Barroid is coming to San Diego

July 30, 2007 at 4:58 pm (Sports thoughts)

The question is no longer “will Barry Bonds* break the home run record?” but rather “when and where”? Sitting just one away from tying and two away from breaking Hank Aaron’s 755 career home runs, the human stain, barroid bonds* now brings his quest for infamy to Southern California. Three games In LA followed by three games in San Diego means that the odds are definitely high that at least one lucky So-Cal fan will have the chance to make some serious bank OR a serious statement.

Which would you choose?

Quite frankly you have better odds at making money here than you would in playing the lottery. But what is money? Who amongst us wouldn’t rather have their name forever associated with making a statement of disgust, disdain and disrespect for a false record than some sweaty gansta roll of Franklins?

Since I will be unable to attend this weekends travesty let me voice my suggestion to you greedy Padre fans. Right now go to and buy tickets in the bleachers section. These tickets are a mere 8 dollars. Why the bleachers? Because this gives you access to a very large portion just beyond the center field wall. In any other seat you’d have to have the ball hit straight to you, but in the bleachers section you can run all over the sand knocking over little kids in your quest for ball ransom.

Now supposing you do catch the specially marked ball, what are you going to do with it? I give you 3 options and leave room for you to make your own.

Option A) The Purist.

Amidst the chorus of boo’s and the chaos of the mosh pit surrounding you, you calmly pull from your pocket a black sharpie and proceed to mark a large asterisk upon the criminal ball. Realizing the greater significance of this ball is not that it is the 756th ball hit out of the park by this chemically enhanced freak-show, but rather that it has recorded a run against the honorable Padres you then proceed to hurl said ball back onto the field in an act of defiance. Thus you are forever labeled either a “baseball purist” or a “bonehead”. Probably both just depending on who you are talking to.

Option 2) The Capitalist.

You quickly place the ball in your pockets and rush towards the nearest security detail fearing for your life as you imagine this leather bound object is worth tens of millions of dollars. You then are escorted out of the seats and into an area of the stadium few fans ever get to see. They proceed to offer you a plethora of baseball objects, bats, balls, gloves, protective cups, anything in an effort to get the ball as cheaply as possible. Your neck begins to ache from the constant shaking. Finally they give up. At this point the game has been over for an hour and a half and your family is still waiting for you wondering if hit men from BALCO have rubbed you out. Finally released you find your family, find your vehicle and proceed home. As you’re traveling north on the 163 you begin to look into your rear view mirror suspecting that you are being followed. You’ve never felt more like Steve Foley in your life. Fear? You’ve never know fear until you experience the terror of thinking that at any moment someone could attack you for a stupid baseball. But you hold on to it because you believe it is your meal ticket.

First you call Todd McFarlane seeing how much he would be willing to give you. He tops out at 1.3 million and a cameo in the next Spawn Movie.

So you think about e-bay. You set your reserve at 5 million, but the only bids close to that came from a third grader in Japan who thought it was 5 million yen.

Finally after two years of suspiciously eying every person around you, you settle for 756,000. From Barry Bonds* himself as he pays you 1,000 dollars for each home run. This is essentially blood money.

Guilt haunts you for the rest of your life.

Option D) The Nobleman.

You simply give the ball to Barry as he places his arm over your shoulder and flashes a big grin for the cameras.

If you choose this option I suggest that you make it your goal to try and get similar photos with OJ Simpson, Mike Vick, Pete Rose and Tim Donaghy. You could have your very own “wall of shame”.

I’m sure you can figure out which option I would choose, but I’m curious which one you would do. Let me know or come up with your own.



  1. LynnH said,

    How do you really feel about Barry?

  2. danielbalc said,

    Why don’t you tell us how you feel Lynn? Maybe you WILL be drafting Vick after all.

    puppy killer.

  3. pokerforprofit said,

    I would definitely have to sell the ball providing I could make it out of the park alive.

    I will be at the game on Saturday and might have to head to the outfield for Barry’s at-bats.

    However, I cannot imagine him wanting to break the most hallowed record in all of sports in a division rival’s home yard. This moment (him rounding the bases) will live in infamy forever (or until A-Rod re-breaks the record) and I do not think he wants that moment to be full of boos, syringes, and trash being hurled on the field.

    Although if he does happen to hit it in Petco on Sat. there will be no cheering from this baseball fan.

  4. amyleesspace said,

    I would get all the $ I could from it, I would be crazy not to! (Ofcourse I would settle for the million, rather than trying to get more and more) I wouldn’t want to be too greedy, then you are asking for trouble!

  5. danielbalc said,

    What do you guys think this ball is going to go for? sincere predictions?

    Over/under 1 million?

  6. pokerforprofit said,

    I think it should be right around 1 million (isn’t that what the single season HR record ball went for??)

    However, if I was a collector the fact that A-Rod most likely will re-break the record in a few years would cause me to re-think shelling out the money for this ball.

