The worst fans in sports

July 18, 2007 at 5:35 pm (Sports thoughts)

A recent comment by Lynn H got me thinking. Out of all the fans in all the sports, who is the absolute worst? This is a completely subjective opinion and based entirely on relative variables. Let me make it clear what I mean by “worst”

Best and Worst on this level works in regards to individual character. Things like human decency, respectfulness, consistency, morality, intelligence and passion for the game as well as their team.

Often when comparing fans people will look at large numbers and raw energy when declaring a certain teams “fans” to be better or worse than others (that would give a team like the Devil Rays the worst fans, when in actuality they aren’t “worst” just “fewest”) That isn’t how my list works. So even though the Red Sox and Yankees have a whole bunch of “fans” they actually are in the running for “worst” fans because they A) are fans of the phenomenon rather than the actual team and game B) are obnoxious and rude C) are unaware of what is actually happening in the sport.

My list is also based on large personal preferences. I am indeed a die hard “fan” of 2 pro sport teams (Padres and Chargers), so you do have to keep that in mind.

In all honesty my list is probably just the teams I hate the most and I project my distaste for those teams onto the fans themselves. But if you think about it, am I really that far off?

Worst Fans

1. Raiders fan- He wins, hands down every single time. Any fan that relies upon insult and intimidation makes this list. Any fan that has nothing but 4-letter words in his vocabulary makes this list. Any fan that brings weapons to the game makes this list. All of these things make raiderfan the worst in the business. A top 10 sporting moment in my life came the Tuesday morning after the Chargers trounced the raiders in Oakland at the Oakland airport when i saw raiderfan still dressed and painted sitting, waiting for the plane with a stunned look on his face. Little did I know then that look would be permanently associated with Art Shell.

2. Lakers fan- He is so high on the list because pro basketball fans are so star driven that they have completely lost touch with the game. Lakerfan is the epitome of this because he goes to the games hoping to see a movie star. Indeed his support of therapist Kobe, like Giantfans support of Barroid only helps his team lose. It makes no sense.

3. S.F. Giants fan- He is so arrogant and idiotic. He has no clue what is going on in the game. He screams at every fly ball. The only reason he goes to the game is because he is hoping to make money by catching a “historic” HR ball. Even though his favorite player isn’t helping the team win at all he keeps supporting him.

4. Red Sox fan- He gets the nod over yankeefan because he hates yankeefan but he IS yankeefan. The giant payroll machines of these two teams breeds the lakerfan equivalent into what should be the greatest game on earth. They pollute and stain the beauty of baseball with their tunnel vision, and irrational spending not to mention their vulgarities and body odor. They honestly see their team as a “storied” franchise, even though the story is pretty much “second place”.

5. Yankee fan- See the rant on redsox fan without the last sentence.

6. Dodger fan- LA is the worlds largest welfare city. The ten highest rated TV shows are daytime Spanish soap operas. Basically LA is a soccer town. They are soccer hooligans (worst sports fans in the world) forced to watch baseball. This creates some pretty bad fans.

7. Cowboys fan- I don’t know how or why this team ever grew so popular but it assimilated a large segment of American society. Of course that whole segment disappeared along with the cowboys success but it always seems to show back up if the cowboys luck into a wildcard spot. If you look up “bandwagon fan” in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of a cowboys fan.

8. Patriot fan- Like Red Sox fan his problem may be the New England culture. Perhaps all the years of voting for Ted Kennedy have corroded their brains? Patriotfan has enjoyed tremendous success lately; enough to bolster his arrogance to the point where he forgoes his usual routine of drinking AND driving and goes straight to drinking WHILE driving. It’s a good thing the streets of Boston are so jacked up he can’t get above 10 miles per hour.

9. Broncos fan- What he suffers from is also what he has to thank his teams success to. A lack of oxygen. Everyone knows that a prolonged exposure to a lack of oxygen negatively affects the brain. This seriously flaws the logic of broncofan. Fortunately for him however it helps his team win because most visiting teams find it difficult to function under such duress. It also helps the bronco coaching staff to convey their instructions to the players… “cheat”.

10. Stl Cardinals fan- For many years he has enjoyed the title of “best baseball fan in America”. I believed this line as well, until I saw the ugly truth. Last season as Trevor Hoffman approached the milestone of ” “all time saves leader” we all looked ahead to see where this monumental event might take place. To a man I think Padre fans figured if he didn’t do it at home the next best place would be in Saint Louis where the allegedly “best baseball fans in America” might appreciate it. little did we know that instead of applauding this occasion the “best baseball fans in America” booed it. While they may not be as evil as other fans on this list they do make the top ten for that tremendous lack of disrespect.



  1. Midge said,

    Re: #8 – The Patriot Fan

    Back in 2005, Wences and I had the opportunity to witness this guy in action at his home field. We boarded the train from Boston to Foxbourough ( fully decked out in Charger gear) along with all the other fans amidst grumbles and dirty looks. Things would progressively get worse. On the hike (which seemed like forever) from the train to our seats we were “welcomed” with a plethora of obscenities. It probably didn’t help that Wences was waving his Charger flag and I had my CBS (Chargers Beat Superbowl champs) sign out. πŸ˜‰ We were hassled all the way up to our nose-bleed seats (4th row from the top).

    Things took a turn when the Chargers began to beat the crap out of the Pats. The Patriot “Fans” started turning their hostilities towards their own team! How embarassing is that?? I’ve never seen a more solemn crown than when we left that day and wiped out their 22 game (at home) winning streak.

