What a game, what a game.

October 2, 2007 at 4:59 pm (Sports thoughts) (, , , )

What a game, what a game.

What heartbreak, what anger, what frustration, what pride, what hope.

13 reactions to 13 amazing innings

13) McClelland was clearly wrong. I hear people saying “replays were inconclusive” I want to know which replays they were watching. the replay’s clearly showed that Holiday didn’t touch home plate. McClelland obviously knew this as he delayed his call. David Justice was on the radio this morning and described McClellan’s delay as “waiting for Holiday to scramble back to try and touch home.” when Holiday didn’t do that (because he was hurt and, I think, HE thought he was out)the umpire “took it upon himself to help him crawl back to home”. In other words, he was rewarding his effort.

maybe because of the crowd, maybe because of the moment, maybe because Rockies players were on their way out of the dugout, but out of all the things that were going on in his (McClelland’s) mind the ONE thing that should have dominated was “get the call right!” and he didn’t.

It should also be mentioned that his strike zone was both small and erratic. hitters like the small strike zone but the erratic part is what gets them. You could see after Hairston was called out on strikes in the top of the 6th he said to the ump something like “you’d better give Jake that call”. Hurdle was constantly shown griping about calls. Black was upset as well. Surprisingly though it didn’t look like Jake was complaining (though he had every right to). Jake kept his cool. I wish it had been a different ump last night. I would’ve taken Mike Winters.

12) Hoffman’s not done yet. Within a split second all kinds of Padre “fans” jump onto the “Hoffman is too old, too slow and washed up” bandwagon. The one the believes “85 MPH isn’t good enough to close in major league baseball”. These “fans” are insane. Closing in baseball is THE hardest thing to do. Hoffman still does it as good or better than anybody. Perhaps we forget that on the last Padres win of the season (Friday night) he struck out the side swinging. Did he age 5 years in 3 nights?

Fact of the matter is had the ump got the call right we might still be playing this amazing game.

11) Rockies deserve to be in the post season. Any team that can run off a streak the way this team has in the past 2+ weeks deserves this chance. 14 of their last 15? OK 7 of those were against the Dodgers but STILL. I’d be proud to be a Rockies fan today.

10) I’m proud to be a Padres fan. They never gave up. They never rolled over. They never quit. They deserve to be in the playoffs but there just isn’t enough room. (2 seasons ago they got in while more deserving teams (better records)were left out so i guess this is karma). This team came up one game short of my expectations. Percentage wise they came up .010 short of my expectations (.556 to .546). If everything I expect came up .010 short of my expectations I think I would be a pretty happy man.

9) Part of my Padres pride was that they didn’t wilt under pressure. In typical San Diego fashion I saw enough quitter fans to make me puke. The fans that said “I knew Hoffman would blow it”. These “fans” aren’t willing to make the emotional investment it takes to be a true fan. You have to sell out, you can’t harbor doubts. It may lessen the pain but it also lessens the joy. In my opinion the “fans” that said Sunday, “There’s no way the Padres can win in Colorado” were proven wrong. There was a way. They had ample opportunity and they didn’t choke under the pressure like the “fans” did.

8 ) Tulowitski secured rookie of the year. I’d been campaigning for Kouzmanoff to get some looks but Troy showed up bigger than any other Rockie last night. Kouz played well on defense but not great at the plate. I do like the idea of having him in San Diego for a long time though.

7) The Cameron injury hurt more than the Bradley injury. Clark’s misplays led to 2 runs. If he catches the ball or at least plays them off the wall this game is much different. I’m not really down on Clark, he gave it the best effort he could, but him being there was all the result of a freaky play. Meanwhile Hairston filled in very well for Bradley. I think we’ll see Hairston in a Padres uniform for a while.

6)Black did NOT leave Peavy in too long. Peavy did what you have to do to win a baseball game in Colorado. Avoid the BIG inning. He gave up 2 in the first, 1 in the second, 1 in the third, 1 in the fifth and 1 in the sixth. That’s a good game in Colorado. Colorado’s lineup IN Colorado is the best in baseball. I wasn’t disappointed in Peavy’s performance.

5) I WAS disappointed in our offense when it came to having RISP. the ONLY hit of the game with runners in Scoring position was Gonzalez’ grand slam. meanwhile the rest of the team left 14 guys in position to score. It seemed like the top half of every extra innning had a guy on second and not being able to get him in. Oh wait that’s true! 10th, 11th, and 12th. Giles, Greene, Myrow and Barrett each had the chance to be the hero until finally Hairston took advantage of the opportunity.

4) Which leads me to say, give up on the sacrifice bunt! Especially in Colorado where the gaps are SO big. First base can easily be considered scoring position. Trading outs for 90 feet is overrated. I could see it if we are the home team and need a run to win, but you never know on the road (see #12). What was also a bit discouraging was that Headly followed Hairston’s shot with a single and we couldn’t get him in. The Rockies were in their dugout saying, “Hold em at 2, hold em at 2”. Had we got one more insurance run they would’ve been completely demoralized. Maybe we should have sacrificed him over?

