A New Padres Board

July 26, 2007 at 6:32 pm (Sports thoughts)

With the Padres Prediction Post sitting on 400 comments I’ve decided to make a new thread for all your Padres rantings.



  1. danielbalc said,

    Last night after hearing about the Padres trading Linebrink for 3 minor league pitchers instead of a bat my Dad went on to rant about how the Padres wouldn’t finish in first (dodgers) second (diamondbacks) or even third (rockies) place in the division. He predicted the Padres will finish just above the lowly and pathetic giants because they don’t have anyone who can hit.

    He of course is a dyed in the wool pessimist through and through. I still feel like the Padres have the best team in the Division and are only behind the Cubs as far as best team in the NL.

    The idea of the Padres adding a “big bat” doesn’t seem to make sense to me mostly because I don’t know where you could put one. right now the only position I would welcome a change is at second and you’re not going to find any big bats there. I mean seriously do you want to give up on Kouz, Gonzalez or Greene? Bradley has been a great upgrade in right. Giles is flourishing in the lead off role (a move that should have been made at the very beginning of the season.) Cameron is a top 5 center fielder. You made the move at catcher. I just don’t see a spot you can add a a bat do you?

    lets see we could get dunn in left and bench bradley? How much would that help?
    Texiara at first and or third and bench Adrian or Kouz? Seriously what “big bat” is out there in a position that we need?

  2. LynnH said,

    Best team in the division???? Haha. And Barry didn’t do roids.

  3. danielbalc said,

    What are you laughing at Lynn? I don’t know who want to try and defend as better than the Padres but I’d love to hear an argument other than “haha”.

  4. pokerforprofit said,

    The fact of the matter is we are a good baseball team with a few holes. Unless you are the Red Sox, Yankees, or Mets you will have holes because you cant just go spend any amount of money to “borrow” a player for a few months.

    In fact, even these large market teams are shying away from this practice because it is not fiscally responsible and it decimates your farm system.

    We will never have an offense that averages 6+ runs a game AND a pitching staff that has an ERA under 3.50 AND a defense in the top 5 in fielding %.

    You are going to give up something in one area to be better in the other areas. Management has decided that pitching and defense are most important and offense is not.

    I happen to agree and am glad they have this focus because that is how you stay competitive year in and year out.

    They made a move for a left fielder (Bradley) that seems to be a great move. He is great defensively, good speed, and much better offensively than anybody we had in the past. A great deal.

    They made a move for a catcher. I like Barrett and I hope he gets the opportunity to play everyday instead of platooning with Bard because I think he can get in a groove and get going offensively if given the chance.

    Sorry guys no more moves will be made unless it is a deal for a 5th starter or bench help. I believe we have enough to win the division and compete in the post season right now.

    Let the voice of reason be heard.

  5. danielbalc said,

    word up matt

  6. LynnH said,

    Sorry Daniel. I can’t write much while I’m working. But how can you say were the best team in the division when we can’t hit. We are the worst hitting team in the league. Even more important is our BA with runners in scoring position which is pathetic. Other than M Giles, these guys have no plate discipline. The guy only throws 74 pitches against us yesterday? Let’s try and make a pitcher work. Yes, we have been better than good in the pitching department but even that is a little shaky now. Sorry but a skunk is a skunk and a bad hitting is a bad hitting team. Neither will change. I don’t expect them to make any changes other than bench help and maybe pitching but you can’t expect to win with that offense. Fortunately, another team in town with an offense will soon be taking the field in a few days. Your dad is not a pessimist but a realist. But I love your optimism. Hey, I still want them to win 89 games so I can win the pool.

  7. danielbalc said,

    Lynn do you honestly think the dodgers have a better roster than the Padres? I mean I know the Padres are in a little bit of a slump here and that the obvious culprit is to point to the poor offensive numbers but Outside of Russell Martin there isn’t anyone on the Dodgers that I would swap a Padres postion player for. And then pitcher for pitcher again i think we have a better staff.

    I really think 1-25 the Padres roster is better than every team in the NL save the cubs. The Phillies, Brewers, Mets and Braves have better lineups but contrary to popular opinion pitching is a pretty big deal. The Padres have wisely made pitching their top priority and look at the results. Even with a lesser offense that Padres are just 2 games out of first. And that’s during the worst losing streak of the season!!!!

    It’s like what’s going on with the stock market. the last coule days it’s dropped a couple hundred points, AHHH it’s the end of the world! Except for last week the market was at it’s highest point ever.

    Pessimism dude, not realism. You, my Dad, Eric S. and Rob C. should start a club of depressing subjective padres pessimists.

  8. pokerforprofit said,

    I don’t know if it is Pessimism. I think it is a really bad case of overeactingitis.

    The season is 162 games long, hopes and dreams do not rise and fall on every game like football. In a 16 game season 1 or 2 bad losses is devasting, but when you extrapolate that out to a 162 game season even 10-15 bad losses are able to be overcome.

    You have to understand that no team will play their best all 162 games, there will be slumps and that is ok the season is not lost because you lose 5-6 games in a row.

    Hang in there boys this team will be in the race at the end of the season, its a marathon not a sprint. Don’t take each loss so hard.

  9. danielbalc said,

    18 runs on 19 hits!

    The losing streak is over. It’s time for a tear.

    Adding Hairston may be good in the future but I don’t see much help from him for our current world series run. Picking up Hillenbrand was a good decision as it insures us in case of corner infielder injury and it keeps him out of the hands of our division foes.

  10. LynnH said,

    Letting Branyon go was the smartest thing they’ve done. He was nothing but dead weight.

  11. danielbalc said,

    THAT I agree with Lynn.

    He was a strike out waiting to happen.

  12. danielbalc said,

    Lynn made a comment on a different post more appropriate for the Padres thread so I will pick it back up over here.

    He quoted the score of last nights game and emphasized that the Padres were shut out. then followed it up with a “what did I tell you”?

    I am guessing he was referring to his comment number 6 in this thread.

    Ironically he left his “what did I tell you” for the day after we were shut out and not the day after we plated 18 runs.


    I’m not going to argue that the Padres have a great offense, they don’t BUT the have good players who can have the capability, they just haven’t been able together as consistently as we all would like.

    But they made a lot of moves over the past 10 days so I will give my take on those moves.

    Adding Mackowiak and letting go of Cruz will be an emotional thing for the player but was necessary to say the least. Cruz had a good April but that’s it. He was dead weight like Branyan. mack can play a lot more positions and is a younger, better player.

    Adding Ensberg will help by plattooning a bit with kouz and giving Gonzalez a day or two of rest.

    Adding Ladezma seems kind of strange. I figured they wanted another arm but this guy didn’t seem like the one.

    The Padres will send two guys back to the minors today I am guessing it will be Tim Staufer and one of the Justins (germano or hampson). It looks like Hensley will be back in the starting rotation soon after pitching as much as he did yesterday seems like they will want to start him on saturday. Meaning Germano could be going back down (that’s my best guess).

    Overall I think these were necessary if not spectacular moves. They are what we needed to get us over the hump in close games (which we have struggled in).

    Padres DO look like the best team in the division. But in the rest of the league I think the Braves jumped ahead of them with their moves and the Cubs already were there.

    Playoff predictions

    West- Padres
    Central- Cubs
    East- Braves
    Wild Card-Mets

  13. LynnH said,

    It was in reference to my prediction I made on Sunday night.

  14. danielbalc said,

    Just got home from the 11-0 laugher. Lets see, Two Padres had multiple hits, Mackowiak 2 singles and 2 runs scored.
    Ensberg 3 hits 2 HR and 4RBI

    yeah it’s just one game but I think these guys were just what we needed.