  7. danielbalc said,

    No, McGwires 70th went for a million. Bond’s record ball went for less than half a million.

    Don’t you think the highest possible bidder for this ball would be mr. asterisk himself? Therefore if it is either a dodger or Padre fan that gets it they should make the payment for the juice ball sting. i.e. you can have the ball for free along with a confession of guilt and public apology.

  8. Franky said,

    sweaty gansta roll of Franklins?

    Are you referring to me and my brothers? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. amyleesspace said,

    I wouldnt want a public apology, I could care less. I want the $$$$ ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Bruce S. said,

    Who else gets Daniel’s Home Alone reference.?

    Nice one DBalc.

    FWIW, we have tickets for Saturday Aug. 4. (Outfield – fair territory)

  11. danielbalc said,

    WOW! nice pick up Bruce, I wouldn’t have tagged you to catch that one. In fact I didn’t think anyone but my brother Pablo would’ve gotten it.

    Did you get those tickets intentionally in anticipation?

    What will you do if God providentially directs the ball into your hands?

  12. Bruce S. said,

    Tony got us a gift cert for Pads tickets and we went to the ticket window two weeks ago and made the call for Aug 4, not knowing where Barry would be by then. Still don’t of course. We have left field seats but certainly in range of his bat. Right field was sold out unless we wanted to get nose-bleed.

    If I catch the ball I will use the proceeds to minister to unfortunate seniors (two of them, to be exact) currently residing in east Rancho Bernardo.

    The Home alone line is one of my all-time favs.

  13. LynnH said,

    I shall be at 2 games this weekend but unfortunately I will be in foul territory. If I did get it I would be a good capitalist and cash it in so that I could retire a little sooner. As for Barry, I can’t wait to see him do it and if I’m there I will be cheering. Enough of the Barry bashing. People need to get over it. Everyone acts as if he was the only one doing them. Baseball condoned it and I think everyone would be surprised to learn how many really did do them. How many pitchers have been doing them. Orel Hershiser once said that pitchers would benefit the most from steroids. It helps them to recover quicker between starts. Hmm, maybe thats how guys like Clemens has been playing so long. A-Rod, who will probably break Barry’s record is probably dirty too. I don’t condon it but it is what it is. You can’t single Barry out. I know you don’t do this but many Padre fans think Camy was a hero and yet are quick to jump on Barry. Too many hypocrites out there. Take away the HRs and Barry is still a great hitter. Yes, he’s not the most likable person but he is still one of the best players to ever play the game. There, now you know how I feel.

  14. Anthony said,

    sharpie and then sell

  15. pokerforprofit said,

    Take away the roids and he is nowhere near the most hallowed record in sports.

    That is the problem. If other guys were breaking records while on roids there would be the same backlash.

    No other sport cares as much about records and stats than baseball and no record is more important than this one within the game and people do not want to see it broken by a cheater.

  16. Alex said,

    “Show me the money”

  17. danielbalc said,

    Lynn, RE 13

    that is a tired and pathtic argument. the old “Barry wasn’t the only guy doing it” just doesn’t fly. As Matt says, maybe Barry wasn’t the only guy doing it but he’s the only one challenging the home run record “doing it”.

    The most disturbing part about it all is that Barry’s motivation in getting on the “program” was because he didn’t like the fact that Mark McGwire being white was getting so much publicity.

    WOW. Racism. Illegal Drug use. Tax evasion. Mistresses. Etc.

    I think it’s a little more than Barry being “not the most likebale person”.

    The sad thing is we have no idea how good a hitter Barry Bonds really ever was. He deserves every bit of the “bashing” that he gets.

    And it’s so wonderful that he will never get even a sniff of the adoration and admiration that guys like T Gwynn and C Ripken get/got/will get for the rest of their lives.

  18. LynnH said,

    The Barry bashing is tired and pathetic. Just like I’m sick of hearing about Dog Killer. You can bash, I will cheer. I better not here you cheering for your roidboy Merriman this year. By the way…Dbacks 4 Padres ZERO. What did I tell you.

  19. danielbalc said,

    Lynn there are only two kinds of people who can make such inconsistent arguments as you are making….

    Giants fans


    non baseball fans

    I guess that’s sort of the same thing.

    When you say “you can bash, I will cheer” what are you saying? What is it that you are cheering for? I would think that every true baseball fan would say it is MUCH more important for him to be booed as an act of distaste for the stain that he is leaving on baseball. By cheering him you are saying, “ahhh heck with rules, laws, and integrity, give me the long ball!”.

    How can you justify that?

    I’m not asking you to boo (though the more people that do the better), but to cheer? Think about what you are sheering for.

  20. itsasecret2u said,

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge about this sort of thing (in any other sport than MMA…), but don’t they test people for steriods in MLB? If it is a commonly-known fact that he’s on them, why isn’t he disciplined and fined and such? Or is there no official rule against it?

