The Chargers Prediction Post

August 27, 2007 at 9:37 pm (Sports thoughts)

In honor of my most popular blog of all time, “The (long awaited Padres prediction post” it is only necessary that I make a similar post for my beloved Lighting Bolts.

I am often left wondering which I enjoy more, Chargers or Padres? I suppose that I would value a World Series championship more than a Super Bowl championship just because I believe the way the sports are set up makes it more difficult to win championships in baseball than it is in football. That being said, I would probably break down and weep for Joy if the Chargers won the Super Bowl. So get your tissues ready because here is my prediction for the “New Look” San Diego Chargers.

Just like the PPP I am going to do a position by position analysis (though slightly more general), but unlike the PPP I am able (with a short 16 game season) to predict individual games. This will make the CPP much more critique-able as the season progresses. (BTW if you refer back to the PPP you will see that I predicted the Padres to win 90 games. At this point in the season they will have to go 20 and 13 in their last 33 games to make that prediction).

Back to the Chargers

Positional Analysis


Line- BETTER. Actually the line is the same, just richer (with Dielman making bank during the off-season). I say they will play better however due to the fact that Pro-Bowl Left tackle (only the third Offensive Lineman EVER to make the pro-bowl as a rookie), now has a year under his belt and doesn’t have two broken hands. The rest of the line is already considered one of the best in the league. They are gritty, nasty, tenacious and unified. They are like the Spartans on 300, but instead of dining in hell they dine at Mike Goff’s house. How good is a line who has Roman Oben as a back up?

Receivers- BETTER. Last season’s starters are gone either released (McCardell) or injured (Parker) leaving it up to a group of young, tall guys. Jackson demonstrated tremendous skills in the final 6 games of last season and has proven he can be a go-to guy. Floyd was playing really well when he went out early last season with an injury. Osgood and Camarillo have proven they can play on special teams and Osgood can be a valuable contributer in different packages as well. Rookie, “Buster” Davis may take a year to develop but seems promising and another rookie, Legedue Naanee, earned a lot of praise from LT.

The thing about our receiving core is that they aren’t asked to do too much since our offense is based on the running game and has the best tight end in football. These receivers are more than serviceable and could be spectacular.

Tight Ends- BETTER. This is one of the coolest positions in all of sports because it is so versatile and asked to do so much. Ours happen to be the best in football at everything they are asked to do. Gates is unbelievable. I used to believe every team need a “third down back” like Ronnie Harmon who could sneak out and make a catch on 3rd and 6. Now I see how cool it is to have a guy that no line backer can cover. in addition to Gates we have a tremendous blocking guy in Manumallaeunamanalma and a promising traditional tight end in rookie, Scott Chandler.

Running Backs- BETTER. I almost called this worse because there is no way that LT can replicate his success from last year and Turner is nursing a sprained ankle, but then I saw how Sproles is coming on. WOW! Remember that third down back I was talking about earlier? We have him in Darren Sproles. LT is going to be phenomenal again but I don’t know that we’ll see him scoring 30+ Touchdowns. Neal is still in great shape and showed a little something extra with his crazy jumping spin moves in Saturdays game against the Cardinals.

Quarterbacks- SAME. I am so tempted to say “BETTER” with the new coaching staff being geared towards a QB’s success but how much better can a 14-2 team get? I’ll leave some room for improvement on Mr. Rivers part because he did throw 9 interceptions last year and only 22 touchdowns. I’d like to see that improve to say 26 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Volek is a solid backup.


Line- WORSE. This is hard for me to say because I really like these guys, but Igor seems to be permanently bothered by injuries, Castillo has looked brilliant at times but also seems to get nagged a bit and at some point Williams is going to show his age. Nevertheless their job is primarily to stop the run and they’ve done it well. The backups are going to need to be good because of those injuries so I expect to see Cesaire and Bingham rack up 10 sacks between them.

Linebackers- WORSE. Even though we have the two best pass rushing linebackers in football with Shawne and Shaun we are inserting two first time starters inside (Cooper and Whilhelm). These guys could do just fine but at the same time the inside positions are usually where your defensive team leaders play. I don’t see either of these guys calling out plays and getting “lights out” and “the other guy” fired up. the positive is that we have a lot of depth with Waters and Dobbins behind these two inside guys and Polk and Harris backing up the outside guys. There is virtually no drop off on the inside and you have a lot of experience on the outside. This is a very deep core but losing veterans like Edwards and Godfrey isn’t easy.

Secondary-BETTER. Jammer has proven himself to be the “shut down” corner we had all thought he would be. Sure he gets some flags thrown his way but he rarely get beat on the long ball and is a sure thing tackler. The fact of the matter is that opposing QB’s don’t look his way very often, that’s what you want. Florence has managed to keep his job still, but will continue to be the corner that gets thrown at thus we can expect him to get a couple more picks than Jammer this season. Meanwhile Cromartie is chomping at the bit to be the starter and it may happen by mid season that he takes that job from D-Flo. If that is the case he will leads the team in picks. The safeties are McCree and Hart but I think Weddle will be the starter by seasons end. Jue could start for most teams.

Special Teams-


Scifres is a pro-bowler in waiting. Kaeding will score a lot of points but still hasn’t proved he can make the 50+ yarder. Has his length strength increased? This is a strength of the team that has probably gotten better with Turner or Sproles returning kicks and Sproles, Davis or Gordon getting a chance at punts. The Chargers are very fortunate that Eric Parker is injured. As mentioned earlier Osgood and Camarillo really contribute in this area.



As with the Padres there is no way I can simply give the nod to a new guy when the old guy had so much success. I got sick of hearing people say “martyball” every time (2) the Chargers lost and then blaming the playoff loss to his coaching. That was crazy. Marty was a fantastic coach and I’m sad to see him go. I will also miss Phillips and Cameron but it’s cool that they get shots as head coaches.

Even though we lost a lot of coaches AJ did a very good job of replacing all of them. I was NOT a fan of Turner (probably because of Raider association) but I wasn’t a fan of Marty (because of Chief association). So I’ve been wrong before (at least once that I know of). The players really seem to like Turner and the other coordinators are all very talented. The Defensive coordinator of the NFC champs is now our linebackers coach? That’s impressive. Nevertheless changing from 14 and 2 is risky business.

Schedule and Prediction

Bears- The Super Bowl that could’ve been. SD 35 – Chi 17

@ New England- Payback. SD 38 -NE 7

@Green Bay- The Aaron Rodgers era begins when Favre can’t take the field in the second half due to concussion like symptoms. SD 31 – GB 14

Chiefs- Reverse Dejavu: Larry Johnson gets knocked out by Merriman and Priest Holmes gets a chance to be the starter. SD 28 – KC 0

@ Denver- Jammer returns 3 Jay Cutler picks for TD’s and everyone forgets about Chump Bailey (finally). SD 44 – Den 17

Oakland- The Raiders promising start continues as the Chargers win on a last second field goal from Nate Kaeding. SD 27- OAK- 26

Houston- Reggie Bush, wanting to play in his hometown, signs with the Texans for one day but it’s still not enough to help them. SD 33- HOU- 3

@ Minnesota- The surprise upset of the year as the winless Vikings beat the Undefeated Chargers on two blocked field goals returned for touchdowns in the final 6 minutes of the game. SD 21 – MIN 22

Indianapolis- LT sets a new record by rushing for 327 yards and 6 touchdowns. Michael Turner adds another. SD 49 – IND 13

@ Jacksonville- LT continues his torrid streak by scoring 3 TD’s in the first quarter, throwing one in the second, catching one in the third and just for fun kicking a field goal in the 4th quarter. SD 38 – JAX 10

Baltimore- In memory of last seasons heart breaker the Bolts throw ball only twice, both times for 80 yard touchdowns. both to Antonio Gates, a humiliated Ray Lewis retires. SD 21 – BAL 10

@ Kansas City-Deja Vu again as Priest Holmes gets knocked out by Merriman and now the starting duties go to Michael Bennett. SD 40- KC 0

@ Tennessee- The Al Gore tribute game. In a bizarre weather incidence that could only be chalked up to global warming the bolts win a came eerily reminiscent of the 1981 playoff game verses the Bengals. Wind Chill is -10, but this time the results are reversed. SD 27 – TEN 7

Detroit- Back home in sunny San Diego the Chargers delight their fans by having ten different players score a touchdown. In alphabetical order they are Chandler, Davis, Floyd, Gates, Jackson, Jammer, Neal, Rivers, Tomlinson and Turner. SD 70 – DET 14

Denver- Both Denver and MNF wish that Jake plummer had never retired as the last place Broncos stumble into town. John Lynch Jr. complains about the “code” that says a 14-1 team shouldn’t blitz against a 1 -14 team. SD 35 – DEN 3

@ Oakland- Without playing a single starter the Chargers beat down on the Raiders, sacking JeMarcus Russell 12 times. SD 28 – OAK 0

Riding on the momentum of their 15 and 1 record the Chargers win both playoff games at home by a combined score of 60 to 42. The Super Bowl isn’t as close but the Chargers prevail against the one team that beat them during the regular season 35 to 28.



  1. pokerforprofit said,

    Everyone in the country knows this is one of the 2-3 top teams in the league and by far the most talented team in the league.

    They will win the division. They will get a first round bye in the playoffs.

    The only question left to answer is can Norv do what Marty could not, coach them to playoff success.

    I look at this team alot like the Colts of the last few years. The Colts suffered some tough losses in the playoffs before finally breaking through last year. There appears to be a learning curve for some teams when it comes to winning in the playoffs.

    Likewise, the Chargers have suffered 2 tough losses in the playoffs. LT and others have stated that they now know what it takes to win in the postseason. I believe them and I see this being the year they finally breakthrough and capture that elusive first Super Bowl.

    This should be a very fun season.

  2. Pablo Honey said,


    Week 1:
    Chicago 20, Chargers 34

    Week 2:
    Chargers 24, Patriots 14

    Week 3:
    Chargers 27, Packers 13

    Week 4:
    Chiefs 9, Chargers 35

    Week 5:
    Chargers 20, Broncos 17

    Week 6:
    Raiders 10, Chargers 21

    Week 7:

    Week 8:
    Texans 21, Chargers 31

    Week 9:
    Chargers 17, Vikings 20

    Week 10:
    Colts 24, Chargers 38

    Week 11:
    Chargers 20, Jaguars 28

    Week 12:
    Ravens 10, Chargers 34

    Week 13:
    Chargers 14, Chiefs 17

    Week 14:
    Chargers 27, Titans 13

    Week 15:
    Lions 24, Chargers 45

    Week 16:
    Broncos 21, Chargers 34

    Week 17:
    Chargers 17, Raiders 0

    Super Bowl or bust.

  3. danielbalc said,

    Why do we both have them losing to the vikes?

  4. Pablo Honey said,

    On the road looking ahead to the Colts the next week, I think the Vikings D catches us off guard.

  5. Alex said,

    I can’t wait to see what the “new” chargers can do. When you go through the season like you did last year and don’t meet your own expectations as a team you use that as motivation for the next year. This is why I believe Merriman “grew up” over the off season. He was having a blast with all the Lights Out hype but he realized leading the league in sacks and making the Pro Bowl does not equate with winning the Super Bowl. I give him kudos for that. My prediction is he will beat the sacks record this year in just 14 games so long as he stays healthy.

    Isn’t weird that we didn’t win the Super Bowl but we seem to be the team to beat this year again?

    I have condensed my thoughts down to two key points this year:

    1) Gates
    This is going to be his year to shine. Unfortunately LT probably won’t be breaking his TD record from last year but it will only be because #85 will play a more vital role in their success this year. Not a bad thing at all.

    2) Defense
    I don’t like that we aren’t solid in the middle linebacker position. To be honest Weilhelm has never impressed me and losing # 59 I believe will be felt this year. Sucks that he had to be stuck in the whole Marty- AJ feud. I see us giving up more yardage on the ground but less in the air. The only other ? for me is the DB’s. I think we have improved a lot and I’m just skeptical because we have never really been dominant on our coverage in the past years.

    Team prediction: Overall our defense will be giving up more points this year, but our offense will pick up the slack by putting up big numbers to assure us a win.

    13-3, but more importantly a Super Bowl victory.

    Go Chargers!!!

  6. danielbalc said,

    This story sure isn’t surprising. I wondered how they could just use a team like the bears in that commercial. Nevertheless I think the bears should be more upset at Nike than at LT.

    I would love to see him bust a run just like the commercial on them. That would be awesome.

  7. pokerforprofit said,

    The best part of that article is the fact that Urlacher thinks we are the same team they beat 4 years ago.

    Uhh dude we don’t care what you did 4 years ago because I think our team is slightly different nowadays.


  8. danielbalc said,

    Ok so my post predictions are slightly tongue in cheek so I think I’ll make a legit prediction before each weeks game. In addition to that I’d like to see other loyal readers predictions so that we can compare who’s closest to the actual score.

    This week I think I will be taking in a 24- 17 chargers victory over “da bears”.

  9. danielbalc said,

    Poker, If my memory serves correct the last time the Chargers player the Bears wasn’t the bears running back Anthony Thomas (AKA the A-Train)? How many running backs have they been through since him? And where is that former ROY now? Maybe Urlacher is just jealous that his team can’t even mange to find a decent running back.

  10. Pablo Honey said,

    You can find my predictions above.

  11. danielbalc said,

    you won’t want to change them week to week after seeing how other teams develop?

  12. pokerforprofit said,

    I like the Bolts to win this game 27-14

  13. danielbalc said,

    I’ve seen a whole bunch of “predicted finish” list from a whole bunch of different sources, but none of them ever offers anything fresh. They all have almost exactly the same teams in the playoffs.

    example. SI

    Every major sports publication is going to throw out the exact same 12 teams. At the same time every year there are between 2-4 “surprises” ie, last year very few predicted the saints, chiefs, jets, or giants.

    A few years ago I did this with my family and won by getting 10 of 12, I’m betting I can beat all the major sports outlets AND all of you…

    the 12 playoff teams this season will be…



    that’s right people. the Colts and the Bears will miss the playoffs. These may seem bold to you now, but just you wait.

  14. The Commish said,

    My Playoff teams:













  15. The Commish said,





  16. danielbalc said,

    Good win yesterday. I’ve heard a lot of people calling it “ugly” etc. but I don’t buy it. The Chargers had only 3 penalties and 2 turnovers (1 that was a joke) against the best defense in the NFC if not the NFL.

    LT couldn’t run, true, but he caught for over 50 yards and threw a TD and did scamper in on a 7 yard TD run.

    Rivers would’ve looked better had some passes not been dropped (ie VJ in the endzone AG on 3rd down).

    Despite 2 or 3 drops Gates still was pretty darn good.

    The defense was phenomenal allowing just 3 points.

    Though the scoreboard only said 14 for the Chargers consider this.
    They had a field goal blocked
    The officials missed one of the most blatant penalties in recent memory on the goal line that led to a “fumble”.
    They were driving down when they decided to kneel on the ball at the end of the game.

    Thats 17 points that Chargers didn’t score but statistically speaking “earned”. In other words 31-3 is a better indication of how much the Chargers dominated this game.

    And yet it looked like the Bears had a chance for most of the game. Let me remind you of the Thursday night season opener Saint verses Colts. SAME THING. It looked like a game for the first half and then… blowout.

    That’s what the Charger game was yesterday, but the final score doesn’t show it like it really was.

    Be afraid New England. Be very afraid.

    Weird side note. The Mike Scifers Punt that looked terrible but turned out good for the Chargers evidently hit the cable that supported that stupid overhead camera as did one of Kaeding’s kickoffs. That’s ridiculous.

  17. pokerforprofit said,

    Very happy with the win. We played a very good defensive team and found a way to score enough points.

    I expect the offense to be much more explosive next week going against a lesser (but still very good) defense in New England minus Richard Seymour and Rodney Harrison.

    Our defense dominated their offense all game. Yes they are average at best, but to hold any team to 200 total yards is an accomplishment. I think this defense will be even better than last year. Cooper and Wilhelm are faster sideline to sideline than Godfrey and Edwards. Weddle is going to be star and help alot in obvious passing situations.

    Special teams performed great minus the blocked field goal. Not allowing Hester to get loose was a huge key and the kicking game did a great job.

    The bottom line is when a top team in the AFC plays a top team in the NFC it is no contest.

  18. Alex said,

    I have to give Weilhelm and Cooper Kudos for their performance on Sunday. It was just one game but the Bears could not run up the middle at all. It also helps when you have the BEST Nose Guard in the game.

    Next week will be a great test for our DB’s. They won’t be able to run on us but you better believe Brady will be trying to “air it out” on Sunday.

    Keep an eye on Weilhelm and Cooper’s coverage. The middle of the field will be key to this next game. If they can help out in the coverage and our DB’s can somewhat regulate on Moss we should win.


    28-10. Chargers.

  19. Amy Juarez said,

    Hey did any of you happen to watch the Pats yesterday, their team is looking pretty strong :)!

  20. Defending FFL Champ said,

    The Chargers will face a real NFL offense and a real NFL QB next week. Let’s see what the Charger D will do then. For the sake of the Goldminers I hope they step up to the challenge. I expect a high scoring game.

  21. danielbalc said,

    How “real” is this Patriots offense? We have no idea, Every receiver is new. They have a new full time feature back and they played a weak Jets team.

    I think the Pats will get to face a “real” NFL Defense next week and I don’t think they will like what they see. And if the Bolts could put up points against a defense as good as the Bears I can’t wait to see what they will do to a swiss cheese unit like the Patriots.

    This game won’t even be close. All the patriot fans will leave the game crying and consoling themselves by saying, “we beat you in the playoffs last year.” Funny how quickly they forget it was the Patriots who delivered one of the biggest chokes in NFL history in the AFC championship game last year. hmmm

  22. Pablo Honey said,

    You forgot to mention that the Pats were cheating against the Jets. Now with the league watching them like a hawk next week the Chargers are gonna bring the pain. I can’t wait.

  23. danielbalc said,

    Ellis Hobbs said of the cheating allegations,

    “We put too many hours in as individuals and a team to have to go out and cheat,” he said. “If it’s true, obviously, we’re in the wrong. But I’m standing behind my team, my coaches. I don’t think we do that stuff.”

    Rodney Harrison agreed

  24. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Shawne Merriman agrees too!

  25. Amy Juarez said,

    If you aren’t cheating, your not trying! LOL I am totally kidding! What happened to Americas rights here.. Isn’t this an ammendment or something, “Innocent until proven guilty”

    No matter what I say regarding the Pats the oposite will always be said. I guess we’ll let the games speak for themselves…

    I don’t think we want to bring up the past, and choking in games… so I won’t go there…
    Sounds like we need to have a football party Sunday night, this will be JUICY!!

  26. Pablo Honey said,

    Check out this Chicago Tribune article. Did anybody else even know this happened? They act like the hotel was falling apart!

  27. pokerforprofit said,

    Or how about this beauty!

    The illegal play at the goal line was a “heads-up” play???

    These Chicago columnists are hillarious. No wonder the Bears fans are in a fog in regards to their team. They read all this propaganda everyday. WOW!

  28. Pablo Honey said,

    Funny you noticed that Matt, I actually wrote that guy an email earlier today telling him how delusional he was. How did he not notice that the Chargers were imposing their will on the Bears D in the 4th quarter?

  29. danielbalc said,

    That is a pretty bizarre point of view on the game. Here I am talking about how the game felt more like a 31 to 3 blow out and over there in Chicago some guy is getting paid to write about how the game “probably” would’ve ended 3 to 0 had it not been for a short punt and a weird bounce.

    Wow. That’s pretty unbelievable.

  30. pokerforprofit said,

    Well last week turned into more of a defensive struggle than I expected.

    This week my prediction is a little more offense and a closer game.

    Patriots- 24

  31. danielbalc said,

    The Bears defense is much better than the old and injured Patriots defense.

    Chargers put up 31

    Patriots offense is only a shade better than the Bears offense. Especially minus their secret weapon.

    Patriots score 17

  32. Defending FFL Champ said,

    I hope the Chargers win but you’re dreaming Daniel. The Patriot offense is soooo much better than the Bears.

  33. danielbalc said,

    I haven’t got a chance to see any of the game but from the bits that I have read it seems like some brutal coaching mistakes as well as some poor quarter back and offensive line play did us in.

    My initial thought is that I heard alot of Chargers this week saying “This game doesn’t matter” “it’s not big unless we meet them in the playoffs” and stuff like that.

    Wel evidently they played like it didn’t matter to them.

    According to Lrenzo Neal the Patriots jumped on them like a “spider monkey”. That’s not good.

    meanwhile this game apparently meant a LOT to the Patriots (I did see their final touchdown with the game already out of reach and their celebrating like the had just won the super bowl).

    My feeling is, Marty would’ve motivated the Bolts more than Turner. That’s what Marty does. He’s a motivator.

    Does this mean we’re doomed? does this mean we should panic? I don’t think so. If we lose the next 2 then we can panic. I think Norv better realize he can’t coach how he’s coached in the past, with this team he has to put the pedal to the metal be aggressive and score early and score often.

    I’ll take a loss early on if it means a lesson is learned, i.e. last seasons loss to Baltimore.

    The good news is it’s still baseball season and the Padres look good. (

  34. Albino Hayford said,

    Martyball wasn’t so bad, huh? Silly, petty personal issues caused a major dismantling of a great coaching staff. Thanks for Wade Wilson, though. Cowboys are 2-0 babeeeeee!

  35. pokerforprofit said,

    Apparently the Pats really wanted to win this game. Tedy Bruschi was quoted as saying “this is the most satisfying win of my career.” He also won three Super Bowls so that says alot.

    They wanted to stick up for their coach and show everyone he is a good coach and they are a good team video scandal or not.

    This is a case of bad timing. No one was going to beat the Patriots this week. I look forward to going into Green Bay and getting a big win next week.

  36. Bruce S. said,

    According to Lorenzo Neal the Patriots jumped on them like a “spider monkey”. That’s not good.

    Jesse Jackson needs to call out Neal for such a racist comment.

  37. Albino Hayford said,

    Maybe it would have been better to say, “They were all over us like polar bears at dinner time.”

  38. Albino Hayford said,

    Ok, this is an offer to all my brothers and sisters in San Diego. Please, for the love of all that is holy, let me lift you up onto the Cowboy bandwagon. God is clearly punishing you for foolishly firing your entire coaching staff, but I can still make you an honorary Cowboy. It’s not too late…

    Oh, and by the way…..HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS???

  39. danielbalc said,

    As with the padres I must remind people…

    Don’t Panic.

    Losing your first two road games doesn’t mean much.
    Every team in the league lost 2 road games last year. The Chargers started off poorly last season as well. Don’t panic.

    The Chargers lost to a pretty good Packers football team and pretty good Patriots football team. While there is some cause for concern regarding Norv Turners play calling (ever heard of play action on first down?) and his ability to motivate the team, I don’t think the team is any less talented than the team that won 14 games last year, but 13 in a row is difficult to do. Oh wait, we did that last year.

    Both the packers and the pats WILL be in the playoffs. It’s that simple. Last year the Chargers lost to the Chiefs and the Ravens, both teams made the playoffs.

    Losing to playoff caliber teams is simply something that a lot of teams do, that’s why those teams make the playoffs. Duh.

    The Chargers are fine. This will be all be a distant memory in 4 weeks.

  40. Anthony said,


    Panic time?

  41. danielbalc said,

    “Marty, Marty”

  42. pokerforprofit said,

    This team has more problems than I can count and a limited amount of time to repair them. We need to finish 10-6 to make the playoffs in the AFC. This mean we have to go 9-3 the rest of the way.

    We can do it but we need to fix some areas in no particular order:

    1) Coaching- Norv please do a better job play-calling and a better job preparing your team to play. Where did the days go when LT would carry 30 times? Ted Cottrell please look at the tapes from last year and bring back the attacking style of defense we are used to. Read and react does not work, attack, attack, attack!

    2) O-line- Feel free to pass protect and pick up blitzes better. Quarterbacks have a hard time completing passes when they have linemen in their face and draped over their back.

    3) Quarterback- Please realize that as much as it hurts, sometimes taking a sack is a good thing. If no one is open just tuck it and take it. Throwing into coverage or throwing when your reciever is not looking is a recipe for disaster.