    Oh yeah Peavy was dominant… again.

  15. LynnH said,

    There’s always hope.

  16. pokerforprofit said,

    Get back on the bandwagon all you guys suffering from a bad case of overreacting.

    This team has turned the corner and I feel a strong playoff push coming. Once we get our horses back (hopefully Chris Young this week as well as Milton and Giles) we should be rolling.

    Stop doubting KT. this guy has proven himself to be a great GM and his moves this year have been great. Ensberg and Hairston won two games for us single-handedly, Makowiak has played a great right field spelling Giles and Bradley is our best hitter.

    Now if the D-backs can start losing.

  17. danielbalc said,

    As hot as the d-backs have been lately (13 out of 15) I feel pretty good about being just a game and a half back (plus first in line for the WC). Padres 25 man is simply better than the d-backs. They (az) are winning games despite having more runs scored against them than for them. They’re going to crash soon. It’s difficult to maintain that kind of mo.

    One thing that could hurt the Padres is David Wells being hammered by Bud Selig.


    the last thing we need is to lose a starter for 12 games for throwing a ball and talking trash. Yikes.

  18. pokerforprofit said,

    Yea but if we had to lose a starter he would be the one.

    I think Hensley would give us more than Wells is right now.

  19. danielbalc said,

    The problem is that you lose the roster spot as well ( I think). So we would be playing with just 24 guys for almost 2 weeks. Our arms are already getting tired, so we would have to send down a position player to make room for Wells absence. We saw how valuable our new and improved bench is this past weekend.

    Hopefully they can appeal till the September call ups.

  20. danielbalc said,

    Remember how frustrating it was to lose to that scrub Erik Bedard way back on June 21st? Look at him now.

  21. pokerforprofit said,

    Leave it to Wells to ruin our winning streak.

    His last four starts he has given up 5+ earned runs and has not pitched more than 5 innings in any of those starts.

    He is old. He is tired. He is dragging this staff down.

    Time to put him out to pasture.

    (or maybe we can ask Selig to suspend him)

  22. danielbalc said,

    That inning was unbeleivable. Every hit looked like it would be a double play (except the home run of course). I feel for Wells. This looks like the bitter end.

  23. LynnH said,

    Jake was awesome again.
    Offense was pathetic again!!! No consistency.

  24. Matt S said,

    We are going to have a hard time catching the D-backs if they keep playing this well.

    Fortunately the odds are against them and they will tail off eventually and we also have 7 games left with them.

    We need to take advantage of those games.

  25. danielbalc said,

    Last night was a tough one to swallow. Josh Bard striking out looking with the bases full and ONE out (AND the pitcher on deck ) was the defining moment of the game. That is simply unacceptable. We had Williams on the ropes all night but could not get the clutch knock. What’s worse is that the night before that they scored 9 runs with 2 out in one inning.


    I also feel like Black pulled Peavy too early. He lifted him for a pinch hitter who promptly flied out. I say you give your starter every opportunity to get the decision. Pitch count? he struck out the side in his last inning. who cares about pitch counts?

    Oh well. We are still in the wild card lead and have lots of time to catch arizona, if they would just lose.

  26. pokerforprofit said,

    I am interested to hear what others think about what is being spewed in the papers these last few days from Jake Peavy, Sandy Alderson and the fans.

    Is this a case of ownership lining their pockets instead of spending money on the ballclub? i.e. they have the money they just don’t want to spend it. (This was what Jake was getting at I believe)


    Is this a case of being a smaller market team that has to be tight spenders because they do not have the money the big markets do. (this is what Sandy was getting at I believe)

    It seems to me most the fans feel option 1 is the case right now and option 1 is also the best approach to building a ballclub.

    I guess I am in the minority by supporting the organization and their approach to building a ballclub.

    What do you think?

  27. danielbalc said,

    I’m with you.

    Jake is my favorite of the current group of Padres and has been since his rookie year. Nevertheless I am not as much a fan of the players as I am a fan of the team. I want a Padres world series more than anyone, and I think the current organizational philosophy is far and away the best approach to achieving that goal. Back to back years in the playoffs? That was unheard of during my youth. Back to back to back to back winning seasons? I’ll take it. I would rather the Padres were year in and year out considered a playoff caliber team than being a 1 hit wonder. You can’t do that by making huge financial mistakes. If Peavy would sign a 4 year deal between 60 and 70 million I’ll bet the Padres would take it. But he wants a 6-7 year deal in the 100 million dollar range. That can’t be a good financial decision. No way. It can’t help the team be a consistent contender. There are very few organizations that can play that way.

    Padres baseball has never been as good as it is now and for the bast 4 seasons they have done it WITHOUT signing the big name free-agents. Most Padre fans forget that we had the second best record in the NL last year. Yeah we lost in the first round but by everyones admission to a weaker Cardinals team that just got hot at the right time (and went on to win the WS). being one of the final 8 gives you a chance at the ring. I don’t buy the line that there is some kind of player out there that can magically carry your team to that ring if you just give him 20 million dollars. Who was that player this trading deadline? Why didn’t the dodgers, Angels, Yankees, Red Sox or Cubs (the ONLY teams that can afford to gamble 20 million) go and get him? It’s silly logic.

    IF the Padres trade Peavy in the next two seasons and get good young players that can get them into the playoffs for 4 more consecutive years I don’t think I’d be that upset.

    Remember when we traded promising young ace Adam Eaton to the Rangers?

    Deep down I think Peavy just really wants to pitch for the Braves and the Braves are one of those teams that keeps on forking out money so will have the resources to pay him what he wants. That’s how baseball works. A guy pays his dues in his early twenties and then gets super rich in his thirties. I don’t blame him and I don’t blame the Padres.

    keep winning the division and one of these days it will click. (See the Braves of the 90’s).

  28. pokerforprofit said,

    The Padres are such a different team with Milton Bradley in the lineup. I believe if he was healthy the last two weeks we would be leading the division. He makes that big a difference.

    He was an aquisition made toward the deadline. Because he did not cost a ton of money the front office gets no credit for the signing. I do not understand this logic; big money = good deal, small money = bad deal. What!?

    The only “big name” player to change teams at the deadline was Mark Texiera. Sure we could use the bat, but you also have to play him in the field and there is nowhere for him to play thus you cannot sign him.

    Give the front office credit. If Milton stays healthy and CY is not gone for a long period of time I still feel we will catch the D-backs. They are showing signs of cooling off just in time for the big 4 game series next week.

  29. danielbalc said,

    You couldn’t be more right about the public perception and how ridiculous it is. Big Money = Good trade.

    We are only 2 losses behind the D-backs. the 3 1/2 GB means nothing, losses is how you know how far back you really are. 2 games is hardly anything. I’m feeling pretty good especially now that Maddux is pitching up to form.

    Check this site
    that talks about pitching and giving pitchers a “game score” to define how good their performance is. Peavy and Young are the top 2 pitchers in the NL. The formula is actually quite neat. Remember Peavy’s game against AZ where he fanned 16 in 7 innings? That scored him a 89. He AVERAGES a 63. Best in baseball
    If only he could pitch 8 or 9 innings. That would be something. DEATH TO THE PITCH COUNT!

  30. danielbalc said,

    How about them Padres?

    Always nice to win a series. Nicer to win a series on the road. Nicer to win a series against the best team in the NL (record wise). That was playoff type baseball and the Padres did what it takes to win those types of games.

    Lets carry that momentum into this big series with Philly

  31. pokerforprofit said,

    Milton Bradley

    We are sooooo much better with him in the lineup.