3) This game should have had playoff rosters. This game being played in October we shouldn’t be allowed to have September rosters. The Rockies had 25 uniformed pitchers! That’s the entire postseason roster. They used 10. That’s more than any team will have in October. The rule needs to be changed. and not just for “tie breaker games” (they had october umpires) but for all of September. It should be that you can have all kinds of guys up, but only 25 available for each game. This is one of the reasons the Rockies may struggle in the playoffs.

2) The future looks bright for San Diego. Peavy, Maddux and a healthy Young should all be back in the rotation next year. Gonzalez, Hairston, Kouzmanoff and Greene are all young and improving. Throw in a few typical Kevin Towers trades and the Padres will be primed to challenge again in the NL west. Mike Cameron deserves to be resigned. Even though he didn’t actually contribute to the outcome of the game, seeing him pinch run and then trot out into center in the bottom half was the epitome of gutsy. He had an up and down year at the plate setting a club record for strike outs but still hitting 21 HR’s and 78 RBI and playing solid defense I think he more than earned an extension.

1) This is why I love baseball. How can anything in any other sport match the drama of that game, especially when you realize that this was just to MAKE the playoffs. A last second field goal? A three pointer at the buzzer? A penalty kick in stoppage time? A chip in on the 18th? A 12 second pit stop? I’m sorry but as far as sports drama, action and excitement is concerned I don’t think any regular season game has EVER matched that.



  1. danielbalc said,

    I’m wondering if Pablo is going to weigh in with his take on the balls being left out of the humidor.

    He sent me text messages in the middle of the game promoting the idea that the rockies employees may have intentionally left the balls out of the humidor so as to dry them out and make them jump further, knowing that a “slugfest” would benefit the Rockies.

    I pooh poohed the idea initially until the Brian Giles “double” that sailed over Matt Holiday. On the radio replay I heard Lietner describe the ball off the bat as a “bloop to left field”.


    especially when you consider Holiday is playing AT HOME. It’s not like he is unfamiliar with the lights or anything like that.

    Either way whether the balls were juiced or not the umpire had a much bigger impact on the outcome of the game than the rock-balls did.

  2. Pablo Honey said,

    I’m sticking with my conspiracy theory. They were playing with juiced balls. What’s worse is that I believe that the Rockies players knew it, as they were swinging for the fences EVERY at bat. This led to a lot of monster drives, but also a lot of strike outs, which is what kept the game going so long. There were several balls in the game that carries way more than usual. I’m not in to making excuses though, we lost the game. I could care less about the play at the plate. Hoffman probably would have given up a solo homer to the next batter. Hoffman looked absolutely defeated out there. You could tell he was rattled, his body language was pathetic. I personally don’t believe that Hoffman is done, but right now I don’t ever want to see him in a Padres uniform again. Every time I see him take the mound from now on all I will be able to think about is how he wasted our entire season twice in 3 games. I am angry, and justifiably so. As for the future, yes we have some bright spots, but we are going to have some SERIOUS competition next year from the Rockies and D-Backs. These teams are only going to get better, we’d better get better too.

  3. 5najeras said,

    What hurt worse:
    Last night’s Padres elimination or last season’s Chargers elimination against the Pats?
    It’s a familiar anguish isn’t it??

  4. danielbalc said,

    Hoffman probably would have given up a solo homer to the next batter.

    That’s the one I don’t buy. You can just as easily say he probably would have struck out the next batter and then come up in the next inning and hit a grand slam. It’s silly. we don’t know what would’ve happened because we don’t get the chance to know. That’s what stinks more than anything. If he gives up a 600 foot homer to the next guy so be it. But we have to know. we have to see. We got robbed of the chance.

    It’s like someone came into my house and stole my wedding picture and replaced it with a stick figure drawing. It sucks, but at least I have something tangible to look at and complain about for the rest of my life.

  5. danielbalc said,

    No, different anguish completely.

    The Chargers I was disappointed by the team but I didn’t feel robbed.

    This I was proud of the team and did feel robbed.

    I think the Charger game hurts worse because that was clearly on us, we lost, we gave it away.

    This one we lost but didn’t give it away. We got beat. It’s much different to get beat than to give it up. Credit to the Rockies. No credit to the Patriots.

  6. Bruce S. said,

    My official and correct opinion on Hoffman is that he is still plenty good to get average hitters out. But as was demonstrated in the ’06 All-Star game and in last night’s game, his stuff isn’t all that great against really good, top-echelon hitters. I would like to see how his “BA against” vs. really good hitters (say, the top 20 or so) compares with the other closers in the NL. Of course, I would guess his “BA against” vs. the average hitter is probably better in comparison to the other closers in the NL, such is the nature of his great changeup.

