One year of an inflated ego and diminshed productivty: Part 4 “The Dandies”

November 9, 2007 at 8:52 am (Random thoughts, Uncategorized)

My loyalest readers know that outside of Sports the only T.V. program I really enjoy is “The Office”. Even though the current season has taken a gradual descent into generic sitcom hell I can always go back to the DVD’s of the earlier seasons.

One of the greatest episodes of all time was the premier of season 2, “The Dundies” In this episode Michael gives out his annual awards to the employees of Dunder Mifflin.

So without further adieu I give you you the Daniel’s Den version… The Dandies!

The “Joey” Award- pokerforprofit!

One thing I’ve observed in my one year of blogging is how quickly innocent bystanders get sucked into the black hole of the blogosphere and end up starting their own blogs. I compare this to “spin offs” of quality sitcoms. There are good examples of this, like when Frasier spun off of Cheers and became MORE successful. And then their are bad exmples of this, like when Friends ended and NBC tried the terrible spin off, “Joey”. My number one fan (at least in terms of comments) spun off and started his own blog called “poker for profit”. His blog reminds me of Joey; Not good. It’s not just that the primary subject is, lets say, “morally questionable”, But rather that his posts are so rare. Here we stand 5 months into it’s creation and he’s had a mere 10 posts (and 7 of those were within the first MONTH). I’ve tried very hard to support my good friend poker but I’m afraid his blog is a sinking ship and one that I feel guilty for having influenced it’s creation. Congratulations on your “Joey” Dandy, can you write a blog about how much this award means to you please?

The “You eat pieces of what for breakfast?” Award- Itsasecret2u!

Perhaps the most startling moment in blog history came when secret revealed that she routinely eats something akin to this… “Ezekiel 4:9 “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself. You are to eat it during the 390 days you lie on your side. 10 Weigh out twenty shekels of food to eat each day and eat it at set times. 11 Also measure out a sixth of a hin of water and drink it at set times. 12 Eat the food as you would a barley cake; bake it in the sight of the people, using human excrement for fuel.”
Yikes! Fortunately for us the Den is a place where conversation can take place without the danger of smelling other peoples breath. Very fortunately because few people in the Den talk as much as secret.
The “Wizard” Award- Echo_ohcE!

Or as I affectionately call him, “E-Machine”. While I’m convinced that echo simply cuts and pastes his comments from his different homework assignments he never ceases to amaze with the sheer quantity and overall quality of his words. Nevertheless just like the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz his words ultimately are summed up with “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” I suspect that were the curtain to be drawn back we would find a genuinely likable yet remarkably vulnerable individual.

The “Most Fitting Pseudonym” Award- Albino Hayford!

While it’s clear that some of use use absolutley no creativity in coming up with our blog alias’ Albino’s name creatively tells you everything you need to know about him. First of all Albinos are rare, somewhat freaky creatures. They have a strong aversion to sunlight as their lack of pigmentation causes them to be more sensitive to UV rays. Our Albino is indeed rare and pale. Secondly, those who know him know that he previously held the title “albino shaq” due to his unusually large spacial dimensions. Alas as he matured he realized what matters more than the outside is what is on the inside so he took on a title that was more fitting of his internal beliefs. Hayford is a reference to famous 4 square pastor, “Jack Hayford”. Albino does a good job of presenting charismatic beliefs in a biblically balanced way. I think JH would be proud.

The “Godfather” Award- Ruberad!

Without his decision to baptize his babies I would have never heard of blogging. But because of it (and his desire to explain his rationale to the world) I became hooked and Daniels Den came into existence. The parallels between Ruberad and Marlon Brando are endless.

The “Lisa Loeb” Award – Alex!

While this may be a slightly outdated reference I think most of you will understand. It seems like every time I read one of Alex’s comments the same Lisa Loeb song, “Stay” pops into my head. Most notably it’s the line, “I’m only hearing negatives” that jumps out at me. I can almost always count on reading something negative when the comment is from Alex, especially when it comes to San Diego sports teams.

