Do you know what your problem is?

August 20, 2007 at 11:08 pm (Pop thoughts)

If  you don’t just pick up a magazine, turn on the TV or listen to the radio and within 10 minutes you will know exactly what is wrong with you, and even more, you’ll know exactly which drug to tell your doctor to prescribe for you.

After reading this article about the incredible increase in prescription medication use over the past 10 years I was inspired to once again voice my disgust for the medical community.  One little snippet that jumped out at me from the article was that advertising campaigns for prescription medication went from 11 BILLION in 1997 to 30 BILLION in 2005.

These numbers are mind boggling. 30 billion dollars to make  ridiculous commercials to convince you that your sex life is a medical condition, your loneliness is a disease,  and your spare tire can be fixed with a pill.

Ad after ad tells you that all you need is drug after drug.

I’m sick of it. Do they make a drug for  ad nauseam advertising?

What frustrates me the most isn’t that they keep selling it, but that we keep buying it.

Not to be considered hypocritical I have decided to document over the next month exactly how much and what kind of medication I take. I will update this post each time I take ANY kind of meds, whether it be advil or exlax. During that time I hope that the few readers I  have left will consider his or her intake of medicine and how maybe, just maybe you might be able to survive without it.  It is my belief that you will feel better the less drugs you take.

Side note: This post is being written in part due to the frustration of my good friend Mark D being bed ridden in the hospital for more than a month and a half now. The Doctors, all of them, are unable to find out what exactly it is that is wrong with him and are therefore unable to treat him. Instead they have him on numerous medications, none of which have helped to heal him. People like Mark need drugs. You and your head ache need a glass of water. You and your receding hair line need a hat. You and your sleep deprivation need to work harder during the day. Stop inflating the cost of health care by needlessly pandering to the full color print ads in Readers Digest.



  1. itsasecret2u said,

    I nearly keeled over in shock when I read this. Could it be that we DO actually agree on something???

    My medication (OTC or Rx) tally for the last year or two would be easy: Zero.

  2. Albino Hayford said,

    While you on your crusade, how about also raging at the idiots that send me 25 emails a day offering me viagra or jumbo male enhancement packages.

  3. itsasecret2u said,

    Or the idiots that offer ME those same things…

  4. Jessica said,

    It’s kinda funny how we get so upset or seemingly so surprised at the world and their “fix all” remedies to hopelessly “cure” issues rooted at the spiritual level. It’s kinda like living next to a blind person and waking up everymoring surprised that their blind again. “Hey idiot, I can’t believe you tripped over your newspaper again. Geesh! Can’t you see!” Oh yea, he can’t see. So how can we suppose the world will rightly percieve the correct biblical prescription when they can’t read the writing on the little orange (ok maybe brown) bottle due to the deadness of their spiritual perception? Or maybe were mad at the church failing to take two heaping tablespoons of the Bi-bull every morning and replacing it with a swig of some expired Dr. Phil?

  5. Jessica said,

    The above comment was written by my husband. I would never call my blind neighbor an idiot.

  6. Pokerforprofit said,

    I honestly cannot remember the last time I took any medication at all. Not a vitamin, not an allergy pill, not cold medicine.

    I operate under the principle that if I don’t admit to being sick by taking medication and just work through it I will get better faster than sitting in bed and taking meds to try and heal. It works for me.

    What is the most sad are the pediatricians that are so quick to diagnose kids with ADD or ADHD and prescribe them Ridilin or some other drug when all they are doing is BEING KIDS!

    We are sucking the life out of our kids and turning them into zombies, that is scary.

  7. itsasecret2u said,


    That’s exactly why we eat the way we do. I was throughly frightened at the sheer volume of meds the doctors and psychologists tried to funnel into #1 before he even turned 4 (between seizures and “ADHD” and whatever else they have him diagnosed with). When his laughing seizures were finally diagnosed last year, the doc immediately presented me with a “drug plan” of all the meds we should put him on and when, even though he admitted that seizures coming from the area near the brain stem (where #1’s malformation is) are very difficult to control with meds. I smiled and said, no thank you… we control them with food and prayer. He probably still thinks I’m nuts, but it works for us and #1 is thriving. Why would I put him on meds that turn him into a zombie? (Seriously, anti-seizure meds are worse than the ADHD stuff.)

  8. Alex said,


    Wouldn’t it stink if you found out it was your wife who was sending those emails to you. =)

  9. danielbalc said,

    Jessica’s husband,

    I don’t see the irony. Mostly because I m not writing my post FROM an explicitly (or even implicitly for that matter) “Christian” position. Medication is a strange mixture of spiritual and cultural issues. Our world (USA) is hardly religious so the medication problem is primarily cultural.