    To me…turning on your own team is worse than insult and intimidation.

  2. danielbalc said,

    good point about the “turning on your own team” thing. That’s the inconsistency that I find characteristic of “worst fans” everywhere. So are you implying that patriotfan is worse than raiderfan?

    BTW notice that all but three of these fans comes from left-leaning liberal meccas, the worst being Bay-area and Boston-area. Is it possible that the mental disorder of liberalism is the culprit behind their worstfandom?

  3. Midge said,

    Re: So are you implying that patriotfan is worse than raiderfan?

    Being a die hard Charger fan my immediate response should be NO! But after the shennanigans that took place at the playoff game, this team has proven that they, like their fans, have no class. (But let’s not go there)

    They, in my opinion, are quickly becoming our newest rivals. I can’t wait until September 16th!

  4. amyleesspace said,

    This is me walking away with my hand tightly cuffing my mouth!! As if I open it I am afraid of what will come out……

  5. LynnH said,

    No Padre and Chargers fans listed?? At least your honest daniel about your bias. But that ‘s ok. I’m just an arrogant and idiotic Giant fan and proud of it. Just for the record, from my personal experience Chargers fans are some of the worst. I’m surprised you left the Niners fans off your list.

  6. Midge said,

    Don’t take it personally amylee. I wouldn’t classify you as a Patriots or Red Sox “Fan” You’re more of a “New England” fan. You take pride in where you come from, but you aren’t necessarily the sports fan that Daniel has depicted.

  7. itsasecret2u said,

    I think there are A LOT of “bandwagon” Charger fans. If they aren’t doing well all you hear is “stupid Chargers” or “Chargers suck.” When they are doing well, everyone is wearing their blue and gold all over the place.

  8. Midge said,

    Bandwagon fans don’t have a passion for the game, let alone a passion for the team. Therefore, I don’t think they apply to this post. However, it’s sad but true….There are plenty of bandwagon Charger fans out there. 😦

  9. danielbalc said,

    Every team has “bandwagon fans” the question is, what percentage of the teams fans are bandwagon fans? Cowboy fans are notorious for this. You’ll notice I am not calling Charger or Padres fans “best” fans or anything of the sort. In fact I have more criticism for my fellow fans than I do of the teams themselves. Again this is mostly a question of the individual charcter of the fans. To that end I probably could have included Phillies fans, Cubs fans and Piston fans and others. But these are the ones I’ve had experiences with. these are the ones that I see as the worst.

    BTW Lynn, I often follow my teams on the road and have NEVER acted nor seen other fellow traveling fans act the way I’ve seen giants fans act. I can always count on giantfan getting wasted and picking a fight. I don’t think Padre fans have that rep.

    Who would you include or exclude from the list?

  10. pokerforprofit said,

    Raiders Fan- The only group of fans who have thrown a hot dog at me while walking through their stadium parking lot, that was funny. They are the ultimate in miopia, they have no idea how bad their team is until week 1 is over and they realize its going to be a long season.

    Dodger Fan- Apparently believes they are at the beach and must bring a beach ball to the game and start hitting around the ballpark, this alone ranks them in the top 2.

    1 Omission- CUBS FAN!

    They are right up there with the Raiders fans as far as miopia. They are not intellecually honest when it comes to their team’s chances. Plus they are rude and obnoxious.

  11. danielbalc said,

    Regarding Cubs fan, I disagree that they are not intellectually honest with their teams chances. The cubs have notoriously been known as the “lovable losers”. True cubfan is resolved to losing. At the same time the cubs organization consistently puts out the money to bring in talented players so they have a CHANCE at actually being successful. But thats when cubsfan steps in to save (wreck) the day by knocking away a sure out from moises alou.

    yeah cubsfan is obnoxious and rude however.

  12. Anthony said,

    #1 – Steeler fans since none of them are actually located in Pittsburgh.
    #2 – Cleveland Browns fans are bad since they throw beer bottles on the field.

  13. danielbalc said,

    Interesting comments from Bengalfan.

    I do agree with you about steelerfan though. I can understand why no one would want to live in Pittsburgh, but why even claim that you’ve ever lived there?

    brownsfan isn’t the only guy who throws beer bottles on the filed. Can I get an “Amen” from redsoxfan?

  14. Midge said,

    Well if throwing beer bottles counts then you should add Buffalo Bills fans…specifically the family members of JP Losman who, incidentally, are from Northern California. (What a shocker!) I got clocked in the back of the head by a full beer bottle they threw at Chargers fans sitting in the row behind me. They sure did Losman proud!

  15. Jeff Hudgins said,

    Well this is an interesting topic. As a recovering Giant fan and a very much sold out Padre fan for the last five or six years I will agree that most Giant fans and Dodger fans are horrible fans. After this year I would throw in Red Sox fans. I say this because they not only show up to see their teams and root for their teams, but they are rood and obnoxious. I can say this because it is one thing to root for your team but when you taunt the home team and their fans you are crossing the line. When you are trying to start cheers for the road team and you’re surrounded by opposing fans you are stupid. Cheer for your team but do not be an idiot. On that note I will take a hit on San Diego fans by saying this, if Padre and Charger fans were not such good business people and would not sell their tickets constantly to the opposing fans you would never here the opposing fan being cheered louder than the home team. This was very prevalent in Petco this year and every year. But it also happens with Charger games. As a 49er fan I have gone to some SF vs. SD games, and to my surprise there are a lot of niner fans their. Same thing when the Raiders come to town. So, I would not disagree with Daniel’s list but I will say that all cities have their idiot fans and some are worse than others. I would also say that Padre fan is good if they show up (instead of selling tickets) and Charger fan (most, not all) is no better then any other football fan (including Raider fan, Charger fan starts just as many fights as Raider fan) since most football fans are drunk when the game starts they all act a little idiotic.