  21. LynnH said,

    He’s never failed a drug test.

    I cheer just like you will cheer every time Merriman makes a tackle this year.

    Haha, yes I’m a Giant fan and a baseball fan alot longer than you.

  22. danielbalc said,

    That’s just it Secret, they didn’t test for them until last season. And the stuff that Barry did (does?), Human Growth Hormones, can only be tested for using blood samples which they don’t do. They finally started the testing process BECAUSE what barry was doing came out in this book called “game of shadows”
    it was written by two SAN FRANCISCO Chronicle reporters who uncovered all of the crazy illegal stuff that this company BALCO was doing.
    when you read up on BALCO you’ll find that contrary to Lynn’s “everybody’s doing it” argument there were only a few getting what BALCO was giving and surprisingly the big three Bonds, Giambi and Sheffield were putting up the best stats of their lives. in fact just for fun check out the stats of those three from 1999-2005

    With Sheffield and Bonds, both should have been on the downside of their careers, but miraculously, or I should say Medically, they had the best years of their lives.

    Basically Secret there isn’t a question of “did they do it”? Everyone knows they did it. The question is “should we honor them for doing it?” Lynn seems to think we should.

    True baseball fans disagree.

  23. danielbalc said,

    Lynn, your justification for cheering for Bonds is that you are a giants fan? that’s ridiculous. Doesn’t Baseball mean more to you than the Giants do? That’s the sad thing. You care more about a team than the game.

    I’m sorry but you can’t really call yourself a fan of the game if you throw your hat in support of bonds.

    As for Merriman, that’s an apples and oranges argument. Merriman was punished for his crimes. He was,is and continues to be tested for everything. Bonds wasn’t , isn’t and won’t be tested for anything that he is doing. I applauded the suspension of Merriman because it’s good for the game to police itself. You applauding the “accomplishments” of bonds is BAD for the game because it says “rules don’t matter”.

    I can now cheer for Merriman guilt free because I know he’s abiding by the rules. You can cheer for bonds guilt free only by rejecting the rules and in many senses rejecting the game itself. That’s NOT a baseball fan.

  24. danielbalc said,

    Lynn if Bonds was a dodger you know you would agree with everything I say about him. That’s the irony of it all.

    I am on record as having said Caminiti should have his MVP removed.

    why can’t you just take the position that is best for the game?

    This could be why I called giantfan number 3 worst fan in sports.

  25. Franky said,


    What is the testing policy in baseball? I, like Secret, am unaware of other sports policies other than MMA which is currently having it’s own steroid battle.

  26. LynnH said,

    What? Best for the game? Yeah right. Baseball should have thought of that years ago. Bonds can’t help it if the game didn’t police itself. They condoned it. Merriman is just unlucky that he got caught. Besides he still hasn’t taken responsibility for it. It was in the supplement. yeah right. I’ve heard that argument before. How do we know he’s clean? There are things guys take that are undetectable. I would definitely boo Bonds if he was a Dodger. Not because of the allegations but because of the uniform. Just like I boo Jeff Kent. Who’s the worst fans in sports. That’s is a ridiculous assumption. There are bad fans everywhere. I don’t buy Padre season tickets because I like to hang out in large stadiums for nothing. If you dislike bonds because he is an arrogant, cocky ballplayer that’s fine. He is. But to single him for the entire roid scandal is wrong. Unless you can actually prove he did them. (guilt by association, or hearsay isn’t going to prove anything) If he wasn’t going for the record nobody would care about him. Based on your merriman argument barry is abiding by the rules now too. I can cheer guilt free. Go Giants!! Beat LA!!

  27. pokerforprofit said,

    It was in the supplement. yeah right. Iโ€™ve heard that argument before.

    Your right. You heard it from your boy Barry when he said he thought he was taking Flaxseed oil.

    Unless you can actually prove he did them.

    We do not need to prove he did them. He admitted to doing them. We need to prove he did them KNOWINGLY. Have you forgotten about the leaked grand jury testimony?

    If he wasnโ€™t going for the record nobody would care about him.

    That is the point. That is why everyone cares and that is why everyone SHOULD care. He is the only guy that used steriods to re-write the record books. If others were breaking records that would face the same scrutiny.

    My biggest problem with Barry is the complete selfishness in which he operates.

    Take last night for example (you could find an example in EVERY game he plays) he it a towering but routine fly ball and instead of running it out like every big leaguer does, he trots down to first. The only problem is no one caught the ball and he should be on 2nd. It was a 3-1 game and I am sure his team would like the runner in scoring position.

    He does not try. He only cares about himself and his record not the team. He has his own set of rules. He is the ultimate annoyance. Break the record then go away forever Barry!

  28. danielbalc said,

    Bonds canโ€™t help it if the game didnโ€™t police itself. They condoned it.

    By “They” I am assuming you mean MLB. That’s the problem dude. “They” might have, but we, the fans, shouldn’t. You, the anti-fan, are. That’s why I say…
    Do what’s best for the game and boo Barry Bonds.