    4) Recievers- GET OPEN! You have one-on-one coverage all game long. No one is paying attention to you. Beat your man and give your quarterback someone to throw to who is not named LT or Gates. And when he does throw it to you, CATCH IT!

    5) Defense- Front 7 do a better job putting pressure on the quarterback, secondary do a better job covering, and for heaven’s sake TACKLE SOMEONE! If I have to watch another 5 yard slant go for a game winning 50 yard TD I am going to puke.

    Football is a team game. I refuse to blame one person. Everyone on this team needs to look in the mirror and start earning their paychecks. Everyone is playing like garbage and I am tired of watching. Gut-check time boys.

  43. Albino Hayford said,

    I watched almost the entire game on tivo late last night. Ugh. I like your thoughts, Poker, but I would emphasize the coaching errors much more than the rest. The players don’t seem to be motivated, and clearly are not playing with reckless abandon. Either give Norv a personality transplant, or beg Marty to come back.

  44. 5najeras said,

    I think the MVP award this year should go to Scifres. Poor guy has to punt every two minutes. This is a sad sick season.

  45. pokerforprofit said,

    The players don’t seem to be motivated, and clearly are not playing with reckless abandon.

    This is a good point and one many people around town have been making. Football is an emotional game and should be played with alot of emotion. Some teams respond better to a laid back coach and some respond better to a fiery, intense coach. This team needs that intensity from its head coach to get them going and they will never get it from Norv. This means they need to find other ways to get motivated or this is going to be a long season.

  46. Defending FFL Champ said,

    This guys are professional atheletes. They shouldn’t need someone else to get them motivated. That’s just another excuse.

  47. pokerforprofit said,

    This guys are professional atheletes. They shouldn’t need someone else to get them motivated. That’s just another excuse.

    This is just not true. Maybe it should be true but it is not. Players need someone to put them in the right frame of mind and motivate them to play at their best. This is the main job of the head coach.

    It is no different than you and I sometimes needing someone to come along side us and give us encouragement and motivation to keep working hard.

    We are human, we get discouraged, we get down and when that happens in a football setting it is the job of the head coach to steady the ship and motivate the players to get off the mat and keep working.

    Norv Turner is not a motivator, he is a play-caller (and a pretty bad one so far).

    This is not an excuse this is a legitimate reason why the same players can go 14-2 last season and start this season 1-3. They are not motivated and prepared to play on Sunday thus the excecution is lacking thus you lose games. It all starts with head coach.

  48. Pablo Honey said,

    It is all about the coaching staff. I was at the game yesterday and could not believe what I was seeing. L.T. had 120 yards rushing in the first half and we proceeded to through the ball practically every down of the second half, even though we had the lead for most of it. The play calling on both sides of the ball is TERRIBLE and like everyone has pointed out, the team does not look motivated. Our defense is so soft it makes me sick. Someone needs to step up and put the fear of God in this team ASAP.

  49. Defending FFL Champ said,

    | Someone needs to step up and put the fear of God in this team ASAP.

    Billy Graham??

  50. danielbalc said,

    Everyone keeps saying that this is about motivation.

    I think it may be right, but lets pretend for a minute it’s NOT about motivation.

    Lets pretend that it’s not about the fact that Norv is as interesting as a 9th grade algebra lesson.

    Lets pretend like this team is HUNGRY. Like each one of them to a man wants to win a championship.

    I know it’s crazy, but lets just pretend that they can motivate themselves.

    What ELSE could the problem be?
    Four options

    Do you think they aren’t practicing hard or game planning right?

    Play calling?
    Do you think they are missing obvious situations or failing to react to what the defense of offense is showing them?

    Planned right. Right call, but guys are missing blocks, dropping balls, running the wrong routes etc?

    Talent Level?
    I know that everyone believes the Chargers are so talented, because well they had 11 pro-bowlers last year, but maybe good coaching can make guys play ABOVE their talent level?

    (I’ve gone on record numerous times saying that across the board in the NFL the talent difference is negligible and that it’s more about coaches than anything else, but no one ever listens to that. Well rather than say “I told you so” I’m just gong to leave “talent level” as one of the 4 options and let you respond.)

    I’m officially getting off of the “motivation” excuse and am sitting on execution.

    I think they have the right game plan and even though I didn’t like a lot of play calling in Sundays game and the green bay game as well i think that in both games they were in position to win it. Outside of a a couple of miscues, missed blocks, missed tackles and dropped passes we could’ve won those games. You gotta remember the other team gets paid as well. The other guys want to win just as bad as the Chargers. Nobody is rolling over for anything in this league.

    Executing the fundamentals. Minimizing the mistakes.

    That’s what it takes to win in this league and if we can do that in the next two weeks to get to three and three I think we are all going to stop cheering for Marty to come back.

  51. pokerforprofit said,

    There is one personel move I would like to see.


    This guy is absolutely not getting it done in any area. He cannot tackle. 2 weeks in a row he took a bad angle on the slant play and it went for a game-winning touchdown.

    Has anyone seen the replay of the slant play from yesterday? What was McCree doing completely out of position? Yes Jammer jumped the route but he did that believing that his safety would be in position to make the play if he missed.

    This guy is terrible. Give Eric Weddle a shot. Shake things up on defense.

  52. danielbalc said,

    good call. really good call.

  53. danielbalc said,

    OK Football (and betting) fans. Here is a proposition for all who have given up on the Lightning Bolts on the basis of their poor start….

    Presently there are 11 teams in the NFL with a 1-3 or worse record. They are…

    Put your money where your mouth is and prove that 1-3 is unsurmountable (or at least unlikely) by betting me a burrito that NONE of these teams will make the playoffs.

    If they don’t you win, if they do I win.

    Any takers, or are you all just a bunch of talkers?

  54. danielbalc said,

    Hey I was finally close on one of my predictions.
    Predicted- 44-17
    Actual 41-3

    As good as the game went you would have hoped they could’ve found a better picture than this one to tell the story…

    as they say a picture is worth a thousand words…
    none that I want to say though.

  55. Alex said,

    I sure hope the Oakland Gaider fans cute little costumes are waterproof because there going to be crying all the back to their Ghetto’s.

  56. danielbalc said,

    hard to believe through 6 games last season LT had fewer yards than he has after 6 games this season. And only 1 more TD.

    Yesterdays game brought back a lot of the run plays we were so familiar with from last years play book but hadn’t seen much of at all this year. Most noteworthy was the misdirection to the right pitch LT to the left the he scored his third TD on.

    We used to see that play at least once or twice a game but I this was the first time I remember them calling it in 6 games.

    Maybe Norv has decided to stop reinventing the wheel.

    Now if he can just get him to go for it on 4th and inches in opposing territory. I think Rivers ghastly interception had a lot to do with Norv’s cowardice on the previous possession.

    All in all very few warts and a mighty fine performance.

  57. 5najeras said,

    Let it be noted that last year Rivers threw 9 interceptions total. He has thrown 7 already this year. Yikes! I wonder what that’s doing to his passer rating? 😉

  58. pokerforprofit said,

    I think the team is rounding into form as well. If it aint broke don’t fix it, seems like the coordinators finally figured this out.

    Turner is calling LT’s number early and often to soften up the defense for play-action. The way it should be all year. Not vise versa.

    Cottrell is letting the dogs loose, I think we had more sacks today than in the five previous games combined. This defense is at its best when it is attacking and not allowing the QB time.

    Keep It Simple Stupid.

  59. danielbalc said,

    Rivers made just one mistake yesterday.

    Even though LT will get (and deserves) most of the credit for yesterdays game an objective look at Rivers performance would tell you he did pretty good. His rating yesterday was a just below average 68.8 which drops his overall rating to 83.8

    I’m feeling good about him getting it back up into the 90’s within 3 games.

  60. 5najeras said,

    You were also feeling good about the Chargers beating Green Bay……

  61. pokerforprofit said,

    Looks like the Chargers made a trade before the deadline, aquiring Chris Chambers.

    I like this move a lot as he imediately becomes our best outside threat. He should be able to contribute right away because he was in the same system in Miami (under Cam Cameron) as we run here.

    I like that they want to win the Super Bowl this year, not worrying about giving up a 2nd round pick for next year to improve the team now.

    Hopefully this will finally allow us to stretch the field and make teams pay for putting 8 and 9 guys in the box to stop LT.

  62. danielbalc said,

    Yeah it’s a good move, but I think it may have been a little too high a price. A second round pick is nothing to sneeze at (remember Jackson was a second round pick). Maybe you all forget that the Patriots got Randy Moss for a 4th round pick.

    I don’t know what chambers contract status is but I get the feeling this WR core is getting pretty crowded.

    This adds depth but not too much else. I mean how much better is Chambers than Jackson and Davis? As a veteran he may help teach those guys a little but this offense is still (as it should be) about LT and Gates.

  63. Pablo Honey said,

    I like the move a lot. Chambers is a really talented guy and he is under contract through 2009. He was still putting up strong games for arguably the worst team in the league. You are crazy if you think he is only a small improvement over Jackson and Davis. He has consistently been one of the best receivers in the league despite playing for a team that has had QB troubles for the last 8 years since Marino retired. This is a very good move for our team. A 2nd round pick is nothing for a proven number 1 WR. Sure our 2nd pick this year could end up being a great player, but it could just as easily end up a bust. And the comparison of Moss being a 4th rounder is ridiculous, as he has a history of disruptive behavior and Chambers has none. Things will end badly with Moss and the Patriots, it’s just a matter of time. Rivers needs to step up now as he should have no problem finding an open man. I am looking forward to seeing Chambers on the field.

  64. danielbalc said,

    1. Chambers himself was a second round pick. (I think a 2nd round pick was too high)

    2. He did not put up good numbers last year. In fact it was the worst of his career. I’m not saying he’s going to be a bust I’m just saying he isn’t Torrey Holt, Terrel Owens, Marvin Harrison, Chad Johnson or Steve Smith…
    not that any of those guys were on the market but he’s just not at that level. So I’m not as excited as I would like to be.

    But hey, I think it’ll help me win a burrito from Mrs 5 Najera

  65. Alex said,

    Bottomline is we just improved our list of WR’s. He is taking the place of Eric Parker who was our only real deep threat last year. He’s not replacing Jackson or Davis. I think everyone agrees Jackson and Davis have a great amount of potential, unfortunately we need more than potential in order to compete in the playoffs. Those two young guys need to develop still.

    Pablo, as far as Daniel goes, if there are any stats out there to support his negativity towards a player like Chambers(or Jeter) he will find them.

  66. danielbalc said,

    Dude, my first comment regarding the trade was…
    “yeah it’s a good move”

    I don’t dislike the move. I wish (and wonder if) we could’ve got him for cheaper.

    FWIW Jeter is a much better player in his sport and position than Chambers is in his.

  67. Alex said,

    Like they say, “Only time will tell”

  68. 5najeras said,

    Great game today. Rivers must know there is a burrito involved in his accuracy. He must hate me…. 🙂 Are the Texans really THAT bad or are we just that good??
    On a side note, QB Schnaub is probably the biggest pansy I have ever seen. He is not going to have a long career in pro football if he queezes out after one teeny weeny hit. Ok, it was a pretty intense hit, but come on. The cameras kept cutting to him and every time he would be rubbing his temples and acting all dramatic on the sidelines. Not even playing out the game?!?!?! Suck it up buddy. I may not be crazy about Rivers but at least he’s not a little girl out there. Sheesh!

  69. danielbalc said,


  70. 5najeras said,

    What?!?!?! Someone needs to tell that because they are saying 83.8! I think we should go with their stats……

  71. pokerforprofit said,

    Looks like we have righted the ship. Attacking on defense, forcing throws into coverage.

    Using all our weapons on offense, defenses are going to have a real hard time stopping us the rest of the year.

    Kickoff coverage was great as well, Kassim Osgood is a stud on special teams.

    Get your Rivers jersey while they last. He can manage a game if he needs to and he can throw it 30+ times to win the game if he needs to. Although that first TD pass looked like something you will see at the Turkey Bowl. What was that?

  72. danielbalc said,

    While the Texans are hardly an elite team it was pretty nice to get a win like that.

    the biggest impact that Chambers made wasn’t his touchdown as much as it was that ridiculous touchdown to Gates. I’m guessing the double team followed Chambers while Gates had a 25 yard perimeter to do whatever he wanted. Awesome.

    If your name is Antonio I guess you get 2 touchdowns.

  73. danielbalc said,

    Yeah needs to get with the program. Sorry to hit you with the truth but presently Rivers is living up to the hype.

  74. alex said,

    Not even the defensive mastermind Bellichick can stop our offense. I can only hope we meet the patriots in the playoffs.

    Like they say, “Revenge is a *&%$%*”

  75. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Wow! Beating up on a bad team and the Homers are rabid.

  76. alex said,


    You’re supposed to beat up on the bad teams. We’re not in San Fransicko where even the bad teams can beat you on any given sunday. Good teams should beat bad teams. Believe me here in San Diego we know all about losing to teams we should have beat.

    Butter up another piece of sourdough Niner fans, it’s gonna be awhile before you see another Montana, Young Era.

  77. pokerforprofit said,

    We just play who is on our schedule and the Texans are not that bad. They are a middle-of-the-road AFC team, which is better than a below average NFC team (see SF Niners).

    With this team it really does not matter who we play, but rather how we play. If we play like we are capable we are a top 3 team in the league and few teams will be able to hang. Hopefully we can do this the rest of the season.

  78. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Yes, the Niners stink now but they are still my team. Alex, just be careful what you wish for. If the Chargers get NE in the playoffs it will most likely be at NE in January.

  79. Alex said,

    I’m not worried about New England at all. Here, there, it doesn’t matter. They beat us at home last year, we beat them at their home the year before. They have everything to lose, Chargers(or any other team for that matter) have nothing to lose.

  80. danielbalc said,

    So I didn’t watch any of the game, I was in church and then a wedding, but I did record it and had planned to watch it but YIKES. I’d probably better not.

    Here is my initial take from the boxscore and summaries that I have read….

    Something really dramatic had to have had happened in the locker rooms of both teams at half time.

    The Chargers had the lead and were only 1 score down going into the 4th quarter. What in the world transpired that made this game seem like such a shellacking?

    Box score numbers tell me we did NOT have a good offensive game plan. LT ran just 16 times? I could understand that if they were down by 2 or 3 scores going into the second half, but we were UP by a a score and only down 7 going into the 4th. They obviously abandoned the run prematurely.

    Gates had just 1 catch? He’s the best TE in the game and he only got 6 passes (out of 40+) thrown to him!

    Those two individuals (who are the heart and soul of this offense) tell the whole story for why our team sucked offensively (10 points). Namely because the game plan worked under the assumption that the Vikings pass defense isn’t good so we should try throwing constantly. In other words we changed our style unnecessarily and paid the price for it. If marty ball was anything it was consistent. Consistency means doing the things you do well and doing them over and over and over. I’m guessing the Chargers tried to do a whole bunch of things offensively that they hadn’t done before or at the very least hadn’t done well. That’s game planning. That’s on the coaches.

    Defensively the collapse was all in the second half. a few things happened that benefited the Vikings that turned this close game into a laugher.
    1. Cromarties TD at the half. You know there coach had to have laid into them after that. Big time motivation tool for Childress and he used it accordingly.
    2. Tavaris Jackson’s injury. Often teams that see players go out on the golf cart with their necks stabilized are motivated in a sort of “win one for the gipper” type of way.
    3. Luis Castillo’s injury. Obviously this mattered since the D-Line got destroyed in the second half.
    4. Jamal Williams inability to practice the past couple weeks. Jamal had knee surgery on October 15th and hadn’t put in a full practice since then. Even though he played yesterday there is no way he was close to his typical form.
    5. Shuan Phillips absence.
    6. Quentin Jammers injury. As much as Jammers pass interference penalties bother us he’s still tackles pretty well and obviously our secondary missed a LOT of tackles in the second half.

    All those injuries however shouldn’t matter on an AJ Smith team that prides itself in having depth. RIGHT?

    My final summary is this…

    This was a game I didn’t feel very strongly about to begin with (you’ll note this was the ONLY game I predicted the Chargers would lose before the season began).

    This wasn’t as bad as the alarmist are making it out to be. Prime example would be Nick Canepa and the subsequent comments on this article…
    (The Chargers had a chance to win the game until some stupid illegal formation penalty negated a 40 yard gain in the 4th quarter with 10 minutes to go and the score 21-17)

    I can’t emphasize enough the most important thing, especially for a team with a new head coach, isn’t that you win every single game, but that learn from each game and you get yourselves into the playoffs and have a chance to win the Super Bowl. Believe it or not but the Chargers are in better position than the following teams…

    5-3 Cleveland
    5-3 Jacksonville
    5-3 Washington
    6-2 Detroit
    6-2 NY Giants
    6-2 Tennessee

    While each of those teams has a better record than the Chargers none of them are tied for first in their division. They are all at least a game behind.

  81. danielbalc said,

    Oh 5n, You pulled ahead again…


  82. Alex said,

    Wow! That’s a pretty big dive there! He better play really well next week!

  83. Alex said,

    Oops! That was me! (Emily) But I’m pretty sure Alex would agree. 🙂

  84. pokerforprofit said,

    Everyone has given up on this team once again.

    The funny thing is you go from hero to goat week to week in the NFL.

    Those same people who have given up, will be right back on the wagon if we can beat the 7-1 Colts at home Sunday.

    This division is terrible. 9-7 should win this division. Just get in the dance and see what happens.

    See the Steelers of 2 years ago. They had to win something like their last 5 games in a row just to get the wild card and they ended up winning the Super Bowl (playing both playoff games on the road)

    As long as we are playing good football at the end of the year we will be fine.

    Injuries are a concern, however, every team in the league has them.

  85. danielbalc said,

    Quick Take on Chargers vs Colts.

    I already know the consensus opinion will be something about how the Chargers were so “lucky” and how they didn’t “deserve to win”. But that’s a whole bunch of garbage and I’ll come back and explain later when i have some time.

  86. pokerforprofit said,

    Whichever team won that game yesterday would be saying they did not deserve to win, but you are going to have games like that through the course of the season.

    Take the win, they are not easy to get in the NFL.

    Now, we need some constistency on both offense and defense. This split personality thing is not good. One week we give up 300+ rushing yards and get blown out and the next week we completely shut down one of the best teams in the league.

    Offensively we need and identity. We need to get back to playing smash mouth football and run the ball regardless of what the defense is doing. That will set up the play action and Rivers will have a much better time of it.

    A win is a win, but lets develop some consistency and get on a roll.

  87. Anthony said,

    I hate the terms “deserve to win” and “lucky” regarding sports.

    However, the Chargers offense was a joke last night. You have 5 turnovers and only score one offensive touchdown. That is embarrassing, Bengals style. I liked the pressure on Manning. Cormartie is physically talented (best INT I’ve seen in a while) but he is also mentally retarded. You do not run the ball out of the endzone you idiot!

    The Colts choked worse than the Chargers but I don’t see how this makes them (the Chargers) the better team. Rivers looked bad. Play calling was stupid. I don’t know why you try throwing the ball backed up by the endzone when it was raining.

    In the end, the Colts are the better team. If they had Harrison and Clark it wouldn’t have been close.

  88. danielbalc said,

    OK two HUGE misconceptions about the game.

    A) “The Chargers should have lost because they were too conservative in their play calling.”
    WRONG! If anything the Chargers were too aggressive in their play calling.
    3 examples:
    1) Just before the end of the First Quarter the Chargers are leading 16-0 and have the ball at Indy’s 23 second down and 8 and Rivers throws for the end zone. The ball is deflected off of V Jacksons hands and two Colts legs before Indy linebacker Sessions grabs it for an interception.
    That was aggressive and stupid. you have 2 plays to make 8 yards and instead you try and score on one. You lost at least 3 points possibly more.

    2)Chargers start a drive at their own 27 with 11 minutes left in the third. The score is 23-7 and a long sustained drive will put the colts out for sure. Play by play was this…
    short pass for 5 yards.
    LT for 3 yards.
    Short pass for 9 yards
    LT for 9 yards
    Turner for 1 yard Holding makes it second and 11
    Short pass for 12 yards.
    (See how effective the pattern of short high percentage passes and run plays is?)
    1st and 10 at Indy 45 and they call a…
    Deep pass!?But both Mathis and Freeney break through and hammer Rivers sacking him for a 10 yard loss 2nd and 20 at their own 45. After this was a draw for 3 yards and screen for 1 followed by a punt. On the ensuing colts drive they scored a touchdown.
    It was the decision to try and be aggressive that cost them. Had they gone “Marty ball” and stuck with the runs and short passes they may have sustained this drive. (Coincidently this drive took 4 and half minutes off the clock. EXACTLY what you should be trying to do with a 2 score lead.)

    3) The worst example of ALL came immediately after the Colts kickoff with the Chargers backed up on their own 10 yard line they called 3 straight pass attempts, the last resulting in a fumble in the end zone that was the final score of the game.
    What the heck?! On the very next possession the Chargers run the ball with LT 3 times in a row for 7, 6, and then 3 yards. Then what? 2 straight incomplete passes!

    RUN THE FOOTBALL! I don’t care if the fans boo. LT wins you football games.

    B) The second big time misconception was that the Chargers got “lucky”.

    Indy’s two interceptions were just as lucky, if not more. Both bounced off multiple players and were scooped up inches off the ground. The second one looked as though it hit the grass but the Chargers were out of challenges.

    Somehow the refs missed a blatant PI that kept Gates from making a third down reception.

    Nothing is luckier than recovering fumbles in the end zone when the ball slips out of a guys hand.

    The Chargers “luck” was one missed field goal. That’s it. Even if Vanderjagt, I mean Vinnateri makes that kick we still get ball back with 1:31 to go. Anything can happen in that amount of time.

    All told the Chargers defense dominated the Colts. No team has held the Colts to only 2 offensive TD’s this season.

    The Special teams for the Chargers was phenomenal.

    Turner need to realize what works and how to sustain drives. It’s a simple formula of pounding the football with LT and short passes.

    The offense only scored a touchdown and a field goal against the Colts defense. So what? The Colts defense is very good. We scored 23 total. that happens to be the second most points Indy has given up all year. The most is 24.

    This was a great win. NOT a lucky win.

  89. pokerforprofit said,

    Check out this quote on by Mike Freeman. I had no idea Qualcomm was thought of this highly. And this guy most likely has been to every stadium in the NFL.

    The crowd is always off the hook on national TV night games and last night was no different.

    “Indeed, though Qualcomm –- the best place in the NFL to watch a football game -– is always loud and raucous, there was a special intensity present and it wasn’t solely because the defending champs were in town.”

  90. danielbalc said,

    I highly doubt the credibility of Mike Freeman especially after these moronic statements…

    “Had Vinatieri’s kick gone through, it would have been the 29th time that Manning rallied the Colts from either a fourth-quarter deficit or tie to win.”

    Completely ignoring the fact that the Chargers would’ve had the ball back with 1:31 left and only down by a point.

    “Let’s be straight: Saying the Chargers were fortunate is an understatement. The San Diego defense showed extraordinary courage and ability in initially shutting down Peyton Manning, but it allowed the Colts to later score 21 unanswered points.”

    Um, Mike, lets be straightER. The Chargers defense only allowed 15 points AND when you refer to a defense as giving up “unanswered” points you are actually calling out the offense.

    And then there was this one where he went off on some Chargers players for sniffing ammonia before the game.

    “Then, McCree -– and about a half-dozen other San Diego players -– started sniffing ammonia capsules. Previously used to wake an unconscious person, NFL players are now utilizing them as a way to fire themselves up. Soon McCree and others were bouncing around the sideline, sniffing, their heads rapidly moving back and forth like they were being slapped.”

    Why Freeman acts like this is some new and crazy thing I have no clue. Virtually every player in football does this. 2 weeks ago I saw Brett Favre do that on Monday Night Football.

    Why bring it up in the article as if it had anything at all to do with the game? He also mentions that McCree was drinking a red bull before the game in a tone like he’s stinking a needle into his butt….

    ” Marlon McCree walked onto the field carrying a can of Red Bull. McCree hurriedly sipped as he approached the Chargers sideline before stashing the can under a table on the sideline.”

    SO WHAT???? It’s completely legal to drink energy drinks. Mike, there’s no controversy here, as much as you want there to be.

