One year of an inflated ego and diminished productivity: Part 1 “What kind of reader are you?”

November 6, 2007 at 10:07 pm (Random thoughts, Uncategorized)

Well here it is. Friday will mark the first time that the Earth will have completed it’s orbit around the Sun while Daniel’s Den has been an official blog.

In honor of the 1-year anniversary of my addiction I have planned a number of celebratory blog entries. The first is to take a survey of how many “loyal readers” I have actually acquired and maintained over this past year.

Here’s all you have to do…

Look at the following classifications and then comment telling me where you think you rank on the “loyal reader scale”

“Junky”– This is the guy or girl who reads every entry and feels compelled to comment even when he or she has nothing relevant to say. Averages 2 or more Den visits per day.

“Big Fan of the Den”– Reads nearly every entry but comments only on the subjects most interesting or relevant. Averages 7 visits a week.

“Band Wagoner” – Checks in when there’s a buzz, comments like crazy and then isn’t heard from for weeks. Averages 30 visits in a month but only within the period of 3 or 4 days.

“Casual User” – Stops by on the rare occasion of some free time. Comments every couple of months or so. Averages 1 visit per week.

“Closet Reader” – There are several of you who have told me in person that you read my blog and yet have never commented. I have no idea how often you read I just know you exist because you’ve told me you exist. If this is you just post anonymously that you exist so the others know you’re out there and I am not crazy. Please. Pretty please.

“Rare Reader” – If this is you you will comment about 3 months after this post.

So there you go. Please help me out by letting me know where you see yourself or if you like, classify yourself in a different way.

Stay tuned for more fun 1-year treats all week.



  1. itsasecret2u said,

    OK, so I guess I’m somewhere between a big fan and a junky. I don’t usually comment on the sports posts (which are A LOT!) unless I know what you’re talking about. But I do read every post. And I do sometimes make irrelevant comments. And I do check the site more than once a day. So I’d like to be called “Junky Fan of the Den.”

  2. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Casual User – But I don’t inhale.

  3. ClosetReader#1 said,

    I am one of your biggest fans. I never comment but think you have some amazing insight into so many different topics. Your personal touch to this site and intimate feeling you express are what keep me coming back for more. This is my first and probably last post.

  4. itsasecret2u said,

    Daniel, are you ClosetReader#1??


  5. Pablo Honey said,

    Used to be a Junky, but still a big fan.

  6. amyleesspace said,

    I would say I am a “Big Fan of the Den”

  7. Echo_ohcE said,


  8. pokerforprofit said,

    I would be classified as a junky, but one who always has something relevant to say. 🙂

  9. danielbalc said,

    I honestly do not know who closet reader #1 is. I have speculations but since I promised them anonymity I wont bring them out here.

  10. RubeRad said,

    I think the correct spelling would be “Junkie”, but that’s not me. I check in every day via RSS, and instantly ignore everything sports-related. Given the volume of padres/chargers chatter around here, I guess that makes me a Band Wagoner.

  11. RubeRad said,

    In celebration of your 1 year anniversary, I’d be happy to make you a Hall of Fame. That way we can all find out who are the real junkies! Send me an email.

  12. danielbalc said,

    According to wikipedia we are both right.

    Although my rightness is based on the fact that so many people were wrong they made it right.

    But I’ll take it anyways.

    BTW I received an e-mail from someone claiming to be a closet fan. I don’t know if they are the same someone who is “closet fan #1” or if they are a different closet fan. I’ll investigate further.

  13. 5najeras said,

    Skinny fan of the den.

  14. Albino Hayford said,

    I’m a big fan. I think props need to go out to Reuben as your “blog daddy” as well.

  15. Franky said,

    I am an often reader (about once a day) but a VERY rare commenter. Where do I rank?

  16. Jessica sometimes Zack said,

    I say we are Casual Users.

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