  29. danielbalc said,

    Matt’s right, he confessed to doing them. People went to jail for leaking the confession, if it wasn’t true, they wouldn’t have gone to jail. Speaking of jail, Bonds best friend in the world is still in there because he refuses to talk about what bonds did. hmmmmmm

    BTW Franky, MLB NOW has a policy that tests for certain steroids but like I said earlier an HGH test can only be done through blood and they don’t take blood samples thus barry can do that as much as possible without ever getting caught.

    Here is some more info on it.

    the suspensions increase with each failure. they start at 25 games then 50 then 75 then 100 etc.

    In the NFL a positive test is 4 games.

  30. Anthony said,

    Boo the game while you are at it as they are just as much at fault.

  31. danielbalc said,

    Again, the MLB players union and commisioners office do indeed hold some responsibility. But what is important for us as fans is to say, “we don’t condone it. We don’t like it. You shouldn’t have done it and no one after you should do it.” ORRRR you can say, “I don’t care what you do, just hit the ball far.”

    I don’t understand how there is any debate over this. It’s a simple question of priorities. Purity or Power.

  32. pokerforprofit said,

    I don’t understand this logic.

    Why is the fact that others are doing steroids or that MLB is turning a blind eye to the problem a reason to allow those who used to get a free pass.

    Cheating is cheating. It does not matter how many other people do it with you or if the powers that be decide they are not going to police it.

    Barry Bonds very simply realized he would have no shot at the HR record without using BUT if he used he could go down in history as the best ever (if he never got caught).

    He made a conscious decision to cheat and now is paying the price in the court of public opinion. There should be no free pass.

    Every player during that era found themselves at the same crossroads and had to make the same decision. I aplaude those who chose the moral high ground and I boo those who did not. Simple.

  33. danielbalc said,

    Wow, so now Lynn is that target of your boos?

  34. Lance said,

    as much as i hate the dodgers… i must say that they get two thumbs up from me on their scheduled event today…

    before the final game of the dodgers-giants series is steroid awareness day for the kiddos:-)

  35. danielbalc said,

    Final thought on the fiasco as I leave for kids camp.

    As long as the Padres win I really don’t mind if he hits any home runs here at petco in the next couple days. I would almost prefer he does it on the road so that the footage will always show him rounding the bases with 40,000 people booing him.

  36. LynnH said,

    My final thought. There won’t be 40,000 booing him. There will a whole bunch of camera flashing and some cheering him (including me). Just like at the Dodger game last night. I hope to see him hit it but I want the Padres to win.

  37. Alex said,

    I don’t understand why the big deal about the Home Run that ties the record. The record breaking ball is the one I want to catch!!

  38. Anthony said,

    Boos don’t hurt the MLB financially so they don’t really care. Hit them in the wallet and they will care. A better statement would be to have zero fans in attendance.

  39. 5najeras said,

    Since I just decided to care about this issue, this is what I will say…

    1. If I caught the infamous ball, I would:
    a) write “this is for Hank” on it with a sharpie
    2) spit on it and inject it with a syringe that has been pre-filled with steroids
    d) throw it back onto the field

    2. I think whoever invented steroids should be taken out and shot for ruining sports.
    “For love of the game”…….

  40. pokerforprofit said,

    d) throw it back onto the field

    I think your husband would break your arm before he allowed that to happen!

  41. 5najeras said,

    Bring it on! ๐Ÿ™‚ What could you want to buy with blood money? It’s cursed.

  42. pokerforprofit said,

    It’s not cursed! That million will spend the same way an other million will spend, real nice!

    It is not your fault he cheated, you are just profiting from it, being a good American.

  43. Alex said,

    No need to break an arm, she would come to her senses when she realizes the amount of shoes she could buy with it.

  44. 5najeras said,

    cursed money = cursed shoes

    You owe it to Hank and the integrity of the history of baseball to throw it back.

    If you come to the game with no money and leave with no money, it’s not so bad.
    If you come to the game with no money and leave with no dignity, bad.

  45. pokerforprofit said,

    This is a very noble stance you are taking. You certainly did not come to this conclusion reading “US” magazine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you catch the ball just give it to your husband then you can leave with your dignity in tack and he won’t have to share the proceeds with you since it is “cursed”. A win win situation.

  46. Alex said,

    He did it. I have to admit I stood up and watched in amazement the crowd give Barry lots of respect. What people need to understand is that Baseball is not just a game anymore, it’s entertainment. I think they should change the name to MLE, Major League Entertainment. The integrity of the game was lost after the strike and the fight to keep the game is lookinging bleek.
    Interesting fact I learned about Clay Hensley, he was suspended for performance enhancing drugs while in the Minor Leagues.

  47. LynnH said,

    I rest my case!

  48. danielbalc said,

    While I was playing capture the flag with 32 little kids I received a text message from my brother informing me that barroid had hit number 755. My reply? “Did they Boo?”