    Not having seen the game, I want to know if Helton, after his intentional walk, tagged up from first base on the game winning sac fly. Had I been the first base coach in that situation, that’s what I would have reminded Helton to do.

  7. danielbalc said,

    One thing that had been burning my brain was pitch selection so I went back to check how that final inning broke down.

    If you want to know what was wrong with Hoffman this will tell you everything.

    6 pitches- ALL fastballs between 85 and 87 MPH.

    7 pitches- the first and third 75 MPH change ups for balls(outside). the rest were fastballs around 88.

    1pitch- 86 MPH fastball on the outside corner

    Intentional walk

    1 pitch- 86 MPH fastball on the outside corner

    Not counting the intentional walk that’s 13 generic fastballs and 2 changeups.

    If you watched the Tony Jr. killing you’d remember he threw almost nothing but changeups. BUT The double by Corey Hart that got on ahead of Tony Jr was hit off of an 89 MPH fastball.

    This means out of the last 5 hits that Hoffman gave up. All except the Gwynn triple came off of fastballs. It’s one thing to get beat on your best pitch but not even throwing your best pitch? that’s sad. I’m guessing he couldn’t throw it in the Colorado environment, he wouldn’t be the first to have that difficulty, but if that were the case I guess he could’ve said so and the Pads gone a different direction. But seriously who won’t ask for the ball in that situation?

    I don’t think it’s exclusively the level of the opponent, but rather the quality of the pitch. His fastball is a low quality pitch (especially against a tight strike zone).

  8. danielbalc said,

    And Bruce, Helton DID tag up.

    how were you not watching the game???????

  9. Bruce S. said,

    Church commitments.

  10. danielbalc said,

    I understand.

    Except for the part about it being on a Monday night.

    Then again had the padres made it to the playoffs I probably would have missed, I don’t know, 4 or 5 games with Church commitments.

  11. Bruce S. said,

    Re Helton tagging up: From an ESPN article:

    Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. Maybe Brad Hawpe would have stroked a two-out hit into the gap and former Tennessee quarterback Todd Helton would have scored all the way from first to still give the Colorado Rockies a 9-8. . . .

    What’s going on here? If you are right how can these high paid ESPN bozos screw up this not insignificant detail of the game?

  12. danielbalc said,

    hmmmm. Perhaps I should further investigate. I may have been wrong. Somehow in my imagination I recalled him going to second.

  13. danielbalc said,

    Upon further review he did NOT tag and go to second. The highly paid bozos were correct. I, the unpaid bozo, screwed up that detail.

    And now it makes me even more angry because a base hit WOULDN’T have won the game.


  14. Anthony said,

    The Rockies deserved the win. The Padres didn’t. Hoffman got lit up and the blown call at home doesn’t change that fact.

  15. danielbalc said,

    I don’t understand that.

    This is how baseball works, the team that scores the most runs wins.

    To this day they both scored the same amount of runs.

    Maybe the ump had the same logic as you and decided the rockies “deserved” to win so he awarded them an extra run.

    Honestly, wouldn’t EVERY baseball fan have preferred to see the right call and the game continue? Whether Hoffman stunk or not is completely irrelevant.

    Holiday’s stinky play on Giles double didn’t “deserve” to win.

  16. danielbalc said,

    Even though I probably won’t watch any of the post season games completely (ok maybe a world series or two) I feel obligated to give my predictions.

    D-Backs over the Cubs in 4
    Phills over the Rocks in 4

    Indians over Yanks in 3
    Angles over the Red Sox in 5

    D-Backs over the Phils in 4

    Angels over the Indians in 6

    Angels over D-Backs in 4

  17. Albino Hayford said,

    Daniel — You sound a little bit like Al Gore whining about the vote counting in Florida. It’s over. They should have closed them out in the bottom of the ninth. I’m still bitter because I wasted a long distance phone call of congratulation to your dad only to have his sporting cynicism carry the day once more (and hear Val scream, “Turn it back to Dancing with the Stars” in the background).

  18. Anthony said,

    I’m not saying the blown call was correct because Hoffman stunk it up. I’m saying that instead of complaining about the blown call, maybe a good closer can seal the deal to prevent the possibility of a blown call.

    Without Milton Bradley and Mike Cameron the Padres had zero chance in the playoffs. At least this way the better team will be playing the Phillies.

  19. Bruce S. said,

    They should have closed them out in the bottom of the ninth. I

    There should never have been a bottom of the ninth due to the missed home-run call.

  20. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Baseball’s over. All you ready for some football? Ouch, another sad San Diego story.
    How bout them Cowboys!

  21. danielbalc said,

    Silly niner fan,

    You’re just upset about wes welker huh?