    We are also a much better hitting team on the road. Even in the post-game interview Adrian said “we feel comfortable hitting on the road”.

    Well, I guess that means they do NOT feel comfortable hitting at home. Until they get this mental block out of their heads that they cannot score runs at Petco we will never reach our full potential.

    This is the 4th season in Petco and we are still talking about it, inexcusable. GET OVER IT!

  32. Pablo Honey said,

    K.T. needs to start some negotiations with Milton Bradley for the next couple seasons ASAP. He is such a player, by far the best on our team. His injury history is scary, but otherwise he doesn’t seem at all like the crazy guy who was on the Dodgers.

  33. danielbalc said,

    What Adrian said (and it’s a fact) is that the ball he hit for the game winning homer last night would only be a double at PETCO.

    It’s not a mental block or an excuse or anything like that. It’s factual, it’s harder to hit a HR to right field at PETCO then at any other park in baseball (except MAYBE AT&T).

    here’s a-go’s quote…

    “In San Diego, that (winning) ball I hit is a double,” Gonzalez said. “If that’s in Petco, that’s off the wall.”

    That’s basically the same things we heard from Klesko and Nevin and Giles and every other hitter on the team. Listen, they had the same issue in Detroit, http://detroit.tigers.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20050613&content_id=1087996&vkey=allstar2005&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb

    They moved the fences in there and now that team is an offensive powerhouse.

    Personally I prefer a low scoring pitching duel so I don’t want them to move the fences in, nevertheless it seems reasonable to me a for a hitter (esp a left handed hitter) to take a look at right field and visualize a beautiful new visitors bullpen where the current warning track is.

  34. danielbalc said,

    Doesn’t seem like that crazy guy on the dodgers? Did you watch him last night? WIth the chest pumping and the getting into it with the fans?

    He’s just as crazy as ever, we just tolerate it now that he’s on our team.

  35. danielbalc said,

    He may not be the “crazy guy” but he is hitting out of his mind right now. How about his pop fly home run? WOW!

    Adrian Gonzalez has no complaints about citizens bank park that’s for sure.

    How about the umps taking a run off the board in Philly? that’s a risky thing to do, but rules are rules.

  36. danielbalc said,

    seriously, this is a team that can’t hit?

    Milton Bradley is a HUGE difference maker.

  37. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Bradley is risky. When he’s healthy he is the BIG bat we’ve been needing. But can you risk a big contract on him? If he keeps healthy the rest of the way the Padres will win the West. Got to have CY back too.

  38. danielbalc said,

    Nice new handle there Lynn,

    The article this morning discussing how Bradley is fitting into the club house was very enlightening. In particular the exchange where Bradley said, “Adrian Gonzalez is my favorite player… ever.” and Adrian Gonzalez saying, “Milton Bradley is my favorite player.” I was afraid he wouldn’t fit in but he seems to be an exceptional club house guy. Have you seen how after he hits a home run he goes up toward B Giles in the dug out and acts like he’s going to kiss him? It’s pretty funny.

    The good thing about a guy like Bradley, contract wise, is that he can be had relativley cheap. Even if he has a big post season (which I expect he will) the Padres could probably get him on a 3 year deal in the 20 million dollar range.

    Peavy is going to command 20 million per season when he hits the open market. Yikes.

    Winning one of the next two games would be HUGE especially with the arms we are going to be throwing at the phils. IF we win both of the next two you can buy your post season tickets.

  39. Defending FFL Champ said,

    I knew he made a difference but the following stat proves it. “Without Bradley in the lineup this year, the Padres batted .241 and scored an average of 4.29 runs. In the 24 games he has started, they’ve batted .276 and scored an average of 5.28 runs.”

    If he can be had relatively cheap then they should try to sign him.

  40. danielbalc said,

    That was a pretty darn good road trip. We were a blown save in game one away from a 5 and 1 east coast trip. WOW. Especially handling the “everything on the line” Phillies, in game 2. Had we lost that game it wouldn’t have been a huge deal, but for them losing THAT game was like watching their playoff hopes disappear. It says a lot about a team to beat a team that has more to play for.

    I feel good.

  41. pokerforprofit said,

    This is the biggest homestand of the year. Hopefully we can take 3 out of 4 against the D-backs and put the Dodgers out the playoff race for good.

    I also hope CY is healthy because Mr. Stauffer did not look too good and we need him for this playoff push.

  42. danielbalc said,

    Last nights game was amazing.

    I’ve been keeping score at games lately just for fun and I think I may have been the only who noticed that Peavy had fanned 7 straight before issuing a walk. I remembered from earlier in the season that 10 was the major league record (Peavy got 9 against AZ in april) so I had my fingers crossed. Oh well.

    I was feeling so dejected when Milton got totally fooled on a 61 MPH curve ball in the dirt with runners on 2nd and 3rd and only one out. But miraculously two unheard of things happened. Peavy was allowed to pitch the seventh (even though he was due up first leading off the bottom of the sixth and had already thrown over 100 pitches) AND Blum came through with a no-doubt 2-run shot to not only win the game but give Peavy his 15th W of the season and insure him as the front runner for the Cy Young award. Every other NL pitcher now has to do something incredible if they hope to take that award from Peavy.

  43. danielbalc said,

    Bad news for most of my readers. Check out who Jake Peavy compares Milton Bradley to….

    “Milton brings a great dimension that we haven’t had since I’ve been here,” says ace Jake Peavy, who set a club record for career strikeouts Monday, fanning 11 Diamondbacks to push his total to 1,047. “He plays with a chip on his shoulder. He takes it personally. He brings an animation we haven’t had since Phil Nevin. “

  44. pokerforprofit said,

    The difference is Bradley actually hits the ball OUT of the park, not to the warning track.

    Big win last night, hopefully CY will make the start on Thursday and we can take 3 out of 4.

    I think the D backs are worried their magic is wearing off, you cannot score less runs than you give up and win a division as tough as the West this year.

  45. Alex said,

    I find myself asking, “I wonder who’s going to hit one out tonight?”

    I love it.

  46. danielbalc said,

    Second most monthly Home Run total for any Padre team? Didn’t we have a team with Greg Vaughn, Ken Caminiti and Steve Finley on it?

    This is pretty darn impressive.

    Beating Brandon Webb in convincing fashion last night was unbelievable considering how PHENOMENAL he has been his last 6 games (ERA since all star break just a shadow about a run).

  47. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Brandon Webb has a losing record against the Padres. I guess we have his number.

  48. pokerforprofit said,

    Forget taking 3 out of 4, NOW I WANT A SWEEP BABY!

    We have the upper hand with the pitching matchups the next two days, we have the momentum and we are very simply a better team.

    We need to get this done and send the D-backs out of San Diego in 2nd place!

    (PS. Have we swept a series all year? we are overdue!)

  49. danielbalc said,

    We’ve swept three teams this year. But only been swept once (I think). I do know this. We haven’t had winning streak of 5 games yet. Not once. How is that possible from, statistically, the best starting rotation in baseball?

  50. danielbalc said,

    BTW it was so cool to win last night without getting anything from Bradley. It shows he’s not going to have to carry the team.

  51. pokerforprofit said,

    …And how about Scott Linebrink’s act last night in Chicago. Seen that somewhere before.

    Meanwhile Heath Bell has been lights out recently.

  52. danielbalc said,

    Linebrink’s last 5 outings: 0-3, 4.2 IP, 11 hits, 6 ER, 3BB, 3 K’s. And no saves.