    It seems as though lynns prediction (Number 36) was spot on. A mixed reaction that could be heard as 75% Applause (50% of which included Cheers) and 25% Boo’s. Evidently the boos were much more noticeable when he cam back onto the field to pretend like he plays defense.

    The more I thought about it the more I realized that the responses to this historic* event break down more by age demographic than any other category (excluding race). I think that 30 years old and younger are disgusted by this record*. Those in their 30’s are probably mixed; While the those between 40 and 60 probably are more accepting of it.

    I don’t have too much support criteria for this other than my own individual conversations but I think it would make sense, especially considering the emphasis of anti-drug programs like DARE that began in the late 80’s and early 90’s. meanwhile those over 40 may be more tolerant of narcotically achieved records because of personal experiences not that I am calling lynn a druggy but I think the pervasive culture was much more tolerant then it is today.

    What location on earth could be better suited for a partial person to achieve a historic tribute to the wonders of illegal drug-use than the mecca of (cough) medicine, San Francisco?

    My quote of the day calendar said this yesterday from Isaiah Thomas… “Athletes are role models. We should take advantage of that opportunity and make other people’s lives better. Cigarettes, alcohol, steroids, drugs – how can any of these make anyone’s life better?”

    Well thank your Barroid and the SF Giants organization for showing Isaiah Thomas how wrong he was by rewarding mr. bonds* with countless millions of dollars. And thank you fans* like Lynn for tacitly supporting illegal drug use by your cheers. It is a good reminder to us youngins that if you work hard, and have the right doctors you can become a legend.

  49. danielbalc said,

    Alex, I completely disagree with your idea that baseball is more about entertainment than the game. The game is in very good hands because the fact of the matter is barry is rejected by the majority. And the younger you get the greater the percentage that rejects him. Stronger testing policy’s (which are being demanded by the fans) are what is bring the game back. That’s why this season will have the largest number of fans ever in attendance. Baseball is alive and well and will only get better when barroid retires. The sooner the better.

  50. pokerforprofit said,

    I find it hilarious that Bud Selig would only go as far as releasing a statement regarding the achievement , no handshake, no face to face congratulations.

    This guy’s ignorance makes me sick. He enabled this era by turning a blind eye to the rampant cheating while lining his pockets with the record attendance numbers the home run boom generated.

    Now he likes to act like he had nothing to do with it and can’t believe the players in his game would cheat. His hypocrisy is nauseating and baseball would be better if he and Bonds retired together.

  51. danielbalc said,

    Yeah, Selig is a joke and MLB would be much better of with a Roger Goodell-type commish (not to mention an NFL-type CBA), but Bonds is a bigger villain than Selig. Don’t confuse the issue. Ultimate culpability is on the doer of the deed, not the provider, not the facilitator, but the one who commits the crime.

    It’s so typical American society to try and deflect responsibility towards someone else. It’s like the guy who sues the gunmaker, the tobacco company or the bar tender. Sorry, but individual responsibility has to happen.

  52. pokerforprofit said,

    Of course Barry is the ultimate culprit and should take the brunt of the backlash, but the powers that be should not be immune to criticism either. They deserve their fair share of condemnation.

  53. Alex said,


    I remember the first time I found out that the WWF was fake (I think I was around 9 or 10) and that all or most of these guys used performance- enhancing drugs. I have to admit it was disheartening but what brought about confusion was that millions of people continued to sell out stadiums, watch it on tv and buy all of the paraphanalia. Why? We are an entertainment people. More than anything we want to be entertained. You need to realize this fact. Here’s another example: Reality TV. There is nothing real about it but yet people love to watch it. Unfortunately big corporations have figured this out and have attached themselves to great sports like baseball. All they care about is one thing, BUTTS IN THE SEATS. I hear no mention of baseball being played in heaven so why would it not get progressively worst like everything else?

    Watching Baseball in the future will require a change of mentality so next time you go to Petco just pretend you’re at Edwards Theatre and get comfortable, buy your popcorn and soda and get ready to be entertained. I’m sure not everyone “uses” in baseball but I’m afraid that number is shrinking not getting bigger.
    All I can say is “thank God for Little League.”

  54. danielbalc said,

    Al, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Comparing Baseball to Wrestling is ridiculous. Wrestling, the entire thing is scripted especially the OUTCOME!

    Your baseball/wrestling comparison makes no sense.

    Professional sports are the greatest “entertainment” in the world because the outcome is never known ahead of time. (That’s why we can bet on it).

    The more fair the game is the more interest in the outcome. The more interest in the outcome the more people will want to see it. Thats why the NFL is adored. Parity.

    The best thing for baseball is to make the game as fair and equal as possible so as to enhance the competition.

    Steroids detract from the competitiveness because they give an illegally obtained edge. Thus they should be outlawed (and finally are, even if they aren’t adequately tested for).

