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September 27, 2007 at 4:58 pm (Sports thoughts)

I want to use my soap box here in the blogosphere to sound off on all of the “award projections” that the internet throws out there.

We all know there is such thing as an east coast bias in that most of these writers have never seen a game played west of Saint Louis but if the awards go the way most people are projecting  I’ll be disgusted.

Here is the general concensus regarding the major awards…


MVP- Jimmy Rollins

CY Young- Jake Peavy

Rookie of the Year- Ryan Braun

Manager of the Year- Charlie Manuel


MVP- Alex Rodriguez

Cy Young- CC Sabathia

Rookie of the Year- Dustin Padroia

Manager of the Year- Mike Scoscia

Even though you want to beleive that each voter is doinghis own research when you keep seing the same names pop up over and over it begins to dawn on you. Their “research” is probably just reading Their colleagues predictions and echoing the same things. Or worse, watching ESPN highlights and going off of that.

As Mike Gundy says,

“It makes me want to puke.”

So if by some strange miracle a professional sports journalist actually used his brain to think, here are the awards they would come up with…

First of all lets get out of the way the two unanimous selections…

AL MVP we all know is and should be going to A-Rod. Easy

NL Cy Young also should be unanimous because Jake Peavy has secured the pitching triple crown (Wins, K’s and ERA) That’s only happened twice in my lifetime in the NL and 4 times in my lifetime in the AL. Nevertheless it probably won’t be unanimous because the idiot Giants broadcaster Jon Miller reportedly said he wouldn’t vote for Jake Peavy because he hasn’t pitched more than 7.1 innings deep this year. (never mind the fact that he is third in the league in innings pitched Jon.)

OK so those two are unanimous here are the big things that people are getting wrong.

NL MVP- No one on the Phillies deserves this award. first of all most people will put 3 Phillies position players in their top ten (Rollins, Utley and Howard) while a 4th made it to the all star game (Rowand). With this kind of offensive production how can 1 single player qualify as “Most valuable”? Not only that but they play in a park that is totally slanted towards great offensive numbers. Sorry, but no way one of those guys deserves that award.

Who does? Either Holliday or Fielder. I’d probably go with Fielder since he carried his team more so than Holliday.

AL CY Young- They will usually give this award to Sabathia or Beckett but neither of them was extraordinarily good this year. They did what most people expected them to do. Even though “unexpected results” isn’t really the criteria for a CY young winner I think ERA is. Thus I give the award to Fausto Carmona of the Indians. He led the league in ERA was a game back in wins and was considered by most the number 3 or 4 guy on the staff going into the season. That deserves some hardware.


In the NL they will give it to either Ryan Braun or Troy Tulowitski.  While both are quite deserving and I know I will be accused of being blinded bymy home allegiances I think that Kevin Kouzmanoff MUST be mentioned in this category. First of all the other two  are flourishing in hitters ball parks. Secondly the other two have legitimate MVP candidates in the order with them.  Kouz has neither of those things to help him and yet his numbers aren’t far away from either of them. Not only that but Kouz started the season in a hole the size of the Grand Canyon and somehow has managed to dig to the point of being second on his team in batting. Kouz literally fought his way from batting 8th at the beginning of the season to batting 3rd (the most important spot) here at the end. Though I don’t think he’ll win it, he deserves to be in the top 3.

AL ROY- I don’t know anything about this because I;m not an AL guy but whenever I read things like ” Pedroia has flourished in the unforgiving Red Sox nation.” I tend to dry heave. I hate the excuse of “it’s harder to play in Boston or New York”. That’s crazy. For every guy that struggles with it there’s another guy who thrives on it. Does this mean Pedroia would stink in the Devil rays lineup? After all he wouldn’t have Manny, Big Papi, Lowell and the rest hitting around him. No I don’t buy that. So I’ll give it to Royals pitcher Brian Bannister who managed to win 12 games for the Royals. and had an ERA under 4 (4 in the AL is what 3 is in the NL).  Good job Bannister.

AL Manager of the Year- This is easy. I am NOT impressed by a manager with a payroll over 100 million. That leaves out the Angles, Yankees and Red Sox and leaves only the Indians Eric Wedge.

NL Manager of the Year- In a league that actually uses managers in the game this award means something. Once again I leave out the top 5 league payrolls of contending teams and say goodbye to Willie Randolph,  Lou Pinella and Charlie Manuel. So that leaves me with Ned Yost, Clint Hurdle, Bob Melvin and Bud Black. Of those 4 only two managed to do it without an MVP candidate, Melvin and Black and since Black is in his first year as a manager I think he deserves this award the most.  And yet he’ll go unnoticed by the voters.


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  1. pokerforprofit said,

    I will say this: No manager or player should be eligible for any award if their team does not make the playoffs. That should be a prerequisite for recieving an MVP or Manager of the Year award (I am a little more forgiving for the ROY since they are not expected to lead their team to the playoffs in year 1)

    Thus it will be interesting to see who makes the playoffs in NL which will eliminate many of the contenders for the awards.

    I like Melvin (great job with a very young team no one expected to compete this year) Holliday (ridiculous numbers across the board, not just a power hitter) and Tulowitzki (great offensive season and played the toughest position with best fielding %)

    I dont pay enough attention to the AL to care.

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