    Meanwhile lets revisit the kouzmanoff/barfield trade

    .245, 14 HR, 53 RBI (368 AB)

    .243, 3 HR, 49 RBI (403 AB)

    While Giles slumped himself out of the job and then got DL’d we can still throw up his numbers and blums for consideration

    M Giles
    .229, 4 HR, 38 RBI (398 AB)

    .252, 3 HR, 23 RBI (234 AB)

    Even with lackluster second base performance I think we got the better end of the deal. Kouz looks like the real deal and coming into the playoff push I’d rather have kouz up with a chance to win it than barfield

  53. danielbalc said,

    Don’t look now but ESPN is even starting to notice the Padres.


    highlight of the article…

    • In August, the Padres ranked third in the major leagues in extra-base hits behind Atlanta and Pittsburgh and seventh in OPS at .816.

    • Giles, providing the spark at leadoff, went deep twice off Owings on Monday, including a mammoth 427-foot shot to right center field. After hitting two homers in the first four months, Giles has gone deep eight times since Aug. 10.

    • Since an 18-11 victory over Houston on July 29, the Padres are hitting .307 on the road. They’ve scored 105 runs in their last 15 games away from Petco Park.

    And the highlight of last weeks baseball quotes was this one from “do-no-wrong” Atlanta first baseman, Mark Texiera…

    “There comes a point in the season when there isn’t any season left.”

    I love it. how true is that?

    That was the consensus “best player acquired at the deadline” speaking for his 71/2 games back Braves.

  54. Defending FFL Champ said,

    “There comes a point in the season when there isn’t any season left.”

    Didn’t Yogi say that?

  55. pokerforprofit said,

    I find myself mildly concerned about a couple of things….

    1) Jake did not pitch too well last night on 3 day’s rest. I don’t know for sure if this was because it was short rest or just a bad outing. However, this is a concern because he will have to pitch on short rest in the playoffs and if he is less effective like last night it could be a problem.

    2) We only throw out 10% of base stealers. Teams are absolutely abusing us on the basepaths and it is getting ridiculous. Any safety is an automatic double and a run in scoring position. I know as an organization they do not put much emphasis on stopping the running game, but rather on making good pitches but this is overboard. This could prove costly in a tight game down the stretch.

  56. danielbalc said,

    To address your concerns Poker…

    1) Indeed Jake didn’t fair well at all on 3 days rest, but then again it isn’t something he’s accustomed to. I’d much rather him try it out NOW then having his first time in two years be in the playoffs, you know what I mean?

    2) Everyone harps on this but the fact of the matter is we have a great record and are in the thick of winning our third straight division title. We couldn’t throw out runners last year and we won. We can’t throw them out this year and we still win. I think the organizational philosophy is just right. and the record proves it. It’s the same thing with the low batting average, or the “lack of power”. You can look at any weakness but the bottom line is the wins and losses. BTW the Pads have the same number of losses as the d-backs so that “1 game lead” doesn’t really mean anything.

    I also feel much better about CY even after his rough start. He needs to go through those things to find his release point again. It’s better now than in the playoffs, like Jake on three days. Try it now. Work it out. Get used to it.

    This team has played extremely well and will continue to do so throughout this final month. Arizona is going have it’s hands full with Stl, and if we can take two out of three from the rocks and dogs we will have pretty much distanced ourselves from every other competitors. We’re in prefect position. Now lets do it.

  57. pokerforprofit said,

    Over 162 game season you can hide your problems prettly easily.

    In a 5 game playoff series you cannot. Everything is magnified. If you allow a team to steal 7 bases against you in 1 game you will lose more often than not.

    I am not advocating that we lead the league in caught stealing, just be respectable in that department. Right now no one feels they will be thrown out stealing against us and that is dangerous.

    There is nothing that can be done about it now, I just hope we are not having this conversation in a month as the reason we did not get it done.

  58. danielbalc said,

    “Right now no one feels they will be thrown out stealing against us and that is dangerous.”

    this could work to our advantage with ptich outs and pick off attempts. Again, I’m not concerned.

  59. Alex said,


    I love your Marty mentality. So just as long as we make it into the playoffs we’re alright? NO. We have concerns.

    1) Chris Young. He still is not 100%. If the Padres would have forked out more cash(yeah I said it, spent some money) to get another pitcher they wouldn’t be in dire straights to have him pitch when he’s not 100% healthy. We need him healthy for the playoffs. Last week you could tell that he wasn’t throwing off the mound like he normally does. His velocity was noticeably not there. Are you going to now tell me that pitching isn’t just about velocity? Well I already know that but it definitely helps.

    2) Base stealing.

    Poker is absolutely right. You will always have runners to deal with so deal with them the way you are supposed to. There is a reason why you need to keep them at first base (and second base for that matter).

    3) Regular season vs. Post season

    Beyond what you may think there is a difference. Level of play is elevated. Somethings that may have worked in regular season may not work in the post season. That is just a fact. Marty never figured this out and neither did Bochy. Adjustments are huge.

    I recommend we focus on the wild card and get ready for post season play. We need to get another with post season experience. Your record in the regular season doesn’t matter once your in the playoffs, just ask the Cardinals. =)

  60. danielbalc said,

    Alex, I don’t understand your marty reference.


    CY NEEDS these starts to work out the rust and fears he got after the oblique strain. i don’t expect him to be as he was before. it’s not like he can go to AAA and do some rehab because the minor league season is over. These last three starts are essentially rehab starts. That is why I am not concerned.

    Again, the base stealing thing is a weakness, EVERY TEAM has weaknesses. This is not one that hurts as much as say, A weak bullpen. Something other teams have to deal with more than we do.

    You’re wrong about Bochy, he did take us to the world series remember that?

    Focus on the Wild card? what the heck? we have the same losses as Arizona. that means if we win just 1 more game than they do during this final month we win the division. Focus on the wild card? crazy.

    there is a difference in playoffs and regular season but I don’t think the difference is felt on the side lines as much as between them. this is why teams with players who have playoff experience seem to succeed more than others. the Chargers players have now experienced 2 playoff sessions. This is to their advantage. Same goes for most of the players on the Padres roster. That’s why I think this team looks very good and why the Padres (I think) are in a much better spot than the D-backs, Cubs, Brewers or Phillies. Only two teams in the hunt (mets, and cards) have the kind of recent playoff experience the pads have.

    And even though black is a first year manager he was the pitching coach for a world series champion and his teams have a lot of playoff experience, plus he has a good friendship with halos skipper mike socia and he’s a good guy to get tips from

  61. Alex said,


    I’m just a little frustrated because we are hitting a lot better and even showing some consistency but we have issues that need to be addressed more than “Oh, let’s just wait it out.” While we wait things out other teams that know what it takes to win in the playoffs are gearing up. Looking down at our farm team and wondering who can help us win in the playoffs is very unlikely help. I think Jack Cassell did pretty good on his first outing but he’s still caught up in the “Wow, we get to take a plane to the next away game?” KT needs to break out the checkbook and invest in this team. Another experienced starter would be nice.

    BTW, when is Barrett coming back? With him we at least have a slight chance of throwing a runner out.

  62. danielbalc said,


    A) You can’t add anyone else to your team in September no matter how much money you have or don’t have.

    B) You can’t address something like throwing out baserunners the last month of the season either. You play the hand your dealt and our particular hand as far as the catcher position doesn’t need to be addressed any more and as far as pitchers it doens’t make sense to put all kinds of pressure on them to change what they have been doing all season.