    Combine that with John Madden’s constant Peyton Manning WORSHIP and it’s enough to make me puke. The best line of the night from Madden was after the first Manning INT he said something like, “That one, was on Manning, That was a mistake and he knows it. He won’t do that again.” He won’t? How sure are you there John?

  91. Anthony said,

    “The offense only scored a touchdown and a field goal against the Colts defense. So what? The Colts defense is very good.”

    Yeah but when you get 5 turnovers at home in prime time you need to put the game out of reach. Failing to do so is inexcusable. You are not going to get 5 turnovers a game. If the Chargers don’t work out the playcalling on offense or if Rivers doesn’t learn how to be a QB, the Chargers aren’t going anywhere.

  92. pokerforprofit said,

    Yeah but when you get 5 turnovers at home in prime time you need to put the game out of reach.

    This is slightly misleading. 3 out of the 5 INT’s resulted in our offense starting inside their own 30 yard line (1 at our own 6).

    The other 2 INT’s resulted in points. One for a touchdown and one for a field goal.

    the point is most the interceptions did not result good field position for the offense and it is very hard to go 60-80 yards against a defense as good as the Colts.

  93. danielbalc said,

    Here was the results of the 5 INTs

    #1 Cromartie. From our own 6- 3 and out PUNT
    #2 Phillips. From the Indy 32- 6 plays 17 yards Field Goal!
    #3 Cromartie. From the Indy 36- 4 plays INT in the endzone (the ball that bounced off 3 players)
    #4 Cromartie. From the Indy 45- 12 plays 45 yards Touchdown!
    #5 Wilhelm. From our own 27- 10 plays 22 Yards PUNT

    Two of those possesions (#3 and #5) were my prime examples of what I considered “Too aggressive” play calling. Breaking from the norm and trying for too much too quick. Why throw it deep when you have a big lead? It doesn’t make sense to me. Pound the football. The most disturbing stat I’ve heard is that this is the second fewest rushes for LT after 9 games in his 7 years of playing. He’s the MVP. He had the best RB season EVER last year. And it seems like we never use him. No wonder he is so frustrated.

  94. Pablo Honey said,

    If you thought John Madden was bad, you should have heard Bob Trumpy on the radio broadcast. He started making excuses for the Colts the second the game started, and he was audibly upset by their poor play. On a number of penalties or poor Colts plays you could hear him groan. Absolutely Unbelievable.

    As for Mike Freeman, he is an absolute HACK. All he ever tries to do is stir up controversy and it is ridiculous, I refuse to read his articles.

  95. pokerforprofit said,

    I agree with the sentiment that running the ball is our bread and butter and we need to get back to that to be successful.

    However, I find it funny that everyone’s #1 complaint during the Marty era was “martyball”. It was predictable, it was constant running plays, it was successful.

    Now everyone got their wish and they have less running plays being called and all everyone can say is, “run the ball, run the ball.”

    I am so tired of all these uneducated “football fans” who speak out of both sides of their mouth. You all got your wish, you made your bed now lay in it.

  96. pokerforprofit said,

    One more thing while I am on my soap box!

    GET OFF OF PHILIP RIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Geez people, lower your expectations if you have to.

    He is not Dan Marino, yet. He is not Payton Manning, yet. He is not Brett Favre, yet.

    He is in his 2nd year as a starter in the NFL. He will be fine.

    If this O-line ever starts blocking like it did last year Rivers might actually start impressing all you haters out there.

  97. danielbalc said,

    Part of it is O-line, Part of it is design.

    Why do they keep having him roll out of the pocket? He’s not Michael vick. Make a pocket, hold the pocket give him time and (this is big) CATCH THE BALL! Both his interceptions went off the hands of his receivers (Gates and Jackson). Also Turner dropped an easy first down, Jackson ran the wrong play resulting in an intentional grounding and Chambers was hardly ever on the TV screen.

    Last years offensive formula rarely had Rivers throwing and hardly EVER had him throwing on naked bootlegs. If this is Turners QB genius I don’t want it.

    What I like are the short slants to Naanne in the slot though.
    Chambers and Jackson wide, Naanne in the slot and Gates at tight end would give Tomlinson a whole lot of running room.

  98. danielbalc said,

    Another thing I liked is seeing Purple headed Peyton moping on the sidelines. Then his post game press conference showed him sweating like a pig. And this was AFTER the showers. He clearly didn’t have the Sprintmastercarddirecttv make up crew helping him out during the game.

    Did anyone else see the number 666 appear on his purple forehead last night?

  99. Defending FFL Champ said,

    One problem I see with the Chargers defense is the fact that the offense can’t sustain a drive and the defense wears down by the second half.

    And I thought I was pessimistic. At least you’re not a 49er fan.

  100. Alex said,

    I agree we need to take the W and run. Considering the fact that we were on the other side of those ugly games in the past, I will gladly take it.

    1) Play calling

    Very interesting. Talk about being unpredictable, last nights play calling was unpredictable. It was like Norv decided last Monday that no matter what, he was not going to be called predictable. I’m not going to lie, I king of liked it. It’s a step in the right direction. We threw on first down, we went for it on 4th down, i liked it. The only problem with Norv’s strategy was he needed to take into consideration a thing called weather. If you decide to throw the ball when the balls wet, please make them short passes. Also, I’m all for throwing the ball for 3 straight plays just don’t do it with our backs up against our goal line in that constant and annoying drizzle.

    2) Our Defense

    Unbelievable game against one of the best Offenses in the league. The Defense came out ready to play. They accomplished the 1st goal of any Defensive Cordinators strategy, stop the run. They made the Colts offense 1 dimensional. Unfortunately, It’s almost near impossible to stop the short, quick passes Manning was throwing especially considering Mannings unreal accuracy. When our offense finally gets it together and starts moving the ball (eats up the clock) this year maybe the defense will get a little breather every once in a while. BTW, Cromartie is the Man.

    3) Our offense

    I’m not afraid to say it, If Rivers continues to play the way he has this season we need to bench him. This will accomplish 2 things:

    a) Give our offense a change of pace. If our O-line is hurtin than put in a QB that can move a little. As I studied film last night (Thank God for DVR) I watched for Mannings feet. He has a keen sense of what is going on around him. He can feel without actually turning to look, when and wear the pocket is collapsing. I’m not sure that this is something that can be taught. If you don’t have this ability, you better be able to run( and don’t forget to unhitch the trailer on your back)

    b) Give Rivers(and AJ) a reality check. Volek is not great but benching Rivers for a game may make Rivers a better Quarterback in the long run. If you don’t understand the theory behind this than maybe you never played competitive sports. The guys on the bench want to play, and they believe that THEY can get the job done. I understand this is not very likely due to the amount of money they invested in Rivers but just remember benching Rivers wouldn’t be permanent.

    We have no time to wait for Rivers to develop, this team is ready to win the Super Bowl now. As Rivers develops, Goff and Neil are one year closer to moving into the 55+ community of RB.

  101. 5najeras said,

    Okay Matt,
    I’m going to have to go ahead and NOT get off of Rivers’ back. No he’s not Manning, but this is the NF freakin L. The cream of the crop. The best of the best. These guys are getting paid big bucks. Which means I’m allowed to have extremely high expectations. And no, I won’t lower them because some football finatics are crying about being wrong. You sound like the Britney Spears fan. “Leave him alone! Leave Philip Rivers alone!”

    After the first game of the season I first made my worries about Rivers known and it was you, Matt, who said:

    “Last year was his first year as a starter and he played great 22 touchdowns to only 9 INT’s. I expect him to improve this year. ”


    “Give him a few weeks and a few bad defenses to play against and I think you will be singing his praises.”

    Hmm… Let’s take a minute to think about those predictions. Now let’s take a minute to look at some stats.
    10 – the number of interceptions already
    10 – the number of TD passes thrown
    77.9 – passer rating

    Excuse me if I’m not “singing his praises”

    He did have about a whopping 2 “praiseworthy” games, but his split personality qbing is leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: prove me wrong Rivers! I would love for you to take this team to the top. I will gladly take a bruised ego for the betterment of the team.

  102. itsasecret2u said,

    I already know the consensus opinion will be something about how the Chargers were so “lucky” and how they didn’t “deserve to win”.

    Call me simplistic, but if you score more points in a football game than the other team, you deserve to win. I’m not saying that our offense looked good (at ALL) last night, but we deserved to win that game. Had their kicker not missed that field goal (and we had not done anything different with that extra minute and a half), they would have deserved to win. The only things subjective about Ws and Ls in football are the official calls and some questionable rulings on the field. And even then, there are challenges to try to make that even more objective. There are always “should-have-wons,” as in the potential to win was there but never capitalized upon; but I don’t understand “deserve-to-wins.”

  103. danielbalc said,

    Re 100:

    Alex you crack me up dude. OK OK I understand that you don’t like Philip Rivers. Most fans of most teams direct the majority of their angst at the starting quarterback. For instance just one year ago Packers fans were begging Favre to retire. (Remember this though; Rivers still hasn’t achieved the amount of overall fan dissatisfaction that Brees had before he left .) But this statement here absolutley cracks me up….

    “As I studied film last night (Thank God for DVR) I watched for Mannings feet. He has a keen sense of what is going on around him. He can feel without actually turning to look, when and wear the pocket is collapsing. I’m not sure that this is something that can be taught. If you don’t have this ability, you better be able to run”

    I will resist the urge to make fun of you for calling your re-watching of the game, “studying film” and instead focus on the conclusions form your “studies”.

    First of all it is unwise to laud the performance of a quarterback who throws 6 interceptions in a game. Secondly your perception of Manning’s excellent footwork (whether real or imagined) is made of a seasoned veteran, one of the greatest QB’s in NFL history. So what if second-year-starter Rivers doesn’t match up with top-5-quarterback-of-all-time? But the greatest irony of your Manning worship is that it also is the biggest criticism of his play. Consider this ESPN article from 2 seasons ago.
    It contains this crazy comment that sounds almost exactly like your Rivers criticisms…

    “A heavy pass rush often turns Manning into a quarterback with happy feet who forces passes.”

    Hmmm. One year after that article Manning won the Super Bowl.

    The idea of benching your franchise quarterback as some sort of “motivation” is ridiculous. Not even the insane talking heads on NFL Primetime would promote something that bizarre. And where do you come up with this crazy idea that Billy Volek has some sort of lightning fast speed? Rivers is the QB, support him. I don’t think you have any real agenda to try and “motivate” him, so let’s stop pretending OK?

  104. Pablo Honey said,

    5N, You are right that this is the NFL and that these are the best players in the world. That is exactly why you need to give Rivers a break. Look around the league, QB play across the board is generally bad. How many QB’s in the league would you take over Rivers? Remember to think about your answer, there may be a few guys out there with better stats this year, but take into account their entire careers and what can be expected of them over the rest of their career. Rivers will be fine. He didn’t forget how to play QB in the off season. The problem with this team right now is that the players are not on the same page as the head coach, and it needs to be fixed. I am tired of hearing anonymous comments from players to reporters dissing the coaching. They are pros and they need to buy in 100% to the coach’s game plans. If the players execute the game plans and we still lose then the coach will have to change, but right now this team isn’t giving 100% and that is their downfall.

  105. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Words of wisdom Pablo! Oh yeah, Congrats to #48! Four straight and back to back championships. Awesome. Sorry Daniel for getting off course.

  106. Pablo Honey said,

    Hey now it’s not over yet! Don’t be jinxing Jimmie now! The good news is that it’s a Hendrick title no matter what. I was at the race Sunday and it was AWESOME. Now back to the Chargers….

  107. danielbalc said,

    Good call Pablo.

    I want to see a list from the Rivers detractors of current NFL QB’s they would rather have start for them on Sunday against the Jaguars.

    In fact I’ll go ahead and start…

    and that’s it for me.

    I can’t wait to see how high you put Billy Volek

  108. Alex said,

    You are too easy to bait. I specifically threw that “studied film” in for you. Way to look alive out there Dan. Let me know when you decide to actually listen to what I wrote. I never implyed Volek had lightning speed however i did imply that there probably isn’t one QB in the league slower than Rivers.


    Pablo, You have to thank AJ for this. I have been saying this from the beginning, some players were not very happy about the coaching change and in protest would not buy into Norv’s ways. This is called chemistry issues. You won’t get very far with these issues. It also shows just how selfish even the “nicest guy” in the NFL(LT) really is when he doesn’t get what he wants.

    This team, from the front office to the players, is committed to winning and as soon as all the players buy into the system we will see a championship caliber team. The anger and disgust with the season so far is only motivating the players to be a TEAM and to play like a TEAM. These are growing pains and will be worked out. I do not go back on what i say, if benching a franchise player motivates the player than do it. Rivers doesn’t have the command right now, if you can’t see that than you need to take your Rivers spectacles off.

    I can’t wait to take down the Patriots in the play-offs, that will make all our hurts feel better.

  109. Alex said,

    Hey Dan,

    What about Romo? He’s a true 2nd year starter. Is his team more talented than ours? What would you attribute his success to? Maybe because he didn’t have so much money invested in him? Doesn’t he have a new coach this year?

    What about Favre?

  110. danielbalc said,

    Just give me a list dude.

    I considered Romo and Favre but I wouldn’t take either of them this Sunday.

  111. pokerforprofit said,


    Please just remember back a few years ago (hopefully you were a fan then 🙂 ), maybe then you would not be so quick to get rid of Rivers.

    This exact senario played out right before our eyes with Drew Brees.

    He was not good for three straight years. So bad, in fact, even the front office (not to mention all the fans) gave up on him and drafted another quarterback with #1 overall selection in the draft (whom we traded to get Rivers, remember?).

    Now do you remember what happened next?

    Rivers held out giving Brees a head start to earn the starting job which he did and he went on to have a great year and *gasp* even make the Pro Bowl! Now we have a problem. We spent a high draft pick on a quarterback and we already have a Pro Bowler at the position. Uh oh.

    Long story short, Rivers gets the job here, Brees moves on to the Saints and leads them to the NFC Championship game last year.

    So what is the moral of this story that was played out in this town just a few short years ago?


    If anyone should understand this, it is us as Charger fans because we just lived it a few years ago.

  112. amyleesspace said,

    We could solve all these QB problems, and just come on over to PATS! **insert wink**

  113. Alex said,

    I guess it all boils down to this. You say he will a “Manning” someday, I say I don’t think he has it in him. I also think Brees has something that Rivers doesn’t. i don’t even need to compare him to ANYBODY else. I just look at what he does when he has that ball in his hands. Is he a quick thinker? Is he able to be aware of his surroundings while simultaneously looking for his receiver? Do his teammates trust him? Are his passes accurate? He has so many areas that need serious help. Not just a little fine tuning. Can he give his career a makeover? Only time will tell.

  114. Alex said,

    DAG NABIT!!!! This is not Alex. (Guess Who?!?!) :0

  115. pokerforprofit said,


    RE: 113

    Now we are getting somewhere. You see, these are all the same things you and I and everyone else said about Drew Brees a few years ago. He was too short, he does not have the arm strength to play at this level, he is not mentally tough enough on and on and on don’t you remember. A few years ago this was all true, but is it true now?

    The short answer is no.

    He has matured as a quarterback and after 3 years of absolute struggle, he has made himself into one of the best in the league.

    This is the HARDEST position in all of sports. It takes considerable time to be great at the highest level. Just give him time, which is exactly what we should have done with Brees.

    It is hard because you and I and everyone else want the team to win a Super Bowl this year and we figure we don’t have alot of time, but we have to be patient with him. I truly believe we will win more than one Super Bowl in the next 5 years with the current nucleus of players and Rivers will be a big part of it.

    I love River’s pedigree. He is the son of a high school football coach. He has been around the game since he was in diapers and playing quarterback since he was 12 or younger. He played QB at a big time college and played it as well as anybody ever has.

    The NFL is an adjustment. He will figure things out, I just hope he is here (i.e. the orginazation does not give into the fan and media pressure and start looking elsewhere) when he does unlike Brees.

  116. Bruce S. said,

    Rivers has the “lock onto one receiver disease” a la Ed Luther. Plus he has the “fumble the football a lot” disease a la Kurt Warner. Plus he has the “I get a little panick-ee in the pocket when things get hairy” disease a la Jim Everett. I dare say nearly zero quarterbacks have ever reversed these fundamental failings. I don’t know where being an accurate passer falls on the ranking of things that will improve with time, but a lot of River’s passes have that evolutionary roll-of-the-dice look to them.

    He does have one thing you can’t teach though. Being 6′ 5″. Of course with his low release point, he actually turns himself into a 5′ 11″ QB when it comes time to let it fly downfield.

    In his defense I would say he is not worse than David Carr, Alex Smith, Matt Leinhart, Rex Grossman, J.P. Losman, Chad Pennington, Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich etc.

  117. Alex said,


    You said: “The NFL is an adjustment. He will figure things out, I just hope he is here (i.e. the orginazation does not give into the fan and media pressure and start looking elsewhere) when he does unlike Brees.”

    I say: The NFL is not for everyone. You must attain what they call “intangibles” and the NFL is the top. Many, and I say many QB’s had extremely succesful college careers only to have a disappointing NFL career. You must understand that. Flashback to Ryan Leaf. This guy wasn’t a scrub in college. He was so succesful he was advised to come out of college a year early. What people need to understand is just because you pay them a lot of money and they had a great college career does not mean they will be a succesful NFL QB. Those are the facts.

    Question: If Rivers continues to play the way he has these past two years at what point do YOU decide ok maybe it’s time to change things up?

  118. pokerforprofit said,

    Question: If Rivers continues to play the way he has these past two years at what point do YOU decide ok maybe it’s time to change things up?

    First, he has played quarterback in the NFL for a WHOPPING 26 games. 26 GAMES!!!!!!!

    I really cannot believe we are even having this conversation. This must be a bi-product of the “fast-food” generation in which we live. This quick-trigger mentality that you need to see such extraordinary results in a very limited amount of time is ridiculous.

    Second, he is 19-6 as a starter. The bottomline is he is a winner. It is not like we are a bad football team, but rather a very good football team with which he has a lot to do with. He is not David Carr. He is not Joey Harrington. HE WILL NOT BE A BUST.

    Third, (and to answer your question more directly) I would give him at least 3 years as a starter before I decide he will not be our starting quarterback using Drew Brees as a model to ensure we do not let another Pro Bowl quarterback get away.

  119. danielbalc said,

    Question: If Rivers continues to play the way he has these past two years at what point do YOU decide ok maybe it’s time to change things up?

    Answer: NEVER! He’s 19-6. He’s a winner.

    I can’t believe even Bruce would jump on the Rivers bashing bandwagon.

    “I dare say nearly zero quarterbacks have ever reversed these fundamental failings.”

    Dude, Kurt Warner is a two time NFL MVP. He has the third highest all time passer rating. Referring to him negatively is a classic example of pessimism. “I don’t care if he won the MVP he fumbles too much.” HUH?

    This is ridiculous. I know SD fans are a bit loco but I never thought the week after defeating the defending super bowl champs and moving a game up in our division would lead to calls for the QB’s head.

  120. Alex said,

    Hey Gumby & Pokey(Dan and Poker),

    If you really want to break down Rivers performance you would have to compare apples to apples. It’s as though you two forget who this guy is playing with. Let’s see, LT the best running back in the league, Gates the best Tight End, Lorenzo Neal the best Fullback, and now Chambers a Pro Bowl wide receiver. How many teams out there can say they have that? Let me help you out, NONE. If you think I’m going to lower my expectations for Rivers you’re insane. Football is a team sport and sometimes the Defense carries the team, sometimes the Special teams carries the team, sometimes the Running Back carries the team, sometimes it’s the QB that carries the team, right? How many times have we won a game because of River’s performance? 1 or 2 games in 2 years? This guy WALKED INTO a super bowl caliber team. Don’t make excuses for this guy better yet raise your standards for this guy. He is our QB you know.

    The ONLY way we will win the Super Bowl this year is if Rivers answers the call, the call to LEAD by example. Who wouldn’t like to lead this team?


    Ryan Leaf

  121. Bruce S. said,

    Dude, you are putting words in my mouth with your

    “I don’t care if he won the MVP he fumbles too much.”

    I merely used Warner as an example of a fumbler, something which he still does, a lot. Warner is probably one of the most accurate passers of all time as well as being very cool in the pocket.

    So relax. Rather than getting emotional about this, howz about you address my assertion that a QB with these many bad qualities ain’t likely to reverse them all. Is it being negative on my part to observe bad qualities in a QB? Not at all. You are perhaps confusing me with somebody who actually cares about any of this – you know, somebody who is actually a FAN. I am not a FAN. And Rivers is just some guy – playing a game. You’ll be pleased to know that 9 times out of 10 my desire is that the Chargers lose.

    FWIW, in our FFL scoring system, Rivers has scored negative points in 7 out of the 9 games he has played. I didn’t check on this claim, (made by the guy who owns him) so I find it really hard to believe, but I’m glad I don’t have him. Interestingly, I played this guy this week and he had Rivers, Chambers and the Indy D going into the Sunday night game and trailing by 42 points. Rivers got -6, Chambers got +1 and the Indy D got 23.

  122. Bruce S. said,

    This guy WALKED INTO a super bowl caliber team

    Believe it or not, I agree with this statement.

  123. danielbalc said,

    howz about you address my assertion that a QB with these many bad qualities ain’t likely to reverse them all.


    First off I disagree with the assumptions. Each one of them with the exception of the fumbles. Rivers has a fumbled too much this year.

    Locking on to one guy, and panic in the pocket aren’t things that fans are going to being able to call out the way coaches can. Fans don’t have game film. Fans aren’t in the pocket when it collapses. Fans don’t see O-line break downs or receivers running the wrong routes or safety adjustments. Fans see through a lens.

    Somehow or another the Rivers critics are seeing through the lens that sees 3 bad games this season instead of 3 phenomenal games or even 3 average games. Think about that. he’s had 3 BAD games (pass rating 49.4 or lower), 3 OK games (passer rating between 68.8 and 74.2) and 3 PHENOMENAL (Passer rating 116 and up) games. Here’s his record in those games…
    Bad- 1 and 2
    OK- 2 and 1
    Phenomenal- 2-1

    But anyways to disprove your assertion that a guy with SOOOOOO many “bad qualities” can’t improve… (BTW you are now changing the words in your mouth from “nearly zero” to “ain’t likely”.)

    Ever heard of?

    Ben Roethlisberger? third full season PR 75.4
    Brett Favre? Second full season- PR 72.2
    Drew Brees? Second full season- PR 67.5

    Currently our boy Rivers is at 77.9.

  124. pokerforprofit said,

    I am not arguing that his performance thus far this year has been less than expected, why can’t you people see this?

    I am arguing, 1) It is to be expected of a young QB who will be making only his 27 start of his career on Sunday.

    2) the supporting cast (that being the play calling, the recievers dropping balls and the o-line not blocking as well) is not as good as last year.

    3) it is way too early to be talking about looking for a replacement.

    We have not lost these games because of River’s perfomance. He may be a part of it, but there are plenty of other people who should share in the blame.

    You want to talk about football being a team game and then heap all the blame on one person, is that fair?

    And BTW Alex if he came into a Super Bowl caliber team he would not have to do anything, i.e. Trent Dilfer in Baltimore. This is not the case. This team needs him to be good because they cannot do it themselves.

    And the rest of the team is hardly playing Super Bowl caliber football this year so stop asserting that the only reason we are not going to win the Super Bowl this year is Rivers performance that is ridiculous.

  125. Alex said,

    I said we CAN win the Super Bowl. I said we won’t win the Super Bowl if Rivers does not improve his game. He is the QB, not a D lineman. If he is not playing well, even the most ignorant fan will see it. Unfortunately being scrutinized every play comes with all of those millions that he makes. Besides, how many QB’s have come into the NFL and never improved or basically accepted the back up role. Not everyone will find success in this league, not every QB develops into a Favre, Marino, Montana, Young.

    No less than a Super Bowl victory is what I expect!!

  126. pokerforprofit said,

    You know what is the craziest part of this whole debate?

    The fact that we are less than a year removed from watching Rivers put up a Pro Bowl season in his ROOKIE year!

    This is some serious selective memory.

    Let me pose this question:

    If Rivers were to finish this year with the same statistics as he did last year and go to another Pro Bowl would you consider him a success?

    I would hope you would say yes.

    If you do say yes then we can say that he has shown he is capable of being a very good quarterback in this league. We can also say that he has not forgotten how to play QB in less than 1 season.