    I nominate Daunte Culpepper for best one day pick up of the year. the guy only completes 5 passes but manages to score a ridiculous 32 points.

    Does it sting Lynn?

  22. danielbalc said,


    There should never have been a bottom of the ninth due to the missed home-run call.

    That’s strange, I thought you didn’t watch the game? How can you say so definitively that they blew that call?

  23. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Just goes to show FFL is all about luck. And you got it. Welker scored at least 10 points each of the 3 previous weeks and the one week I have to start him because of an injury to Ward he gets shut down. Had you sweatin I bet. Hey, the Goldminers are just trying to keep pace with the Chargers.

  24. danielbalc said,


    maybe a good closer can seal the deal

    You don’t think Hoffman’s a good closer?
    What do you think. Take Hoffman and his 42 out of 49 saves this past season off the team. Are the Padres even playing that tiebreaker game? Are they even within 5 games of that tiebreaker game?

  25. danielbalc said,

    Me lucky in FF?

    You’re talking to the second highest scorer in the league last year and I still missed the playoffs.

    The only reason I had to pick up and start Daunte was because of injuries. Coincidentally this week I’m out my #1QB, RB and my top 2 WR.

    I’ll take all the luck I can get.

    Oh and I might have been sweatin had I been watching the game but mercifully God intended there to be a much greater athletic contest going on at the same time. And that’s the topic of this thread you thread jacker you.

  26. Defending FFL Champ said,

    So let’s forget about the past and talk about next year. Who’s going to play second base?

  27. pokerforprofit said,

    Well it appears the NL west was pretty good this year. Both NL west teams have 2-0 leads and have pretty much dominated their competition. Not to mention the Rockies had to beat another NL west team in 13 innings at home just to get into the dance.

    Unless a miracle happens it looks like the NL west will be represented in the World Series. Pretty cool.

    On a side note, I think it is funny how the broadcasters keep saying “well, we are now understanding how the D-backs (or Rockies) have won so many games this year.”

    Well that is great guys maybe if you had a little journalistic integrity you would try and actually watch a few games west of the Missisippi during the year so you don’t sound like complete idiots when you have to call a game.

    The East Coast bias never ceases to amaze.

  28. pokerforprofit said,

    Well it appears the NL west was pretty good this year. Both NL west teams have 2-0 leads and have pretty much dominated their competition. Not to mention the Rockies had to beat another NL west team in 13 innings at home just to get into the dance.

    Unless a miracle happens it looks like the NL west will be represented in the World Series. Pretty cool.

    On a side note, I think it is funny how the broadcasters keep saying “well, we are now understanding how the D-backs (or Rockies) have won so many games this year.”

    Well that is great guys maybe if you had a little journalistic integrity you would try and actually watch a few games west of the Missisippi during the year so you don’t sound like complete idiots when you have to call a game.

    The East Coast bias never ceases to amaze.

  29. danielbalc said,

    That comment was so good I liked it even better the second time.

  30. Pablo Honey said,

    Well it appears the NL west was pretty good this year. Both NL west teams have 2-0 leads and have pretty much dominated their competition. Not to mention the Rockies had to beat another NL west team in 13 innings at home just to get into the dance.

    Unless a miracle happens it looks like the NL west will be represented in the World Series. Pretty cool.

    On a side note, I think it is funny how the broadcasters keep saying โ€œwell, we are now understanding how the D-backs (or Rockies) have won so many games this year.โ€

    Well that is great guys maybe if you had a little journalistic integrity you would try and actually watch a few games west of the Missisippi during the year so you donโ€™t sound like complete idiots when you have to call a game.

    The East Coast bias never ceases to amaze.

  31. Pablo Honey said,

    Oh… did someone already say that?

  32. pokerforprofit said,

    The more I read that comment the better it sounds. You can use it too for just $5.99!

  33. danielbalc said,

    Good Sullivan article in this mornings UT regarding the blown call.

    I love that Mclelland was interviewed on the Dan Patrick show. I love that this call will be nearly as infamous as the Denkinger blown call. This is what Albino fails to understand. It isn’t whining in baseball, It’s history. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime. It’s what makes the game great. And i guess to some degree if there was replay we wouldn’t get to have these painful memories anymore.

    Which means more to me, accuracy or legacy?

  34. Alex said,


    I wrote a quick poem to express how some SD fans may be feeling right now.

    It’s just around the corner
    by Alex Waldo Emerson

    Oh Padres and Chargers, can’t you hear my heart breaking? Why at the end of every season do I say, “We’ll get’em next year”?

    We hear good reports of nothing but cheer, but at the end of each year I’ve cried so many tears, that I look to the future and am left with dreaded fears.

    You say you spent money, and say our players feel better, but just like the saying goes our “Money never lies”.