    C) I don’t think the Padres waited anything out at all this year. They were more agressive than I have ever seen them be, trading away Linebrink, releasing Wells. Acquiring Bradley and Barrett and Mackowiak and Ensberg and Tomko. You can accuse them of not investing in a huge long term deal, but you can’t accuse them of being cheap or standing pat. Those are two things they haven’t done.

    C) Barrett has been back for a couple of games now but isn’t starting because Bard has been swinging a hot bat.

  63. danielbalc said,

    In case you guys missed it amongst all the excitement of the football season starting but the Padres had a very bad week. 2 wins and 4 losses to the Dbacks and Rockies hurts, but what might hurt even more is the fact that we lost Milton Bradley to an oblique strain. DANG IT!

    Yesterday the Padres were down by one run in the top of the 8th. Runners on 1st and third and Padres send up a pinch hitter by the name of Brian Myrow. A September call up. He of course grounded into an inning ending double play.

    Someone needs to remind Bud Black that we are in a pennant race here and we could really use some victories.

    Not only that but we had 2 guys thrown out at home, IN THE SAME INNING! AHHHHH

    First Morgan Ensberg and then Michael Barrett who didn’t even slide.

    We aren’t in position to start giving away games like this. Cmon Padres keep it together.

    I’m not panicking just yet, again we are only 2 back in the loss column, but now is not the time to be lazing around the base paths and serving coffee to guys who’ll never be big leaguers.

  64. pokerforprofit said,

    It is amazing how quickly penant race baseball takes a back seat to week 1 in the NFL season. America loves their football.

    Anyway, we are officially in trouble. Without Milton in the lineup we cannot score runs consistently. I do not expect him back for the rest of the season. It takes a normal healer 2-3 weeks to get over an oblique strain and he is not a normal healer.

    We are really going to have to pitch well to maintain our wild card lead. Stranger things have happened, but right now things do not look good.

  65. Alex said,

    Jack Cassell to the rescue!!!!!!

  66. Defending FFL Champ said,

    It’s time to panick!

  67. danielbalc said,

    BIG win last night. Jake is sooooo good.

    Weird that we didn’t hit any home runs in Colorado over three games and then in the first game in LA we hit 4. The loge level shot from Blum was only the 17th ever to reach those seats. Dodgers stadium is like 50 years old. That’s nuts.

    Taking a look at the upcoming schedule and you have to think things look very favorable for the Pads.

    as of today we are 1 game back in the loss column from the D-backs.

    Of our 19 remaining games 6 are vs the last place Giants and 4 are verse the last place Pirates. the other 9 are vs the Dodgers (2), Rockies (3) and Brewers (4)

    Arizona and the Dodgers have to play each other 6 more times and the Dodgers also have to play Colorado 6 more times. This means none of them are going to be able to run away and if any do the Padres are still in fine shape for the wild card.

    The only team we need to be worried about is the Phillies but they have 12 of their last 18 against contenders.

    So the schedule is in our favor now we just need to go out and play like we are capable of playing and get ready to take on the Cubs? Brewers? Cardinals? or Mets?

  68. danielbalc said,

    Great series. I love playing the giaints and barroid. We so own them. Pads are in GREAT position to secure their place in the playoffs with 4 against the Pirates now.

  69. pokerforprofit said,

    I still like our chances of catching the D-backs. We should take 3 out of 4 from the Bucs and with a little help could be in first real soon.

    We have been getting some late offense that has helped us along lately. Hopefully we can be more consistent with run producing to take some pressure off the starters but I doubt it with Milton out.

  70. danielbalc said,

    Speaking of catching the D-backs. With their loss to the giaints last night they dropped to 67 losses on the year. That also happens to be the same number of losses the Padres have. What have I been telling you people? The loss column is what matter! IN other words, this Padres team is tied for first. They are also just 1 loss behind the mets, meaning we could be looking at home field advantage.

    How about that all you naysayers?

    Last nights shutout was the 20th of the year a new franchise record and far above the next lowest team (boston with 13). Heck if we throw shut outs in our last 13 games we could break a hundred year old record. OK so that won’t happen but what about 3 more? that would tie the most by a team since the 98 Braves (Remember them? They were the NL favorite till they got knocked of in the NLCS by the roided-Padres).

    These Padres are good, really good. Pay attention people!!!!

  71. danielbalc said,

    One other note about tonights game. The Padres haven’t won 5 in a row yet this season. And they are going to face a real test tonight if they want to get that 5th straight. They face a very, very good pitcher in Tom Gorzelanny. How good? Consider the guy’s record is 14-7 pitching for the PIRATES. His ERA is 3.45 and he beat the Padres in May allowing just 1 run in 7 innings.

    This is going to be tough.

  72. Pablo Honey said,

    Scott Hairston baby! What a huge win for this team, we need to keep this going. We have been waiting all year to get on a good long winning streak, hopefully we can carry this momentum through the last 11 games and into the playoffs. If we can finish 8-3 or better over these last 11 I believe we will be sitting on home field advantage throughout the NL playoffs. This last stretch is where having veteran players who have been through this before can make all the difference, I think that Arizona’s youth will end up hurting them over these next 2 weeks. It sure is exciting isn’t it!?

  73. danielbalc said,

    With the Padres sitting on 85 wins with 10 games to go I am feeling pretty good about the fact that I predicted on my “Padres prediction Post” that the Pads would “realistically” win 90 games. I think I underestimated them. (of course my optimistic was 103)

  74. pokerforprofit said,

    I also would like a pat on the back for my original comments about how the season would shape up and what it would take for us to 3-peat as division champs.

    I predicted left field would need to be upgraded for us to have a shot and it did and it was with the additions of Hairston and Bradley.

    I predicted that 90 wins would not win the division ths year but more like 93-97 and it looks like 93 is going to be the number. I just had the other teams that would be in contention wrong. If we go 7-3 over the last 10 we will be at 93 and I believe we will win the division.

    I also predicted that we would only have a chance if Maddux and Greene stayed healthy and produced. They have both been healthy all year (knock on wood) and have both produced like we hoped they would.

    I should do this for a living.

  75. Pablo Honey said,

    Pathetic showing by the offense tonight, and now our bullpen is tired and we don’t have a day off for the rest of the season. Need a strong start from Cassel tomorrow or we could be in trouble.

  76. Defending FFL Champ said,

    What are we going to do with Cameron? I wouldn’t be disappointed if they didn’t resign him. If they do resign him they need to move him down in the batting order. You can’t have a guy hitting .245 and striking out ~160 times a year batting second.

  77. pokerforprofit said,

    I think we are seeing why Mr. Bradley cannot stick with a team despite his terrific offensive ability.

    He gets hurt way too much and in the most unusual of fashions (swinging a bat and arguing with an umpire?? crazy.)

    This team is going to have to get off the mat and take care of business in these last 7 games.

    The good news is we get the Giants who we have dominated this year and I would say sweeping them is necessary.

    Then we get the Brewers and it appears they may be eliminated by the time we play them. If we can take 3 of 4 we should be in. The vets on this team need to step up and lead this team this week.

    I still believe we can get it done and the division is not out of the question as the D-backs get to travel across country and play the Pirates and then finish in Coors field against the scorching Rockies. I see some losses in there.

  78. danielbalc said,

    First rule of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy…

    bring a towel?


    Don’t Panic.

    yeah, that was a tough, tough series. Especially losing that first game. BUT I’d rather be the wild card leader than a wild card chaser. It’s that simple. Yes one win would have eliminated the Rockies and yes, the Phillies don’t look like they will ever lose, but don’t panic. Both the phillies and the rockies WISH they were in the Padres situation.