    We can then look at other factors that may be contributing to him having a lesser year this year than last.

    That is all I am saying. He has proved himself. There has been alot of turnover in the off season with all new coaches and all new philosophies. The team will adjust. The team has to adjust.

  127. Bruce S. said,

    “nearly zero” to “ain’t likely”.

    These are equivalent.

    Fumbles = objectively measurable.
    Locking on and thus telegraphing = easily objectively observable and measurable. You need an 8 foot diagonal HiDef TV.
    Panic in the pocket = totally subjective. Impossible to measure. But on my big screen it sure looks to me like dark brown stains are forming down there.

    I’d toss out the Big Ben stat on the grounds that his body was not quite all there owing to a nasty face plant and being attacked by a masked man wielding sharp knives before the start of the season.

    It is also interesting that you bring in the best QB of all time (BF) to prove your point. Do you think Brees will get in the HOF or ever win a SB? What’s Eli’s passer rating?

  128. Alex said,


    I remember how last year he made it to the Pro Bowl. I also remember the controversy surrounding that decision because Tom Brady didn’t make it. Then again I think you have to vote for the QB of the 14-2 team.

    Trivia Question:

    Which QB was sitting at home after the 1st round of the playoffs?

    I think this conversation has just ended.

    Rasie the bar Charger Fans. Super Bowl victory and no less.

  129. pokerforprofit said,

    Which QB was sitting at home after the 1st round of the playoffs?

    So you attribute that playoff loss to the play of Philip Rivers?

    You lost all credibility with me.

    You are just looking for a scapegoat. You talk out of both sides of your mouth, Alex Kerry, or Alex Gore.

    You tell me it is a team sport and then blame Rivers for all the team’s problems.

    You make no sense.

  130. Albino Hayford said,

    The Chargers have no offense. Blame anybody on the offense or blame them as a unit, but without defense and special teams, they got bupkus. You guys are just lucky you are not scheduled for a thumping by the Cowboys this year, but there’s still room for you on our Cowboy bandwagon.

  131. Alex said,

    I hate to do this to you but I must put you on time out for failure to listen. Why don’t you go ahead and reread my comments and then report back. I never changed my stance and will not change my stance until one or the other happens:

    a) Rivers improves his performance
    b) The Rapture

    Goodnight now

  132. 5najeras said,

    All right everyone. I think it’s time we realize that this conversation is going nowhere.

    Much like Philip Rivers’ career. 😉

  133. Alex said,

    Apparently even Rivers agrees with what I’ve been saying,

    “You can win games, you can battle with inconsistent play,” he said. “But ultimately I understand I’ve got to play better for us to get where we want to go.”

    This could be the start of something really good!!

    Go Chargers!

  134. anthony said,

    As of now….

    Your Prediction: 9-1
    Current Record: 5-5

    Did you jokingly predict 15-1?

    Is it time to coin the term, Norvyball?

    Good for the Chargers they play in the NFC of the AFC.

  135. pokerforprofit said,

    This team sucks.

    No chemistry. No rythym. No desire. Bad coaching. Stupid penalties.

    At least Marty had his team ready to play every week.

    This is pathetic.

    I am tired of watching these clowns get all pissy on the sidelines.

    Get your head out of your rear ends and start playing footballl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. danielbalc said,

    Now even Matt has jumped off the bandwagon? Wow you guys are unbelievable.

    It’s all good though, I’m wearing my chargers gear today. I am staying the course. I still believe in the Bolts. Just remember this moment in January when you’re scrambling to try and buy playoff tickets.

    I will say this, and I’ve said it from the beginning. Norv Turner needs to realize that whatever coaching strategy he brought with him into this job was NOT successful and needed to be tossed out. How hard is it to look back and see that you have to get the ball into LT’s hands as much as possible?

    Run the football!!!!!

    A sampling from yesterdays game…
    1st half- LT ran the ball 9 times for 48 yards
    3rd quarter- LT ran the ball 5 times for 11 yards
    4th quarter- LT ran the ball twice for 3 yards (the second being the terrible trick play call on 4th and 1 that ended up losing the ball). For the rest of the 4th quarter, 3 possessions, 18 plays, they didn’t run the ball again. They only threw the ball to LT 3 times and all he did was gain 46 yards on two catches.

    It just escapes me how they can’t figure out their offensive problems aren’t directly caused by their lack of commitment to running the football.

    This isn’t the Patriots or the Colts offense. Last year we scored like crazy because we were going to run the football no matter what. Norv Turner needs to pull out some tape from last year and smack himself on the head and say, “oh, so you can score by running the football.”

    BTW we watched a perfect model of how to win football games yesterday in the Jacksonville Jaguars.
    Jack Del Rio is a descendant of the Marty Schotenheimer coaching tree. He emphasizes controlling the time of possession, eliminating mistakes and running to set up the pass and playing stout defense. This does three things in the box score… #1 It gives your running backs great numbers. #2 It gives your QB a great passer rating without having huge numbers. #3 It wins.

    The Jaguars looked just like the Chargers of last year. Good for them. I expect a team like that to beat a team like us especially at home.

    Nevertheless all is not lost kids. We are still in great shape (Better than the Jaguars even).

    Don’t abandon hope now because you just look stupid when you get back on the bandwagon claiming, “see they did what I said they should do and now I am a fan again.”

    And please, PLEASE don’t go booing Rivers the first time he throws and incompletion on Sunday against the Ravens. Or booing Turner the first time he calls a trick play on fourth and 1, because that’s what you asked for when you wanted Marty fired.

  137. Pablo Honey said,

    Whoa whoa whoa! Hey now, my comment got spammed. First time it’s ever happened to me. To much linkage I suppose. Daniel, fix please?

  138. danielbalc said,

    There’s a reason it got spammed. I set my spam filter to catch any comments that combined references to fantasy and motor “sports”. Sorry but there is no way I can release that comment from spam purgatory without considerable penance in the form of indulgences.

    To paraphrase Johann Tetzel…
    “As soon as the coin in the coffer clings, the comment from spam Purgatory springs.”

  139. 5najeras said,

    Daniel, I think you will be surprised to know that, despite the two ints., I was actually quite pleased with Rivers yesterday. I don’t really know all the technical stuff, but he looked like he was channeling Manning a little with all those long passes. Maybe its the holiday spirit getting to me, but I was actually proud of your boy yesterday.

    That being said, I have to say, 76.5. 🙂

  140. danielbalc said,

    Yeah that loss was hardly Rivers fault. But he’s going to have a difficult time raising up his rating if they continue trying out this offensive strategy. Turner has to take notes from the development of Roethlesbarger. Running to set up the pass equals less attempts and higher percentage passes with a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency. It’s called “martyball” and it’s not flashy but it wins football games.

    Rivers doesn’t have “mechanical” problems. He was gunning the ball yesterday. How great would it be if our receivers could get open like TO and Randy Moss? Did anybody see that Dallas game? How in the world can one of the best receivers in football be left open that often? He wasn’t even doing anything fancy.

    Rivers looked like he was slinging the ball into double coverage on every single play, mostly because the Jaguars defense was blanketing the receivers because they knew the Chargers had abandoned the run.

    Hindsight is always 20/20 but this is the exact same hindsight each and every week. When will Turner get it? I’m betting this week. (fingers crossed)

  141. Pablo Honey said,

    What the crap is going on here? Fix your stupid spam filter before I flood your blog with all things NASCAR 24/7. Don’t think for a second that I can’t.

  142. danielbalc said,


    Try more honey and less vinegar.

  143. pokerforprofit said,

    Check out this breaking news.

  144. 5Najeras said,

    Philip Rivers is a loser but here is a winner.

  145. Pablo Honey said,

    There are none safe.

  146. pokerforprofit said,


    This team does not have an identity.

    They do not trust nor believe in their head coach.

    They lack mental toughness, citing the many times cameras have caught our “leaders” LT and Rivers pitching fits on and off the field.

    It is really getting hard to watch.

    Here is one piece of advice: BENCH MARLON MCCREE!!!!!! This guy is a train wreck in coverage.



    Tell your boy Merriman it is ok to get pressure on the quarterback. He has been terrible all year. Also ask him how he liked getting blown up by MJD, that was embarrasing.

  147. Bruce S. said,

    It just escapes me how they can’t figure out their offensive problems aren’t directly caused by their lack of commitment to running the football.

    Nice quadruple negative!!

  148. 5najeras said,

    Matt, he needs to go back on the roids. Simple as that.

  149. danielbalc said,

    Nice quadruple negative!!

    Thanks for noticin’. I was quite proud of that myself.

    I completely agree with the idea of benching Marlon McCree. He is hurting the team big time.

    As for Merriman’s drop off I attribute that to the new defense scheme of, “let the quarterback feel so comfortable that he feels bad for you and throws it to your safety” It doesn’t help that our safety keeps dropping the ball.

  150. Employed_Un said,

    “It’s called “martyball” and it’s not flashy but it wins football games”


    “It’s called “Martyball” and it’s not flashy but it wins REGULAR season football games”

    Remember, regular season records don’t matter once the playoffs start. (Playing at home is nice but not neccesary and having a bye is overrated)

  151. 5najeras said,


    Somebody tell Philip Rivers to slow down before he passes up Tom Brady!! Look at that passer rating skyrocket!! Wooooooo!!!!!! 😉

  152. pokerforprofit said,

    You might be wearing his jersey by Christmas.

    Rivers has never been the problem. The O-line finally had a game like last year and pass protected well, the recievers caught balls they had been dropping and we stayed committed to run (LT got 30 touches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    Can’t underestimate the impact Hardwick has with making the calls at the line and getting the blitz protections right so everyone gets blocked.

    Obviously this was a nice win, but lets see if they can back it up with another nice performance in KC. Hopefully they have turned the corner and the jeykll and hyde perfomances are behind us.

  153. danielbalc said,

    The key was the seemingly unproductive run game. The ravens did a great job of slowing down the run, but by never abandoning it the passing game did what Rivers was so accustomed to last season. Great point about Hardwick poker. He makes a big difference.

    As I sat in the stands for my last game of the regular season I was disgusted by the fans booing on the second and third plays of the game.


    Yeah i was disappointed that we didn’t score with the first three snaps but booing?
    The closest I came to booing was when the defensive starters were introduced and I intentionally neglected to cheer for Marlon McCree. But as critical as I have been of his play I’m not yet ready to boo him.

    The lamest demonstration of irrational fandom came on the bus ride back when a the bears vs broncos game was being followed by at least a dozen cellphone wielding fans and the guy sitting next to me said, “It doesn’t matter if the broncos win or lose, We aren’t going anywhere with Philip Rivers as quarterback.”


    He just had his fourth game of the season with over 100 passer rating. He threw 3 TD’s, wasn’t sacked and had no turnovers. What more do you want from the guy?

    5N, you know you gotta be sweating that burrito bet. Norv has discovered the formula that works, you better believe he is going to stick with it. Bad news for you, good news for the Chargers

  154. 5najeras said,

    “Rivers has never been the problem”

    Probably one of the funniest things I’ve heard in awhile.

    Rivers HAS been the problem. There happens to be a direct correlation between How the Chargers as a team play and Rivers’s personal performance. He’s the QB that’s what comes with the territory.

    I believe it was just 2 weeks ago when you were claiming that he wasn’t playing bad at all. Now it’s, ” Well, he only played bad because his line wasn’t blocking.”

    Which is it?

  155. pokerforprofit said,

    the guy sitting next to me said, “It doesn’t matter if the broncos win or lose, We aren’t going anywhere with Philip Rivers as quarterback.”

    As I sat in the stands for my last game of the regular season I was disgusted by the fans booing on the second and third plays of the game.

    This is a typical response from one of the many pessimistic fans we have in this town. They refuse to get behind the team and support them because they are mental midgets and cannot handle the dissapointment if things don’t work out.

    This way they can just say, “I told you so” and “that is why I am a bandwagon fan” every time the team struggles. I, for one, cannot stand it. Either be a fan through thick or thin or don’t be a fan at all.

    …But I am sure we will see all these same “fans” cheering and annointing Rivers the next Joe Montana come playoff time.

    So it is with San Diego sports.

  156. pokerforprofit said,

    I believe it was just 2 weeks ago when you were claiming that he wasn’t playing bad at all. Now it’s, ” Well, he only played bad because his line wasn’t blocking.”

    The bottomline in this whole discussion is this:

    I refuse to blame one person for the team’s struggles and you choose to blame one person for the team’s struggles.

    All the parts have to come together for a team in a team sport to be successful. I am sorry you do not see this. Yes it is easy to blame the quarterback because he touches the ball every snap, but it is not accurate to do so.

    Let me ask you this:

    Do you blame LT for the bad year he is having? If not, why? If you can answer this you will understand where I am coming from.

  157. pokerforprofit said,

    I love this quote by Norv Turner,

    “I think it’s unfortunate because I don’t think people understand,” said Turner, who’s 64-87-1 in three NFL head coaching stints. “That team is second in the league in rush defense. I don’t think any game has been won on the first play of the game and certainly has never been won on the second play of the game.”

    Nothing like the coach telling all the booing fans that they do not undertand football. That is funny and very true.

  158. Anthony said,

    While I am not supporting the “Booing” of your own team, the fans aren’t booing the first drive as much as they are booing the season. Everyone has higher expectations and most fans are frustrated. Also, I don’t think “Booing” is limited to San Diego fans. See Philly, New York fans, etc.

  159. 5najeras said,

    Comment #154 was not me. Don’t know who it was but I’m gonna put my money on Alex. I don’t want to keep beating this poor dead horse. But I will say this to Daniel: No, I am not worried about my win and subsequent burrito (with guacamole), because for every good game he has played, there have 2 bad ones. And there are only 5 left. (If he keeps to the schedule, he would only be allowed one more good game)

    And as disappointed as I am with Rivers, LT, and much of the gang, I would NEVER, under any circumstances, boo one of our own. Very irresponsible and unloyal.

  160. pokerforprofit said,

    And as disappointed as I am with Rivers, LT, and much of the gang,

    You are making strides now. Spread the blame for the bad losses to everyone, don’t take the easy road and just say Rivers solely controls the outcome of every game. That is all I am saying.

    On the flip side, don’t give too much credit to any one player when they win. You win and lose as a team.

  161. Bruce S. said,

    or don’t be a fan at all.


  162. danielbalc said,

    This is classic pessimistic blindness from 5n…

    because for every good game he has played, there have 2 bad ones. And there are only 5 left. (If he keeps to the schedule, he would only be allowed one more good game)

    May I refer you back to comment #123

    We can update the BAD OK PHENOMENAL scorecard today and see that your estimation is slightly exaggerated (1 good game for every 2 bad ones)

    I’m even going to give you some bonus bad games and make anything under 70 a bad…
    That’s 5 bad games

    Anything between 70-90 we’ll call OK
    Thats 2 OK games

    Anything above 90 (in Rivers’ case above 116) classifies as phenomenal.
    Thats 4 Phenomenal games

    also whoever made this statement

    “There happens to be a direct correlation between How the Chargers as a team play and Rivers’s personal performance.”

    Didn’t bother to check the stat sheet and see that on games like in Green Bay where we lost Rivers had a great game (306 yards 3 td’s only 1 int; 116.2 PR). And in games where Rivers was terrible like against indy (104 yds 2 int 30.6 PR) we won.

    So much for the direct correlation.

  163. 5najeras said,

    That’s where we disagree. I would say anything under 89 is bad. 90 and over is good. And the details are beside the point anyway. The truth is that he has been known to go and have a great game (getting Matt and Daniel’s hopes up), then immediatly go and have a really crappy game. (proving me right). That’s just what he has been known to do. No pessisimistic/optimistic attitude can change that.

  164. danielbalc said,

    Anything under 89 is bad?

    WOW miss high standards.

    Peyton Manning is currently at 89.4. That’s dangerously close to being called a “bad” QB don’t you think?

    How about instead of a ridiculous line defining bad and good you acknowledge the reality that the rest of the world lives in called “average”.
    (Technically speaking the passer rating defines average as 78.9 so your “good” qualifications are mighty lofty.)

    How is it that you are proved right by a “crappy game” but we just get our hopes up with a “great game”?

    My statement at the beginning of our bet was that he is an “Above average quarterback” and our bet is the he finishes over 89. I am going to win that bet. There is no doubt about it in my mind. Do you feel strongly enough about your position to raise the ante?

  165. Pablo Honey said,

    Bonus statistic courtesy of TMQ: In his career, Philip Rivers has 20 touchdown passes versus no interceptions in the red zone.

  166. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Even this pessimist believes Rivers is better than average. But he does need to improve and I think he will in time.

  167. danielbalc said,

    Thanks for that bonus stat pablo. (BTW TMQ continues to be the best read on the internet for those of you not reading it you’re making a big mistake wasting your time on my blog.)

    I wonder how the rivers haters are going to spin that one.

  168. Anthony said,

    As of last week, Rivers had the most turnovers in the NFL for this year. After his performance, he may have moved to second or third worst! =)

  169. 5najeras said,

    What do you have in mind?

  170. danielbalc said,

    QB’s with more INT’s than Rivers…

    Manning (Eli)

    QB’s with the same amount of INT’s as Rivers…
    Manning (Peyton)

    Getting off the Rivers subject

    I just heard on the new sports radio station (1360 AM) Chris Ellow (sp?) make the insane statement that “Bill Cowher will be the coach of the Chargers next season.”

    This typifies San Diego fan lunacy. Here’s a team in first place in it’s division coming off a win where the team probably played it’s second best game of the season and all they can talk about is the coach losing his job.

    I’ve been critical of Norv since his name was even mentioned as a candidate but I don’t think you fire a guy in his first year especially if he coaches the team into the playoffs.

    I have to wonder if fans of other teams are as loco as San Diego fans.

  171. Anthony said,

    You have to include fumbles with that stat.

    Yeah, the Chargers are doing a good job of keeping the rest of the division crappy. We may be in first, but at 6-5 I don’t see us doing anything in the playoffs. The Patriots have the Super Bowl locked up and for that reason alone I think I will NOT watch the postseason.

  172. danielbalc said,

    More ridiculous overreactions….

    The Patriots have the Super Bowl locked up

    The Eagles nearly beat the Pats save for two INTS from their backup QB. The first went for a pick 6 and the second, had it been completed would’ve been the game winner.

    The Colts (whom the Bolts DID beat lest we forget) let the Pats off the hook.

    The idea that the Pats are the greatest team of all time is so laughable to me. We heard the same story two years ago with the Colts, (until the Chargers beat them remember that one?)

    I don’t know what the odds are for super bowl betting right now but if there was a straight up bet Patriots verses the field I would put a LOT of money down on the field.

    That doesn’t mean I think the Patriots don’t have a great team, sure they do, but they haven’t won the super bowl just yet ESPN. This business about being 20 + point favorites is crazy. If you are betting on a team winning by 3 TD’s you’re nuts.

    Here’s the funny thing about the Pats. They are grossly overrated because their final scores show gaudy point differentials simply because they have been running up the score. They think that somehow running up the score on a team already beaten and demoralized somehow makes them a better team. OK. But it really doesn’t…
    It fools the press but it doesn’t really make them any better than the 2005 Colts (who also ran up the score at every possible opportunity but failed when it came down to payoff time).

    I’m not impressed.

  173. danielbalc said,

    BTW as for the Chargers only being where they are because of a weak division. Lets take their divisional standings out of the equation and put them into the wild card race.

    They would be a game behind Cleveland with 5 games to go. You wouldn’t take the Chargers over the Browns to get that last playoff spot hmmmm?

  174. Anthony said,

    By taking away the West that means that Devner and KC have the records they usually have meaning the WC would be either Denver or KC over the Browns.

    I don’t understand how you can fault 11-0. The Colts and Patriots have won super bowls recently and continue to dominate. I don’t see how you can take 6-5 as being Super Bowl contenders.

  175. amyleesspace said,

    Although this past Sunday was a close game for the PATS. A win is a win after all. I think the PATS have an EXCELLENT chance of winning the Super Bowl this year. I would be willing to bet on that!

  176. danielbalc said,

    I didn’t exactly “fault” 11-0. I think clearly the Patriots have a better chance than ANY other team to win the super bowl but they don’t have a better chance than EVERY other team.

    It’s really easy to take 6-5 as being a super bowl contender. because once a team lines up against another team their previous records are thrown out the window. it’s all about that game. a head to head match up. And even though last year the Chargers were clearly better than the Patriots AND had home field advantage, they lost.

    The regular season win loss record does one thing, qualifies you for the playoffs. If you’re qualified for the playoffs you’re a super bowl contender.

    The Chargers match up well against every other team. That’s why it’s been such a disappointment for them to lose 5 games. Because they were mostly (with maybe 2 exceptions) games the Chargers “should have” won on paper.

    But paper doesn’t matter, playing the game matters and until the last game is played crowning the patriots as anything other than a good team is foolish.

  177. pokerforprofit said,

    Check out this article. Anyone heard about this “players only” meeting?

    I am glad to hear someone stepped up and called out some of the guys who are not fully committed.

    This team’s struggles never were about lack of ability, but rather lack of commitment to the new regime.

    This is great news for us and bad news for the rest of the league. It looks like guys are finally on board and ready to sell out for the remainder of the season.

  178. danielbalc said,

    Good news Alex,

    It seems as though the Chargers are taking a page out of your coaching style and are benching a highly paid starter in favor of an inexperienced second teamer.

    This seems like a strange move to make but they haven’t ran effectively to the right side this year so maybe some fresh blood will have a little extra push.

    Practically speaking Rivers looked more comfortable in the pocket last Sunday then he had all year and since Clary played most of the game I guess this makes sense. I just hope the rest of the line doesn’t resent it.

  179. Pablo Honey said,

    I have been waiting for this move for the last 2 seasons. Olivea has maxed out his potential at RT, while Clary is just scratching the surface. This should definitely improve our pass protection, but I doubt we see more runs to the right side. The Chargers most effective run formation is actually when they line up heavy to the left, normally they move the RT to the left between the LT and LG. This formation worked great for us last year, even though teams knew we running left they couldn’t stop us. Hopefully Clary can come in and pick up some of the slack and get our running game back on track.

  180. Albino Hayford said,

    Ok, fellas, here it is:

    COWBOYS 34
    PACKERS 27

    The difference will be the Cowboy running backs, Barber and Jones.

    Sorry you can’t make my high def hot wings viewing party, but you can at least “rejoice with those who rejoice”, right? 🙂

  181. danielbalc said,

    As long as Jason Witten can pull down 2 or 3 TD’s I don’t care who wins.

    BTW welcome to the world of HDTV…. What took you so long?

  182. Albino Hayford said,

    I’m not a prosperity preacher like you California clerics…but you can read the whole story here.

  183. Albino Hayford said,

    Hmmmm…My prediction missed by one Cowboy field goal.

  184. danielbalc said,

    Good showing by the Bolts yesterday. You can really feel the team gaining momentum.

    My pre-season predictions started off really bad I only had one out of the first 4 games picked accurately. Since that point I have predicted the Chargers victories and losses to the tune of 7 right and 1 wrong. Making me 8 and 4 so far. Not too bad.

    Yeah LT looked like the LT we expect him to be, but more importantly was the defense playing like the defense of lat year. 8 sacks in game is not easy to do, no matter how dinged up the o-line is. Merriman looks like he’s playing to prove the critics wrong again, just like last year. All this talk about him digressing is nuts. 9 and half sacks through 12 games is pretty darn good. In fact he only has 4 fewer tackles than he had in his 12 games last season.

    Last year’s “defensive Player of the year” Jason Taylor only has 8 sacks and 19 fewer tackles than Merriman, maybe he also was on steroids?

  185. danielbalc said,

    And one more rant and then I’m done for this morning…

    Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote this as his opening sentence in his MMQB article…

    We’ll have time later to dissect the Cowboys taking over the NFC, the Colts icing their fifth straight AFC South title, the once (LaDainian Tomlinson) and future (Adrian Peterson) rushing kings and Eli Manning saving himself from another week of the New York tabloid gallows.

    NEWS FLASH King.

    Peterson hasn’t yet dethroned LT as the greatest RB playing the game. Sorry, but it’s going to take a LOT more for AD to be called the “rushing king”.

    Presently there are two distinctions that I can see where AD has an advantage over LT.
    AD ran for 297 yards in a game and AD has missed two games in a row with injury. Both are things LT has not done. Heck, he may NEVER do those things.

