Thank you Kate Sessions

May 22, 2007 at 4:12 pm (Politics thoughts, Random thoughts)

One of my biggest obstacles to being “culturally relevant” with the kids in my youth group is that I don’t listen to a lot of music. It’s just not that appetizing to me. I feel like there are much better things that I can put into my ears. Most notably talk. I love talk radio. Talk radio is the single greatest medium for communication. Did you know that more people listen to Rush Limbaugh thAn watch American Idol?

My 5 favorite shows to listen to would be…

1) Michael Savage

2) Scott and B.R.

3) Jerry Doyle

4) John and Ken Show

5) Dr. Laura

Well as much fun as listening to talk radio is it is also sometimes quite frustrating. Such has been the case for the past few days. Why? Well three of my favorite shows could be classified as “politics oriented” and presently all three of them are dominated by the debate over this ridiculous immigration bill. I don’t want to comment too much on it because it is the source of my blood boiling but let me at least say this, “NO AMNESTY!” (please follow that link for an easy to send e-mail to our senators and representatives).

Whew, OK, now for my thank you…

You see this morning as the topic of illegal immigration was being pumped into my gas-guzzling chariot I started to feel my blood pressure raise (and this before my morning coffee). that’s when it happened, out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of one of the most wonderful sights the eye can see.

The Jacaranda Tree!

I love Jacarandas, they’re an absolutely gorgeous tree especially at the end of May and beginning of June when they are in bloom. I like them because their colors are described as “purple-blue”. This is refreshing to me because I am slightly color blind and have a very difficult time differentiating between the colors blue and purple. Jacarandas even the playing field by showing off their glory in an indistinguishable blending of the two colors.

Jacarandas are not native to San Diego (hardly any trees are) but they have been prevalent for my entire life thanks to Kate Sessions.

Kate Sessions was a horticulturist who came to be known as the “mother of Balboa Park”. She is credited with having brought the Jacarandas to San Diego early the 1900’s. Now the Jacarandas are all over San Diego, Los Angeles and even Phoenix. They are a wonderful addition to my native home of Poway, where I happened to see a couple this morning.

I started appreciating Jacarandas about 5 years ago and haven’t stopped since. Thank you Kate Sessions and all others who have invested in the agricultural landscape of Southern California by beautifying it with these wonderful trees.

I hope that you, my loyal readers, will take notice of these trees today and let them bring a little bit of joy into your heart.



  1. itsasecret2u said,

    Rush Limbaugh then watch American Idol?

    Than watch American Idol. Otherwise you’re saying people listen to Rush, then they go watch AI. That’s probably not true.


  2. itsasecret2u said,

    Aww, what a nice post! Those trees are really pretty.

    I didn’t realize you had a hard time with purple and blue. I remember right after we met you (maybe a couple of weeks) playing Trivial Pursuit at the S family home one night and you kept calling the pink wedges green or vice-versa and I was like, “is he making a joke? I don’t get it…” Then finally I was like, “Daniel, that’s pink,” in a kind of ‘duh’ voice. You said really casually, “Oh, is it? I’m color blind.” Then I felt SO BAD. Totally mortified. So, sorry about that. I still feel bad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. danielbalc said,

    Hmmm I have no recollection of that event so don’t feel bad. In fact I can’t even think of who the “S” family home refers to? Matt maybe? When the heck did we “first meet”?

    Thanks for the grammar correction, as I noted on 5n’s blog, I’m programmed to perpetually make that error.

  4. itsasecret2u said,

    Yeah, the Matt S house… or the former house of Matt S. It was a long time ago… we had just started going to the church (which is how I know we had just met… duh) so… nearly 6 years? I think the only reason I remember it is because I was so embarassed! haha

  5. danielbalc said,

    The one in PQ? was it a DiSCO after event thing? How old was your number 1 thEn?

    I am the worlds worst at remembering past events. I need watershed moments to refer back to if I am to have any positive recollections. Evidently mocking someones color blindness is such an event in your life.

  6. Jessica said,

    Yesterday I was driving home and one of the streets has several Jacaranda trees on it and I was wishing we had one in our yard, then noticed what a mess they leave and I decided I will just admire their beauty from my car.

  7. Matt S said,

    Jessica stole my thunder….

    Those trees are beautiful until your parents ask you to scrub the driveway of the purple mess that is created when thousands of blooms fall of the tree and get smashed by people walking into your house.

  8. Alex said,

    Matt, you actually did yard work? Weird!!!