    As for Bradley, I was listening to the radio and Ted Leitner was furious at Bradley. I assumed this was another Bradley being Bradley incidents as well until I watched the replay and heard from Booby Meachem, who, if you watch the replay actually took the first step towards the umpire because what he had said was so inappropriate.

    Not only did Meachem and Black defend Bradley but Sandy Alderson (who is NOT known for defending players) came out against the umpire on this one.

    that’s pretty amazing. I sure hope he’s not injured.

    Meanwhile Cameron also could be hurt. Meaning our playoff outfield could very well be Hairston, Clark and Giles.

  79. pokerforprofit said,

    that’s pretty amazing. I sure hope he’s not injured.

    Well so much for that. It looks like we will be playing the rest of the year (and hopefully the postseason) without Bradley. The Chargers could use Bud Black on defense after that take down, geez, go easy on him Buddy! Oh well, we need to move on with what we have and grind out some wins this week.

  80. danielbalc said,

    Well the news keeps getting worse. Cameron looks to be out for the rest of the season as well. AND That same psycho umpiring crew is supposed to be officiating in Milwaukee for the final 4 games of the regular season. oh man.

  81. Alex said,

    I appreciate Chris Youngs effort but at this point he is hurting the team more than helping. He needs to rest and get ready for next season. You never know we might have a star down in the Minors that’s ready to shine.

  82. pokerforprofit said,

    That was a huge win and one we had to have after both the Phils and Dbacks lost. The way we won gives us so much momentum and with Jake going tonight I like our chances.

    2 back in the division and Arizona has to finish on the road in Colorado. We can still win this division.

    Our offense should not struggle in Miller park as it is definitely a hitter’s park.

  83. Pablo Honey said,

    The problem is that we are actually 3 back in the division because if we finish tied with the D-backs they win the division by virtue of winning the season series. We need them to finish 2-3 or worse over the last 5 and we need to win them all.

  84. danielbalc said,

    Yesterdays d-backs loss could be a killer. They rallied back from 5-1 to tie it at 5-5 and then lost it in the 8th inning.

    As for the dbacks having the tie breaker. Yeah, that is a bummer. In fact I think the rockies and phillies also have tie breaker advantages on us. But guess who doesn’t; The Mets who are just 1 game ahead of us.

    We control our destiny. Just win and your in. 5 games to go. here are your probables
    Peavy vs Misch,
    Cassel vs Gallardo,
    Maddux vs Sheets,
    Young vs Bush
    Tomko vs Suppan

  85. Pablo Honey said,

    Out of all the matchups left, the one that concerns me most is tonight. Why? Certainly not because of Peavy, I am sure he will be fine. The problem is that Misch is a left handed pitcher. What did our 4 game losing streak have in common? All 4 games were against left handed starters. We are awful against lefties, and luckily Misch is the last lefty starter that we face. Let’s hope we can get a few runs on the board early tonight and take the pressure off Peavy. Hopefully we can get out with a quick win and get on our way to Milwaukee ASAP. If we go in to extra innings tonight it is going to be brutal.

  86. danielbalc said,

    I noticed the left handed thing as well. It does make me a little nervous, but if we can get into that bullpen we have a shot.

  87. danielbalc said,

    How unprecedented is this? Mike Winters is being suspended for the remainder of the season.


    I still wonder if we are going to get fair rulings from that umpiring crew the last 4 games.

    3 things that scare me about this.

    1) Crew Chief Bruce Froemming, is a native of Milwaukee. he’s been a great ump for many years and announced earlier this season that he would be retiring at the end of the year. They arranged it so that his last games would be at home. How can you live in a place your whole life and not be just a little bit of a fan of the team?

    2) Backlash. You know the umps on that crew cannot be happy about their friend being suspended.

    3) The replacement. usually they use minor league umps as the replacement. This is a crucial series you want the best not some AAA guy.

  88. Pablo Honey said,

    Good move by MLB. It is very rare for them to act out against the umps, so they are obviously sure that he crossed the line. I am not worried about backlash in this next series, and you are definitely being paranoid. If Winter’s was working then I would be concerned, but Froemming is a good ump, there won’t be any problems. I hope that the payers don’t start thinking that they are going to be treated unfairly this week, because that is setting yourself up with excuses for failure. We just need to play 5 more games of solid baseball and we’ll be in business.

  89. pokerforprofit said,

    I thought Ben Sheets was hurt? That makes a it a tough day for us. I can’t wait until Linebrink comes in to hold a lead or a small deficit. That should be fun.

    I also bet they start Peavy on Sunday if we need the game, however, his record working on three day’s rest is less than stellar.

  90. danielbalc said,

    Ben Sheets is hurt. But could still play. I’m penciling him in unless the Brewers are eliminated (a strong possibility)


  91. danielbalc said,

    Shame on the Dodgers. Obviously not wanting to help out the Padres any they decided to field a AAA roster last night.

    “Fogg faced a lineup that included Chin-Lung Hu, Delwyn Young, Andy LaRoche, Chad Moeller and Wilson Valdez — all September callups. They were a combined 2-for-16 with four strikeouts, with Young getting both hits.”

    Not surprisingly the Rockies won their 10th in a row 2-0.


    The good thing is that D-backs won’t do the same thing against the rockies, and even if they did, it works well for us. having those two teams play each other the final weekend couldn’t have turned out any better for the Padres.

    Pads are a game back with 4 to play and have the same overall record as the mets. Home field advantage is right there. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that 90 and 72 will be the best record in the NL..

    If John Smoltz can shut down the phillies and Loaiza can beat the Rockies the Padres can take a deep breath. BUt I don’t think those things are happening so we gotta just keep winning.

  92. pokerforprofit said,

    This is the best pennant race in recent years. No NL playoff spot has been filled and there are only 4 games left! Amazing.

    Here are my predictions for the day’s action:

    I think the D-backs will rebound and salvage 1 win today with Brandon Webb on the bump.

    I think the Braves will be able to win today with Smoltz pitching a nice game.

    I think the Rox will win against yet another AAA lineup sent out by the Dodgers.

    I think the Padres will find a way to win because they have so much momentum and a very rested bullpen.

    Any way you slice it the Pads just have to keep their head down and win games. If we do that we will be in the playoffs come Sunday.

  93. pokerforprofit said,

    Well, the Dbacks are starting Owings instead of Webb fearing a rain delay will blow his start. Interesting. Maybe the Pirates can win this one after all.

  94. danielbalc said,

    What a great day to have HD and a leather recliner. Padres play at 5 The office season premier is at 9. And the best part? Athena and I watched a three hour performance of “Camelot” (Starring Lou Diamond Phillips) at the civic theater last night so I’ve earned this one baby. Get me a pint of Golden Spoon and put the cell phone on silent mmmmmmmm.

  95. amyleesspace said,

    This is a GREAT day.. (besides the fact that I’m sick) I have been looking forward to this day all week. I’m anxious for yes the Office, and the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. I LOVE that show! Ofcourse there will be golden spoon involved, the night just would not be complete 🙂 My specialty coffee with choc sprinkles ( or as us New Hampshire people call them “jimmys” )

  96. amyleesspace said,

    oh AND it’s Shepherd’s Pie night! I don’t think this night could get any better 🙂

  97. danielbalc said,

    Here is my prediction for the weekend (and October)

    NL East-
    Mets- win 2 of 3 but Phils own the tie breaker head to head (12-6). 89-73
    Phillies- momentum get stopped on Sunday but 2 of 3 is enough to win the east- 89-73

    NL Central-
    Cubs- Getting right just in time sweep- 86-76
    Brewers- failing to walk through open doors kills team morale. 1 of 3 ends them at 82-80

    NL West-
    D-backs- getting the Rockies in Colorado was the best possible scheduling scenario (for the Padres). They win 1 out of 3- 90-72
    Rocks- too little too late- 2 out of 3 ends them at 89-73 It was exciting though.
    Padres- Winning 2 out 3 is a tie for the division so the Padres are the wild card team- 90-72

    This puts us up against the Phillies in the first round. They’re hot, but so are we. Pitching rotation favors the Padres as a well rested Peavy wins game 1, a well experienced Maddux takes game 2 and a rejuvenated Young wins game 3 in PETCO

    It’s the D-backs vs the Cubs with the young D-back wilting under pressure. Cubs in 4

    NLCS- 1984 rewind. Padres win in 5 again.