The “At least somebody in my family cares” Award- Pablo Honey

One of the most unexpected things that I’ve discovered over this year is that my family is really not at all interested in my blog. Outside of Pablo I have less than 15 comments from brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Even though some have told me that they read but don’t comment I find this quite remarkable. Especially when I see the numbers and notice that the the whole S family has contributed over 200 comments. If it weren’t for my hermano Pablo I would feel like a total black sheep. So thank you Pablo for being better than our lame myspace addicted sibling.
The “My Team Is a Winner” Award – amyleesspace!

As painful as this award is to give out amy deserves some credit for wildly supporting her native teams through the good times and the bad. Well actually jsut the good because apparently teams from Boston don’t go through bad times. With the Red Sox winning the WS and the Patriots having won the Super Bowl in week 9 of the NFL season (a record of some sort I’m sure) I guess she has much to be proud of. This award is just one more trophy on her virtual mantle.

The “Defending BALCO” Award- Defending FFL Champ!

While he could’ve shared the Lisa Loeb award with Alex for all his negativity I thought it would be nice to give him his own award. His is in named after BALCO because nearly every comment is in some way aimed to defend Barroid*. Why he insists upon this, we have no idea. But it’s prevalent enough that we honor him with his drug-free award.

And the only Award awarded outside of the Top 10 is…

The “Subject Stealer” Award- 5najeras!

I thought about calling this the “great minds think alike” award but after deep consternation I’ve come to realize 5n probably lacks creative thought and uses her brothers access to my dashboard to see what kind of articles I’m working on and just steals them. Maybe I’m just paranoid but the fact remains that 5n is seemingly always writing about the same stuff as me. This deserves some credit so it comes in the form of a “Dandy award”. (I’ll bet you on her blogiversary she gives out Emmy’s).

Those are the Awards. This is the end of our celebration of the Den’s first year. Please feel free to use the comment thread for acceptance speeches or if you prefer write an acceptance speech on your own blog and provide a link bellow.

Once again I thank you all for an amazing year and I look forward to an even longer one this year.



  1. Defending FFL Champ said,

    I’m so honored to win this award. I like to thank my wife, parents, sons, daughter-in-laws, other family members, pastor, associate pastors, youth pastor, the Den, the president, my boss, friends, neighbors, my high school math teacher, Uncle Buck, the Padres and the underachieving Chargers, and of course… BARRY (who needs the Hall of Fame) BONDS.

  2. itsasecret2u said,

    Firstly, I’d like to thank the little people. Mainly that would be 5Najeras because she’s one of the littlest people I know. Secondly, I’d like to thank those who are not necessarily “little” in body like 5N, but “little” in their nutritional understanding and ability to think outside of the culinary box, namely Daniel. So I thank you, Daniel. I thank you for your persistent, undying support of caffeine, refined sugar, processed products, pesticides, and chemicals in general. Without your support of such things I wouldn’t have had nearly as many occasions to swear at my computer this last year. Lastly, I’d like to thank you, Daniel, for starting the Den. Without this daily distraction in my life, I’d very likely not be the same wife, mother, and human being that I am today. Thank you all! *wipes tear*

  3. RubeRad said,

    The parallels between Ruberad and Marlon Brando are endless.

    Aah! I hope not! I’d offer to get your baby baptized (when you have one), but I think you’d refuse.

  4. pokerforprofit said,

    I will say, in reference to my decision to start a blog, that I had good intentions.

    I quickly realized that I did not have the time necessary to manage a successful blog (writing a thoughtful and witty post takes time!) and if I did not have the time then, I definitely do not have the time now as my life is in a state of flux.

    I also am lacking “morally questionable” subject fodder because of the same reason.

    There may come a time in the future when it will resurect itself into the giant it was meant to be, but until then it will remain dormant.