    I know it’s hard to focus in America’s Finest City, I know it’s hard to rely on us wishy- washy fans, but our hearts, it seems, go through the washer at the mention of playoff time.

    When is our time? When do we start our Dynasty? When are we unbeatable? When can trust set in? I find myself to often saying “It’s just around the corner.”

    BTW, for all you grammar fanatics out there don’t bother commenting on all of my errors because I don’t care.

  35. pokerforprofit said,


    When the home team lets you down, just whore yourself out to the Yankees so you feel better.

  36. danielbalc said,

    *The sound of fingers,

    “snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap”

    *Blows out the candle

  37. 5najeras said,

    Daniel, do you feel a little bit of redemtion for the Pads that the Chargers creamed Colorado? Probably not, but at least San Diego didn’t get taken out by them twice in a row…..

  38. danielbalc said,

    My redemption is found in that I “know” that Padres are better than the two teams in the NLCS. yeah yeah they both had us beat during regular season matchups but The Padres would be the odds on favorites to beat those two teams in a best of 7 series. No doubt.

    I do take quite a bit of satisfaction in destroying the Broncos at home. I hate the broncos more than i hate the rockies.

    teams I hate the most…
    1 Dodgers
    2 Giants
    3 Raiders
    4 Broncos
    5 Diamondbacks
    6 Chiefs
    7 Red Sox
    8 Yankees
    9 Duke Blue Devils
    10 Lakers

    Rockies aren’t even on the list. But they probably are in the top 15

  39. danielbalc said,

    Also my list is a but hypocritical because if it was D-backs vs the yankees or red sox I would root for the d-backs. But that’s more because it would elevate the Padres status.

  40. pokerforprofit said,

    I love seeing the NL west represented in the NLCS. How good was our division this year? We were 3 outs away (TWICE!!) from being in it, but at least the teams that beat us out are representing.

    I think I am rooting for the Rockies even though they are the team that directly knocked us out. I like Clint Hurdle and Todd Helton. And I cannot stand Valverde and his ridiculous antics, I hope he blows 3 saves in the series.

  41. danielbalc said,

    Re: Valverde


  42. Alex said,

    Glad to see the Yankees fell to #8 on your list.

    Did this have to do with me showing you how Jeter is actually a great baseball player?

    If so, do I get credit for the declined hatred for the “Men in pinstripes”?

    I’ll check back for your answer.

    Anxious to see your response,

    Alex Torre

  43. danielbalc said,

    Why haven’t I gotten an answer regarding whose numbers are more hall worthy?

    BTW have you figured out the other guys numbers yet?

  44. danielbalc said,

    here are those numbers again…

    Mystery Man???
    Games- 1639, Ave- .293, HR- 273, RBI- 992, OPS- .990, R- 1022, SO- 752, fielding pct- .980

    Derek Jeter
    Games- 1835, Ave- .317, HR- 195, RBI- 933, OPS- .850, R- 1379, SO- 1291, fielding pct- .975

    Do you tacitly support the mystery man for the hall of fame since whoever he is he obviously has better numbers than your boy?

  45. Alex said,

    Did you conveniently overlook Jeter’s Hits? Allow me to help,

    2356 hits

    I’m not sure if you will recognize any of the names on this list but this might help put things into perspective because he is currently 4th on the all time hits record for the Yankees.

    NY Yankees All-time Hits list

    1) Lou Gehrig 2,721
    2) Babe Ruth 2,518
    3) Mickey Mantle 2,415
    4) Derek Jeter 2,356

    I’d say he’s in pretty good company. The beautiful thing is, considering he remains healthy, he’s not done yet.

  46. danielbalc said,

    Mystery man has 1683 hits in 200 less games.

    Thank you for reminding us that no Yankee has ever gotten 3000 hits only furthering the truth that nothing helps your credentials more than having played for the yankees.

    Again, if Derek Jeter plays for any other team you’re not a fan of his.

    so your comments about being a “Jeter fan” are just flat out not true.

    and how about this…
    If Jeter played for the Padres you’d be calling for his head. You’d say he was the worst player on the team and grossly overpaid.

  47. danielbalc said,

    I decided to look at where Jeter ranks on the all time hit leaders list.

    It only went to 100 so I still don’t know.

    but here are few active players over him. Let me know if they belong in the hall

    Kenny Lofton
    Luis Gonzalez
    Steve Finley
    Julio Franco
    Omar Vizquel

    If Jeter gets to 3000 (and he should) i would say he deserves to be in the hall. But what I will not accept is that he has presently done enough to deserve that honor. Meanwhile people (like you) talk about him like he has and he’s a sure fire first ballot guy. I’ve shown you the numbers and he quite simply (at this point) has not and is ot.

  48. Alex said,

    Daniel, your argument is absolutely weak. Give it up. You are a hater. Haters hate regardless.

    How many of those guys on your little list have as many rings as him?