    Call me when AD gets to 100 touchdowns.

  186. pokerforprofit said,

    rushing king?

    Doesn’t that distinction belong to Emmit Smith? Peter King is a media whore and a moron. Crowning someone “rushing king” after a career 13 games makes me want to puke.

    On to more important things,

    The Chargers are finally coming together and playing like a team ready to make some noise in the playoffs. .

    It looks like the coaching staff has finally figured out how to use all the weapons we have on offense and defense. The play-calling has been great the last two weeks and I look forward to seeing it continue.

    The offense should and will revolve around LT. Give him 30 touches a game and I like our chances.

    The defense should and will revolve around our aggressive pass rush. Let them loose.

    I don’t think we will lose again this regular season and will enter the playoffs on a nice roll.

    Get back on the wagon everybody.

  187. danielbalc said,

    Like I said last night. It doesn’t matter if we “win out” in the regular season.

    W could win em all or we can loose twice and it still won’t change our seeding for the playoffs. Would winning 6 in a row make us better in the playoffs then wining every other game leading up to the playoffs? I don’t think so. But winning does feel a lot better than loosing.

  188. pokerforprofit said,

    Like I said last night. It doesn’t matter if we “win out” in the regular season.

    I would disagree with this statement.

    I do not think we need to win out, but I do not want to come into the playoffs losing 2 or 3 in a row.

    Momentum is important. We need to be playing good football going in.

    Not to mention this “chicken little” the sky is falling mentality that permeates this town every time this team loses seaps into the conscience of the players. We could do without that heading into the playoffs.

    The bottomline is we will have another home playoff game against a team we should beat (looks like a rematch with J-ville). I look forward to it.

  189. danielbalc said,

    Jacksonville, Tennessee or Cleveland (and Buffalo with an outside chance) which team would you prefer?

    At home I think we would absolutley handle any of those teams.

    Probably Tennessee is the only team that would worry me because they can stop the run and Vince Young, even thought he is a terrible passer, has the potential to win in ridiculous ways.

    3 of the above teams have cupcake schedules (each only plays 1 tough team in the next 4 weeks). Except of course for the Titans who play the Chargers and the Colts.

    I’m betting it’s the Jags and the winner of the Cleveland vs Buffalo match up in 2 weeks.

  190. pokerforprofit said,

    I would love to play any of those teams. None of them scare me at all. If I had to rank them I would prefer to play: Buffalo, Cleveland, Tennesse, J-ville.

    We will be substantial favorites against all of them and if we lost somebody better close the Coronado Bridge.

  191. danielbalc said,

    I would totally welcome the opportunity to play this Patriots team in the playoffs. They are so overrated it’s ridiculous. Remember we beat down on that exact same Ravens team just one week ago. That’s two straight “lucky” wins for the Pats and two straight dominating performances from the Chargers. The media needs to wake up and realize that running up the score on teams that were demoralized early in the season doesn’t qualify you for “greatest team ever”.

    Nice article from Clark Judge

    I’m glad the Ravens aren’t afraid of the inevitable fines they will face for criticizing the officials because it really did need to be said. If it isn’t called out by somebody than it will continue.

    I love Derrick Mason comparing the Patriots to the Bulls basketball dynasty. Everyone knows NBA officials are a joke when it comes to a “dynasty” team playing. Rarely does anyone call out NFL officials for the same kind of favoritism, but it sure was spotlighted last night.

  192. danielbalc said,

    ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli clearly wants exclusive rights at writing a novel entitled “the Perfect Patriots” which is why he describes that phantom holding call like this…

    “With 55 seconds remaining and facing a fourth-and-5 from the Ravens’ 13-yard line, Brady threw incomplete for tight end Benjamin Watson, but Baltimore dime cornerback Jamaine Winborne was flagged for holding in the secondary. It was the correct call by the officials, but on the wrong defender. Winborne made virtually no contact on the play but, in underneath coverage, Scott had Gaffney in a bear hug.”

    A “bear hug” Len? which game were you watching?

  193. Former FFL Champ said,

    Good article. Chargers still have work to do to be at the same level as NE. Yes, NE was lucky to win that game but they still got it done with given the extra opportunity. Can the Chargers get better? I think they will but they can’t get too full of themselves. They still need to improve.

  194. Alex said,

    “Chargers ruin another “Perfect Season”, this time it’s in Foxborough”

    Coming Soon………………………

  195. amyleesspace said,

    I woudn’t really call it a lucky win. A win is a win no matter by how many points. However, the Patriots were not playing at their best, I was on the edge of my seat almost the entire game. When Moss missed the pass in the endzone, I was definitely up screaming!!

    I don’t understand your comparison though, the Chargers beat the Ravens so that automatically means that they are going to beat the Pats.

    If you remember correctly the Pats beat the Chargers. Not to say that the Chargers will/can not beat the Pats in the future. I just think it’s a little silly to say because the Chargers dominated the Ravens, that they will dominate the Pats. The Pats, also, did beat the Ravens.

  196. danielbalc said,

    I just think it’s a little silly to say because the Chargers dominated the Ravens, that they will dominate the Pats

    I also think that would be silly to say. That’s why I didn’t say it.

    I simply said that its the exact same team that we beat down on. Meanwhile this Chargers team doesn’t look at all like the team we saw in early September. And the Patriots don’t look that same either do they?

  197. amyleesspace said,

    “I would totally welcome the opportunity to play this Patriots team in the playoffs. They are so overrated it’s ridiculous. Remember we beat down on that exact same Ravens team just one week ago. ”

    **What would you take from this comment, you basically stated what I extracted from this statement, in so many words**

    The Chargers have improved, and YAY for them.

    The Pats had one bad game , so all the sudden they are not the same team?

    I would love to see the PATS and the Chargers play eachother again, let’s hope they do. I think it would be a great game! The Chargers have gotten better, and the Pats have always been good.

  198. danielbalc said,

    Again Amy, you don’t see me saying the Chargers beating the Ravens *automatically means* they will beat down on the Pats. Not only do I not imply that I flat out say that isn’t the case.

    Meanwhile the Pats had two bad games in a row. They got outplayed both times by inferior teams. The heart of their defense is very old and old players tire as the season goes on. The Patriots are looking more and more tired with each game. You can ignore the reality as much as you want but with each passing game your team seems less and less like the “greatest team of all time”. Even the idiot Pete Prisco noticed that…

  199. amyleesspace said,

    I guess we will just let the games speak for themselves.

    The games tell me that the Pats are undefeated, not sure what their telling you?!?

  200. danielbalc said,

    Amy, Again you miss what I am saying.

    I AM letting the games speak for themselves. The games tell me the Chargers are improving and the Patriots are digressing.

    Nevertheless I am rooting for the Patriots to go undefeated during the regular season. Here’s why…

    If the playoffs started today the Chargers would have a first round game at home and then (assuming Pittsburgh also wins it’s first round playoff game at home) be on the road at NE. How fantastic would it be for the Patriots to lose at home in the playoffs after having an undefeated regular season? Oh man that would be so fantastic. It’s like when Pittsburgh beat Indy at home on their way to the super bowl. At that time EVERYONE believed that the Colts were possibly the “best team ever” right alongside the 85 Bears and 72 Dolphins. But losing in the playoffs quickly dismisses any talk of that. Presently you’re hearing the same kinda of chatter about the Patriots, but if Junior Seau is forced to “graduate” without a ring in February everybody will completely forget about the “greatest team of all time” Patriots.

  201. Alex said,

    Len Pasquarelli of ESPN said:

    “Road to the playoffs: In terms of potential, the Chargers possess Super Bowl talent, but they don’t always play like it. A lot will depend on the performance of quarterback Philip Rivers in the playoffs.”

    It kills me to say this but maybe Alex was right after all.

  202. pokerforprofit said,

    Of course alot depends on the play of the quarterback, no one has ever argued otherwise. He is the most influential player on the field.

    However, he will only play as well as the rest of the offense and coaches will allow him. That has always been the argument. He has not been getting the support (i.e. strong run game, good pass protection, good routes and catches by the recievers) that he needs to play at the highest level.

    In the recent weeks these things have come together and what do you know, he is “magically” playing better. What a concept.

  203. Alex said,

    “Of course alot depends on the play of the quarterback, no one has ever argued otherwise. He is the most influential player on the field.”

    I beg to differ Sir, that has been the whole argument throughout the year. You claimed that the losses the Chargers had incured had NOTHING to do with Philip Rivers. That is why you are crazy,Sir. I said the losses were a direct correlation to the QB’s play and that in order for the Chargers to win the Super Bowl, Philip Rivers specifically needed to play better.

    There is a different attitude with this team, they are finally buying into this coaching staff and what they are doing with this team.

    The talent has always been there, the leadership has not.

    Nothing “magical”, just a confidence, that’s all.

  204. danielbalc said,

    I said the losses were a direct correlation to the QB’s play

    And that assertion was disproved in comment number 162

    I think a lot of our recent success has to do with the maturation of Weddle and the team using him more and McCree less (A move Poker and I were calling for on October 1). See today’s UT for more on that…

    Nevertheless what everyone should agree on is that it’s not a matter of one individual’s play, whether it be the Free Safety, The QB or the RB. (Ironically nobody ever criticizes LT even though his numbers are WAY down from last year).

    It’s been a whole team effort and this team has vastly improved from their rocky 1-3 start. Right now they are simply executing the fundamentals. They are holding their blocks for just a second longer. They are running crisper routes. They are playing together and winning decidedly. They are the team that nobody wants to be playing in the playoffs.

  205. pokerforprofit said,

    Cool article, someone DVR 60 minutes tomorrow……

  206. danielbalc said,

    Statistically speaking Rivers isn’t helping me win my PR bet, but I’ll take a performance like that any time.

    Leading any team to two 4th quarter TD’s is difficult. Especially when your left tackle gets OWNED by the opposition. And to do it all with a sprained knee? Fantastic.

    Rivers detractors, as much as you hate it, you’ve got to give the guy credit for winning that football game.

    In the NFL it’s hard to win on the road.
    It’s even more difficult to win on the road in back to back weeks.
    Even MORE difficult when you have to travel across the country (3rd time) for the early game (2nd time).
    And finally when you are playing a team fighting for it’s playoff lives (while your playoff aspirations are almost certain) it all adds up for a very tough game.

    Add into that mix a whole bunch of injuries to key players and the Chargers had literally every excuse in the book for losing this game.

    But they didn’t lose. They didn’t fold. They didn’t quit.

    They proved they are a force to be reckoned with.

    Winning it that fashion is impressive . It oughta prove the naysayers wrong.

    Highlight of watching the game with my Dad and brother.

    Dad- “Rivers stinks”
    Me- “Tell me 10 QB’s you’d rather have”
    Dad- “Volek, Whitehurst, Losman and Beck for a start”

  207. Alex said,

    That win is huge for the Chargers. They showed that they have heart and that they are committed to winning the Super Bowl. Let’s face it, the Chargers did a lot of things BAD yesterday and had they lost we would be hearing all the whining from the Band Wagoners today. BUT THEY WON.

    I do find it funny that some bloggers, who will be left nameless(you know who you are), think that Rivers was the reason why they won, but whatever. Yeah, we saw Volek and he once again showed why he was a back-up and always will be a back-up but nontheless we saw him play. Apparently, some fellow bloggers were a little confused on my whole Volek take. Just to make sure there is no confusion this is exactly what i had said in a prior post:

    “Give Rivers(and AJ) a reality check. Volek is not great but benching Rivers for a game may make Rivers a better Quarterback in the long run. If you don’t understand the theory behind this than maybe you never played competitive sports. The guys on the bench want to play, and they believe that THEY can get the job done. I understand this is not very likely due to the amount of money they invested in Rivers but just remember benching Rivers wouldn’t be permanent.”

    Although Rivers did have one of his worst performances of the year, he DID lead the team to victory and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. Many of you think that admitting this is difficult for me but it’s not because I have always called for a better performance and better leadership from Rivers because where this team is headed they’re going to need their QB to lead by example.

  208. pokerforprofit said,

    “Give Rivers(and AJ) a reality check. Volek is not great but benching Rivers for a game may make Rivers a better Quarterback in the long run.

    Uhh…. I don’t think that performance by Mr. Volek made Rivers fearful about losing his job. That was awful.

    We look like a team that can make some noise in the postseason. Get the division wrapped up next week with a win and give some of our ailing guys a chance to get healthy.

  209. Albino Hayford said,

    It’s a good year to be a Cowboy. I’ll lift any of you up on our bandwagon as a personal favor.

  210. danielbalc said,


  211. danielbalc said,

    Peter King of Sports Illustrated and
    John Czarneki of

    Both seem convinced that LT and Rivers hate each other.
    The difference between them and Clark Judge of

    Clark Judge was AT the game, Clark Judge was AT the press conference. Clark Judge looked into their eyes and listened to their words (Rivers and Tomlinson exchanged “I love you’s” in front of the press core). He didn’t make a crazy assumption based on a camera catching a guy walking away from another guy on the sidelines.

    Judge writes… “7. No, there is no cold war between Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson. I know what the cameras showed. I also know how the two responded. “I think they’re reading too much into it,” L.T. said. I’m with L.T. on this one.”

    Pater King, mr. “I’m so important I send God, I mean Tom, text messages and he replies” Makes NO mention of the incredible come from behind effort of the Chargers yesterday in his 7-PAGE column. (I’d provide a link but stinks so I’d feel guilty for sending you to his garbage).

    Fortunately the aforementioned Judge was there and he managed to let the internet world know what ACTUALLY happened at a game that is sure to be featured on NFL replay this week.

  212. pokerforprofit said,

    I am so tired of these clowns trying to stir things up just to create a story. None of these idiots have ever played competitive sports in their lives. In the heat of battle things are said and done that have no bearing on their overall relationship. It is stressful and everyone wants to win real bad. I actually like the competitiveness these guys are showing. Keep it up.

    In other news,

    Nothing is being said about the overtime drive that resulted in a touchdown and the difference in coaching styles. Give Turner credit for stepping on their throat and finishing with a TD not calling for a field goal.

    I really think Marty would have settled for a field goal and who knows what would have happened.

  213. danielbalc said,

    I do find it funny that some bloggers think that Rivers was the reason why they won, but whatever.

    Your nuts.

    Yeah I know what that says.

    Rivers is certainly the one to “blame” for that victory.

    You can also “credit” Marcus McNeil for his superb pass protection and Marlon McCree for his phenomenal open field tackling skills (which he apparently taught to Vincent Jackson).

  214. danielbalc said,

    I really think Marty would have settled for a field goal and who knows what would have happened.

    I don’t know about that since the 2005 game against Washington was the EXACT same scenario (17-17 OT) when LT ran the EXACT same play for the game winning TD. Only then he did it with one of the finest stiff arms I’d ever seen (on the field of play that is).

    watch it here (week 12)

  215. pokerforprofit said,

    watch it here (week 12)

    Or just scroll down and watch the Jet playoff game for the opposite.

    I do find it funny that some bloggers think that Rivers was the reason why they won, but whatever.

    So he gets all the blame when they lose and none of the credit when they win. Nice.

  216. Former FFL Champ said,

    Rivers does need to correct his bad habit of throwing off his back foot. That’s when he throws the picks. 15 so far this season. That can come back to bite him if he doesn’t correct that flaw.

  217. danielbalc said,

    I wonder why I haven’t seen 5najeras in here gloating about the passer rating bet (which she i now guaranteed to win).

    Statistically Rivers has been below what I expected this season, but I had very high expectations. We’ve lost 5 games and only one of those would I “blame” on Rivers performance (KC). That also happens to be the only non-playoff team that we’ve lost to. NE, GB and JAX are all a lock to be in the playoffs, MIN looks like it’s going to find a way into the post season as well. That’s 4 losses to very good teams on the road. And with the exception of the NE game the Chargers were in each one of those.

    We are going to have 1 playoff game at home and then have to go on the road to either IND or NE. So now the question becomes who would you rather play in the second round of the playoffs…

    The Colts- Who we beat here and have shown we can beat in their dome.
    The Pats- Who we lost to the last two times we played (there and here) but beat the time before that (there).

    Don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion either because if we win out and the Steelers lose Sunday than we are the 3 and they are the 4.

    BTW it was the 3 and 4 teams in the AFC who met in the AFC championship game last year.

  218. 5najeras said,

    “Statistically Rivers has been below what I expected this season, but I had very high expectations”

    I tried to warn you. And don’t worry. When/if I win the bet there will be plenty of gloating. But how do I know that he won’t come out and play 3 perfetly flawless games and raise his rating to 89.1?? Time will tell.

    Ps. I would play the Colts.

  219. Former multiple FFL Champ said,

  220. amyleesspace said,

    What I liked best about this article is Bill B’s comment

    “There’s a lot of things that have happened in the past,” Belichick said. “Really, the past is in the past.”

    MOVE ON PEOPLE! Pats are not cheating now, and they are still undefeated So…… WHAT!! 🙂

  221. pokerforprofit said,

    Thanks to the Texans, Sunday should be another division clinching day at home. The Q should be rocking, hopefully we take care of business and get some of our ailing players 2 weeks to rest up.

    As up and down a year it has been, we will still be division champs and have a real shot at going 11-5. A record I think anyone of us would take at the beginning of the season.

    Stay the course. It is too much working hopping on and off the wagon every week anyway.

  222. itsasecret2u said,

    For those of you who might be interested in this sort of thing…

  223. Pablo Honey said,

  224. danielbalc said,

    Hey I predicted 70-14 and the final score was 51-14. That’s pretty close.

    Good game from the Chargers. i just wish Rivers would’ve stayed in the game to get his passer rating up. He needs to raise it 9 points in two games.


    on comment 53 I listed all the teams with a 1-3 record or worse and bet anyone who wanted to that at least one of those teams would make the playoffs.

    Well the Chargers are in the playoffs but no suckers took the bet.

    Other than the Bolts the saints are the only other team that has a shot at the playoffs and it’s an uphill road for them. They must win out and get help.

    I like the momentum on this Charger team and now with the 3 seed firmly in our grasp (don’t let it go) we have a very good shot at the AFC championship game and the super bowl.

  225. 5najeras said,

    A 101.7 game only raised his passer rating 1.1 points. I think he can do pretty good against the next 2 teams, but I don’t think it would have enough sway. We’ll see…. 🙂

  226. danielbalc said,

    because he only played half the game. It doesn’t account for each game. so had Rivers played a full game and thrown the ball 40 times with a 101.7 PR it would have raised his rating much more. Basically in his last two games Rivers is going to have to complete 75% of his passes throw for over 300 yards in both games AND get about 5 TD’s for every INT he throws to get it up 9 points.

    Tall order.

  227. Bruce S. said,

    Completely off topic but related to the Chargers:

    Daniel, I am surprised that you – as a Charger fan – haven’t commented on the fact that two ex-Chargers were the immediate cause of the Dolphins’ first win of the season.

  228. danielbalc said,

    Indeed when I saw the highlight the first thing that went through my head was, “look at the Charger cast offs getting it done.”

  229. danielbalc said,

    Congrats to the 8 Chargers who were selected for the Pro Bowl.
    Dielman (first time)

    Cromartie (first time)

    Special Teams-

    No real complaints of any Charger getting “snubbed”. When you get the most players in your conference and a team with a better record that actually beat you (Jaguars) gets none you have no right to complain.

    Most embarrassing of all is that no players from the whole division of the NFC East (Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Carolina and Atlanta) were selected.

    In baseball every team must have a representative, I think maybe they should do something like that here.

  230. Pablo Honey said,

    Here’s a quote from Mike Shanahan regarding Monday’s game: “I’ll be surprised if we don’t have anybody that doesn’t play hard.” Can anyone interpret that?

  231. danielbalc said,

    As a team they’re all just shocked by the release of their punter.

    How strange of a move is that?

    Who cuts their punter with two games left in a meaningless season? That’s just a bush league move to save a couple thousand dollars in salary.

    So the Ultimate Leader is saying that if somebody plays hard it is because he doesn’t surprise them by cutting them.

    I think.

  232. pokerforprofit said,

    Sauerbrun (sp?) is the most off-the-field troubled punter in the history of the NFL.

    I think the Rat is making a statement that says the reason their team sucks is because of poor punting, not his coaching and personell decisions.

    Also, he has yet to sniff a Super Bowl without John Elway. Hmmmm.

  233. danielbalc said,

    Thanks to the generosity of great friends my wife and I were able to attend the Christmas Eve game in the best seats I’ve ever sat in ($290 face value!)

    Since I was at the game I was totally oblivious to the fact that ESPN was doing it’s typical building mountains out of molehills “broadcasting”. Evidently they were highlighting Philip Rivers talking smack on the sidelines in the fourth quarter….


    When I saw all kinds of emails in the UT the next day telling Philip Rivers to “Shut up” I was really confused.

    Why would the home town fans be telling their quarterback to shut up?
    Fortunately Nick Canepa wrote an article explaining exactly how I feel about this.
    The crux of the article is this…

    “Judging by our e-mailers, many fans want Rivers to shut up, some even suggesting he hasn’t done anything. Well, fact is, he has done something.”

    He goes on to explain that Rivers is a winner. He now has a career regular season record of 24-7 and 15-1 at home.

    While Rivers will end the season short of the 89 point passer rating I predicted he wont have missed by much.

    And if all you rivers bashers are so convinced that he “stinks” let me fill you in on a little secret. Rivers can opt out of his contract and become a free-agent after this season. He would far and away be the best free agent QB on the market (unless you think Rex Grossman is all that)/ So do you really want him gone? because that could be a reality very soon. I sure don’t. I have seen how difficult it is to find a quality QB in the NFL, I’m a Charger fan.

    So haters, speak up and let me know if you’re for real in your Rivers criticisms.

  234. 5najeras said,

    All I have to say about it is:

    Grilled Chicken, Sour Cream, Lettuce, Guacamole, Cheese, and Medium Salsa on the side.


  235. danielbalc said,

    Hey I was again close on my predicted score. Way back in September I said this game would be 35-3. Actual score was 23-3, but it could’ve easily been 35-3 had the Chargers not not tried in the second half.

  236. Pablo Honey said,

    I love hearing the Broncos players complain about Rivers smack talk. Maybe these guys forgot that they are out there playing football, and the game is all about talking trash, especially when you are beating down on the other team (which Rivers has done EVERY TIME he has started against the Broncos.) Keep up the good work Philip!

  237. danielbalc said,

    Also just for kicks I would like to refer all the way back to my predictions of playoff teams at the beginning of the season (comment #13)

    At first glance I did terrible, only getting 5 (maybe 6 if the Redskins win) of the 12 playoff teams correct. but then I look at Sports illustrated predictions and they only got 5 correct without the possibility of a 6th.

    so there.

    Also Jeff H gave his predictions and even though he got the 4 AFC division winners exactly right he only managed to get 6 of the 12 right. His worst picks include the 49ers and the Falcons and Miami while mine would be lowlighted by the Bengals and the Rams and Carolina.

  238. danielbalc said,

    Pablo did you see Chump Bailey’s comments?

    Saying that Rivers shouldn’t talk because he’s “not a great player” and that he’s simply “surrounded by great players”.

    That really means a lot coming from the most overrated DB in the league.
    Chump’s numbers show an extremely mediocre 15 Passes defended and 3 interceptions. Woo Hoo. But he also has 78 tackles which means a whole lot of guys are catching the ball when he’s covering them.

    Chump may have gotten to the pro-bowl because of his reputation, but if anyone needs to shut up based on numbers it’s him.

  239. danielbalc said,

    has anyone ever noticed how much Ben Roethlisberger looks like my cousin Chris Fitz?

  240. pokerforprofit said,

    Also Jeff H gave his predictions and even though he got the 4 AFC division winners exactly right he only managed to get 6 of the 12 right.

    …But he also said this:


    How is that working out?

  241. danielbalc said,


    See that’s actually a redeeming aspect of Jeff’s comments. Trent Green got injured early on so a case could be made that had he not been out Jeff might have been right.

    That’s my argument for the Rams and Panthers didn’t live up to expectations….

    I have no excuse for picking the Bengals.

  242. pokerforprofit said,

    Losing 4 in a row (2 at home) to a hated division rival hurts.

    Scoring 6 points COMBINED this year against said hated opponent also hurts.