  16. amyleesspace said,

    I have noticed alot of the teams that are being considered “worst fan teams” are teams that have you beat all of your teams of preference… Hmmm I wonder if this has something to do with this???

  17. danielbalc said,

    Amy, I admitted to having individual bias at the beginning of the post but my list has much less to do with team matchups and more to do with negative experiences.

    quick run down…
    #1 Chargers own the raiders
    #2 Padres and Charges have never played the lakers
    #3 Division rivalry but it’s not like the Padres take a beating from the giants very often.
    #4 My placing of redsoxfan on this list has very little to do with the 1 and 2 record the Padres have against them this year and more to do with the individual fan and his hypocritical yankee hatred
    #5 Yeah the 98 yankees were probably the best team in baseball history. The fact that they swept the Padres in the world series has NOTHING to do with the fact that yankeefan (in general) is a moron.
    #6 again a division rival that the Padres don’t really fear.
    #7 Chargers rarely play against the cowboys so your assessment is wrong.
    #8 We’ll see about this on 9/16
    #9 maybe
    #10 Here you’re probably right. But still booing Hoffman was just stupid.

  18. amyleesspace said,

    I dont really care nor can I comment regarding all other teams other than the Red Sox and Pats..

    As far as the 2 teams that I naturally support, I would not say their fans are any worse than any other fans. Like Jeff said, every team has idiotic fans, and great fans. Mix alcohol with male testosterone (sp?) and a sports game and you get IDIOCRACY! It is silly to say only certain teams exhibit these traits. Like I had stated in a previous blog that you had, I had gone to one of the games while the Red Sox were here, and the only obnoxious fans I saw were the Padre fans. They thought it was hilarious to make fun of the New England accent (ofcourse while they are chugging down their beers.)

    When the Chargers played the Pats in the playoffs in Jan. BOTH teams showed unsportsmanlike conduct…. how can you only point the finger at one team?

    You say all Red Sox fans hate the Yankees because they are wired to do so, so is your hate for Red Sox or any other team that you don’t like because you are wired to feel this way? That is ridiculous, you are making statements regarding fans that you really don’t even know.

    Have you ever thought of maybe the reason why these fans are LOUD when they are cheering for their team is because they are fans of this team, why would they not be cheering?!? It is fine to say I think the Red Sox have the worst fans because they beat the Padres and I’m mad!! It is also fine to say I think the Pats have the worst fans cause they knocked the Chargers out of the playoffs (DARN!) so yeah I’m mad, yeah I don’t like them because this affected the teams I support.. There are loud obnoxious Charger and Padre fans! I think this just comes with the sport itself…. some home towns are just more supportive so it seems more in numbers!

  19. danielbalc said,

    Amy, your missing the point. It’s the ethics (or lack there of) behind the “fans” that I am challenging. New Englanders (and New Yorkers for that matter) as a whole are much ruder, cruder and belligerent than Southern Californians. There are a number of sociological factors that contribute to this. Again this has nothing to do with success or failures verses MY favorite teams. It has to do with the stereotypical “redsoxfan” and “patriotfan”.

    Check out this little blog entry from a native of a boston suburb.

    As a native of a San Diego suburb I don’t know that I could write something like that. Maybe I could say some bad things about a few isolated instances or perhaps criticize the Santee/lakeside area, but in general racism in southern California is very small as compared to your native land.

  20. amyleesspace said,

    See Daniel that is my whole point! You say that East coast fans are more rude, more crude etc. I suppose we are just debating opinions here, because I have run into the same at a Padre game with Padre fans. Every team is going to have rude fans, because people are different no matter where they live or what sports team they support. I feel your argument has no concrete evidence to prove as such. Also you can’t really generalize ALL fans based on maybe one or two that you have come into contact with.

    The blog you posted somehow seems irrelevant, this could be from someone living in Boston that had a sour experience regarding racism. Now I am not saying there is not racism that goes on, on the East Coast. I also would say that there is racism that goes on EVERYWHERE, not just back East. I am sure if we tried we could find a blog on a disgruntled San Diego resident as well.

    A lot of people that reside back east say that San Diego fans are stuck up…are not quite as laid back as the East Coast…

    Don’t you see these are just matter of opinions….every sports team has good fans, bad fans, loud fans, rude fans…. You can’t just point this on certain teams… The only team that I would say has fans that are to the extreme would be RAIDER fans…. I have yet to see Pats or Red Sox fans act as I have seen Raider fans act.

  21. Albino Hayford said,

    Wow. Are you including the millions of fans that reside in Texas in your “bandwagon” comment? People eat, sleep and live Cowboys here, even during losing seasons. If the Cowboys are playing, the whole city of McAllen smells like bbq grills, and we are a 10-hour drive from Texas stadium. Do I sense a little ring jealousy here?

    And why can’t we support more than one team? Do I love my mom or my wife or my daughter more? No, each love is just a little different.

    I have great affection for the Chargers and the Vikings, because I lived in their cities, but make no mistake, Cowboy born, Cowboy bred, and when I die, a Cowboy dead.

