American system of government. wikipedia describes it like this…

“A grand jury is part of the system of checks and balances, preventing a case from going to trial on a prosecutor’s bare word. The grand jury, as an impartial panel of ordinary citizens, must first decide whether there exists reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed. The grand jury can compel witnesses to testify before them. Unlike the trial itself, the grand jury’s proceedings are secret; the defendant and his or her counsel are generally not present for other witnesses’ testimony. The grand jury’s decision is either a “true bill” (meaning that there is a case to answer) or “no true bill”. Jurors typically are drawn from the same pool of citizens as a petit jury, and participate for a specific time period.”

A Grand Jury is people just like you and I, who have a responsibility to seek justice. If someone intentionally lies to a grand jury in an effort to distort facts and inhibit their investigation he or she is in fact, “obstructing justice” by committing perjury.

That my friends, is what Barry Bonds is indicted for. Mr. Bonds doesn’t care about justice, he doesn’t care about truth, he only cares about himself. That’s why he goes to battle with Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman, the comic book superheroine created in the 1940’s by doctor William Moulton Marston, was an Amazonian princess described as being, “Beautiful as Aphrodite, Wise as Athena, Stronger than Hercules and Swifter than Mercury.”

Her iconic nature comes from her rise in popularity from comic books to television to movies. She is the epitome of the ideal power of the American woman.

What is the ideal power of the American woman? Well her creator, Doctor Marston took what he saw as the ideal qualities of a woman,”tender, submissive, peaceloving” and combined them with super strength, intelligence and a host of other capabilities and qualities, not the least of which, was beauty.

In addition to these characteristics he also gave Wonder Woman a weapon that set her apart from every other comic book character even to this day. She had, “The Lasso of Truth“. When Wonder Woman wrapped this magic lasso around someone they would find it impossible to lie. Evidently Dr. Marston saw the incredible power and indispensable necessity of truth for attaining justice. In fact his conviction in the importance of truth for maintaining justice led him to invent what we know as the “polygraph“. That’s right. The same guy who created Wonder Woman, invented the lie detector.

I hope you’re starting to understand just how heinous the crimes of “obstruction of justice” and “perjury” really are. You see “liberty and justice for all” isn’t just a bumper sticker slogan; it is a way of life. It is America. So Barry Bonds isn’t just a liar and a selfish jerk. He’s a villain. He’s an enemy of the American judicial system.

This isn’t a race thing.

This isn’t a record thing.

This isn’t a bias thing in anyway.

This is a truth thing.

This is a justice thing.

This is an American way thing.

I’m rooting for the comic book icons to beat the sports icons on this one. I hope you’ll agree.



  1. Anthony said,

    While agree about the importance of justice I don’t think Barry Bonds should go to prison for taking Steroids. However, that isn’t why he is in trouble. The problem I have is that Barry Bonds haters are rooting for a prison sentence because of the steroids issue not because of the cause of justice. If that was the case then how come they don’t search out all the perjury cases across the country? I really don’t care anymore. It’s not like his record is respected anyway. I don’t hate Barry Bonds. I don’t like him. I do think he is one of the best hitters in baseball. Steroids or no steroids. As a person, he’s not so great.

  2. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Shssssh!!! Get over it Daniel.

  3. Albino Hayford said,

    Either go after all of them or none of them.

  4. danielbalc said,

    Shssssh!!! Get over it Daniel.

    Either go after all of them or none of them.

    These are two classic examples of completely missing the point and falling into the media machine that has wrongly depicted this as a hunt for Barry Bonds.

    First of all I am not writing about steroids. Not at all. I am writing about perjury. Perjury is a crime that was in the headlines not too long ago,

    Here are some other recent perjury convictions….

    Tim Coleman

    Thomas M Finneran

    Scooter Libby

    Joanne Richardson

    Lil’ Kim

    So if Albino’s sentiment to “go after all of them” is referring to perjurers, I’m sorry for wrongly assuming you are one of the many sheeple who are missing the main point. The “Main point” it as actually best summarized by the judge in the above story of Joanne Richardson. Since I am sure no one will take the time to read that story let me summarize it. A mother of 2 children was sentenced to 5 months in prison and 5 months under house arrest and a 3000 fine for perjury. The judge face tremendous criticism for such a steep punishment for such a “small” crime.
    This was how the judge reacted….

    US District Judge George A. O’Toole Jr. said it would foster cynicism in the judicial system and encourage more perjury if he allowed Joanne Richardson, 42, of Tyngsborough to avoid a prison sentence for lying to a grand jury investigating alleged fraud by TAP Pharmaceutical Products Inc.”

    Get it folks?

    How much more cynicism of our judicial system can we actually allow? How much more can we encourage people to lie?

    The punishment for using steroids is simple… Public shame and speculation of your “records. Just ask Marion Jones about that.
    The punishment for perjury and obstruction of justice is criminal and deserves prison time, probation time and hefty fines in accordance with the crime.

    Here’s the rub. I found myself on the other side of this argument a few months ago when it was Lewis “Scooter” Libby. I was one of those people saying “how in the world can perjury be worth 30 months in prison and 250,000 dollar fine?” But I never bothered to try and understand what perjury really was. Nevertheless even with my not completely understanding how severe the crime was I still had objections to the President stepping in and commuting his sentence. Thats ridiculous. It just shouldn’t be. Our judicial system has been treated like a joke by the super-rich for far too long. It’s about time that we rightly administer justice.

    Take off the blinders people.

  5. amyleesspace said,

    Bonds is not above the law! I am tired of “celebrities” thinking they are above the law; and can do whatever they want.

    I say charge Bonds to the fullest!

  6. itsasecret2u said,

    I think celebrities get so caught up in their own PR machines that they forget that there even are laws and things such as “telling the truth” in the world. It’s all about public image and damage control. Bleh.

  7. danielbalc said,

    Wow from the headline it looked like Tim Sullivan was actually going to write something worthwhile (like my above diatribe on perjury) but after just the fourth paragraph he completely strays from the relevant point and goes back into the same generic ramblings that have infected the “sports media” world.

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