Are the Padres really having a Gay Pride night?

June 27, 2007 at 5:45 pm (Politics thoughts, Sports thoughts)

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this post but it appears necessary. There seems to be no small amount of controversy surrounding the Padres and a certain radicalized minority group. Homo’s.

I first became aware of this controversy when my dear Nana told me, “Did you hear that the Padres are having a ‘gay pride night’?” perhaps it was the tone of her voice or perhaps it was my ridiculous amount of Padres schedule knowledge that I instinctively knew that this statement was false.

“No Nana,” I replied, “There is no way that is possible, I have seen the Padres promotional lineup and they are not having a ‘gay pride night’. ”

“They ARE!” She insisted. “I heard it on the radio.”

AHHHH My third favorite past time was now involved in this controversy. As much as I love talk radio I know that often the talk show hosts will stir up controversy that simply isn’t really there. I figured (rightly) that this must be the case when it comes down to this “gay pride night” that the Padres were allegedly promoting.

As a pastor and padres fan I think I should be careful with this post, In fact I held off writing it until Lynn chimed in with a comment on the Padres prediction post.

I am guessing that Lynn read this article in the UT which describes how a certain Christian group will be boycotting that game.

I also received an e-mail forward last week from a concerned parent that there will be a large group of protesters joining together outside of Petco Park that evening.

So since it seems that the rumor mill is churning I think I should go on the record and address the factual circumstances surrounding the July 8th Padres game.

First of all there is NOT a game in the Padres promotional lineup for homosexual pride. See for yourself

What is in fact happening on July 8th at the Padres game is that the homosexual group known as “San Diego Pride” purchased more than 2000 group tickets for the  game verse the Atlanta Braves. Padres group tickets benefits stipulate that a group purchasing 2000+ tickets is entitled to the following…

Groups of 2000 or more receive a special pre-game on-field visit in which four representatives will be recognized (subject to availability).
A personalized welcome message on the FriarVision video board.
A visit from the Swinging Friar Mascot.
Participate in a Padres pre-game Heavy Hitters field visit.
Invitation to the Padres private Group Sales party at the end of the season.
Opportunity to purchase Opening Day and postseason tickets (based on availability).

There are many groups taking advantage of these benefits during the course of the season. Included in those groups are Episcopalians, Mormons, Quilters, Jewish Heritage and the National Network of Youth Ministries (of which I happen to be a part of). Here is a link to the (hard to find) lineup of upcoming group ticket “events”

I don’t think that anyone can make a very persuasive argument that given the current cultural context of American society the Padres (a secular business organization) are making an unreasonable decision to allow this non-profit (radicalized) group to participate in these benefits.

The only real controversy is that the night happens to be a give away game for children 14 and younger. That’s because it is a Sunday and every Sunday home game the Padres have a children’s give away (yo-yo’s, hats, trading cards etc…) . I am not denying that the Pride organizers may have had an agenda in mind when they chose this day, and that whoever is in charge of group tickets for the Padres should have thought about this in advance, but they didn’t, they sold them their tickets and now they have to deal with that decision.

I think it was a bad decision on the behalf of the group sales coordinator. But I think it’s a worse decision on the behalf of those protesting to make this out to be the Padres promoting Gay Pride. That’s simply not true. San Diego Pride is promoting gay pride. That’s what their group does, and we are in essence helping them. They also have scheduled a huge parade and street festivals for the weekend of July 21st and 22nd, are we going to protest the city of San Diego for allowing this?

The Padres aren’t “promoting” quilting, Jewishness, Mormons or homosexuality. They are selling tickets to games.

Here’s how I see it…

I wouldn’t go to a game that the Padres organization was calling “gay pride night” I just wouldn’t. But I wouldn’t have a problem going to a game where a group of homosexuals had purchased tickets, because I generally wouldn’t know about it until I got there.

The problem is that what is happening is the latter but it is being portrayed as the former.

That portrayal is only assisting the cause of these perverts. I would have much preferred it had no one said anything and the gays had their game and we all went along none-the-wiser.

There you have it. That’s my take, feel free to disagree, that’s what the Den is for.