  22. Albino Hayford said,

    I do remember getting soaked with beer from above at Jack Murphy Stadium while walking out through those long, curling ramps. A drunk is a drunk, no matter what city he lives in.

  23. itsasecret2u said,

    OK, so this has nothing to do with fans, but check this out…

  24. danielbalc said,

    Good link Secret, I especially like the comment about how the New England fans will be the ones telling him how stupid he is. Hmmmm Maybe there’s a trend here?

  25. danielbalc said,

    How Patriot fan responds to Belicheat’s actions will confirm his place on this list and perhaps even earn him a higher spot.

    Patriot fan moves from 8th worst fan to 7th by saying…
    “It’s no big deal, every team does it”

    From 7th to 6th by saying…
    “It’s not as bad as _________________”

    From 6th to 5th by saying…
    “It doesn’t play into the game, It doesn’t really help Tom Brady or anyone else on the offense.”

    From 5th to 4th by saying…
    “Belichick is a genius, he shouldn’t have to apologize and any punishment is unwarranted.”

    From 4th to 3rd by saying…
    “This is just going to make the Patriots madder and better. Now they are going to steamroll through the competition.”

    I can’t think of anything they might say that would move them into the top 2 worst fans, but maybe Amy will inform us.

  26. danielbalc said,

    Lets revisit this classic LT quote regarding the New England Patriots…

    “And just the fact that they showed no class at all. Absolutely no class. And maybe that comes from their head coach. So you know, there you have it.”


    Just maybe

  27. pokerforprofit said,

    I find it odd that the Patriots would do this against the Jets.

    Don’t you think Mangini would know that Belichik was doing this when he was with the team and most likely still doing it? I would think he would look for this and be the first one to try and catch him.

    Not the best choice in my view.

  28. danielbalc said,

    They’re actually saying that Mangini did know and that is how he got caught.

    Arrogance, that’s all. Now he plans on appealing to his “interpretation” of the rule. what a joke.

  29. Bruce S. said,

    Wouldn’t Goodell want to know primarily how long/often this “spying” has been going on within the Pats organization? Unless this is a one time thing (which nobody will believe) shouldn’t Belicheck be banned from coaching in the NFL along with other penalties – possibly including taking away Super Bowl rings from all Patriots who won them under Belicheck?

    That would be sweet.

  30. danielbalc said,

    Sweet indeed.

    What about that wonderful cure all to sports history… The *Asterisk*

    The Belichick era will forever be immortalized with “*”

    Which seems worse, Steroid use or illegally stealing signs from the sidelines?

  31. Amy Juarez said,

    Now that I have stopped laughing histerically I can respond to this nonsense.

  32. Amy Juarez said,

    Now that I have my laughter under control. I will respond to this nonsense..

    In response to Dbalc #26… LT’s ridiculous comment after the PATS beat them at the press conference was low class and poor sportsmanship. He was going off in another press conference yesterday about the Patriots.. GET OVER IT!!! WE BEAT YOU, BOO HOO MIDGET! Let me guess now the Chargers are going to say the PATS only beat them because we cheated. Can’t they take a loss like men and quit whining about it. (I guess we will see on Sunday) I mean I know they are wearing tights but that doesn’t mean they have to act like women geez!!

    LT claims the PATS have no class by mimicking Merrimans dumb dance… I find that to be quite funny.. THe dance was being mimicked because no one likes a player that is a show boat… Merrimans dance was low class to begin with, I think after the PATS game he realized this and this may be why he has chosen to not do it anymore!

    Lets wait until the PATS are proven guilty of these charges before stones are throwed.

    The PATS will always be hated, because they are soo good!

  33. amyleesspace said,

    Ok lets see if this will post my comment. For some reason yesterday it would not post what I said… What I wrote was soo good too!

    Ok in response to DBALC #26 regarding what LT said after the PATS beat them. I mean really would you expect anything less, if they mimicked Merrimans dance but the Chargers still won the game do you think LT would have made that statement.. I HIGHLY doubt it. It comes down to this, BOTH teams showed low class, both teams were not very sportsmanlike.. but for some reason the Chargers are above and beyond criticism, only the PATS were in the wrong.. GIVE ME A BREAK! The Chargers were just ticked off cause they lost plain and simple… losing is part of the game suck it up and quit whining.. I know they wear tights and all but geez that doesn’t mean they have to act like women. Also LT said PATS were low class cause they mimicked Merrimans DUMB dance, that should tell you right there that Merrimans dance was low class in the first place or it wouldnt have been copied.. No one likes a show boat… I find it interesting that now Merriman has chosen to not do his little ditty anymore… I wonder what the REAL reason behind that is… Like I said before playing foot ball does not involve dancing, play the game or get off the field.

    Also the PATS are under investigation, nothing has been proven yet. If these allegations are true then that is very dissappointing and I know that every other PATS fan in the world will be dissappointed. As I am also sure that every Charger fan will now say that the PATS only beat them last year cause they cheated.. EXCUSES EXCUSE, you lost get over it! It’s another season LETS MOVE ON!

  34. pokerforprofit said,

    As I am also sure that every Charger fan will now say that the PATS only beat them last year cause they cheated.

    Not just the Chargers actually. Other players such as Joey Porter are pretty upset about this development and they feel it could have had a legitimate impact on the outcome of the games.

    If current players feel this strongly about it, my gut says this is a big deal. It also tells me that most other teams are not participating in these activities as most Pats fans would like everyone to believe.

    I am not ready to strip the Super Bowl rings off his fingers, but this definitely tarnishes whatever legacy Belichik will have.