  5. 5najeras said,

    Remember the movie “How to lose a guy in ten days”? I think this post should have been called, “How to lose your readers in four days”!! In my defense, I think it should be noted that with the latest identical blog occurance, “gay politics”, mine was published On Oct. 16th at 9:44am and yours was at 6:56pm. So maybe it is you who are the stealer…. And my bloggiversary has long since passed, because, once again, I came before you. πŸ™‚ But the hay, here’s my speech.

    I’d like to thank my brother for introducing pretty much all of us to the blog world.

    I’d like to thank my husband for paying the internet bills.

    I’d like to thank God for giving me such a great mind that I apparently and unfortunately have to share with Daniel.


  6. 5najeras said,

    (What the hay)

  7. danielbalc said,

    I hope I don’t lose any readers from this post. My readers wont get all hissy fitted about a couple of friendly awards.

    You must be drunk.

    Which reminds me right now “word association: Alcohol” is leading the God thoughts category. I need more voters folks. head back over and vote for your favorite blog.

  8. 5najeras said,

    I suppose that after you get past the initial, “Oh no he didn’t!”, there’s a little humor. Just a little though! πŸ˜‰

  9. amyleesspace said,

    For a second there I thought you were going to make an “Office” blog.. We already tried that one, and it didnt turn out so well.

    Well I am proud to accept this award. HA and I was even called a “band wagon” fan. You all should be ashamed!! πŸ™‚ Maybe freshen up on the definition of a band wagon fan. I will devote my ever growing knowledge of football and fanship to the PATRIOTS until the day the Lord takes me from this earth.

    I do have to correct you though. I did support my teams through the bad, through the gutter. Remember the Patriots scandal “cheating” I supported my team through this, as I really don’t blame the team persay. I more or less, but really it is MORE, blame the coaching staff for this scandal. I do not believe the players were aware that they were “cheating”. It is a shame that good ol Belicheck (sp) had to stoop so low, his team has all the talent why cheat. Although it does take skill to still play the game regardless of what inside info you know, so no *asterik* here. Only utter devotion to the best team in footbal! πŸ™‚

    I am sad this is ending DBalc, this was so exciting! ( your anniversary of your blog that is)

  10. amyleesspace said,

    I would also like to say, Hats off to you! I can always depend on a good blog from you weekly. Your blog is a success!!

  11. Echo_ohcE said,

    Well, for the record, I never paste my homework on the blogs. But to your credit, you seem to be the only one who has gotten the point of my pseudonym, which just won’t die.

    I haven’t voted on my favorite blog posts, and I won’t vote on it. I’m categorically refusing. This is because all of my favorite posts have also been my least favorite posts, and so to vote at all would be misleading.

    In other words, I don’t really like being the bad guy as much as I appear to. Once again, Daniel, you’ve probably got me pegged pretty well.

  12. Albino Hayford said,

    I am pleased to accept my “Dandy”. I will say that after Ruberad inspired me to start my own blog, I was quite unprepared for the fact that debate on each topic never really ends. Months can go by, and someone will challenge something on a blog thread and we are off to the races again.

    It was nice to meet “Secret” last month when I was in San Diego. I really wanted to hunt down and buy a coffee for “Echo”, but, alas, I was with my wife at a resort, and other activities seemed more profitable. Then, when I had a little extra time, the wildfires blew in.

    Thanks for the year, Daniel. We will continue to fight the good fight for a more Biblical and less credal Christianity.

  13. Echo_ohcE said,

    As Creeds and Confessions are tools to help reach the goal of a more biblical Christianity, your fight is not the good fight. You are in fact fighting against your own stated goal.

    Too bad I missed the coffee…

  14. Albino Hayford said,

    Ok, let me ammend it: “We will continue to fight the good fight for Christianity that relies more on the Scripture than on creeds.”

  15. Laura said,

    Of course, Echo and Albino go at it once again! Too funny!

    Daniel, it’s a lot of fun reading your blog, when I get a chance to sit down and enjoy.


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