    WS- 1998 rewind but this time the Yanks don’t get the umpires in their back pocket (Thanks to the Milton Bradley explosion they are extra careful to be fair). Padres in 5.

    Mark October 29 on your calendars!

    Can you dig it?

  98. pokerforprofit said,

    As far as I am concerned, Bud Black earned his keep this year with the two moves he made last night.

    The temptation was there to leave Cassell in to see if he could get the last out in the 5th to get credit for the win. He was pitching well up to that point and pitch count was no concern. Black was having none any of that and went to the pen.

    In comes Meredith who promptly beans Braun. Now the temptation is there to allow Meredith to try and get Fielder out so he does not have to burn two pitchers to record 1 out. He does not sucumb though and brings in Thatcher and we are out of the bases loaded jam with no damage.

    It is safe to say Bochy would not have made those moves as he was notorious for leaving guys in one hitter too long. That may have saved our season Props Buddy.

    In regards to the tiebreaker, I am really confused. It seems to me that head-to-head does not break the tie?? They were talking about a 1 game playoff if two teams finish with the same record, not looking at the head-to-head first. I don’t get it.

  99. danielbalc said,

    I was too until I read up on it.

    head to head ONLY counts for division.

    So even though the Phils beat us head to head if we finished with the same record it would go to a play off.

    conversely the Phils have a better head to head over the mets so they would win the division and even though we beat the mets it would go to a play off.

    If we tied with the rockies they would win the division and we would face whoever has the same record as us in the wild card. I think.

    Suppose this happens
    Rocks sweep
    mets sweep
    Phillies sweep
    Pads win 2

    That’s 4 teams with 90-72

    What makes sense to me is that the rockies and Phillies are in and we play the mets for the wild card. But no one is saying that. That’s just what I imagined.


    Here is the only thing that I think changes it all. SINCE all 4 have the same record and yet none of the 4 has an advantage over the other 3. (i.e. the rocks and phils have us but we have the mets and the mets have the rocks etc). They just throw it all out and play #1 for the division (Col AT SD; Phil AT NY) and then the losers play each other for the WC.

    i guess this works

  100. danielbalc said,

    Regarding Bochy, how quickly we forget that he took us to back to back division titles with teams (I’d say) less superior than this one.

  101. pokerforprofit said,

    Well, this is true but a bit of a misnomer.

    In 2005 we only won 82 games. Usually not enough to ever get into the playoffs, we just played in a terrible division.

    In 2006 we did win 88 games which is a good season and then he got fired. Nonetheless, Black will surpass that total this year.

  102. danielbalc said,

    As of right now we will not be able to watch the playoffs in HD because cox doesn’t have TBS HD.

    If you are a cox customer please take a minute and click this link and write to them requesting that they add TBS HD this week!


  103. pokerforprofit said,

    You seem to be wrong on your tiebreaker understanding.

    Head-to-head record means nothing for anyone. There will be a playoff if we finish with the same record as the Dbacks no matter what.

    See here


  104. pokerforprofit said,

    The head-to-head record seems to indicate WHERE the game will be played.

    This means if we can win 2 out of 3, the Phillies lose at least once, the Mets lose at least once, and the Rox can sweep the Dbacks we will win the division.

    A very real possiblity.

  105. danielbalc said,

    No. I’m not wrong. The head to head doesn’t apply to where, that was decided by a coin flip yesterday.

    The head to head applies if and only if the two teams tied for the division have a record higher than any other contending wild card team.

  106. danielbalc said,

    only if it’s rockies, phillies, Padres for the wild card does head to head come into play and then only to chose the round robin format.

    And the aforementioned division IF the other is guaranteed the WC.

  107. Pablo Honey said,

    I’m dizzy….

  108. pokerforprofit said,

    I like our chances of winning the division outright.

    I think the best the D-backs can hope for right now is to win 1 game this weekend. The Rockies are on fire and playing at home in front of a sold out crowd. A sweep is not out of the question.

    The Brewers will be out of contention with a Cubs win and a Padres win today. This means there will be a letdown for the last two games and we should be able to win those games.

    I look for us to win the next 3 and the D-back to lose at least 2 to give us our 3rd straight division title.

  109. Bruce S. said,

    I look for us to win the next 3 and the D-back to lose at least 2 to give us our 3rd straight division title.

    I agree. And I am planning on handing over $5 to Alex soon. I also think getting swept again in the World Series is a very real possibility, because I don’t see any good reason why the Padres won’t be in it.

  110. danielbalc said,

    OK so that one stings a little bit.

    OK a lot.

    But it’s all following suit as I described in comment #97.

    I apologize for my premature texts to those of you who received it. I won’t make that mistake again.

    It’s all number 19’s fault. he taught his boy too well.

  111. Alex said,

    Looks like I’m paying up. This stinks.

  112. Anthony said,

    The great San Diego choke! Padres and Chargers! So sad it’s funny.

  113. pokerforprofit said,

    Colorado seemingly has the upper hand.

    They are playing at home in front of a raucous crowd. They have momentum, winners of 13 of their last 14. They have the best offense in the NL, playing in a park known for offense.

    One quote says it all,

    “Momentum is only as good as the next day’s starting pitcher.”

    What the Padres have going for them is the best pitcher in the game this year on the bump with full rest in the biggest game of the year.

    Jake has had great years before only to disapear when it matters most. This is his chance at redemption and if we are to play in October he is going to have to pitch one heck of game, I hope he has it in him.

    Go Jake, go Padres!

  114. Alex said,

    If they beat Jake they deserve to be in the playoffs. This is the same team that came to Petco and swept us when we were considered one of the hottest teams in baseball.

    Prediction: 7-3 Padres victory

  115. danielbalc said,

    with regards to comment #102.

    I sent an e-mail. they replied to my email. What is more. They (COX) now have TBS HD. How cool is that? I’m super psyched. how rare is it that you request something and it actually happens?

    Cable is like a god or something.

  116. danielbalc said,

    painful, painful.

    Holliday still hasn’t touched home.

    gotta get the call right.

    That being said. Anyone else want to vote for that as the best “regular season” game ever?

  117. Bruce S. said,

    Said Padres manager Bud Black: “It looked to me like he did get it.”

    Speaking of getting calls right, apparently 6 umps couldn’t identify a home run (Atkins’).

  118. Anthony said,

    Too bad about the call but that is part of baseball. The homerun, I thought was over the fence. But, when it comes down to it, touch the plate or not, Trevor gave it up. The Rockies deserve the wild card because of what they did as a team down the stretch. They never gave up. The padres lost some key players at the end so it hurts. Next year.

  119. Albino Hayford said,

    I stayed up very late to watch the game. I called Pastor Doug to congratulate him after the Pads went up by 2 runs. He reminded me that in San Diego, teams always break hearts and disappoint. He was right. Ouch!!