  35. danielbalc said,

    Sorry, your comments got lost there Amy, but I’m glad to have found them so that you can bump up your status on this list.

    It should also be noted that the Patriots HAVE been found guilty. This issue is NOT under investigation your own classless coach issued an “apology” for it. Catch up before commenting.

    LT described the Patriots players and coaches as “classless”. He only said what the whole league already knew. Now it comes out that they stoop to a very low level in an effort to gain an advantage, and indeed they do it on the FIRST game after the commissioner warned every team to NOT do it.

    LT was right then, he is right now. The Patriots organization is classless. Their Head coach dress and acts like a bum. Their players demonstrate no respect for the opposition, no respect for victory and no respect for the game itself. And their FANS? Well they happen to be some of the most vulgar, belligerent, obnoxious and oblivious people on earth.

    As for moving on, I am pretty sure they have moved on. It’s patriot fan who revels in the past.

  36. amyleesspace said,

    well let me first apologize for not having the luxury to explore the internet or watch tv all day.. Therefore my knowledge of Coach B’s apology was not known at the time of my response.. Tending to three children is a little time consuming..before I respond in the future I will be sure to surf the internet to find the latest gossip.

    Like I stated I am very dissappointed to hear that the PATS stooped as low as they did… I also will stand behind them as a team, a very good team. Some teams can only see tha faults in other teams and not their own… Chargers were just as classless in their game to the PATS… Some Charger fans just have permanent blinders on and can only see “Woe is me, poor team.. The big bad ol Patriots are being mean” CRY ME A RIVER!!! There are no doubt obnoxious PATS fans, but I hate to break the news to you but there are some obnoxious Charger fans too… Their are obnoxious fans for every team, how can you pin point it to only certain teams.. The answer is obvious, these teams are intimidating to your team of choice!3

  37. Defending FFL Champ said,

    “I hate to break the news to you but there are some obnoxious Charger fans too”

  38. danielbalc said,

    First off, nobody said Charger fans aren’t obnoxious. Secondly that article doesn’t indicate whether it was Charger fans or Bears fans that were ejected from the game.

    The ultimate measure of fans obnoxiousness and rudeness is in how they act while in opposing territory.

    It’s like when you are a guest in someone else’s house, you don’t go in and say, “my furniture is better!” You don’t look at their family portraits and say ,”Your kids are ugly”. etc.

    I have followed my teams on the road many times and into so very hostile territory (Oakland Raiders; Los Angeles Dodgers) so I know how to act and I know how to react. to them. I believe my list to be the most accurate list out there and I have had few objections.

    The Bears fans at Sundays game were very incendiary.

    As for people being ejected for smoking, thats ridiculous I hope they were at least warned beforehand because that seems over the top punishment.

  39. danielbalc said,

    Speaking of over-the-top punishment lets take a look at what the Patriots punishment for there sign stealing…

    Belichik fined 500,000
    Patriots fined 250,000
    if they make the playoffs they forfeit a first round draft pick
    if they don’t make the playoffs they forfeit a 2nd and 3rd round pick….

    just punishment?

    Lets compare it to formula 1 race car driving. A recent cheating scam there (stealing of technical information) has to a fine of 100 million dollars. Yeah, that’s right 100 MILLION dollars for essentially stealing the oppositions playbook (of course it’s a playbook that ultimately gets put into production and is sold for profit) .

    The point is, NOBODY CARES ABOUT F1 RACING! How in the world can they be fined 100 million dollars? that blows my mind.

    Meanwhile the Patriots punishment equals up to a drop in the bucket. 750,000 is probably what the team makes in parking for a pre-season game.

    In an era of free agency missing out on draft picks can actually HELP your team, at least your not drafting and paying guys who are a bust.

    I’m not totally disappointed in the punishment I just wish it would have been more creative, like for instance making him wear this for the rest of the season.

  40. Defending FFL Champ said,

    Not that I’m condoning it but are opposing teams stupid enough to use the same signs week after week. Baseball teams change up their signs all the time to keep the opposing teams from stealing them.

  41. Pablo Honey said,

    By the way Daniel, F1 racing is a HUGE international sport. Just because we don’t pay it much attention here in the US does not mean that nobody cares. Why do you think Michael Schumaker was the highest paid athlete in the world, ahead of even Tiger Woods? We treat F1 the same way as we treat soccer, we just don’t care. Personally I have watched a few F1 races, and while I find the high speeds exciting and the advanced technology interesting, it is a pretty boring sport. The thing that I love about the racing in NASCAR is the competitive balance and the good side by side racing, F1 has none of that. But do keep in mind that a lot people do care about F1, just not many people here.

  42. danielbalc said,

    Lynn, I heard a interview with Bud Black this morning and they asked him about how often the team changes his signs. They called into question the fact that we have 2 different series coming up with the Giants and asked specifically, “will you change your signs between those two series?” he said, just as specifically, “no, not usually.” “occasionally we will change signs in the middle of a game IF we think they’ve caught onto something but it’s not very often that we need to do this.”

    Then again in baseball how many signs do they really have?
    In football signs are for entire plays and a playbook probably has hundreds of different plays in it.

    I think the baseball, football comparison in sign stealing is too apples and oranges. Not to mention the fact that if you get caught stealing signs in baseball the result is chin music, something you can’t really do in football.

    As for F-1 racing, Yeah I realize it’s big internationally, but 100 million dollars? That’s a Dr Evil big fine.

    according to the forbes list from 2004 the Patriots were then worth 861 Million dollars.
    Thats could have only increased by now.