  1. itsasecret2u said,

    The only thing that would bother me would be this:

    • A personalized welcome message on the FriarVision video board.

    I wouldn’t want to bring my kids to a game where “The Padres welcome San Diego Pride!” is being flashed across the big screen. I wouldn’t care if my kids couldn’t read, but #1 does. And he’s inquisitive. He would ask, “What is San Diego Pride?” He’s only six and I don’t need to go there yet. Other than that, so long as it’s not something the Padres are promoting, I wouldn’t care. How could the Padres possibly deny this group the same 2000-ticket benefits that other groups get? They’d be slapped with a major lawsuit for discrimination.

    I might, however, boycott the quilting game…

  2. Matt S said,

    There you have it. That’s my take

    Jim Rome had an influence on you it seems.

    The protesters and media are a great marketing team for this group’s agenda. Without them, no one would know what is going on.

    Too bad church groups don’t get this kind of pub.

    How many groups do you think have attended a game at Petco whose beliefs do not line with ours and we have no idea. It is not a big deal.

    Talk to me when the Padres as an organization host a “gay pride day” and then we can see some real fireworks.

  3. danielbalc said,

    How would you have a difficult time explaining to your kid what “san digeo pride” was? Had you heard of this organization before? I would have assumed it’s people who are proud of San Diego (until all of this hullabaloo started). While trying to research this I googled the name “San Diego pride” and found that their address is simply It’s a disgusting web site that i didn’t want to provide a link for.

    A bigger problem is that the national anthem will be sung by a gay mens choir.

    But seriously homosexuality is so rampant in our culture you can’t escape it forever. You mean your kid has never asked about a rainbow flag or a rainbow sticker on a car yet?

  4. Alex said,

    “Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego will perform the national anthem before the game, which will be shown on ESPN.”
    Just a coincidence?

  5. danielbalc said,

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think it’s aggressive marketing. The homosexual agenda machine is powerful and dangerous.

  6. Albino Hayford said,

    Hmmmmm. I guess there are benifits to living in deep South Texas.

    Alex, have you already purchased your tickets, or did you get them free for singing in the chorus?

    Will the givaways that night be free Barbara Streisand albums?

  7. LynnH said,

    Thanks Daniel for the clarification. But if I have tickets for that day I will be trading them in for another game. I have no need to hear the perverted choir. I think having them sing is an open endorsement by the Padres. So I choose to not participate that day.

  8. danielbalc said,

    “I think having them sing is an open endorsement by the Padres.”

    I can see that, but I don’t think it’s meant that way.

    On the “Padres Fellowship night”, Friday August 31st (Which we plan on attending), several Padres are going to be sharing their personal testimony and the Padres chaplain is going to give a message. I think this is a much larger endorsement of Christianity than having the gay men’s chorus sing the national anthem is an endorsement of homosexuality. But as far as both are concerned the Padres as an organization are certainly not who we should be looking at to define our morality.

  9. danielbalc said,

    PS you should be trading them in anyways so you can be in church that evening 😉

  10. LynnH said,

    They don’t define my morality. I just don’t enjoy watching those people. I just realized that is a Sunday night game. So I definitely won’t go. A minor prophet lesson is much better than listening to a gay choir.

  11. danielbalc said,


  12. Alex said,


    No, I’m afraid I won’t be singing at this one. I felt that the dress code of cut off jeans and a crop top was just a little too risque for me. I did hear that they are looking for a rough and tough cowboy to perform Y.M.C.A. during the 7th inning stretch. Are you in?

  13. Albino Hayford said,

    Actually, no. I will be watching my dvd copy of your performance in “Brokeback Vato”


  14. itsasecret2u said,


    Nope, he hasn’t asked about those rainbows yet. Rainbows don’t strike children as odd, unless they already know the connotations. The problem is, my son hasn’t had the “talk” about hetero sex yet (he’s only six…). How could I possibly explain homo sex when he doesn’t even know about real sex? I think to explain it as anything other than what it is (for example, leaving out the sexual perversion part of it and just saying it is a relationship like mommy and daddy’s but with 2 mommies or 2 daddies) would be exactly what the “homosexual marketing machine” would want me to tell my kid. No, I will wait until he knows about real sexual relationships, then explain how our world has perverted what God created.