    FACT: Jeter has 4 World Series rings

    Another little factoid for your little datahead, Jeter has played in NEW YORK for 12 years. If he was nearly as bad as you claim he would have been ran out of there a long time ago. New York fans are not loyal. They want to win. New York is nothing like San Diego they expect to win EVERY year.

    Daniel, have you heard of a guy named Troy Tulowitszki? In case you haven’t he’s the SS for the Rockies and one of the up and coming stars. I wonder why he doesn’t feel the same way you do.

    “He took advantage of the opportunity to meet his idol, Derek Jeter, when the Yankees came to Coors Field in June. I went up to him in batting practice and told him how much I respected him and how he plays the game. He talked to me for a while, told me to keep working and I’d be a good player.”

    Let’s end this discussion, you got your wish last night and the Yankees lost.

    Derek Jeter will go down in history as a winner.

  49. danielbalc said,

    Derek Jeter will go down in history as a winner.

    So will Scott Brosius that doesn’t make him a hall of famer.

    In case you haven’t noticed my argument is the one that includes stats. your argument (as in all arguments for Derek Jeter) revolve entirely on public opinion. It’s a popularity contest.

    I just really really want you look at the stats when evaluating how much of a “Jeter fan” you are. If you do that you will be struck with the sober reality that you hitched your wagon to a remarkably average player.

    At least be an A-Rod fan seeing as how HE is something else.

  50. danielbalc said,

    Of course Jeter’s career isn’t over. again he may do something to warrant HOF status by the time it’s all said and done but if he were to retire TODAY. He does not deserve such an honor. That’s all I’m saying.

    BTW nice performance in the ALDS for “Mr Clutch.”

    3 for 17 (.176 BA). 4 K’s. 6 LOB. 0 Runs. But he did get 1 RBI finally in game 4.
    Of the regulars only Jorge Posada did worse.

    He didn’t even have 1 walk in 4 games. And he bats second in the order.

    If I were a Yankee fan I would be calling to get rid of Jeter and his bloated waste of money contract instead of the manager. In fact I’d bet Torre had a better chance of going out there and getting on base than Jeter did.

  51. Alex said,

    Mr. Average??

    Coming from a guy that if it was up to him he would have re-signed Phil Nevin to the Padres?

    You have no credibility. NONE.

  52. danielbalc said,

    Hey by the end of next season Jeter may have as many as Nevin.

    Dude,my credibility is based on the stats. Jeter is THE most overrated and overpaid player in baseball. find one other player making 20+ million with lesser numbers than Jeter and I’ll back off him.

    The bigger issue at hand is why does yankeefan miss this glaring weakness on their team. he’s hurting the team! You as a yankeefan should take it upon yourself to lead the charge to get rid of the bum.

    but you’re not a yankeefan, you’re a jeterfan. Meaning if they traded him to the royals you’d be sporting a KC hat.

    that I’d like to see.

    Or perhaps they can make an interlocking “DJ” hat instead of “NY”. That’s be more fitting.

  53. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Roids. If he had only done some roids.

  54. Jessica said,

    bono likes …..baseball

  55. pokerforprofit said,

    It looks like the Rockies are a pretty good baseball team. It pains me to think that we should have beat them in their park in the middle of this hot streak. I look forward to this World Series being a lot more competitive than many on the East Coast believe it will be.

  56. danielbalc said,


    The way it’s going the Rockies are going to be the first team ever to go 11 and 0 in the playoffs.

  57. danielbalc said,

    Did anybody else catch the Indian warfare that took place last night?

    The highlight of the week goes to Manny Ramirez for his both arms raised triumphantly in the air while tracking the entire flight of his lofty home run. His statuesque 10 second pose was sooooooooo fitting for a home run that pulled his team to within… 4 runs.

    ugh. What an idiotic jerk.

    Go Indians.

  58. amyleesspace said,

    Why is Manny an idiotic jerk, but Merrimans dumb show boating dance isn’t idiotic?????? Hmmmm I’m sensing a double standard here!

    GO SOX!!!

  59. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Welcome to Daniel’s world Amy.

  60. danielbalc said,

    To both amy and cellar dweller in the FFL

    There is a HUGE difference in a meaningful sack in a football game (i.e. 3rd and 3 with the score close) and a meaningless homerun (i.e. one that pulls the team within FOUR runs).

    Did you see the two guys before Manny acting like they had just won the world series?


    Did you hear me complaining when Manny did the exact same pose on his walk off home run verse the Angels? Not one bit. He was fully within his rights to do that then and there.

    time and a place for everything.

    I heard that merriman did his sack dance while the Chargers were trailing by a considerable margin in the NE game. If that’s true I don’t defend that. But I do defend his exhibition in Sunday’s beatdown of the raiders. It’s good for the team and for the crowd.