    Giving up 64 points COMBINED to said hated opponent hurts as well.

    …but at least they have Champ Bailey.

  243. pokerforprofit said,

    Trent Green got injured early on so a case could be made that had he not been out Jeff might have been right.

    Not a very compelling case. I do not think Trent Green is the difference between a team going 1-15 and 10-6

    I had all 12 teams right, I just forgot to make a post.

  244. danielbalc said,

    Well Philip finished the regular season with an 82.4 rating. That’s the result mostly of interceptions and a half yard less average per reception. Since he threw the ball EXACTLY the same amount of times as last season (weird) it’s pretty clear what he did better (less sacks) and what he did worse (turnovers).

    But hey 11-5 aint too shabby. Neither is a career record of 25-7.

    The Bolts look prime to make a solid playoff run. How cool would it be if they had to beat TEN, IND and JAX to make it to the super bowl? 3 AFC South teams in a row. It’s quite possible.

  245. pokerforprofit said,

    Now the real season starts.

    I am sure our guys will have no problem getting motivated for this one, remembering all the dirty hits that took place a few weeks ago.

    I actually think the Titans caught a break with Vince Young getting hurt. They have a better chance of competing with Collins. I would be shocked (and happy) if Vince starts on Sunday.

  246. danielbalc said,

    here here

    Collins is a much smarter play

  247. Pablo Honey said,

    Ummmm… did you mean “hear hear”?

  248. Pablo Honey said,

    No surprise here, the Ravens fire Billick. Good move, massively overrated coach.

  249. danielbalc said,

    I guess it is “hear hear”. I was thinking it was like “look here” but apparently it’s “listen hear”.

  250. Pablo Honey said,

    You could edit it and delete my comment about it and no one would know it even happened.

  251. danielbalc said,

    I know, but it’s funny.

    I don’t think Billick should have been fired. Winning 5 games with Steve McNair and Kyle Boller should be rewarded.

    He had that team with the number 2 playoff spot last year. He has NO QB, NO WR’s and his best TE was injured all year. Oh and he lost his best defensive player to free agency, Adailus Thomas.

    Firing a proven coach like Billick puts a franchise back 3 or 4 years. Unless the Ravens can get Cowher out of retirement count on them to be the raiders of the AFC north for a long time.

  252. danielbalc said,

    Peter King of continues to be the worlds biggest Patriots fan. In giving out his mythical “awards” he writes this about his coach of the year…

    Coach: Bill Belichick, New England. The toughest call I had to make, and I empathize with those who say they can’t vote a man coach of the year who was sanctioned more harshly than any coach in NFL history. I gave long and hard consideration to Mike McCarthy of Green Bay, because the Pack vastly overachieved with his steady and smart leadership. But it came down to this: Did the Patriots gain an advantage this year because of Belichick’s apparent history of authorizing the taping of defensive signals by the other team’s coaches? I think the advantage, at best, was infinitesimal. Whereas the edge gained by Shawne Merriman for using illegal performance-enhancing substances can lead to a tangible advantage for a team, I don’t think the taping of defensive signals for a few minutes in the opening game of the season compares. And the accomplishment of this team, and its head coach, are too overwhelming to overlook.”

    I don’t have a problem with this guy making love to Tom Brady with each keystroke, but he oughta at least realize before he calls out the “tangible advantage” of Shawne Merriman’s “illegal performance enhancing substance” use, that RODNEY HARRISON was the one who missed the first 4 games of THIS season because of HGH use.

    He wins the single most ridiculous paragraph of the year award in my blog.

  253. pokerforprofit said,

    I don’t think the taping of defensive signals for a few minutes in the opening game of the season compares.

    Yea your right Peter and neither did the NFL. They only levied him and his organization with the biggest fine in the history of the league.

    What are you saying to the children, Peter. Now all the aspiring coaches-to-be will be buying video equipment and taping their opponents because you are awarding a cheater as the coach of the year.

    Nice job sir.

    Here’s to the Pats getting bounced in the playoffs and making their “historic” season not so historic.

  254. amyleesspace said,

    LOL I wonder if your words Poker will be same in a couple of wks.. We shall see! I am so excited to see the Chargers and the Pats play in the playoffs. I ofcourse am routing for the Pats, but I wouldnt be mad if the Chargers won. Atleast Wences will be in a good mood!

    Just don’t think an undefeated team, will all sudden stink!

  255. Pokerforprofit said,

    Just don’t think an undefeated team, will all sudden stink!

    ….And just don’t think because their undefeated they are guaranteed a Super Bowl victory.

    As my buddy Lee Corso says, “Not so fast my friend.”

  256. danielbalc said,

    nobody is supposing that the Patriots will all of a sudden stink Amy. However TMQ supplies us with a very intriguing look at just how big a deal it is that Tom Brady set the passing record and what that means for the Patriots chances at a championship…

    just for kicks check out the passing leader from 1979-1982.

    So while the Patriots had an incredible regular season you need to realize that so did the Chargers last year and the Colts the year before that and the Steelers the year before that.

    And as for this “I wouldn’t be mad if the Chargers won.” garbage.

    c’mon, that’s the kind of stuff losers say. All or nothing Amy.

  257. danielbalc said,

    playoff predictions-

    Sea over Wash 31- 21
    NY over Tampa 28-24

    Sea over GB 21-17
    NY over DAL 35-34

    Seattle over NY 32-25

    Chargers over Ten 31-15
    Jax over Pitt 3-0

    Chargers over Ind 38-33
    NE over Jax- 31-28

    Chargers over NE 28-27

    Super Bowl-
    Chargers over Seahawks

  258. pokerforprofit said,

    and New England is solid across the defensive front, if consistently dirty. (How the Patriots’ defensive linemen get away with dirty tactics is another of the officiating mysteries surrounding this team; Vince Wilfork stuck his fingers into Brandon Jacobs’ eye Saturday night and the zebras, standing there, not only did not toss Wilfork but didn’t even flag him.)

    So I am not the only one who thinks there is some special treatment going on here?

    ofcourse am routing for the Pats, but I wouldnt be mad if the Chargers won.

    I love the devotion you show toward your “favorite” team.

  259. pokerforprofit said,

    Since I correctly picked all 12 teams that made the playoffs but forgot to post it, I will post playoff picks.


    SEA defeats WASH 24-14
    NY defeats TB 27-24

    GB defeats SEA 17-14
    NY defeats DAL 31-27

    GB defeats NY 20-14


    Chargers defeat Titans 27-14
    JAX defeats Pitt 24-10

    Chargers defeat Indy 30-27
    JAX defeats NE 28-24

    Chargers defeat JAX 21-17


    Chargers defeat GB 31-28

    Rivers throws 3 TD’s and has a passer rating of 140.5 and the Najera clan all go buy #17 jerseys to celebrate.

  260. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Giants over the Cowboys?? I’d like to see it but I doubt it since they will be playing in Dallas. Although rooting for either team is hard to do. Seattle is the SB is a reach. The SB will definitely come from the AFC. If Rivers doesn’t make a lot of mistakes the Chargers have a good shot at going all the way.

  261. Pablo Honey said,

    Here are the REAL winners:


    Washington 24, Seattle 17
    New York 13, Tampa Bay 21

    Tampa Bay 10, Green Bay 24
    Washington 20, Dallas 38

    Green Bay 20, Dallas 21


    Titans 10, Chargers 31
    Jacksonville 13, Pittsburgh 9

    Chargers 24, Indianapolis 17
    Jacksonville 13, New England 21

    Chargers 17, New England 10

    Super Bowl:

    Chargers 45, Cowboys 17

  262. Bruce S. said,

    The only prediction of which I am reasonably confident is that all of you are wrong. And even there I could easily be wrong.

    However, I am most in line with Pablo’s NFC predictions. As for the AFC, I believe I detect rose colored glasses being worn by all here.

    At least the Giants showed just how beatable the Patriots are.

  263. Anthony said,

    WAS over SEA
    NY over TB

    GB over WAS
    DAL over NY

    DAL over GB

    SD over TEN
    JAX over PIT

    IND over SD
    NE over JAX

    NE over IND

    NE over DAL

  264. pokerforprofit said,

    believe I detect rose colored glasses being worn by all here.

    I am a self-described homer, no doubt. I cannot follow this team without the belief that they will win the Super Bowl.

    There are a few things that make me feel much better about our chances this year:

    1) No bye week. We are hot and in a nice groove a bye week would hurt more than it would help.

    2) This team will not change its approach this week. This is the biggest complaint coming from Marty haters. He changed his approach and added extra pressure when the playoffs came around. This team is loose and confident in their preparation this week (just listen to the press confrences if you need more proof)

    3) We have playoff experience. This team now understands how to compete in the playoffs when the intensity level is raised.

    4) No one is talking about us. It is all about the Jags, Pats, and Colts. Last year we were the favorites and supposed to make the Super Bowl. This year we are underdogs and pressure-free. Keep it that way.

  265. Defending FFL Champ said,

    I’m definitely not looking through rose colored glasses. Other than the fact I can’t stand NY or Dal. Now if the Niners were playing that would be different. But we all know where they’re at this weekend. Here are my picks…based on the fact that anyone can win on a given Sunday. The Chargers have been playing good but as I said it all depends on the play of Rivers.

    WAS over SEA
    TB over NY

    GB over WAS
    DAL over TB

    GB over Dal

    SD over TEN
    JAX over PIT

    SD over IND
    NE over JAX

    SD over NE


  266. danielbalc said,

    Anthony, you picked only 1 underdog (WAS). Everything else is going with the odds on favorites. Fortunately you need only look at recent history to see it rarely works out that way.

    Bruce is right that none of us is right. It’s nearly impossible to pick a 12 team bracket with a high level of success. However judging by Lynn’s bowl pool (right now 16-4) I’m going to go with whatever he says.

  267. danielbalc said,

    Hey this will be the first time that E Manning, Rivers and Roethlesberger will be starting playoff games the same weekend as well as being at least the 2nd playoffs for each of them in just their 4th season. That’s pretty darn impressive for those guys. for even more impressiveness look at the qbs drafted in the first round of 2002- David Carr, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey. And2003- Carson Plamer, Byron Leftwich, Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman. And 2005- Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Jason Campbell. The jury is still out on the 2006 draft class of Young, Leinart and Cutler but for right now I think we can safely say that the QB class of 2004 was the best in this era.

  268. amyleesspace said,

    “I love the devotion you show toward your “favorite” team.”

    -oh PUUHHLEEASE! Does everything I say have to picked apart for goodness sakes! I am devoted to the Pats-even when everyone in this blogsphere would go against my comments, I still was for the Pats and still am. I simply stated I wouldnt mad if the Chargers won, see you should have copied the ENTIRE comment that I said. I wouldnt be mad ONLY because then Wences would be in a good mood and wouldn’t beat me 😉

    The Giants did play an awesome game on Sat. and ofcourse the Pats are beatable, but they have not been beat yet. Whether you win by 1 pt or 10 pts you still won!

    Regular Season at this point doesn’t matter, so let’s see what happens in the Play Offs.

    Also Matt re: the poke in the eye bit. Everyone plays dirty this is football isn’t it? I find it funny that only when the PATS do it, is it picked on.

  269. pokerforprofit said,

    Also Matt re: the poke in the eye bit. Everyone plays dirty this is football isn’t it? I find it funny that only when the PATS do it, is it picked on.

    Umm.. I did not write that. I am not the only one thinking there is a double standard.

    And no everyone does not play dirty because they like to keep the money they make. I am pretty sure if someone else on another team was taped trying to poke someone’s eye out it would be a story.

  270. Pablo Honey said,

    Amy, the poking in the eye was actually a really dirty play, and very dangerous. Not only should New England have been penalized on the play, Vince Wilfork (the poker) should also have been ejected from the game. Expect to hear news of a pretty hefty fine coming his way either today or tomorrow. I doubt however, that the lack of a penalty was due to the offender being a Patriot, it is much more likely no referee saw the poke, as he would have likely been ejected from the game.

  271. danielbalc said,

    While I can understand the Wilfork eye poke going unnoticed I cannot understand how the ref’s missed the vicious face mask against Darren Sproles in the Chargers Raiders game. Everyone in the stadium seemed to notice it except the officials.

    Officiating is part of the game and will always be prone to error, however when calls are blown, missed or poorly called you will always hear complaints of bias.

    That being said it does seem that the Patriots have been receiving a little bit of help during their “perfect” season. It’s reminiscent to the Jordan led Bulls of the 90’s in the NBA or the Barry Bonds strike zone (or if you prefer the Greg Maddux strike zone). Super stars get the benefit of the doubt, in this case super teams get the benefit of the blind eye.

  272. Anthony said,


    I picked 2 (50%) of the wild card teams: JAX and WAS.

  273. Anthony said,

    If I had to revise my picks to include more underdogs I take either TEN or NY. Most likely TEN.

  274. Matt said,

    Most likely TEN.

    This game is looking more like a blowout by the day.

    Bo Scaife is out for the year, Roydell Williams is out for the year, Kevin Mawae may not play (their very good center) and Albert Haynseworth will be limited at best.

    Weather will be the only thing that will keep this game close in my opinion.

  275. Defending FFL Champ said,

    All these wimps that complain about dirty play should have play with Dick Butkus. It’s football for cryin out loud. If you get caught you get penalized, if not that’s football. It’s been going on for years.

  276. Matt said,

    How can this game not be sold out? That is pathetic people. The entire season was sold out, but we cannot sell out a playoff game? Get it together people.

  277. Anthony said,

    I just read today about the Titan injuries. It looks pretty lopsided. Chargers should rest their starters.

  278. danielbalc said,

    I picked 2 (50%) of the wild card teams: JAX and WAS.

    I didn’t say wild card I said “underdogs”. The Jaguars are actually favored to win the game. And I was talking about the favored team in each match up.

  279. danielbalc said,

    How can this game not be sold out?

    I’ll tell you how. I went on to buy some tickets soon after they went on sale and all I ever could see was this page saying “Bad Request”

    I went to a different computer and finally got to the point where I could find single seats available in the club level.

    If I’m paying 400 bucks for a seat I’d like to be sitting with a friend. Meanwhile if I log on to stubhub I can get tickets in my section (V39) for 117 bucks a pop. That’s almost face value.

    The entire regular season was sold out, how were fans supposed to think they could get playoff tickets?

  280. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    Could be the pending weather has something to do with ticket sales.

  281. danielbalc said,

    Thats unbelievable to me as well. I look forward to bad weather.

    Plus my wife got me an awesome Chargers jacket for Christmas that I’ll rarely be able to use in sunny San Diego but cold and wet is just the occasion for me to show my lightning bolt.

  282. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    Don’t worry. It will sell out. The TV station will buy up the remaining tickets so it will be on TV. Who want’s to spend over $100 to sit high up in nose bleed land in the rain when you can enjoy the game and replays in your nice easy chair at home on Hi-Def.

  283. Pablo Honey said,

    The biggest problem with selling tickets is that we are playing a team with very little national following. In fact I think the only Titans fans in all of San Diego go to our church. This would be a bad thing if the game didn’t sell out, but if it does sell out it is a good thing because it means the crowd will be virtually all Chargers fans and it should be a very tough environment for the Titans to play in. I am stoked because my Mother, being the EXACT definition of a fair weather fan, has given me her ticket for Sunday’s game. Bring on the rain!

  284. Matt said,

    Who want’s to spend over $100 to sit high up in nose bleed land in the rain when you can enjoy the game and replays in your nice easy chair at home on Hi-Def.

    Nothing like being there baby. No substitute. Maybe you have forgotten what it is like for the Niners when they were good 20 years ago.

  285. danielbalc said,

    Both my brothers and my Dad going to the game? awesome!

    Who want’s to spend over $100 to sit high up in nose bleed land in the rain when you can enjoy the game and replays in your nice easy chair at home on Hi-Def

    I do! Big time. Best place to watch a Charger game is V39 row 8 seat 15 with the drunk girls in front of you, the orange county commuter to your left. Ben K and his crazy shoes to your right and the cholos behind you. Oh yeah and of course the “what down is it?” guy over your right shoulder.

    Nothing beats being there. it’s loud, it’s rowdy and it’s an experience worth every penny.

  286. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    Been there, done that and no I haven’t forgotten. I’m just not into sitting in the rain and cold. And I’m sure this is no surprise to all the proud Chargers fans…Am I really a die hard Charger fan? Not! But I do hope and think they will win. Enjoy the game guys.

  287. danielbalc said,

    Been there, done that and no I haven’t forgotten.

    You’ve been to playoff games at candlestick? Do tell. What year?

    The only road NFL game I’ve ever been to was in Oakland and I can say very certainly that the Q is louder than their dump (That could’ve just been the whomping that the Bolts laid on them but who knows).

    I’ve talked with fans who went to the game a couple years ago at foxboro and they didn’t have high praise for Pats fans.

    Meanwhile there are teams like Jacksonville who have to cover up thousands of seats in order to meet the NFL blackout policies.

    And watching the games in Denver and KC this year I’d have to say that Charger fans aren’t the only “fair weather” fans.

    Outside of Green Bay, Dallas, Washington and Pittsburgh I don’t think anyone can really pass judgment on the San Diego fans.

    29 straight sell outs for a team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 12 years. I’d say the Charger fans are a little more than “bandwagon” fans.

  288. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    I haven’t been to a playoff at the Stick. But I have been to several games up there that had playoff like atmosphere back in the late 80s. I know how loud and crazy it can be. I also remember the 84 playoffs with the Padres vs the Cubs at the Q. I was at all 3 games. Now that was exciting. If you think the Q is a bad stadium you should try going to the Stick. Now that’s a dump. I no it will be exciting but having experienced that kind of excitement before I just don’t see the need to sit in the rain to watch it.

    As for the Pats fans you should ease up. I bet you could find plenty of Pats fans that don’t have high praise for the Chargers fans. Sounds like you sit around many of those obnoxious fans. I know they’re there because I’ve been to plenty of Charger games at the Q.

    This just in…the game is a sellout.

  289. Anthony said,

    Some blowout. Kaeding sucks.

  290. LynnH said,

    2-2 after the first weekend of playoffs. I guess I can’t pick the pro games as well as I did the college bowl games. But I was right that the Chargers destiny depended on River’s play. And he played great hence a big Charger victory.

  291. Matt said,

    Kaeding is dinged a bit so he gets a pass on a missed 45 yarder into the wind in wet conditions.

    4 for 4 in playoff picks. Here is hoping this week plays out the same.

    On to the game,

    It is time all you haters out there get off Philip Rivers. All the guy does is win football games. The Titans dared him to beat them by putting 8 and 9 guys in the box every play and he did. Pass protection was much better than the first time the teams meant and Rivers used that to pick apart their secondary.

    The defense shut them out of the endzone. What more can you ask for. They gave up some rushing yards but the Titans are great at running the ball so it is expected.

    Norv gets props for making the necessary adjustments at half time and putting a beatdown on the Titans in the second half. Also, the 4th and 1 on the goaline was gutsy and I do not think Marty makes that call. Maybe that was one of the crucial playoff decisions AJ Smith was talking about when he hired him.

    Chances against our next opponent? We own the Colts and they know it.

  292. danielbalc said,

    I also went 4 for 4 on my playoff picks. Makes me feel a little better about my poor regular season showing. (BTW for those keeping score Lynn is 19 and 5 in the bowl pool with Ohio State picked tonight. That is an unbelievable performance which would beat all of these “experts” )

    Anthony, it seems your comments were a bit premature as the chargers ultimately did blow the Titans out and while Kaeding missed a field goal Bironas (the pro-bowler this year) missed an even shorter kick. The stat to keep in mind about Kaeding is that since he’s come into the league he has the highest percentage of made field goals.

  293. danielbalc said,

    Rivers absolutley showed up and showed off. Great game from him. but what we need to keep in mind is that for all of the accolades Rivers deservedly gets he wasn’t necessarily the reason the Chargers won. It was all about the defense. The defense was astounding. I saw Deion Sanders on NFL network after the game trumpeting that tired rhetoric of how the Chargers defense isn’t what it was last year with regards to rushing the passer. He was whining something about how the Bolts D doesn’t “get after the quarterback like it used to.” This is HOGWASH (thanks Roger Clemens for bringing that word back into relevancy). Yeah the Chargers failed to lead the league in sacks like they did last year (they came in 4th) instead we lead the league in turnovers, tying an NFL record with 50. If I had to choose a stat to lead the league in I think I’d take turnovers instead of sacks.

    Meanwhile I think LT’s problems weren’t just that the Titans were going to take away the run game (they tried that in Tennessee without success) I think his problems were the elements. He didn’t have the footing it takes to make sharp cuts like he usually does. That sure won’t be a problem in Indy on the turf.

  294. danielbalc said,

    I feel cautiously optimistic about the game against Indy. I’ll stick to my 38-33 score. One thing I kept wanting to see but the Chargers never did was the screen pass. It seemed to me like once LT didn’t get the handoff they released him a bit and yet we never used a screen to take advantage of that. Maybe I’m wrong maybe they always had a LB following him but even still a good screen should give him the necessary block to get out in the open.

    What is really going to help the Chargers in this game is that Jammer is back. This means you don’t have to put Cromartie on Wayne each and every play. While Cromartie absolutley dominated the last meeting Wayne is a very good receiver who has probably watched that Sunday night game 60 times getting ready for the rematch and I’m sure he thinks he can beat Cromartie. Manning doesn’t like that Jammer will be back on the field, and we know he’s afraid of Cromartie.

  295. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    You’re right about the defense. The Chargers defense almost single-handedly carried my FFL team this year. They consistently put up points every week with those turnovers. If they play as well as they did yesterday (especially the 2nd half) the Chargers will beat the Colts.

  296. Alex said,

    I agree that the defense was awesome but like Matt said the Titans made Philip beat them and he did. This is why i’m thinking of creating T Shirts that say “Norv knows best.” When the bandwagoners were calling for marty he stuck to the game plan which was “Force Rivers to get better on his passing game”. I found it humorous that bandwagoners weren’t calling for LT to run the ball more because they’re learning that a good running game is a neccesity to win games but having a passing game along with it is even better. I said it all along and i will continue to say it” Philip needs to keep getting better.” Whether you own a Rivers jersey or not you had to have seen Rivers under throwing several times yesterday. This is a confidence thing. He needs to not be afraid to use that great arm of his. I just thank God those receivers were soooooo wide open that they had time to wait for the pass to get to them.

    I am not afraid to say Rivers did great and he was a huge reason they won yesterday. I hope we don’t try and overlook a team that we “have their number” because we will get smashed if we don’t bring our “A” game on Sunday.

  297. Matt said,

    I hope we don’t try and overlook a team that we “have their number” because we will get smashed if we don’t bring our “A” game on Sunday.

    I can assure you we will not be overlooking the defending champs. No one is going to give us a chance this week and we will be hungry to prove we belong in the elite.

    We match up much better against the Colts. We will be able to run the ball because they do not have the big linemen up front, but rely on speed instead.

    Defensively, when Peyton has struggled it has been against the 3-4 pressure defense. We must create pressure and be physical with their recievers as this disrupts their very timing-oriented passing game.

    We absolutely can win this game even on the road.

  298. Anthony said,

    The Titans had 8 to 9 guys in the box. As a result, LT got nothing all day. They forced Rivers to beat them and he did. However, that was mostly because the Titans offense was way to depleted to score any points. Many key plays (long completions) came because or poor secondary coverage and safeties biting on the wrong routes. Credit to Rivers for making the throws. However, I don’t think the Chargers can beat Manning and the Colts if they use the same game plan as the Titans. If the Chargers want to beat the Colts they need to have LT have a good game. Otherwise, it’s golf time.

  299. Anthony said,

    An 11 point game is not a blowout.

  300. danielbalc said,

    What is? 14? 20?

    just my opinion but if you beat a team by 2 or more scores I think it’s a blowout. Had Belichik been the Chargers coach they would have gone for the touchdown instead of running the clock out on that last possession. Would 24-6 be a blow out? Would it have made the Chargers look better? would people then be saying, “I think the Chargers can beat the Colts”? Probably. But as it is all we will hear this week is how the Chargers don’t stand a chance against the Colts. That’s cool. I prefer being the underdog.

  301. danielbalc said,

    Alex said,
    “I said it all along and i will continue to say it” Philip needs to keep getting better.” ”

    Lynn said,
    “But I was right that the Chargers destiny depended on River’s play.”