    You are correct that I can’t shield them forever, which I don’t plan to. But I think kindergarten is too early to start talking about sex. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that I get to decide when my children are exposed to certain things. He doesn’t go to school with anyone who has two mysterious mommies (like I did). He doesn’t hear any big kids on the playground slinging around the words “you’re gay,” unless he’s heard one of his uncles say it. I can shield him from this until it’s something he can understand for what it is.

    And yes, the choir singing the national anthem is more disturbing. I didn’t catch that the first time. Was it in your post? And I must be really overly-saturated with gay culture because if I saw “San Diego Pride,” I would immediately think of a gay pride group.

  15. itsasecret2u said,

    I’m going to ammend my earlier statement that kindergarten is too early to talk about sex by saying that if your kid is asking questions, it might not be too early. But mine’s not (amazing, considering I’m pregnant and he’s normally so inquisitive…). There are things you could talk about on an appropriate level with kids who are asking questions.

  16. Kathy A said,

    People, people, people.

    It disturbs and saddens me to see that a pastor is promoting intolerance, hatred, and ruthless stereotyping. You are judging. You are also generalizing.

    I am continuously amazed by people who call themselves Christians while espousing bigotry. What happened to “Judge not, that ye be not judged?” Do you never ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” I do not think Jesus would approve of this petty persecution.

    Why is it a problem for a gay men’s choir to sing the National Anthem? Not only Christian values but common sense are missing from your statement. Homosexuality does not preclude love for one’s country.

    I pray that you all receive more love and blessings than you are giving.

    Kathy A

  17. danielbalc said,

    Kathy, could you please be more specific in your criticism. Perhaps put into quotations the things that you feel are … “promoting intolerance, hatred, and ruthless stereotyping. ”

    Also which statement is missing Christian values and common sense?

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment, but unfortunately it is difficult to see the references you are talking about. Perhaps, you are generalizing that the comments were bigoted and hateful because you automatically associated Christians with being hateful bigots?

    FWIW Jesus would probably say something like, “Go now and leave your life of sin.” (which he said to a woman caught in adultery John 8:11)

  18. Kathy A said,


    Thank you for your reply. In response, let me say that I do not consider all Christians to be bigots. I am a Christian. I am not a bigot. That said, I should not have posted my beliefs in a venue in which I do not belong. I apologize for posting, though I do not apologize for the contents of my post.

    That you do not recognize the statements I took exception to shows that I need to step back and follow my own advice–judge not. Mea culpa.

    I do appreciate the advice you provided to me. I intend to follow it as wholeheartedly as possible.

    God Bless.

    -Kathy A

  19. danielbalc said,

    Kathy, this is an open venue and we enjoy posts from every point of view. No need to apologize. feel free to peruse the contents of the den and comment at will. The only thing we don’t allow are profanities and vulgarities.

  20. danielbalc said,

    Wow can you believe the national attention this story got? Bill O’Reilly, THEE Bill O’Reilly made it the subject of his “talking points” last night (7/11/07). What a distinguished honor for us. EXCEPT for the fact that he completely mislabeled it as a “promotion for gays”. Which it clearly was NOT. It was a homosexual organization who bought group tickets. Other immoral groups that can buy group tickets include PETA, Planned Parenthood, Raiders fans etc. You can’t prohibit a group from buying group tickets unless they are advocating something illegal (NAMBLA, KKK, Barry Bonds fan club). Why is this being spun out of control on a show called the “no spin zone”?

    watch it for yourself…

  21. Albino Hayford said,

    Saw the O’Reilly report too, and something didn’t seem right about it to me. Thanks for clearing that up.

  22. amyleesspace said,

    Ok so Wells gets suspended for 7 games for throwing a ball at the fence.WhenPaul Laduka from the Mets got ejected he began to throw a bunch of equipment on the field, what does he get for that 2 GAMES!! Hmmm I wonder if someone just doesn’t like Wells???? (not that Wells reaction was appropriate, but the punishment was quite drastic)

    Just some food for thought for the day 🙂

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