    Is that guy “Blum” related to Mark Blum?

  120. danielbalc said,

    But, when it comes down to it, touch the plate or not, Trevor gave it up.

    This is the basic sentiment I got via text from my fav-5 last night. I don’t buy it.

    Yes Hoffman blew the save, however IF he gets the call right he doesn’t get the loss (or at least not on that play). In other words if he’s out and Trevor then gives up a two out hit then I would say fine, Trevor is the goat. But as it stands (and will stand for decades) Tim McClellan is the goat.

    Said Padres manager Bud Black: “It looked to me like he did get it.”

    yeah and then there’s this…

    “The ump said I was safe,” Holliday said. “I don’t remember. But I hit my chin pretty good. I got stepped on and banged my chin. I’m all right.”

    This game is the classic case for why MLB should have some sort of instant replay.

    And as for the questionable hr/double call, you saw them come out and talk to the she-male, She himself said it hit the yellow.

    And what was with that guys crazy outfit and toupee? WOW!

  121. Alex said,


    Are you his illegitimate child or something? Save your breath on trying to defend Hoffman.
    The guy blew the save just like he did on Saturday. The Rockies are not fooled by his stuff anymore and therefore they tattoed every ball he threw. Like I said yesterday, if the Rockies beat our Ace we deserve to not be in the playoffs.

  122. Alex said,

    BTW, I don’t know if you noticed but they weren’t just hitting Peavy and Hoffman, they were CRUSHING Peavy and Hoffman. I also felt they left Peavy in a little longer than they should have,especially when you have an awesome bullpen that includes Bell, Brocail and Thatcher(those 3 guys were unbelievable).

  123. pokerforprofit said,

    The bottom line is we had a chance to go the post-season twice in the last 3 games by giving the best closer in history the ball with a lead in the final inning and we lost both games.

    You can look at alot of factors as to why we lost last night. Peavy pitched horrible for Peavy’s standards. We were horrible with RISP and left a small army on base. However, we had a two-run lead needing 3 outs to clinch a birth and Hoffman flat-out choked.

    That is a harsh reality. Maybe next year.

  124. Alex said,

    I just watched the post game interview with Hoffman and I have to say, “That guy is genuine and he does take full responsibility for that loss”. You have to respect that. Unfortunately, it still hurts.

  125. danielbalc said,

    I wrote a whole post for you all to see how I really feel about this.


  126. pokerforprofit said,

    Well, looks like Mike Cameron is officially a moron and a cheater.

    He got busted for the second time for taking a “banned substance”.

    This is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels. I am quick to throw stones at other players who cheat and Cameron is no different just because he plays for the Padres (although whatever chance he had of coming back may have just been squashed).

    How he can come to the conclusion that taking this stimulant was a good idea is beyond me after he already got busted for it once before.

    He also cost himself alot of money as he is looking for a new contract this year.

    This steriod\stimulant scandal is going to get a lot worse before it gets better as there is talk that names will be released in conjuction with the Mitchell investigation.

    I think it would be easier to list names of those who did not cheat, than the names of those who did.


  127. danielbalc said,

    I’m with you Matt. Maybe it’s just because he is a free agent and no longer a member of the Padres but I say, “Good riddance”.

    We don’t want it, we don’t need it. I appreciate the fact that Mike Cameron has been a valuable part of this team for the past few seasons, but this news completely taints all he was able to accomplish. It appears he must have been doing “greenies”, which I’d say 90% of players over 30 had used and probably struggled adjusting to not playing with them but that’s no excuse. It’s way to easy to blame MLB for not having a policy in place when these guys were coming up, because the reason they never had a policy is that the players wouldn’t let them.

    Worst part about this is that they only announce your name the SECOND time you get caught. I’m wiling to give a guy a second chance especially if they are forthright and apologetic, but you can’t keep breaking the rules and expect any sympathy from me.

    Sorry Mike, I don’t care for any excuses, have fun back in Atlanta or wherever you end up.

    I hope other Padres fans will echo this sentiment.

  128. Defending FFL Champ said,

  129. danielbalc said,

    Yeah i read that article.

    I don’t buy much of anything that victor conte says however. He’s about as evil a person as there is. Not that I buy Cameron’s excuses. I don’t. As far as I’m concerned he is not welcome on this ball club.

  130. pokerforprofit said,

    The worst part of this is that Cameron thinks we as fans are as naive and stupid as he is.

    We do not buy that it was a tainted supplement, Mike, stop insulting our intellegience.

    This is the best line of the article,

    “This isn’t drug testing, this is IQ testing,” Conte said. “All you have to do is look at the list and find one of the 30 that’s not on the list and use that. This guy (Cameron) didn’t fail a drug test. He failed an IQ test.”

    Nice job Mike.

  131. Defending FFL Champ said,

  132. danielbalc said,

    Big name free agent deals that would make sense for the 08 Padres

    Curt Schilling- 1 year 7 million
    Andrew Jones- 3 years 36 million
    Paul Lo Duca- 2 years 20 million
    Aaron Rowand- 4 years 40 million

    Guys the Padres will probably end up getting for less than market value

    Jason Jennings
    Shanon Stewart
    Darin Erstad
    Michael Barrett

    the hot stove is just getting started. I highly doubt the Pads make any big splashes but I think that by now KT has enough of a track record that we can trust he’ll put together a winner even if it doesn’t include A-Rod, Tori Hunter, Adam Dunn and Bartolo Colon

  133. danielbalc said,

    Please not another washed up 40 year old.

    yeah because Greg Maddux was terrible all year. He stunk. Didn’t help the team at all, just like we expected.

  134. pokerforprofit said,

    There is talk that Coco Crisp could become our center fielder next year.

    He is expendable in Boston because of the emergence of Ellsbury and we love doing deals with Boston.

    I would welcome the move. We never had a true leadoff hitter last year like we had with Roberts the year before. We need someone who can steal some bases and put pressure on the opposing pitcher. I think moving Giles to the 2-hole would be great too.

  135. Pablo Honey said,

    Congrats to Peavy for the Cy Young Award. My pick to pick up the next Cy: C.Y.

  136. pokerforprofit said,

    Yea props. Unanimous is nice.

    Now will he be in a Padre uniform next year?

  137. Defending FFL Champ said,

    yes, he’s already under contract for next year.

  138. pokerforprofit said,

    I understand this.

    There is talk of trading him now while his value is at its highest point and you can still get good players in exchange if the organization does not feel they can sign him to a long term deal next off-season.

    If they wait too long to sign him or don’t believe they can afford to sign him to a long term deal he will be a free agent and most likely leave, getting us nothing in return.

    so trade now?

  139. danielbalc said,

    You can’t trade now. His value isn’t high because he would be allowed to opt out of his contract at the end of the year.So while the Padres have him under contract for both the 08 (5 million) and 09 (11 million) seasons any team we trade him to would only get him for the 08 season at 5 million he would then opt out of his 09 contract (ONLY the Padres can hold him to that contract). And at 5 million that would just be stupid. Really stupid. so they won’t do it and if they do trade him in 09 it would be at some point during the season which also doesn’t seem like something the Padres would do because you can’t get a better deal than what Peavy will be giving them and that’s what the Padres are about.

    It’s looking more and more likely that Peavy will get another extension and stick around till at least the 2010 season in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays through 2012 making him a 10-and-5 player who has special rights to no trade clauses.

  140. Padres Hot Stove « Daniel’s Den said,

    […] It’s that time of year where things are getting very interesting for the Padres and with the New Padres Board getting lost in the archives it seems necessary to have something more […]

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