    I am certain that more fans care about the thrill of equal competition than care about seeing home runs. That’s why the yankees being irrelevant for most of the season happens to be good for the league.

  55. Alex said,

    Obviously baseball is not scripted, but the outcome is “altered.” As a matter of fact that is the reason for all your “justified” whining about the game itself.

    I believe you had mentioned in a previous post the ” lack of TRUE baseball fans” ? Well, you’re right. These people are there for entertainment. They don’t appreciate a pitching duel. They probably don’t even know what one is. These are the same people sitting next to you at the games you go to. Sorry Brotha, the game is not the same.

  56. danielbalc said,

    I still don’t get you. Who are “these people”?

    Who doesn’t appreciate a pitchers duel?

    The game isn’t the same as what?

    My point is that the game is on the upswing. It’s coming back, it’s getting better. I hear very few people talking about how “the strike” ruined the game. I do hear people talking about how steroids ruin the game, but those are being eradicated (to far more applause than Bonds got and gets).

    With the luxury taxes and the like it’s becoming much more difficult for NY, Boston, Chicago and LA to just run away with things. The competition the past 6 seasons has been incredible and that’s why, contrary to your opinion, baseball is booming.

  57. Alex said,


    “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth” (name that movie)

    Baseball is booming and will continue to boom. So will WWE ( I guess that’s what it’s called these days). The people at Petco Park spoke on August 4th 2007, and they don’t care if Baseball players “use.” They will continue to buy tickets as long as Baseball is entertaining. Are you catching my drift?

  58. danielbalc said,

    Rush hour 1, 2, and soon to be three. probably the worst and lamest line in movie history.

    The point is that people DIDN’T give resounding support for Barry bonds on August 4th.

    The sooner bonds exits the game the better. People don’t want him or what he represents in the game. People do care if players “use” and the tougher the enforcement gets the more people come to the game.

    fans like lynn are the minority.

  59. Alex said,

    I was there. The applauding was well, let’s just say ASTOUNDING. I think we even surprised Bonds. You would not have been very happy Daniel. Bonds even made time to thank San Diego for the support in the press conference after the game. The verdict is in, Let the entertainment roll!!!!!

    I stood silent taking it all in the moment it went over the fence because I realized the controversial moment had finally arrived. It was weird. The crowd was kind of confused because some genius came up with the idea to throw a different baseball back on to the field to stir up confision. No needles, no ball throwback, no boo’s(at least from where I was). It was history.

  60. danielbalc said,

    Alex, though you claim to have been there, I have seen the footage and read the articles.

    You are the only one I have seen describe it as ASTOUNDING. Tim Sullivan wrote an entire article (which I provided a link for you). This is how he described it…

    “It was an epic achievement and a hollow happening, a milestone with less merriment than a jazz funeral on Bourbon Street. The cheers were more polite than passionate, noticeably muted considering the circumstances, and the frantic scuffle for the souvenir ball was a testament to value rather than virtue.

    This was one of the most melancholy moments in baseball history. Just as almost everyone expected. ”

    So I’m guessing you are saying politeness astounds you. Honestly I don’t think he deserved politeness, but he got it none the less. Since you were at the game let me ask you. Which was louder. the cheers for Bonds HR or the cheers for hairston’s game tying or even game winning shot?

  61. amyleesspace said,

    I thought all that we really cared about was the HR that actually broke the record, not tied it? Which we all know will be done on his home field???

  62. danielbalc said,

    Oops I was mixing up Friday nights game with Saturdays.

    You didn’t get to see Hairston’s tying and winning shots.

  63. LynnH said,

    The sooner guys like Merriman and Hensley exit the game the better. The day Daniel boos Merriman every time he makes a tackle is the day I boo Bonds.

  64. danielbalc said,

    Lynn, you consistently bring up Merriman, as if his case has anything to do with the debate. Why? why not bring up prolific power hitters in baseball? maybe someone like Mark McGwire. Don’t you think it’s interesting that he didn’t come CLOSE in HOF voting. Take a look at his numbers,
    there is no way those numbers aren’t Hall of fame worthy, except when you factor in the steroid use. Hmmm what will you be saying about Bonds when he fails to be elected to the Hall?

    Face in Lynn, your argument is strictly one of indiviual giantfan lunacy. If you cared at all about baseball you wouldn’t cheer for Barry Bonds.

  65. LynnH said,

    Oh but it does. By exposing the hypocrisy of your argument. My prediction is that Bonds will make the Hall. And it wasn’t just Giant fans cheering him. I was there on Friday so I know.

  66. danielbalc said,

    But Lynn there isn’t hypocrisy in my argument.
    Had Bonds been subject to testing (between 199-2003) and penalized and then continued his success then I would have a differnet opinion on his record*. You KNOW he did steroids. I KNOW he did them. Everyone KNOWS he did steroids, but faced NO punishment. He was allowed to do them for at least 4 seasons.