    These kind of guarded comments are ridiculous.

    Express confidence in the guy. That would be a change. LT got worked over against Tennessee but we will all still express confidence in his abilities the next game right? That’s what fans ought to do. Rivers can’t get any break from the haters. He’s a proven winner who, I think, has earned the respect for us to express confidence that he can win the game.

    These “iffy” comments don’t make you guys right. It makes you wrong because it’s an expression of your doubt, not your confidence.

    Matt, Pablo and I were “right” from the beginning of the year by saying Rivers is the man, he is a winner, he can and will win us football games. He (not Volek) is the guy that is going to lead the Chargers to a Super Bowl victory.

  302. danielbalc said,

    last night my wife and I went out to dinner and the hostess said something about how our table number was 17 and I said, “Awesome, Philip Rivers” and she said, “boooooo”. I couldn’t believe it! Here is this supposed Charger “fan” saying “boo” about the guy that just won the first chargers playoff game in 13 YEARS. Come on people!

  303. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    I’ve never booed him. Some guys will never get respect until they win the SB. Remember Peyton took alot of grief until he finally won it. Yes Rivers has won alot of games but you have to admit his performance is up and down. Is he getting better? Yes! He’s still young. What I meant was that because Tenn shut down LT then Rivers was going to have to play well for them to win…which he did. At long as other teams continue to load up the box in an attempt to stop LT then Rivers will have to continue to play well. He is capable of playing well so I think even if the Chargers don’t win Sunday it will be closer than the spread. But I think the Chargers can win.

  304. danielbalc said,

    Some guys will never get respect until they win the SB.

    You mean like Carson Palmer? Tony Romo? Drew Brees and Matt Hasselbeck?

    Should Dan Marino come play for the Dolphins next year to try and earn some respect?

    It’s called confidence in your leader. Have some.

    As for Peyton taking grief, the grief was “he’s not THE best QB ever until he’s won the Super Bowl.” Grief? Yeah being considered one of the top 5 QB’s of all time must have been pretty draining on the guy. I can only imagine how hard it was for him when fans heckled him with, “You’re not the greatest, You’re not the greatest.”

  305. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    He’s not MY leader. But I do like him. That’s why I have a #17 jersey.

  306. danielbalc said,

    I will say this negatively about Philip Rivers however.

    His post game attire was atrocious!

    (Even though only Wences will get this reference…)
    He looks like he stole this shirt from a dead dog breeder

    check it out for yourself…

    it’s the one titled “Wild Card: Philip Rivers”

  307. Pablo Honey said,

    Dude I am all over that reference. Hilarious!

  308. pokerforprofit said,

    His post game attire was atrocious!

    What is wrong with his attire? He is a laid back country boy. As one who does not like dressing up, props for the look.

    Just because you are worth millions does not mean you have to act and dress like it all the time.

  309. Alex said,

    Look Dan, some of your readers don’t own a #17 jersey so we are not blinded by the straight forward analysis of his performance.

    You have a fans mindset. You think like a fan. It’s expected of you. You think Rivers is great and the thought of me(a non-owner of a Rivers jersey) saying he has GLIMPSES of greatness is comparable to me spilling grape juice all over your nice little jersey. I understand, I wouldn’t want anyone to spill anything on my jersey either. Now if you want to analyze Rivers’s performance week in and week out you will begin to see thngs that others see. For instance his CONSTANT underthrows that he makes. As a pure Charger fan all you care about is the WIN or that the receiver caught the ball, you don’t care about the fact that the receiver had to turn around and WAIT for the ball. This specific annoyance I have about Rivers doesn’t happen just once or twice a game it happens several times a game.

    SO……… If you want to crown him great already, then crown him!!!!!!! (thanks Denny Green)

    I will gladly do it after he leads this team to a victory in Glendale, AZ.

    Whether you like it or not the Chargers victories are contingent upon Rivers performance.

    I always look for ways to get better or ways to make it better and you just have to accept that.

    You and I think differently. It’s OK.

  310. Matt said,

    I will gladly do it after he leads this team to a victory in Glendale, AZ.

    This makes no sense.

    He will still be an “average” QB even after he wins the Super Bowl if we use your logic. Why does he need to win the SB to be considered great? He will still make bad throws, he will still throw INT’s, he will still have no mobility (all the things that make him “Average” in your eyes) even after his SB victory, right?.

    The Chargers winning the SB and Philip Rivers being a great QB are not synonymous. He can be a great QB and not win the SB and he can be an average QB and win the SB.

    …Now about the supposed bad throws. How do you as someone watching on tv really know where those throws are supposed to go? Maybe they were not supposed to go where you think they were. Unless you called the play and were in the huddle you have no idea.

    Until I hear Norv (the playcaller) or the other players make a big deal about it I will assme the throws were where they were supposed to be despite the perception on tv.

  311. danielbalc said,

    I will gladly do it after he leads this team to a victory in Glendale, AZ.

    No you wont. You don’t give him any credit now, why would you then?

    Whether you like it or not the Chargers victories are contingent upon Rivers performance.

    I do like it and I admit it. And he’s acquired more of them in his first 30 games than any other QB save Kurt Warner. I give Rivers credit for winning games, that’s something you are your esposa have been unable to do. Instead you blame him for losing games. So far I’ve given him credit for 26 wins. How many losses have you blamed him for? 8?

    And why do you act as if you’re a coach and not a fan? Are you in there breaking down film with Norv? Are the guy who taught him how to dance?

    It’s not personal to me that you don’t like Rivers. I really don’t care, I’m just flabbergasted that he consistently draws such ire from you when he’s done something with this team that no QB since Stan Humphries has been able to do.

  312. danielbalc said,

    Quick change in subject but does anyone else have a problem with Belichick being named coach of the year?

    Before you answer may I remind you that last year Shawne Merriman was named to the pro-bowl despite being suspended 4 games for testing positive for a banned substance.
    Because of that the NFL made a rule during the off season that is known as the “Merriman rule”. Basically it says that any player who is disciplined during the regular season is not eligible for post season awards.

    shouldn’t that rule apply to coaches as well? Especially the coach who’s team will receive the harshest punishment ever?

  313. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    I don’t have a problem with it. You’re bias and dislike of NE is showing again.

  314. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    This news bothers me more…

    another loser hired.

  315. danielbalc said,

    loser? He is awesome as an OC. When he has Kurt Warner, Torrey Holt and Marshal Faulk.

    with Alex Smith, Darrell Jackson and Frank Gore he’ll be….

    yeah I guess loser is the right word.

    as for my NE bias, I’m pretty sure I’d be saying the same thing if it were the coach of any other team. In fact I think it’s a good rule even though it would have kept Merriman ou of the pro-bowl last year (heck it kept him from being named the defensive player of the year even though he clearly was the best).

    I think it’s remarkable what the Patriots have done in the regular season and that belichick indeed should be named the coach of the year since there is no rule that says a cheating coach can’t recieve post season honors.

    But maybe it should be a rule.
    shouldn’t coaches be held to the same standards as players?

  316. LynnH said,

    By all means! But I think that whole videogate was blown out of proportion.

  317. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    In the seven games beginning with Baltimore, Rivers has thrown 11 touchdown passes and been intercepted four times. His passer rating (92.9) is more than 16 points higher than it had been to that point.

    Rivers’ completion percentage has remained steady (60 percent) all season.

    See, he is improving.

  318. amyleesspace said,

    GET OVER THE CHEATING SCANDAL! The PATS are one of the teams that just happened to get CAUGHT! Most teams did/do the same thing. The Patriots are an awesome team cheating or no cheating. You only hate on them because they intimidate you.

  319. Alex said,

    I will say it one more time for you,

    If Rivers does not get better we will not win the SuperBowl!!!!!!!!!!!

    Essentially you are saying he doen’t need to get better.

    I disagree.

    Deal with it.

    He’s not great so stop comparing him to Favre, Manning and Brady. If he leads this team to a SuperBowl victory then he will get LOTS of credit. That is the benefit of being the QB of the team.


    Those are the facts.

    Now he needs to lead this team to a SuperBowl victory.

  320. danielbalc said,

    If Rivers does not get better we will not win the SuperBowl!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much more can he “improve” in the next three games? FWIW his Passer rating against the Titans was about 92. Lynn points out his passer rating the past 7 games was 92.9. His passer rating last season? 92. Hmmmmm. Anybody see a pattern here? Can we call the first half of the season an aberration?

    Essentially you are saying he doen’t need to get better.

    Not so, scroll back up to the top and you’ll see I said before the season that I want to see Rivers improve. And in fact I expect him to improve. But I’m also saying that I have the faith in him that right NOW that he can lead the team to the super bowl. Meaning with the current abilities, skills and knowledge he has, he can without improving, and yet he’ still is improving constantly thus he’s a “great” quarterback.

    He’s not great so stop comparing him to Favre, Manning and Brady.

    Record wise he has had a better start to his career than all three of those guys.


    that hadn’t won a playoff game in 12 years? Wrong dude. Take away Rivers and try and call this team “Super Bowl Caliber”.

  321. danielbalc said,

    Wow amy, I just got through writing my most complimentary and highest praise for the Patriots and you come out attacking me for it?


    Who’s intimidated?

  322. 5najeras said,

    For those of you that are saying that Rivers is improving, you need to be a little more specific. Did he improve over the course of the season? Yes. Has he improved from last season? Not according to his passer rating. Which is almost exactly 10 whole points lower this time around…. Let’s keep it in perspective.

    That being said, I am quite proud of his playing the last 5 or 6 games and I am interested to see how he does through the remaining games and also next season. It should be interesing.

    Ps. As soon as i’m not so stinkin busy, there will be a super spectacular VICTORY post coming.

  323. danielbalc said,

    Fine admittance 5n, I’m proud of you.

    Indeed Rivers has improved over the course of the season but as far as “digressing” from last season is concerned I think that can be chalked up to a different offensive approach which had him throwing lower percentage deep passes as opposed to the high percentage short stuff that he did so well with last year.

    Now that he’s acclimated to it (not to mention the addition of Chris Chambers) he’s doing quite well.

    At least that’s what Kevin Acee says Norv Turner says,

  324. 5najeras said,


    This statement means WITHOUT Rivers behind the center this team is a SuperBowl Caliber team.

  325. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    Without a QB there is no such thing as a superbowl caliber team.

  326. Alex said,

    That last one was me.

    Daniel, we’ve wore this Rivers discussion out. The bottomline for me is:

    Rivers is good, not great(yet). He shows glimpses of greatness but greatness only comes from 2 things, results and time. He can go down as a great QB without a superbowl ring(Marino) by many years of playing great for a long period of time, or he can win a superbowl in only 2 years of being the starter and be considered a great QB(by some) just because of the ring. The point is, it’s too early. He doesn’t have a ring and he’s only been in the league for what 4 years? If he leads this team to a SuperBowl victory he is definitely on the road to be considered great.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I want Rivers to be great, he just doesn’t deserve to be called a great Qb yet.

  327. Alex said,

    “Without a QB there is no such thing as a superbowl caliber team.”

    Actually, the QB (Drew Brees) was on his way to New Orleans.

    Remember, Rivers has had to learn on the fly as they say. Rivers first year as the starter was not considered a REBUILDING YEAR the Chargers already had:

    a) great defense
    b) LT
    c) Gates

    Not many QB’s get to start out with that.

  328. danielbalc said,

    Rivers is good

    That’s a far cry from the Alex we have heard from all season.

    And for a guy who keeps talking about winning the big game your support for Brees is quite strange since he couldn’t even beat the Jets at home in the playoffs. (BTW what has Brees done to earn your “great” label?)

    I know we’ve wore this subject out. We did a looooong time ago. But it’s so fun I love to keep bringing it up over and over again. And clearly it’s working on you because you finally acknowledged that the guy is “good”. Remember you were calling for him to be benched early in the year and even implicated that he doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL QB. But now after just a few weeks and a playoff victory you can admit he is “good” and he shows “glimpses of greatness”.

  329. Matt said,

    This statement….

    The point is, it’s too early. He doesn’t have a ring and he’s only been in the league for what 4 years?

    Sounds alot like this statement I made a while ago…

    First, he has played quarterback in the NFL for a WHOPPING 26 games. 26 GAMES!!!!!!!

    Which seems to contradict this earlier statement made by Alex that seems to imply he has had enough time and is already a bust….

    Question: If Rivers continues to play the way he has these past two years at what point do YOU decide ok maybe it’s time to change things up?

    You are contradicting mess. You should run for President.

    Philip Rivers IS a good QB and WILL BE a better QB and it has nothing to do with the outcome of this season.

  330. Matt said,

    Rivers is good, not great(yet).

    What QB in the history of the NFL has been considered a “great” QB in their second year as a starter? I will settle for “good” right now, knowing that “great” will come with experience.

    You expecting him to be “great” now is unrealistic and has never been done before. Be happy that we have a “good” QB that will improve.

  331. Alex said,

    Matt said:

    “You expecting him to be “great” now is unrealistic and has never been done before. Be happy that we have a “good” QB that will improve”

    I say:
    You and Daniel think he’s ALREADY great. You keep pointing to his stats. I’ll say it again, Rivers is not great. Showing glimpses of greatness is very different than being consistently great. This is the NFL, not intermurals. Every QB in this league is one of the best in this country(If not, they wouldn’t be here) and they all have shown potential to be great . He’s just good(for now).

    Matt, as far as my comments earlier they were based on his performance earlier. I have repeatedly called for him to GET BETTER OR THE CHARGERS WOULD LOSE IN THE PLAYOFFS AGAIN. I’m not afraid to say it, he has gotten better. The Chargers wouldn’t be in the playoffs if he hadn’t improved his performance. Unfortunately, as the season progresses it gets more difficult, not easier. This means his play needs to get better.

    I’m willing to repeat the same thing over and over until you and Daniel actually listen. (By the looks of it I may be repeating myself for a long time)

  332. Matt said,

    You and Daniel think he’s ALREADY great.

    I guess you need to define great. I do not think, nor have I ever said, that he is as good as Manning, Favre, Brady or any other QB that is widely considered great.

    Now if you want to compare his performance and stats with these others at the same point in their respective careers (second year as starter) you will be suprised. He is actually on par if not better at this point in his career than these guys.

    Your continued statements about benching him and questioning whether he even has the ability to be great in future tell me you do not believe he will ever get there.

    This is where I get off the bus because I believe he will be there, just give him as much time as we have given Manning, Brady and Favre

  333. danielbalc said,

    Matt’s above comment says it all. The difference is that Matt and I never said Philip Rivers was the MVP, but rather that we had faith in his abilities that he was/is a top notch QB who can lead this team to not just 1 but multiple super bowl championships.
    We believed, based on what we saw, based on the statistics, based on the overall body of his work, that he was indeed the “franchise quarterback” that this team hadn’t had since… Brees? Nope. Humphries? Nope. You gotta go all the way back to Dan Fouts to find a Chargers QB with the skills of Philip Rivers.

    We saw it you didn’t.
    You abandoned.
    You gave up.

    sure you can say “if he doesn’t get better” all you want but that’s not an expression of confidence but of doubt.

    Watching some CNN political coverage last night and lou dobbs commented how all the pundits predicted Obama to win New Hampshire. He said the funny thing is that after they were proved wrong no one admits it, because no one keeps score on the pundits.

    Well we’ve been keeping score and you need to fess up that you were wrong in doubting Philip Rivers.

    here I’ll make it easy, just cut and paste….

    I’m sorry. I was wrong for doubting Philip Rivers.


    I’m sorry. I was wrong for doubting Philip Rivers.


  334. 5najeras said,

    “Well we’ve been keeping score and you need to fess up that you were wrong in doubting Philip Rivers.”

    Wow. Daniel do you have short term memory loss??? Had I lost the bet to you I would probably have had to make a silly statement like the above appology one. I think you must be forgetting that I beat you buy a landslide!! You are the loser. Not me. i was right. Not you. I think it is you who should be making a statement. Let’s see….

    I’m sorry. I was wrong for predictiong Rivers would have a GREAT year.

    You can spin it any way you want, but you still lost the bet, thus forfeiting your credibility as a football commentator. Forever.

  335. Matt said,

    I think you must be forgetting that I beat you buy a landslide!! You are the loser.

    With all due respect to your landslide victory, passer rating is hardly an accurate gauge of whether a QB is or will be a great QB. In fact, many hall of fame QB’s such as Phil Simms and Troy Aikman put no stock in that number.

    I will say this as my final (yea right) statement on this subject: If you take the stance that Rivers is not a good QB now and will not be considered a great QB when his career is over you will be on the wrong side of history.

    Just swallow your pride and come over to this side, the grass is much greener over here.

  336. alex said,

    Hey Statman,

    Take your blinders off!! Using your little numbers formula, which you and Matt love to do, we would find that Rivers was a better QB last year(92.5) than this year(82.4). Also, the Chargers as a team would be considered better last year(14-2) than this year(11-5).

    Numbers can be misleading. The Chargers are a far better team this year than last and even I’m not afraid to admit that Rivers has gotten better this year than last (hence a Playoff victory).


    I proved my point about just going by stats so let me explain why you can’t even compare Rivers to Brady, Favre, Manning, etc.

    THE TEAMS THEY PLAYED ON.(Defense, O-line, Receivers, Running Backs)

    Rivers has it all!!!!!!!!!

    Stop making excuses for him. When he came to this team the expectation level was set real high, I understand that. The problem is this is the NFL, and that’s why he gets MILLIONS.

    I don’t think we can expect a letter from Rivers’s Mom to the fans asking them to give their son a break because this is only his 2nd year as a starter.

    Question: How long do you think this Chargers roster will have this much talent? Maybe 2 more years? Nobody knows, that’s why you have to win while you have it.

  337. Matt said,

    Take your blinders off!! Using your little numbers formula, which you and Matt love to do, we would find that Rivers was a better QB last year(92.5) than this year(82.4). Also, the Chargers as a team would be considered better last year(14-2) than this year(11-5).

    ….Read the above comment of mine to see what I and others who know much more about the QB position think of passer rating.

    ….Last year was not better than this year. I could care less what our regular season record is. Just make it in the tourney. We did it both years, this year we won a playoff game, a big step which makes this year better.

    Stop making excuses for him.

    No one is making excuses for him dude. I am complimenting him that he is further along in his second year than most QB’s. If you want to contribute this to the talent around him and give him no credit fine.

    Question: How long do you think this Chargers roster will have this much talent?

    Much longer than 2 years, more like 4-5 years. You don’t think AJ Smith thought about this when he let Brees go? You don’t think he let Brees go because he knew Rivers could deliver a Super Bowl? Why are you questioning AJ’s GM abilities?

  338. danielbalc said,

    Regarding the “landslide victory”

    The bet was that Rivers Passer Rating would be over 89 by the end of the season.
    Technically speaking the season isn’t entirely over but the inherent nature of the bet was “regular season” not post season and regular season combined.

    Being a man of my word I gave you your free burrito since Rivers finished the regular season with an 82.4 Passer Rating. That’s 6.6 points below my projection.

    At the end of the post season I plan on investigating what his combined post season and regular season passer rating is. I feel confident that the numbers will put him where I projected him 4 months ago, but that wasn’t the bet.

    My losing that bet however doesn’t make me wrong about Rivers abilities it just makes me wrong on one statistic. You’re still wrong about the overall evaluation of him because you seem to think he sucks.
    You’re the one calling for him to be benched.
    You’re the one saying he doesn’t belong in the NFL.

    You’re the one who owes Philip an apology.

  339. danielbalc said,

    I proved my point about just going by stats so let me explain why you can’t even compare Rivers to Brady, Favre, Manning, etc.

    THE TEAMS THEY PLAYED ON.(Defense, O-line, Receivers, Running Backs)

    Rivers has it all!!!!!!!!!

    The team that Rivers has led to 26 wins against 8 losses hadn’t won a playoff game in 13 years.

    Listen I’m sure that those guys you mentioned above all had haters in their second years as well. But by now all their fans love them and have long forgotten about how much they doubted them. They also have a handful of loyal fans who believed in them from their first game. You’re just the blind sheep majority but one day you’ll see.

  340. 5najeras said,

    “….Read the above comment of mine to see what I and others who know much more about the QB position think of passer rating.”

    Well you can’t include Daniel in this because he has used the passer rating many a time to make a case for PR. He even “suckered” me into betting on it…..

    Spin, spin, spin

  341. Matt said,


    Brett Favre’s 2nd year: Passer rating-72.2, TD\INT ratio-19\24, Team Record- 9-7
    *won 1st round game\lost second round playoff game

    Peyton Manning’s 2nd year: Passer rating- 90.7 TD\INT ration-26\15 Team Rec. 13-3
    *first round bye in playoffs\lost in 2nd round

    Tom Brady 2nd year: Passer rating- 85.7 TD\INT ratio-28\14 Team Record- 9-7
    *missed playoffs

    Philip Rivers 2nd year: Passer rating- 82.4 TD\INT ratio- 21\15 Team Record 11-5
    *Won 1st round playoff game, 2nd round??????

    Case closed guys. Get on the right side of history, it is not too late.

  342. danielbalc said,

    Like Matt I had wondered out loud regarding Gates injury who was his back up, specifically were is rookie Scott Chandler?

    Evidently Scott Chandler played only 1 game all season, the Detroit blow out, I’m guessing for part of the 4th quarter. He has no stats.

    Ahead of Scott Chandler on the depth chart at TE is 6-2, 226 lb rookie wide receiver Legedu Naanee.

    This is a really intriguing possibility if Gates doesn’t play. Naanee is more of a slot receiver than a tight end, which means we could see the Chargers running a shotgun spread offense similar to the Colts. Including the possibility of running the no huddle in an effort to wear out the Indy defense and take the crowd out of the game.

    I’m quite excited about this game on Sunday. It’s going to be very interesting.

  343. alex said,


    You keep avoiding one minor detail……The rest of the team. The point is you CAN”T compare those other guys to Rivers because Rivers plays on a better team than each one of those guys played on in their 2nd year.


    I have a little homework for you, find out who those same guys you continue to compare Rivers too with the most important factor which you CONTINUALLY avoid, his supporting cast.

    a) Who were each of their RB’s?
    b) Tight Ends?
    c) Lineman?
    d) Defensive team?

    Those are just 4 specific things that effect the QB’s development.

    I know it upsets you but the fact is, Rivers WALKED INTO A SUPERBOWL CALIBER TEAM, the other QB’s you mentioned DID NOT.

    I expect this team to win the Super Bowl, this year. This team is that good.

  344. anonymous said,

    I’m your huckleberry.

    Brett Favre’s 1993 Packers

    RB) Tandem of Thompson and Bennet combined for 1,100 yds and 12 TDs (plus another 500 recieving yds)
    TE) Jackie harris and Ed west combined for 857 yds and 4 TDs
    Line) don’t know
    Defense) 46 sacks (this years chargers team has 42)

    Oh and the one you so conveniently forgot but may have SOME impact on a QB
    WR) Sterling Sharpe 1274 yds, 11 TDs

    Beginning with the 1992 (Brett Favre’s first) season, the Packers had 13 non-losing seasons in a row (their worst record being 8-8 in 1999), two Super Bowl appearances, and one Super Bowl win (Super Bowl XXXI). The Packers’ 13 consecutive non-losing seasons was an active NFL record until the team finally suffered a losing campaign in their 2005 season though they returned to have an 8-8 season and just missed the playoffs in 2006.

    Peyton Manning’s Colts of 1999

    RB) Edggerin James 1552 yds 13 TDs
    TE) Marcus Pollard and Ken Dilger combined 800 yds, 6 TD’s
    Line) Don’t know but they only gave up 14 sacks
    Defense) 41 sacks (this years chargers team has 42)

    Oh and the one you so conveniently forgot but may have SOME impact on a QB
    WR) Marvin Harrison 1663 yds, 12 TD’s

    What about the 2002 Patriot team for Tom Brady? Well they had just come off WINNING the Super Bowl so I’m going to call that team “super bowl caliber” even though they missed the playoffs under Tommy’s second full season.

    Your pathetic “Superbowl caliber team” argument has just been demolished. goodnight. Enjoy the crow.

  345. Matt said,


    Well, let me refute this point. Lets take a look at the 2005 Charger team and tell me if you see any similarities.