    I think they could’ve afforded more than 250 k (but the league rules have that as the maximum possible penalty).

  43. pokerforprofit said,

    I actually think the punishment for the Patriots is very painful. It is reported that Belichik will make 4.5 million this year so 500K represents over 10% of his salary and is the highest dollar fine in NFL history.

    The draft picks are a huge loss. A #1 pick can turn a franchise around so to lose one is very difficult.

    The only thing I would have liked to see added would be a 4 game suspension. I think that would make sure they feel the hurt this year and not just is subsequent years.

  44. danielbalc said,

    Now we’re talking Poker, A suspension of some sort only seems reasonable. I don’t know how that slipped through the cracks.

  45. Defending FFL Champ said,

    No chin music in Football? There are other ways. Hey, Charger fans! Let’s not whine too much. Maybe the team needs to just go out a win a big game for a change. But then again, Charger fans have never gotten over the Raiders Holy Roller play 30+ years ago. Just WIn Baby!

  46. danielbalc said,

    I don’t get where people are accusing Chargers of “whining”. Where is this coming from?

    I left amys comments up to demonstrate how crazy pats fans live in the past and how they say things like “LT’s a midget” (of course LT OWNS the patriots but whatever). NO chargers are referencing the playoff loss, only Patriots. No charger fans are whining about anything. Charger fans are pointing out the correctness of LT calling belichick and the patriots classless which he has now proved by his seedy actions. But LT was only saying what every other player is thinking. That’s not whining. I don’t get it. somebody show me whining please.

  47. danielbalc said,

    great quote from nick canepa,

    “Belichick’s gold has been tarnished. Is this why he was so good? Probably not. But it’s fun to consider, because he’s a jerk.”

  48. amyleesspace said,

    Daniel- I was responding to your comment #26.. You are the one who brought up the past, correct mei f I’m wrong but LT said that comment after the game last year in the playoffs… My whole point was if the Chargers won LT wouldn’t have made that statement even if the games was played exactly how it was.. It was made because they lost.

  49. amyleesspace said,

    The PATS were punished and rightfully so.. They will do their time, and then move on.. hopefully everyone else will too.

  50. Matt S said,

    My whole point was if the Chargers won LT wouldn’t have made that statement even if the games was played exactly how it was.

    That is because there would be actions to warrant that statement. There would be no dancing around at mid-field mocking the other team because they would have lost.

    Act like you have been there before….that is all I ask.

  51. danielbalc said,

    Re comment #10-

    I stand corrected. Matt you were right cubsfan SHOULD have been included on this list. Did anyone else see the top of the 9th in NLDS game 1.

    Cubs trailing by 2 Jose Valverde comes in to close out the game for the d-backs and as he begins is first pitch we see what looks like a wall clock with a neon light around it begin to flash erratically. The next pitch we see it again and note that it’s being held by…

    Not just any cubsfan. Cubsfan with incredible resources to have purchased these amazing tickets. Cubsfan with and incredible LACK in fashion sense as he is seen wearing a cubby blue “under armor” style work out shirt. The kind that should only be worn by professional athletes when filming television commercials.

    He continues with his light flashing for two batters until the second base umpire intervenes and makes the guy stop. At this point he begins guzzling down more 10 dollar a plastic cup beer and talking on his cell phone with his back turned toward the game.

    Are you kidding me? 2 outs in the top on the 9th with your team down by 2 runs and you turn your back on the game to talk on your cell phone?????

    these kind of ridiculous antics have launched cubfan into the top 10 and knocked cardinalfan out. I’ll wait till the end of the series to see how high on the list cubfan gets.

    (ALSO NOTE that if chargerfan has another episode like last Sunday’s “Marty, Marty” chant they will move into the top 10. That was disgusting).

  52. pokerforprofit said,

    I saw that too and could not believe my eyes. What genuis would think that this type of behavior would be allowed? A Cubs fan. He even looked like he was working in some capacity, I thought he had a laptop in front of him, no?

    These people want a championship so bad they will stop at nothing to help their team achieve it.

    The real problem is Pineilla and his “managerial genuis” that decided to take Zambrano out with only 85 pitches only to see his reliever blow the game in the subsequent inning.

    Yes cub fan you are cursed.

    Even your managers do strange things when the postseason rolls around

  53. danielbalc said,

    He even looked like he was working in some capacity, I thought he had a laptop in front of him, no?

    I am sure he wasn’t an employee. he was boozing. I think those seats are so deluxe that they come with their own laptop so as to allow the seat holders to look up things and watch replays during the game (maybe even order food?). I’ve seen it before at other ballparks.

  54. Pablo Honey said,

    Remember when the Q had some of those screens set up at some of the club level seats? Very cool feature. Have you checked out what Nintendo implemented at Safeco field this year? I hope they roll this out to Petco for next season as it is a good excuse to buy a DS, which I’ve been wanting for a while.

  55. danielbalc said,

    I was going to mention that they had those at the Q for a while but then I thought maybe it was my imagination. Leave it to the Japanese to make something that awesome.

    Even though it would be much more convenient and efficient we shouldn’t do that. It would take away from the tradition of having to flag down some guy in brightly colored clothes to get a cold slice of pizza or a warm beer.

    That’s why baseball doesn’t use instant replay. We’re all about tradition.

  56. danielbalc said,

    Kudos to number 5 on the list for enlisting “starpower” in it’s idiocy.