    Some medications are meant to tackle spiritual issues ie “depression” “Bi-polar” “ADD” etc. But I am talking about other issues as well, headaches, sore joints, back pain (the article I linked too was specifically about pain meds). And unseen “maladies” like “bad cholesterol”.

    What surprises me is that even a non-religious culture can continually be duped into thinking that pills are going to solve the problems when pills haven’t fixed the problems yet.

    The fears that we have of the unseen are so plentiful and so contrived by what we watch, read and listen to. My appeal is for all Americans to STOP the insane addictions. Why? Because THAT is what will fix the ballooning health care costs.

  10. itsasecret2u said,

    The thing I find very strange is that medications are now being pimped directly to consumers. You see ads for them everywhere from TV to magazines. Shouldn’t these meds really be “advertised” to doctors only? Aren’t they the ones who supposedly should be deciding if someone should be on a particular med?

    I worked with a woman who would demand antibiotics from her doctor everytime she didn’t feel well, allergy prescriptions when she had a persistent runny nose, anti-anxiety meds when things got stressful at work, and the list goes on. The sad thing is she already has her teen daughter following in her footsteps and the REALLY sad thing is that the doc is willing to shell out whatever meds she demands. Something is wrong here!!

  11. danielbalc said,

    I would like a T-Shirt that says “Dr. Andrew Weil is my Homeboy” with this guy’s picture on it.

  12. danielbalc said,

    What more can you say when the number 3 selling “anti-psychotic” drug made 2.3 BILLION dollars?,2933,294117,00.html

    I wonder what the top 2 made?

    We obviously have a LOT of psycho’s in America

  13. Albino Hayford said,

    Alex, 🙂

  14. amyleesspace said,

    Well I actually have a few minutes to get on the computer today. We will see if this gets cut short by a beautiful little screaming baby named Molly 🙂 (had to get my shout out in there)
    Anyhow onto the topic here… I completely agree with almost everything. My sister has been pretty sick for this whole summer and NO doctors can figure out what is wrong with her. All of them want to prescribe depression medicine to her thinking that will solve the problem. Which really is another way for the doctor to say “I can’t do my job correctly, I can’t find the problem, so let me drug you so you forget that you have a problem.” Absolutely ridiculous!!! I would NEVER put my toddler on medicine because a Dr claimed they had ADD or whatever they call it these days. I am sure by the “world’s” standards little Wency would have ADD, but like Matt said he is just being a KID!! It absolutely disgusts me that we would try to drug young children, sometimes masking a bigger problem!
    However, I do think post partum depression is a VERY real thing. I can say this because after every child I have, I pd seems to rears its ugly head! No I have never taken drugs for this, I have been praying every day and singing worship songs everytime I start to feel down. If a woman did take medicine for this, I would not critisize her at all… This may be hard for you men to comment on as this doesn’t necessarily effect you.. Except Wences who has to deal with alot of tears lately 🙂 Its almost commical sometimes I laugh at myself thinking “Why am I crying!?” The first day home from the hospital I started to ball thinking Molly looked like a boy, yup and Wences started laughing histerically at me 🙂

  15. itsasecret2u said,

    I think “postpartum depression” is simply your body trying to rebalance its hormones. You are a particular, volatile hormone stew for almost 10 months, then suddenly the baby is gone and your body is left reeling. I know what you’re talking about because I’ve totally experienced it. Still, I personally would never recommend taking drugs because this hormone rebalancing is a natural process and is over in a relatively short period of time. It’s different than the persistent “depression” people have over years and years which is a spiritual problem (I know all about that too… they tried to give me Prozac when I was in high school).

  16. danielbalc said,

    Well I took some drugs yesterday. just 2 and a half weeks since I wrote this post. I feel like it was pretty extreme circumstances and this is exactly what medications should be for.

    Tuesday, around 3:30 AM I was hit with the double whammy of diarrhea and vomiting. I’m not sure if it was something I ate or some kind of virus but for the next 10 hours or so my body was only interested in getting everything out.

    I took two tablets of chewable pepto bismol during this ordeal as well as two fake advil. I also drank about a half liter of pedialyte but I don’t think that qualifies as meds, rather it was the only anything I could keep down (not even water). I feel much better today but I am still apprehensive about trying to eat any solid food.

    I hate vomit. The last time I vomited was 50 weeks ago. Before that it was too long ago to remember. It hurts.

  17. itsasecret2u said,

    Don’t worry, Daniel. I’m sure it’s all in your head…

    Just kidding. I hope you feel better. Instead of Pedialyte, you should try some diluted raw apple juice. 🙂

  18. danielbalc said,

    I really did empathise for women with morning sickness. Though i can’t imagine it is the same kind of vomitting, (You ever see the exorcist?) I still feel for you girls. as for your diluted raw apple juice, wouldn’t that just contribute to MORE runs? I don’t think I can handle that.