    You can have one of two positions.

    1. You don’t care that he did steroids

    2. You do care and think he should be punished.

    You are pleading some sort of blissful ignorance. WHY? I don’t get it.

    Again I think it has something to do with age and tolerance for drug use growing up. That’s sad.

  67. Alex said,

    He did it!!!
    Barry is your new Home Run King!

  68. pokerforprofit said,

    2 Observations:

    1) The reaction of the visiting dugout tells you all you need to know about how the players feel about Barry. No cheering. No applause. Just blank stares. I found that very telling.

    2) The fans in SF are completely brainwashed. People were jumping up and down as if they just won the lottery, oblivious to the notion that he cheated. A sad commentary on our culture today.

    Now retire Barry…..

  69. Alex said,

    I found the following article to be hilarious. My favorite quote from the comments was:

    “If the same brace fits, you must acquit!”

    Go to:

  70. Albino Hayford said,


    And he still might do jail time.

    Shame on everyone who covers up his unconfessed sin. Why is he letting a man sit in prison on his behalf?

    His batting statistics starting going up AT AGE 35. Come on, people…. HE CHEATED.

    Cheer for a cheater all you want, but it is shameful.

  71. danielbalc said,

    Ecko is my hero.

    No, not the “Echo” who infuriates you with his arrogance and pompous opinions on this and other blog pages, but Marc Ecko, fashion designer of thugs throughout America.

    He’s the guy who bought the Bonds 756 home run ball and has decided to let us (America) decide what to do with it.

    Three options are given….
    1. Send it to the HOF
    2. Brand it with an asterisk and then send it to the HOF
    3. Shoot it into space.

    While I think the third option means the second will get less votes (as they are both demonstrations of displeasure with cheating in general) I still LOVE this idea.

    I encourage all of my readers to vote for what YOU think is the best deserved fate for this piece of history*.

    Vote 756

    After you vote, let me know what you’ve voted for and why.

  72. pokerforprofit said,

    I vote #2. When my kid’s kids visit cooperstown and ask what that mark on the ball means they can be told about the rampant cheating that tarnished the game for a period of years.

  73. danielbalc said,

    Wow, I don’t know if it’s because the comment got moved down or what but Poker was the ONLY reader to click on the link. Are my readers really that disinterested in this?

    I’m so confused.

    VOTE PEOPLE! This is far more important than american idol

  74. 5najeras said,

    First of all:
    Is that Marc Ecko as in “Ecko clothing”? What does he have to do with baseball?

    I also voted for (b) because you can’t just act like there is no controversy with it, and you also can’t just forget about it, because it is still history (infamous or not).

  75. danielbalc said,

    It is the Marc Ecko of Ecko clothing and to answer your question about what he has to do with baseball.


    He’s a fan, like I am. Like you are? Or at least your parents are. Baseball is an American institution. Baseball is as much a part of American history as apple pie and Chevrolet.

    That’s what makes this so beautiful. The fan, the one thing that baseball forgot about, gets to finally express how he truly feels about steroids. I predict the result it will be overwhelmingly in favor of a permanent mark on this dark page of history. Kind of how the Ford Pinto left a permanent mark on the dark page of American 1970’s automobiles.

    I salute Marc Ecko as a true American hero.

  76. 5najeras said,

    Does this mean we’ll be seeing you in a pair of Ecko jeans? They are available at Macy’s if you are interested. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. danielbalc said,

    If he makes a shirt that says “I voted to brand it” I might flaunt that in a 2XL

  78. danielbalc said,


    SAN FRANCISCO — Barry Bonds thinks Marc Ecko, the man who purchased the ball from his 756th home run, is wasting his money, according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Ecko, a fashion desiginer, purchased the baseball for $750,000 and is taking votes on the Internet on what he should do with it: Give the ball to the Baseball Hall of Fame, brand it with an asterisk or blast it into space.
    Bonds says he doesn’t care that the options include an asterisk — implying that the home run record should be viewed with skepticism in light of his alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs. But he questioned why someone would spend $750,000 on a baseball and then propose ways to get rid of it, the Chronicle reported.

    “He’s stupid. He’s an idiot,” Bonds said, according to the newspaper. “He spent $750,000 on the ball and that’s what he’s doing with it? What he’s doing is stupid.”

    “All of those options don’t weigh anything,” he said, according to the report. “In baseball, that number [756] stands.”

  79. danielbalc said,

    What he’s doing is stupid Barry?

    He’s getting an honest perspective of how Americans view your record. You don’t want that?

    He’s probably generating far more money than he paid for the ball by advertising his products.

    Thanks for reiterating your belief that baseball doesn’t need the fans and their opinions, even though it is fans who pay your bills.

    The fans don’t need Barry Bonds.
    Enjoy your tainted history.
    Enjoy your OJ like status as an ultimate American villain.
    Good riddance.