    Lebron James, Cleveland native and current Cleveland Cavaliers SUPERSTAR goes on SNL and says “I’m rooting AGAINST the Indians” and then shows up to the game wearing a Yankee’s hat?

    Disgusting. Seriously disgusting.

    All the more reason to hate the evil empire. It’s one thing when their “fans” migrate away from the Big Apple and inhabit more favorable climates, but it’s an entirely different thing when they garner “fans” who have never at any point in their lives lived in or been associated with their community. What is worse is that “King James” justifies his sports sin by claiming that the Indians weren’t any good when he was a kid.

    Consider this fact. During the prime fan shaping time in life (between the ages of 11 and 16; 1995-2001 for James)The Cleavland Indians won their division SIX times! They went to the World Series TWICE!

    LeBron James is a typical Yankee fan. Ignorant jerk.

  57. pokerforprofit said,

    The report in the paper says that he put on an Indian’s hat in the 5th inning after Indians had taken control of the game.

    This type of behavior is typical of Yankee fans. They are the ultimate front-runners. They root for them because they cannot handle disapointment well, but when they struggle they are quick to root for their “back-up team”.

    Truly ridiculous.

  58. danielbalc said,

    in the NBA playoffs I found myself starting to root a bit for James. No more.

    Evidently he is friends with Indians ace, CC Sabathia and Sabathia (who grew up in northern California and is a die hard raider fan) supported James decision by saying, “If the Raiders were playing the Browns I’d wear a Raiders jersey, they’re my team.”

    The problem with that comparison is that LeBron was born and raised in northern Ohio, not New York. I wouldn’t have any problem with it if LeBron had any kind of association at all with New York, but he (like 90% of yankeefan), DOESN’T.

    BTW could I get another poem from jeterfan after the yanks get spanked by the tribe?Something about how spending all the money in the world STILL can’t buy a championship maybe?

  59. pokerforprofit said,

    I also get a kick out of how most Yankee “fans” are quick to point out that they are fans of Derek Jeter and thus have to be fans of the Yankees as well when they are quizzed as to how a person who grew up (insert state other than New York here) became a Yankee fan.

    They are embarassed to admit that they are fans and try and mask it by saying they are fans of a certain player.

    And what is the facination with Jeter? He is good, but geez, he is no Babe Ruth.

  60. Alex said,

    I’ll just let you two bask in your obvious bitterness. I think Marco may have an extra pacifier for each of you two if you want.

    Now remember boys, Winning not Whining, is the cure all.

  61. danielbalc said,

    Seriously. Why Jeter? Jeter is a middle of the pack shortstop who, if he didn’t play for the Yankees, would be unnoticed by most of baseball.

    Here’s some things to think about when putting Jeter into perspective.

    10 SS had more RBI than him.
    10 SS had more HR than him.
    9 SS had more SB than him
    7 SS had more strike outs than him
    4 SS scored more runs than him
    2 SS had higher averages than him.
    1 SS hit into more DP
    0 SS got caught stealing at a higher rate
    Defensively, 17 SS had better fielding percentage (minimum 100 games)
    Most Importantly
    0 SS got paid more than him.
    In fact the closest to his ridiculous 21 million dollar salary would be 13 million for Rafael Furcal.

    As overrated and overpaid as Furcal is you could afford him AND Jimmy Rollins for less than what the Yankees pay Jeter.

    In other words a “jeter fan” is a fan of overpaid, underperformer who can do no wrong in the eyes of the media.

  62. Alex said,

    Derek Jeter. Are you talking about the future Hall of Famer?

    Pure hatred Boys, Pure hatred.

  63. Alex said,

    Jeter had a .322 batting average in 2007 and his career BA is .317, The closest to that on the whole Padres team was Adrian Gonzalez who had .282 in 2007.

    “Move along boys, there’s nothing to see here”

    Overpayed, maybe but then again, he’s the captain of the Bronx Bombers. How can you put a price tag on that?

  64. itsasecret2u said,

    Ha. I have an appalling amount of yankeefan paraphernalia in my house because I am related to yankeefan. At least said yankeefan grew up in NY, but still… if one were to look in my t-shirt drawer (or my sons’ hat collections), one would think I’m the annoying, never-even-been-to-NY yankeefan.

  65. itsasecret2u said,

    Judging by Daniel’s Jeter stats there, I’d say the most impressive thing Jeter ever did was date Mariah Carey.

  66. danielbalc said,

    He’ll be in the Hall of fame for sure. But will probably have the worst hall of fame numbers of any player in there. His numbers are weak. He averages something like 15 HR and 80 RBI a season. In this day and age when 500 HR doesn’t guarantee you entry I find it shocking that people keep on buying into the Jeter lie.

    Three things Jeter will he’ll have going for him,

    an above 300 average.
    championship rings (which has little to do with whether or not a player is hall worthy)
    notoriety. Playing for the yankees means a lot of people have heard of you.

    3 things that won’t be held against him but should.
    lackluster power numbers.
    lackluster fielding percentage.
    lots of strikeouts. (well over 100 per year. For a guy who doesn’t hit for power thats a whole lot.)

    The only real reason anyone likes him is because he is the “face” of the yankees. But he’s probably the biggest waste of franchise resources considering there are about 10 SS who have better offensive numbers and all of them get paid way less than he does.

    How about this little game.

    Which numbers are more hall worthy?