    What manny did wasn’t good for his team and only riled the crowd more against them. That makes him both an idiot (for not having the intelligence to recognize that his antics were detrimental to his teams success) and a Jerk (for selfishly caring more about his own glory that his team’s winning).

    Meanwhile the second highest salary in all of professional sports goes down in flames to a team making half as much.

    Thing of beauty.

  61. amyleesspace said,

    It is so funny that you write this today as Wences and I were debating this last night after it happened.

    The double standard is as follows: Last year when the Chargers were in a playoff game with NE and were losing, Merriman still did his show boating..

    Sox were currently losing to the Indians and Manny still did his “show boating”

    The difference here is this was the first time that 3 home runs were hit in a row, in a ALCS semi finals game.. This may have played a role in his antics..

    My question is, Why is it ok idiotic for Manny to do this, but not for Merriman?

    Am I saying Manny wasn’t show boating, no he was.. circumstances were a little different though.

  62. Alex said,

    You have to understand both sports. They are completely different. You just can’t compare the two, but if I must than being down 4 runs in baseball is comparable to being down 28 points(4 td’s) in football. If Merriman was showboating when the game was that out or reach I would have been the first one to laugh at him for doing so. Now if Manny would have hit the game winning home run last night, danced around the bases, raised his hands for 20 seconds and took off his shirt we would not be having this discussion.

  63. amyleesspace said,

    Ugggh!!! Wences tried this whole bit of they are 2 different sports. Whatever, a sport is a sport. Losing by 1 run or 10 runs, losing by 1 td or 4 tds…does it really matter, a loss is a loss. Doesn’t really matter how much you lose by, I just find it rather comical that when it is in favor of the Padres or the Chargers it is ok. But for some strange reason if it is for a team other than the above mentioned, it’s a different story. Show boating is show boating, it doesn’t matter which sport or which team you play for. The defintion does not change in favor of “our” team.

  64. danielbalc said,

    puh-leez! did you even read my above comments? It has NOTHING to do with the fact that Manny plays for the red sox. I said it was perfectly ok for him to do that when hit a walk off homerun against the angels. It’s NOT OK when his team is down 4 runs on the road.

    You are the one speaking out of your biased booty sister. you are the one with the double standard.

  65. amyleesspace said,

    not seeing where I have the double standard, but whatever..

  66. pokerforprofit said,

    Actually the two sports are different.

    Retaliation is easier and more effective in baseball.

    Next time Manny wants to stand and admire his home run at the plate for 5 seconds he should be ready to take a seed in the ribs his next AB.

    Baseball’s unwritten code of conduct does not allow for this type of behavior. I hope CC Sabathia dots him in the first inning.

    In football it is commonplace and understood that celebrating a good play will happen. No one is offended.

  67. Defending FFL Champ said,

    You see fine Amy. It’s the San Diego homers that are blind.

  68. amyleesspace said,

    I had to walk away for a little bit I was getting too upset ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will “defend” myself one more time here.. Manny WAS show boating. My whole point was that he was called an idiot for doing as such. I believe there is a double standard because when other players exersize this behavior they are “praised” for it. I don’t really care what the sport is, show boating is show boating.

    #67 I KNOW!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. pokerforprofit said,

    If you guys can’t distinguish the differences between baseball and football we cannot have this conversation. If you are going to say that a sport is a sport and the same rules apply across the board in all sports in all situations you are being naive and this conversation will go nowhere.

    There is a difference. Over-celebrating a good play or a home run in baseball is looked down upon. It has always been this way. It will always be this way. It is not in the spirit of the game. Ask any former player what he thought of Manny’s act and you will get the same response. It was wrong.

    If any Padre player did that after a meaningless homerun I would be the one to throw the first stone. It is not right. You may not like the unwritten rule, but the fact is it is an unwritten rule.

    But does all this really matter? I guess not to Manny….


  70. danielbalc said,

    Amy your bias and double standard is that you jumped in to defend Manny. You would have never defended any other player of any other team.

    Your defense is ridiculous…

    “Why is Manny an idiotic jerk, but Merrimans dumb show boating dance isnโ€™t idiotic??????”

    That’s not a defense at all it’s just an opportunity for you to bring up your distaste for Merriman. Why would you do that? because you are biased against him.

    meanwhile the only person you’ve got in your corner is FFL cellar dweller who hasn’t offered you any help other than to say that everyone against you is a blind SD homer.

    Once again if you are using a completely disconnected sample of idiotic jerkiness (Manny’s HR pose) to jump on a player from a different team in a different SPORT. Who is demonstrating bias and home team blindness?

    matt’s right…

    If you guys canโ€™t distinguish the differences between baseball and football we cannot have this conversation.

  71. Defending FFL Champ said,

    “other than to say that everyone against you is a blind SD homer.”

    What more needs to be said. You don’t have to be ashamed of being a homer, just admit it.