  80. Pablo Honey said,

    take a look at this breaking news. We may be seeing Barroid in San Diego next year. Will it be in a Padres uniform? Remember the Padres did express interest in signing him before….

  81. pokerforprofit said,

    Of course they are not going to re-sign you Barry.

    You are 40+ years old. You have zero defensive ability. You have limited offensive ability. And you are a bad teammate. I mean who wouldn’t want a player like that?

    They got what the wanted out of you which was sold out games while you were chasing the record and now since that is over you are just another washed up slugger that should retire.

    Thanks for the memories.

  82. danielbalc said,

    HR ball number 756 is indeed going to the Hall of Fame. And it is going there with an asterisk upon it as a permanent mark of the American sports fans displeasure with Barry Bonds and his “accomplishment”.

    The results of more than 10 million votes say a lot.

    first of all 47% or nearly 5 million people decided this “record” needed to be recognizes as tainted.

    secondly nearly 7 million people voted to brand or banish meaning 70% percent of Americans believe bonds to be a cheater.

    Finally they spin this as saying 80% believe the ball belongs in the HOF. Even though his record was gained via devious methods we, the people, believe we shouldn’t leave it out of the history.

    So we accept the accomplishment*, but will we accept the accomplisher? Will Victor Conte, I mean Barry Bonds be voted into the Hall of Fame in 2015 or 2016?

    I’d vote for him if the bust had an asterisk on his forehead.

  83. danielbalc said,

    check out this quote from the president of the baseball hall of fame.

    “We’re delighted to have the ball. It’s a historic piece of baseball history.”

    um OK.

  84. itsasecret2u said,

    I actually voted (for the asterisk). I wouldn’t have bothered except that Barry was saying the guy was an idiot and that annoyed me. I’m glad they didn’t vote to launch it into space, as that seems kind of pointless. The whole steriod scandal/debate is part of the sports world in our time (unfortunately), and I suppose it should be documented.

  85. pokerforprofit said,

    If I was a major league GM and I saw that sorry excuse for a baseball player out there in left field last night I would think long and hard before I offer him a contract. That was brutal. Even if he DH’s in the AL he does not look like he can even hit consistently anymore.


  86. danielbalc said,

    Word is he had cleaned out his locker and gone home BEFORE the game was even over. I can’t believe the fans didn’t boo him. total embarrassment.

    There is NO way he plays next season especially if they start blood testing. He walks into one of the ugliest sunsets ever. It’s too bad most ball players are blinded as to what an insult to the game he is (ahem Jake Peavy).

  87. pokerforprofit said,

    I almost threw up watching Jake serve him a cookie (he still couldn’t hit it out) and then make out with him last night. For the good of the game, just bean him in the head next time! Wishful thinking.

  88. danielbalc said,

    I hope barroid will follow suit.,2933,299717,00.html

    “I have betrayed your trust”

    “I have let [my family] down, I have let my country down, and I have let myself down.”

    “I want to apologize for all of this”

    “I am sorry for disappointing you all in so many ways.”

    These are the words that America needs to hear from it’s stars whose fame and fortune was gained illicitly, dishonestly , unnaturally, and illegally.

    pay attention Mr. Bonds. We already know you did it that’s why we are branding your ball. Come out and apologize and garner some sympathy while you still can.

  89. danielbalc said,

    Poor Barroid, It seems like the big fella has had is caged rattled by the “idiot” Marc Ecko. Actually Bonds* has had his cage rattled by the American public, but he still won’t recognize this fact. He lives in super fantasy land.

    In the latest page of his saga he proclaims that if the Asterisk branded ball is displayed in Cooperstown than he won’t ever visit there.

    A couple of things stand out to me as really ironic about this story.

    First of all Bonds had both the opportunity and the means to acquire this ball for himself. Yet he chose NOT to. Even though the ball sold for the amount of money he made during a single game last season he didn’t make a bid for it. The way I see it you have no right to complain and whine about what someone else does with their property, especially when you declined to purchase that property.

    Secondly Bonds believes the city of San Francisco is in love with him. But once again I have to wonder; where were all the giants fans when it came time to voting for the fate of this baseball? Why didn’t they all vote to bestow it without the asterisk? I mean Bonds got plenty of all star game votes to make a token appearance. That took some big time ballot stuffing because you know he didn’t get there on his performance this season. So where was his adoring fan base?

    Third. Bonds believes he will be inducted in the HOF. I don’t. I just don’t see it. The cloud of controversy is toooooo thick. For instance. The controversy surrounding McGwire is minimal. He openly did Andros while it wasn’t illegal. He admitted it. And yet he didn’t get a sniff of HOF attention. His numbers are certainly worthy, but just that little doubt was enough to keep the HOF voting elite away from him.

    Bonds has ten times the amount of controversy. Yeah his numbers are better, but HE never “saved baseball”. He has never had the kind of fan base that Big Mac has had and he simply is far more controversial.

    We’ll find out though in just 5 years.

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