    Games- 1639, Ave- .293, HR- 273, RBI- 992, OPS- .990, R- 1022, SO- 752, fielding pct- .980

    Games- 1835, Ave- .317, HR- 195, RBI- 933, OPS- .850, R- 1379, SO- 1291, fielding pct- .975

    Now I realize the top player played in 200 less games but the sample field is large enough I think you can decide for yourself who has had a better career.

  67. Alex said,

    I have a hypothetical for you Daniel,

    Pretend for just a minute that he is the captain of the Padres and put up the same numbers for the past 11 years, Now how do you feel about him? You see, your problem is the team that he plays for, not him. So please recognize this fact and get over it.

    Jeter’s in on the first ballot. Count it!!!

  68. Pablo Honey said,

    Way to go Pronk. Thing of beauty.

  69. 5najeras said,

    But can you find a baseball player with Jeter’s skills AND is as good looking?? I guarantee you there wouldn’t be as many fans or posters of him if he were ooogly.
    Why do you think I let Judah have his poster?? πŸ˜‰

  70. amyleesspace said,


    I think that you should reconsider the Red Sox being included on your list of “The Worst Fans.” For the following reasons:

    A.) We ( the fans) catch foul balls before they are caught by the catcher. (Game 2 against the LA Angels) this marvelous play by a FAN allowed us to tie the game up 3-3. (Good thing it wasn’t caught for our team, this could have been another Steve Bartman situation)

    B.) Our home field has a pair of socks mowed into the center of the field… Doesn’t get much better than this πŸ™‚

    So I say no more talk about the Yankees, Yankees who!?? One more game and they are gone… Let’s focus on the Red Sox here πŸ™‚

    Tonights game was a battle of the bull pen, Angels were afraid to pitch to Ortiz. They walked him every time… Well good ol Manny showed them bottom of the 9th..home run… ( bringing in 3 runs to end the game 6-3 )

    I think you walked the wrong person there Angels..

  71. pokerforprofit said,

    I am a huge Indians fan right about now. I love the way they play the game, they are a National league team stuck in the American league. The ysacrifice bunt, hit and run, and steal. In other words, they play the game the way it was meant to be played.

    They got no respect all year and now they are a game away from sweeping the extremely overated Yankees right out the door.

    Oh yea and A-Rod feel free to get a base hit any time now, that tightening around the collar your feeling is the media getting ready to crucify you. You guys think Peavy comes up small in big games, this guy is the ultimate big game choker.

    Go Tribe!

  72. danielbalc said,

    That’s another extremely overrated aspect of Jeter. Good looks?

    Once again how does the yankee uniform make someone so average appear so above average?

  73. danielbalc said,


    Red Sox fans are Yankee fans without the rings.

  74. Alex said,

    In case you didn’t see it on ESPN, the Yanks have another chance, and that’s all we can ask for.

  75. danielbalc said,


    Good grief.

    BTW what’s with you taking on the name of the Raiders coach on your wifes blog? Alex Kiffin? Have you sold your soul to the devil?

  76. amyleesspace said,

    I did see the end of the game yesterday when the Yankees won.. I was surprised because the let down is only going to hurt worse now when they still don’t make it 😦

  77. 5najeras said,

    Re: #72
    It’s not the uniform so much as the skillz!! πŸ˜‰

  78. danielbalc said,

    Though it was idiot cubsfan that made a play for top 10 on my list last week it appears as though D-backsfan (if there is such a thing) is trying to get on today. As I write this we are just 3 hours or so away from the start of the NLCS. Reigning CY young award winner Brandon Webb vs Jeff Francis. By all accounts this is a pretty big game. AND YET, I just logged on to their website and clicked “buy tickets” and sure enough there are tickets STILL available.

    Thats insane. As of last night there were some 8000 available for games 1 and 2.

    The “best available” were in the upper view but still behind home plate and were going for 60 bucks a piece.

    What I also can’t believe is that rockiefan isn’t down in phoenix buying up these tix. If it were the Padres I would be out there right now. (Remember the Monday night game against the dolphins that was relocated to phoenix because of the fires?)

    OH well, this kind of bad karma is definitely going to hurt the snakes.

  79. pokerforprofit said,

    I too was shocked when I heard this news. The problem is most people in Phoenix are transplants from other parts of the country and have no allegiance to the home team.

    This is ridiculous and another reason I am rooting for the Rocks. I promise you their park will be sold out and “rock”ing (no extra charge for that one) when the NLCS comes to their town.

  80. danielbalc said,

    Why aren’t Rocky fans taking over? Yeah I realize it’s a 12+ hour drive from Denver to Phoenix but I also realize that the Rocky fan base is very wide spread and I’m sure many of them live within a 4-5 hour trip. Like I said if it were the Padres I’d be there right now.

    I think both AZ fans and Col fans are kind of content with where their respective teams are at win or lose.

    BTW, what’s the weather going to be like in Denver in late October if they make it to the series? Imagine going back and forth from Denver to Cleveland. This could be a very chilly WS.

  81. danielbalc said,

    Congratulations D-Backs fan. You’re IN!

    Only hours after being listed on the brink of making the list the Zonies decided to A) Not sell out their NLCS game. B) Not get very energetic during said game. C1) Blow up at a play that was clearly the right call and C2) Throw trash (including partially filled beer bottles which are worth quite a bit) onto the field. Thus delaying the game and thrusting them into my top 10.

    New list…

    1. Raiderfan
    2. Lakerfan
    3. Giantfan
    4. Redsoxfan
    5. Yankeefan
    6. Dodgerfan
    7. Patriotfan
    8. Cowboyfan
    9. Diamondbackfan
    10. Cubsfan

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