  19. itsasecret2u said,

    Nah. Maybe if you drank a ton of juice, but for rehydration purposes, it’d be good. And the raw juice is different than pasturized juice. It’s not cooked down, thus reduced to what is essentially syrup. It’s the sugar in juice that gives you the runs, which is WAY more concentrated in regular juices.

    And suuuuuure, there was tons of empathy flowing from your direction about morning sickness. *ahem* Anyway, I guarantee you that, in my experience with pregnancy, the flu, and food poisoning, vomit really only comes out one way: projectile. It’s not, like, gentle vomit when you’re pregnant. 😀

  20. danielbalc said,

    I really don’t think all vomit is created equal. I mean I’ve seen other people vomit, and I’ve seen the vomit of other people.

    One instance really stands out in my mind not too long ago when I was on a missions trip. The young lady I was sitting next to fgot air sick and proceeded to fill up blow chunks into the provided bag.

    What happened to me would have destroyed that bag and probably 2 or 3 more.

    I’ve seen people puke and then go on their merry old way as if it were no big deal.

    This experience left me physically unable to stand.

    I really don’t know what morning sickness is like, but if all your vomitting experiences are the same than i don’t think you can relate.

    I don’t have a very large frame of reference from my own experiences since I can now only recall 4 times in my life where I did throw up (and only 2 in the 21st century). Both of those were similar but this one was worse than the first.

  21. itsasecret2u said,

    I can’t believe we’re actually dicussing this, but I have had the flu, food poisoning, and morning sickness. All of that vomit was pretty violent. I know what you mean, though. Some people don’t vomit violently. I think it depends more on the person (and maybe stomach contents?) than the occasion. And, actually, (for me) the food poisoning was worse than the flu usually is. But the morning sickness was up there with the food poisoning. Remember a couple of months ago when I was barely leaving the house? Yeah, it’s because I could barely stand. *shudder* Soooo glad that’s over.

  22. Amy Juarez said,

    How interesting that the topic for today was vomit. Poor little Mya puked all over her bed during her nap. I went to wake her at 6pm ( she had been sleeping since 2pm) she was asleep far longer than normal so when I entered her room she woke up.. I was pleasantly surprised to find her bed filled with vomit and the poor girl was sleeping in it…it was all in her hair!!! As I showered her down I had to fight off the urge to vomit myself several times. I am praying VERY HARD that I don’t have to clean up any more puke for a VERY long time!

  23. itsasecret2u said,

    Ewww…. my least-favorite parenting job: cleaning up the kids’ puke.

  24. Alex said,

    Long story short, Marco had a low fever all day yesterday, Emily had to go to Miriams open house last night I volunteered to watch the kids(Thursday Night Football) and the minute she stepped out that door, Marco pukes all over the floor so I start heading to the bathroom and then BOOM, he nails me big time. I don’t know what I would have done without the big sisters help. Marco and I proceeded to take a bath/shower to get that funky smell off of us. I actually laughed about it later.

  25. Alex said,

    Daniel, are you spreading a virus?

  26. danielbalc said,

    Well i heard my niece and my brother in law both were puking yesterday and the day before so Satan is having his way. we must agree together to cast these demons out.

  27. itsasecret2u said,

    Aww, babies puking are so sad… 😦 Poor Marco. Daniel puking is less-sad… but I’ll still pray for you to feel better, Daniel.

  28. Amy Juarez said,

    Praise the Lord Mya did not puke again! Still running a low fever but other than that she is back to craziness as usual!

    Poor Marco 😦 Something is def going around… I’m just praying that “Good Golly Miss Molly” does not get it!!! YIKES!!

  29. 5najeras said,

    Marco went to the doctors office today. The Doc initially thought it was just a common cold but Emily didn’t let him off the hook with that one. After a urine test they found out he actually has a Bladder Infection.

  30. Amy Juarez said,

    Gosh Doctors these days!!! Thank God for moms ! 🙂

  31. danielbalc said,

    Shout it from the mountain tops.

    The “Universal Health Care” coverage that Hillary Clinton and other Democratic Presidential candidates revolve around the basis of “Individual mandate”. What does that mean?

    If you own and drive a car in California you know that mean. It means if you don’t have insurance you are breaking the law.

    That’s right under Hilary Clinton’s plan if you don’t pay every month for health care insurance you will be breaki8ng the law and subject to punishment.

    How in the world can anyone be so stupid to support such an evil plan.

    If we get stuck with this psycho in office my aversion to going to the doctor and taking medications would be punishable by law.


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