    Starting Offense:

    RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
    FB: Lorenzo Neal
    QB: Drew Brees
    WR: Keenan McCardell
    RT: Shane Olivea
    RG: Mike Goff
    C: Nick Hardwick
    LG: Toniu Fonoti
    LT: Roman Oben
    TE: Antonio Gates
    WR: Eric Parker

    Starting Defense:

    LDE: Jacques Cesaire
    DT: Jamal Williams
    RDE: Igor Olshansky
    LOLB: Ben Leber
    LILB: Donnie Edwards
    RILB: Randall Godfrey
    ROLB: Steve Foley
    LCB: Quentin Jammer
    FS: Jerry Wilson
    SS: Terrence Kiel
    RCB: Drayton Florence
    (Shawne Merriman, Shawn Phillips and Luis Castillo saw significant playing time as well)

    This team looks remarkably similar to last year’s and this year’s team (which you say are both “Super Bowl Caliber”) yet they went 9-7 and missed the playoffs. Hmmmm.

  346. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

    He shoots, he scores!!!

  347. alex said,


    ” I beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish.

    “Play for Blood,” remember?”

    2007 San Diego Chargers Stats


    LT (Ladanian Tomlinson)

    a) Rushing yards:1474 (All by his lonesome)
    b) 15 TD’s(uncombined)
    c) Elected to a thing called the Pro Bowl

    LO (Lorenzo neal)
    a) Elected to a thing called the Pro Bowl


    a) Receiving yards: 984(All by his lonesome)
    b) a dissapointing 9 TD’s(uncombined)
    c) Elected to a thing called the Pro Bowl

    ………..These along with 5 other Pro Bowlers.


    1993 Packers

    Pro Bowlers= 4(Including Brett Favre)

    Comparison: As you can see, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!

    1999 Colts

    Pro Bowlers= 3 (Including Peyton Manning)

    Comparison: Stats pretty CLOSE, but no cigar!!!!

    2002 Patriots

    Pro Bowlers= 5

    Comparison: Even after winning it all the year before they send only 5 to Hawaii.

    Anyone else viz a comment????

    I’m not afraid to eat crow if that’s what you’re serving.

  348. alex said,


    2005 San Diego Chargers

    Pro Bowlers= 6

    Comparison: Many of the same players but still not as many Pro Bowlers as this year or last year.

    2006 San Diego Chargers

    Pro Bowlers= 9 (one more than this year)

    Comparison: Almost the exact same roster as this year. It’s no wonder why Charger fans were so dissapointed we didn’t win the Super Bowl last year(or at least 1 playoff game).

    Factoid: The 16-0 New England Patriots are sending 8 Pro Bowlers this year as well.

    I think you may have had what they call an “eye opening experience”……..

    Go Chargers!!!!!!!

  349. Matt said,

    Now we want to gauge how great a team a QB has around him by the number of Pro Bowlers.

    Well that same 2005 Charger team that went 9-7 and missed the playoffs happened to have 6 of its members elected to the Pro Bowl. So using your logic would indicate that they should have gone to the Super Bowl right?

    Philip Rivers is ahead of where most QB’s are in their 2nd year and on par with the great ones.

    Your logic is flawed. Your reasoning makes no sense. Get on the right side of history. Being late to the party is not as bad as not coming at all.

  350. Matt said,

    Comparison: Many of the same players but still not as many Pro Bowlers as this year or last year.

    So it seems that teams that have 6 or fewer pro bowlers should be ok with a 9-7 season, but if you have 7 or more you should be in the Super Bowl every year? Wow that is some statement.

    Your argument has proven to be full of holes

    Support your quarterback.

  351. danielbalc said,

    Get on the right side of history.

    That’s what this is all about.
    Look at the three teams and QB’s that Alex wants us to compare Rivers to. They each have had sustained high levels of success after their second year.

    Brett Favre’s Packers- 6 straight playoff appearances (10 out of 13) and 1 super bowl
    Peyton Manning’s Colts- 6 straight playoff appearances and 1 super bowl
    Tom Brady’s Patriots- 4 straight playoff appearances and 2 super bowls

    There were Brett Bashers, Manning Mockers and Tom Taunters for each one of those guys, just the same way you are Ridiculing Rivers now.

    But you’ve dug yourself so deep now that Matt and I will never let you out. You’re going to keep insisting that he’s the weak link on the team and that he was a great college QB but just wasn’t cut out for the NFL. And he’ll keep on leading the Chargers to the playoffs and keep on winning games and keep on making pro bowls and he will be the man who leads to the Chargers to a world championship.

    again I’m going to borrow Matt’s campaign slogan…

    Get on the right side of history.

  352. danielbalc said,

    Alex RE 347-

    You’ve been playing this “super bowl caliber team” thing the whole time but the stats were provided for you that each one of those guys played on what could easily be called a “super bowl caliber team”.

    Since when is that measured by pro-bowlers? RIGHT NOW the Chargers have more pro-bowlers than the Patriots and the Colts and yet their teams are considered more “super bowl caliber” than the Chargers.

    You’ve got to abandon your SBCT sinking ship. It’s taken on water and trying to bail it out with your little “pro-bowler” argument doesn’t work.

    The fact that you neglect is that Brett Favre and Peyton Manning have been throwing to Hall of fame receivers. Philip Rivers hasn’t.

    Since getting Chambers this year the Chargers have gone 9 and 2. And Chambers isn’t anywhere close to a hall of famer.

    Get on the right side of history.

  353. Matt said,

    Enough of this Philip Rivers talk. The longer you haters wait to get on the bandwagon the more stupid you look when we win the Super Bowl.

    ….I am sooooooooo pumped for this football game!

    We have a chance to make a serious statement this weekend and take the next step toward a championship. We match up well with the Colts. Losing Gates will be tough but I got a feeling this team is going to respond and show up and play a great game.

    ….Doesn’t church start at 8:00 Sunday??? 🙂

  354. alex said,

    This has to be a low point for you both, so much so that now you’re saying that having 9 PRO BOWLERS on your team is what, the NORM?

    My argument remains the same, this team the past two years has UNDERACHIEVED. You may say, how can I call 14-2 underachieving? Easy. Just ask any of the players that are on this team. They ALL thought they could have and should have been at least playing in the Super Bowl last year. Why do you suppose all of the frustration and chemistry issues at the beginning of the season? We have had to DEVELOP a QB when this team was ready to win the Super Bowl last year.

    When you have time go ahead and once again reread my comments about benching Rivers. I believe I even made sure that you didn’t misunderstand me by saying benching Rivers was never a permanent thing. I believe I said for a half of a game. It maybe no use, like they say, “In one ear, out the other”

    Daniel said:

    The fact that you neglect is that Brett Favre and Peyton Manning have been throwing to Hall of fame receivers. Philip Rivers hasn’t.

    On to a new defense of Rivers abilities?

    You should be getting a cut from his huge paycheck the way you and Matt find yourself defending him.

    Food for thought: Something tells me that I’m not the only one calling Rivers out and refusing to call him great. If Rivers continues to get better you better believe I will be the first one to admit it. I’m not afraid, and like I’ve said all along I WANT HIM TO GET BETTER that’s why I have high standards for him.

    My predictions for the weekend are as follows:

    Dallas over Giants
    Packers over Seahawks
    Patriots over Jaguars
    Chargers over Colts 28-24

    Go Chargers!

  355. Matt said,

    If Rivers continues to get better you better believe I will be the first one to admit it.

    How does it feel to always be a follower? Don’t you ever want to be a frontrunner? Take a risk? Get outside the herd once or twice? It’s easy to support Super Bowl winning QB’s, try supporting him BEFORE he wins a Super Bowl, it is more gratifying.

    My argument remains the same, this team the past two years has UNDERACHIEVED.

    Please enlighten me on which players not on the 2005 team made the difference between that team not being Super Bowl caliber and the 2006-2007 teams being Super Bowl caliber.

  356. Matt said,

    We have had to DEVELOP a QB when this team was ready to win the Super Bowl last year.

    What are you saying now dude? Are you advocating keeping Drew Brees? Are you advocating signing a veteran QB? Are you blaming AJ Smith for all this?

    Your viewpoints are becoming increasingly void of common sense.

    Why do you suppose all of the frustration and chemistry issues at the beginning of the season?

    Could this be because of wholesale coaching changes?

    9 PRO BOWLERS on your team is what, the NORM?

    You, in fact, are saying 6 Pro Bowlers is the norm since that is what the 2005 team had and it was not enough to make the playoffs. I have never said anything of that sort.

  357. Matt said,

    I’m not afraid, and like I’ve said all along I WANT HIM TO GET BETTER that’s why I have high standards for him.

    This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. You act like he reads your comments on this blog and by continually bashing him you personally are motivating him to be better. Nice job coach.

  358. Albino Hayford said,

  359. Albino Hayford said,

    Daniel, can you fix the link, please, then delete this comment

  360. Matt said,

    First things first. I am 7 of 8 picking playoff games and my 2 Super Bowl teams are still alive. This has got to be better than those paid talking heads who can’t seem to find their way out of a phone booth.

    Next, hopefully Rivers has finally earned all your respect. Yet another great performance, this time on the road in the loudest venue in the NFL. There is still a little room in his corner if you want to come late.

    Next opponent? Obviously they are a great football team. They are not unbeatable. If we can be physical with their recievers, stop the run and get pressure on Brady I like our chances.

    The Jags had a great gameplan, probably the same one we will have. Keep everything in front of you, don’t give up the big play. The reason they lost is because they could not get pressure on Brady without blitzing. If our front 4 can get pressure and we can play coverage we have a great chance. I can’t wait.

  361. danielbalc said,

    I also am 7 of 8 but I lost on my NFC Super Bowl Pick (Seattle Bums). So the best I can hoe for is the Giants to win and earn a tie with Matt.

    Next. AHHHHHH The crazy print media bias talking about how the Colts blew this game makes me want to puke my guts out. Even the usually reasonable John Clayton of ESPN got in on the act.

    I’m guessing what happened is that all the hacks had written up a nifty little “manning Miracle comeback” article when the Colts drove down to the 7 and were really pleased with their handiwork. After the Chargers ruined that article for them they got so disheveled all they could think about was “how could this have possibly happened?” And instead of seeing the fact of a the ultimate team victory on the Chargers side all they could come up with was the ultimate team failures on the Colts side. Bizarre. Worst article of the year has to be this gushy man love bestowed on Payton Manning by Greg Doyle. WARNING: Do not read this is you are homophobic…

  362. danielbalc said,

    Oh and just in case you think the Chargers have any chance against the Patriots you should read this action from Amy Ju… I’m sorry, I mean Pete Prisco.

    “So much for that Indianapolis-New England AFC title game we all wanted to see, especially the higher-ups at the network.

    Instead we’ll get a banged-up Chargers team heading to Foxborough to try and take down the unbeaten Patriots, who beat Jacksonville 31-20 on Saturday night.

    New Englanders, get ready for the Super Bowl.

    That isn’t to spoil the big victory for the Chargers, but let’s face it — even healthy, they had about as much chance of winning at New England as Britney Spears does of winning Mother of the Year.”

  363. Matt said,

    even healthy, they had about as much chance of winning at New England as Britney Spears does of winning Mother of the Year.”

    …But the Colts who just lost at home to a depleted Charger team would have a better chance???? Very nice journalism.

    Don’t these people ever learn? They just got done writing the same exact words about this week’s game and ended up with egg all over their faces, but that does not stop them from once again spewing hyperbole all over again.

    Fuel for the fire. Keep it up guys.

  364. Former Multiple FFL Champ said,

  365. pablo honey said,

    Bad link Former Champ. I can’t wait to read Bill Simmons articles on this week. The last 2 weeks he has been bashing Philip Rivers and Norv Turner and giving the Chargers no shot against the Colts. What kind of spin will he put on the Chargers win and what kind of smack talk will he provide for the game vs. the Pat’s (he is a huge Pat’s fan.)

    Also, let’s hear from the Rivers haters now. Rivers was the best QB in that stadium yesterday, and he was doing it all without the threat of L.T. You guys are starting to look foolish fast, and I know it’s killing 5Najeras to have to sit on her victory post over her bet with Daniel but she just can’t post it if he keeps playing like this!

  366. 5najeras said,

    Why the heck would I not be able to post it?? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s not killing me at all. You forget, Pablo Homo, that I am in fact a Charger’s fan. And as I said before, if Philip Rivers can help that Cahrgers, then more power to him. And in regards to the whole, “If he keeps playing like this…”, that’s what I have been saying all along. He HAS played like that throughout the entire season. The problem was that it was on and off. (more off than on really, hence the winning of the FREAKING bet!!) Anyway, all we “Rivers haters” ever wanted was for him to play like that consistently. He has lately, and now we are much more satisfied. Don’t keep spinning it like we EVER wanted him to do badly. That’s crap. And it’s really starting to piss me off. Yeah, I wanted to win my bet, but that’s a pride thing (which Daniel has lost) and I would’ve always chosen the Charger’s (including Philip) playing well, over my pride. We’ve already admitted that he has been playing well as of late, but that doesn’t mean the whole first half of the season never happened. Let’s see if this consistent streak carries over to next season. But for now, your lame “rivers haters” crap has got to go. We never once said we didn’t like him.

  367. Matt said,

    Don’t keep spinning it like we EVER wanted him to do badly. That’s crap. And it’s really starting to piss me off.

    HAHAHA. Wow. That is beautiful, sounds like you are ready to go strap on a helmet and play next week.

    Rivers has performed unbelievably in the biggest games of the year. The bigger the game, the more the pressure, the better he plays. That is the sign of a great QB.

    He is well beyond expectation for his second year as a starter. 2 more wins and we can stop this discussion forever (I hope).

  368. alex said,


    Was your internet down last week? Sounds like you missed some comments posted just 2 days before the game(January 11th 2008). Let me help you out:

    “Food for thought: Something tells me that I’m not the only one calling Rivers out and refusing to call him great. If Rivers continues to get better you better believe I will be the first one to admit it. I’m not afraid, and like I’ve said all along I WANT HIM TO GET BETTER that’s why I have high standards for him.

    My predictions for the weekend are as follows:

    Dallas over Giants
    Packers over Seahawks
    Patriots over Jaguars
    Chargers over Colts 28-24

    Go Chargers!”

    You should call Cox and get that fixed.

  369. alex said,

    “Rivers has performed unbelievably in the biggest games of the year. The bigger the game, the more the pressure, the better he plays. That is the sign of a great QB.”

    That’s my point Matt, last year he didn’t play well in the playoff game against NE.
    Let me refresh your memory:

    “In a heart breaking loss to the New England Patriots, Rivers threw for 230 yards and 1 interception. He didn’t play very well, completing less than 50% of his passes. He also was sacked and had a lost fumble at a very crucial point in the game, giving the Patriots the ball on the 35 yard line.” (Courtesy of Rivers’s fan site,

    Rivers was not getting better towards the end of last season, he was playing worse. Why do you think I have repeatedly called for him to get better this year. Unlike last year, he has gotten better and hopefully will continue to get better.

    I feel like a broken record!!!!

  370. amyleesspace said,

    I am sooo excited that the Chargers are playing the Patriots this Sunday. That was exactly what I was hoping for. I watched the game yesterday with some extreme Charger fans. At one point Wences and Christi were standing, holding hands, jumping up and down, screaming at the tv. It was a very *moving* moment. Then Wences and Alex begin to attempt to tackle eachother. HILARIOUS!!! I can say that I have not enjoyed a Charger game until this.

    This Sundays game should be AWESOME! I think the only way that the Chargers can beat the Pats is if they pressure Brady. Which I believe Matt said above. Brady will throw circles around the Chargers all day unless he is stopped. Good Luck with that boys! 🙂

  371. Pablo Honey said,

    The problem is 5Najeras & Alex, is that we can see right through your double-speak! You are talking and talking and talking right now about how happy you are that he is doing well and that you have been rooting for him all along, but we know you are just waiting for one misstep to tear him to shreds. It is way to easy to support Rivers now when he is tearing defenses apart, where are you gonna be a week, 3 weeks, or 9 months from now when he has a bad game? The point is that we have been supporting Rivers even when things have been rough, not jumping on and off the bandwagon based on game by game performances that are affected by other things out of Rivers control. We are not asking everyone to be Philip Rivers fanboys all the time, just support him!

  372. Matt said,

    Support your QB all the time, not just when he plays well.


    Read this and tell me you would not give your first born child to win this week.

    One time pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee win!!!!!!!!!!

  373. danielbalc said,

    Wow Alex, I just noticed that you correctly predicted the score of the game. that is very impressive.

    5N, If you want the “Rivers haters” Crap to stop then you have to stop saying things like… “Let’s see if this consistent streak carries over to next season.” and just say you were wrong to doubt him.

    That’s it.

    And amy I agree that “Brady will throw circles around the Chargers all day unless he is stopped.”

    Assuming by “throw circles around” you mean “do really well against” you speak the truth. But let me also say that Rivers (or Volek) will throw circle around the Patriots all day unless he is stopped.

  374. Alex said,

    “We are not asking everyone to be Philip Rivers fanboys all the time, just support him!”

    Support Him? You mean like a jock strap?

    “The point is that we have been supporting Rivers even when things have been rough, not jumping on and off the bandwagon based on game by game performances that are affected by other things out of Rivers control.”

    I’m a fan of the Chargers, so what Bandwagon are you talking about? The Philip Rivers Band wagon? I called for him to get better and he has. Just for your information, when I met him the day before the first game against the Colts I wished the guy good luck. He is the QB of the Chargers and I personally believed that we could have won the Super Bowl last year and we CAN win it this year. In order for this to happen, Rivers needs to continue to get better.

    Do you understand the words that are coming out of my computer??

  375. danielbalc said,

    I don’t have any children but I think that’s a little extreme Matt. I mean I really want the chargers to win, but sacrificing children is just strange.

  376. Matt said,

    You of all people should know that Chargers football is more important than your children.

    I called for him to get better and he has.

    Maybe a simple way to put this would be to say that I KNEW Rivers would play like this and you and Emily HOPED he would play like this.

    I have had confidence in his abilities from the start. Never questioning his mechanics his leadership or his abilities. Can you make this statement?

  377. 5najeras said,

    Where do I start? How about with PAblo aka Dan Rather.

    Let’s look at some old comments shall we?

    A comment made by me after the very first game of the season:
    “I know that a lot of people like Rivers, and that, for a newbie, he is doing well. But for whatever reason I haven’t jumped on his bandwagon yet. I was so happy with the dynamics and flow of the team the last year Brees was with us. I wasn’t ready to let him go. Rivers, to me, has seemed a bit hit or miss. A little too unreliable. He is a very emotional player. And it seems as though he lets his emotions into the game too much. Don’t get me wrong, a passionate player is a great asset. But I think it was Brees who had the right mix of passion and steadiness. My motto last year was, “Take out the water and bring back the wind”. Maybe it’s because I’m not much of a gambler. I like the sure bet. But, I haven’t given up on River’s completely. I just tend to blame the losses on him.”

    “However, I never said I hated the guy. Geez. Deep within my soul he makes me nervous. I can’t help what’s deep within my soul. Let it be perfectly clear, though, that I hope upon all hopes that he will impress me this year. If I have to eat my words, it would only mean that good things are happening for the Chargers and that my friends is more important than my pride.”

    “I was really dissapointed about the loss to the Patriots, but this weeks loss just angers me. Rivers finally had a great game. He threw completed pass after pass. He looked great. But it was all for nothing because the defense didn’t do their part. Grrr!!!!!!!!!”

    “I never knew you were a crack smoker Matt! Why can’t you just admit that Rivers sucked it up last night? Stop making excuses for the guy. Rivers’ playing didn’t surprise me in the least, but I am physically ill over the rest of the teams’ performance. It looked like Merriman was the only one on his game.”

    I inserted this quote for two reasons.
    a) to show Paul the ONLY time i have “torn him to shreds” following a bad game. All you can accuse me of is taunting Daniel about winning the bet.
    b) to show you that I give praise where praise is due but also call anyone out for playing poorly. Even LT, Gates, people that I am a “fan” of.

    And after the 1st Broncos game:
    “Apparently, getting abducted by aliens is a good thing because Phillip Freakin Rivers played B-E-A-Utifully! After about 5 or 6 consecutive games of this nature I might even start to like the guy. At any rate, he played smart, clean and accurate.”

    Which is actually true. I like him a lot better now than I did the first half of the season. I even told Matt last night at church that I would go as far as to let one of my kids wear his jersey. Isn’t that right Matt?

    On this blog:
    “Daniel, I think you will be surprised to know that, despite the two ints., I was actually quite pleased with Rivers yesterday. I don’t really know all the technical stuff, but he looked like he was channeling Manning a little with all those long passes. Maybe its the holiday spirit getting to me, but I was actually proud of your boy yesterday.”

    “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: prove me wrong Rivers! I would love for you to take this team to the top. I will gladly take a bruised ego for the betterment of the team.”

    “Great game today. Rivers must know there is a burrito involved in his accuracy. He must hate me…. Are the Texans really THAT bad or are we just that good??”

    That was fun!!!!

    So excuse me if I don’t grovel at his feet and feed him grapes and just flat out worship the guy like you all do. I think it would be hard to find an UN-BIASED person to honestly say that he has had a GREAT season. As good as he does now, it won’t erase the bad games.

    Daniel, I have every right to wonder about his performance next season. He hasn’t earned my trust, yet.

    And Matt, if we get to and win the Superbowl, you won’t hear anymore Rivers talk out of me. Besides, I already have my burrito card! 🙂

  378. Alex said,


    ” have had confidence in his abilities from the start. Never questioning his mechanics his leadership or his abilities. Can you make this statement?”

    No. Is that what you were looking for? The answer is No. He has gotten better and shown that he can lead this team and I now know that he CAN lead this team to upset the perfect record of the NE Patriots.(I actually predicted that we would go into foxborough and redeem ourselves from last years loss in the playoffs and the horrible beating they gave us this season).


    “Wow Alex, I just noticed that you correctly predicted the score of the game. that is very impressive.”

    Was it impressive enough for one of those burrito cards?

  379. Matt said,

    I even told Matt last night at church that I would go as far as to let one of my kids wear his jersey. Isn’t that right Matt?

    This is a true statement and a big step for you Emily. I believe I also said at one point that you yourself would be wearing a #17 jersey by the end of the year. Is it safe to say you would if we win the Super Bowl? 🙂

    And Matt, if we get to and win the Superbowl, you won’t hear anymore Rivers talk out of me.

    This is a very high standard to be held to, but that is your perogative. I happen to believe a 2nd year starter at QB can be considered great without winning the Super Bowl in his first 2 years.

    Hopefully he will be healthy enough to play this week and lead us to Arizona baby!

  380. Matt said,

    No. Is that what you were looking for?

    Yes it is. Thank you. Like I have said before it is better to be late to the party than not come at all.

  381. danielbalc said,

    this is what I want…
    If I have to eat my words, it would only mean that good things are happening for the Chargers and that my friends is more important than my pride.”

    I want you to eat your words (like I ate mine about the passer rating) and admit that you were wrong about Rivers. I want you to trust him next season because he has done more than enough to earn it. I want you to be wearing his jersey and singning his praises the way you sang/sing Brees praises, or Romo’s (who still hasn’t won a playoff game).

    Alex, Yeah i would have awarded you a burritto card for that prediction had you said something about it earlier like, “if I predict the score perfectly can I have a burritto?”

    But you didn’t.

  382. Alex said,

    “I want you to eat your words”
    Hmm… are you sure it isn’t a little premature for this? Maybe we should wait a season…. 🙂

  383. 5najeras said,

    Me. Oops.

  384. 5najeras said,

    P.S. I bet you love what Rivers is doing for your blog stats!

  385. Former FFL Champ said,

  386. Albino Hayford said,

    Yet another reason to hate the Patriots: This unbelievable editorial saying that the game doesn’t even need to be played. If the Chargers don’t have enough motivation yet, this should help.

  387. Matt said,

    How come their sports writers and talk show hosts are so dilligent to read every clipping and listen to every press conference and radio show we do out here?

    Keep it up guys, just fuel for the fire. The players are going to run out of room on the bulletin board if they keep this pace up.

    Oneeeeeeeeeee Timeeeeeeeeeeeeee Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Winnnnnnnnnnn!

  388. danielbalc said,

    That is an amazing article. What surprised me most is that he calls upon a “positional analysis” in determining who would win the game….

    I smell a new post….

    here you go

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