  72. amyleesspace said,

    It honestly does not bother me if everyone is “against” me.. If that makes you feel cool that you have your blogger “possy” backing you up, then kudos to you. Everyone that reads ur blog are Charger/Padres fans why would they not add their 2 sense in for their team of choice.

    YOU read WAAAAY into the comment I wrote. I don’t care what sport you play show boating is show boating. Do I think Merrimans dance is dumb, YES and always have. Do I think it is considered show boating ( even though he plays football) YES!!!! Do I think Manny show boats, YES!! Do I think his actions the other evening were show boating, YES!!!! Do I like the Red Sox, YES!!!! You are just continuing to reiterate facts that we all already know. You called him an idiot for his actions, I simply asked why is he an idiot for doing the same thing that other players do!?!?!?! I used Merriman as an example as everyone would know exactly what I’m talking about, and I think it’s annoying. Manny & Merriman prime examples of show boaters!

    I would not call my original comment that started this nonsense to be a defense, I would rather call it more of a statement/question..more a statement though..

    YOU only care when it is a player other than your teams! There has always been a rival between SD and Boston, and SD and NE Pats, so do I think you called him an idiot because he plays for the Sox, YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. danielbalc said,

    Calm down a bit amy. You don’t want your babies seeing you this way.

    now here’s THE POINT. Number one main Point that you need to pay careful attention to…

    You said

    I simply asked why is he an idiot for doing the same thing that other players do!?!?!?!

    And it is a very simply answer. What Manny did was NOT the same thing other players do. That is why is an idiot.

    That’s what everyone (and by everyone I mean NATIONAL Media not just my SD posse) thinks of Manny hitting a meaningless HR and gazing at it like it were sputnik.

  74. amyleesspace said,

    Luckily they are napping ๐Ÿ™‚

    Okay you are right I bow down……

  75. danielbalc said,

    Parenting advice…

    They are cute kids.

    Don’t ruin them by putting them in any apparel from an east coast team of any type. It’s embarrassing. It confuses them and people who see them. Born and raised in SD instill in them a sense of civic pride. Dress em in Chargers and Padres gear.

  76. Midge said,

    – “Donโ€™t ruin them by putting them in any apparel from an east coast team of any type.”

    AMEN to THAT!!

  77. itsasecret2u said,

    They have little Charger dress things at Wal-Mart right now that would look adorable on Mya. I’d have bought one for my little one, but they only go down to size 12M. Just a suggestion… ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. amyleesspace said,

    Oops I read this a little too late..

    The cutest baby girl named Mya ever, is wearing her pink sweat out fit that loudly and proudly supports the Patriots ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry guys when mommy does the dressing, they wear what I put on them ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. danielbalc said,

    There is a huge problem that I have noticed with transplanted fans.

    They have no actual sense of reality because they can only see positives.

    For example…

    I have far too much interaction with giantfan. I used to assume that all giantfan were completely delusional because the ones I knew would often say things like “the giants have a far better team than the Padres” and “Every position player on the giants is better than the position players on the Padres.” I couldn’t understand how they could make such asinine statements. I wondered what kind of drug giantfan had to be on to actually believe this sentiment. But then I went to a game up in SF (the opening series of the 06 season) and a revelation occurred. I listened to the actual local giantfan and what I heard was that they sounded EXACTLY like local Padrefan. ALL they could see were the negatives.

    Localfan sees the negatives because he is closer to the team. He reads the local paper, sees the local news and watches the team on a far more frequent basis than transplanted fan.

    Transplanted fan only sees his imagined version of the team. He watches for his team on sportscenter and only sees the HIGHLIGHTS. He only reads about the game if his team wins. He only checks the boxscore when they score 8 runs, not when they get shut out.

    It finally dawned on me. Transplant fans are so obnoxious because they don’t actually see their team for what it is.

    If you raise a child as transplant fan (though never actually having been planted there) you are dooming them to a lifetime of team blindness.

    While FFL last place man may accuse “homers” of blindness it seems obvious to me that “homers” have the BEST point of view regarding their team. hmmm.

    Another example would be to look at your house from far away. It looks good from a distance, but you find as you get closer and closer its got chipped paint and cracked walls and poorly maintained landscaping. The closer you are to something the better perspective you have.

    If you teach your kids that the Red Sox or the Yankees or the Patriots or whomever is the “best” team, they are never going to see what those teams really are. You perverted their vision.

  80. Alex said,

    Hey Wildcat (Daniel),

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, How long did you live in the old “Blue Grass” State anyways?

    It’s time to lay down your badge there Kentucky law dog, i’m afraid you’re hypocrisy just ran out!!!

  81. LRonrocks said,

    Hey Daniel,

    If you really want to get through to them, try jumping up and down on the couch while saying it.


    Tom Cruise

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