  9. danielbalc said,

    Best thing you could do in a situation like the one matt describes is to pick up some illegals by the Albertsons in RB and have them come and clean your driveway for 5 bucks.

    I love the scene on “fun with Dick and Jane” where Jim Carry’s character is doing the day labor thing. Classic.

  10. Clean said,

    Did you hear about the guy who went to a corner and picked up a few illegals to take them on a job… then he tied them up… drove them to the border… and threw them over the fence!

    I find that hilarious:-)

  11. danielbalc said,

    That’s jacked up and can’t possibly be true. He’d be in jail for the rest of his life.

  12. Clean said,

    it was on the news… last week. and he got arrested for kidnapping…

    but i still find it funny

  13. danielbalc said,

    if I don’t see it on wikipedia I won’t believe it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Matt S said,

    Matt, you actually did yard work? Weird!!!

    Actually, I hired a mexican to do it for me.

  15. Clean said,

    why would it be up on wikipedia?

  16. danielbalc said,

    why hasn’t anyone followed my “NO AMNESTY” link? you guys we really need to get the e-mails out to our senators as this issue is being debated THIS WEEK.

    If it passes we can kiss the future of America good bye. It would legalize within the next 10 years 20 MILLION new citizens. Our Country (any country) cannot bare that kind of burden. The estimated cost to country would be in the trillions. It’s quite possibly the worst bill ever and is in danger of passing just because these politicians are starving for votes.

    Oh man see what’s happening to me?

    I need to go sit under a jacaranda and meditate.

  17. itsasecret2u said,


    It was after a DISCO thing and it was before Matt was married, so I meant his family house. #1 was maybe 1 year old, or so. Wow! That means I was a teenager still! Weird.

    Nice grammar, by the way. Your capitalization needs work, though… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. danielbalc said,

    Well one of you finally clicked onto “no amnesty” but we need more. I strongly encourage you guys to take 5 minutes of clicking and send off an e-mail to our elected officials regarding this immigration bill. It’s worth it.

  19. Alex said,


    if you write a post about the immigration bill i will be sure to comment.

  20. danielbalc said,

    See Alex that’s the thing, I started a post about the immigration bill but then I changed it to this post about pretty trees because it just got so frustrating. Plus Albino has already done a couple of immigration rants. I wanted something that could bring up the discussion but without dominating and hammering that one subject. In essence this IS my immigration bill post.

  21. itsasecret2u said,

    It was I who clicked the link! haha

  22. danielbalc said,

    Did you send the e-mails?

  23. itsasecret2u said,

    Yes I did. I even resent the one to Boxer through her website because she doesn’t respond to 3rd party emails.

  24. danielbalc said,

    interestingly enough on boxer and feinsteins websites the topic is always “immigration” on Hunter’s website it’s “Illegal immigration.” Why do our senator’s forget that excruciatingly important adjective?

  25. danielbalc said,

    About this bill, House minority leader John Boehner said it best…,2933,274994,00.html

  26. itsasecret2u said,

    WOW!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  27. Alex said,


    I have had several discussions with people I know about the immigration issue. I have to admit I have changed my stance. I think the main thing to remember in pretty much any political issue is “it’s all about the money baby.” Here is just one of my thoughts on this large topic.

    1)Many Illegals actually do pay taxes
    This was a huge point for me. I just figured that if an illegal was employed at all it would have to be under the table.To the contrary, many of the Illegals that are here actually DO pay income tax, social security tax, etc. This was a surprise to find out because although some get payed “under the table” and avoid paying any taxes(except sales tax on a purchase) many actually use a fake SSN in order to be employed, pay all the taxes that you and I do but will never be able to collect on it. With this in mind it makes a lot of sense why the government has been “turning a blind eye” for so many years. The government is collecting money that will never make it back to the employee. Interesting.

    Problem: What about the “under the table” employees and the fact that they are still here illegally?

    Answer: FIrst off, I agree with Savage that we could easily secure our borders by bringing our troops that are in Germany back to guard our borders.This would cut down on illegals coming in tremendously. Now with the illegals that are here already, there is no way to COMPLETELY stop illegal employment but I think the best way to regulate on this problem is to make employers completely responsible for who they hire. Have a system in place that requires the employer to verify SSN with the government via the internet. Make it fast and simple. Employers, if you pay “under the table” and you get caught, you will be fined.

    Bottomline: If the politicians didn’t have there hand in the cookie jar we would have had an efficient system in place along time ago. The real problem we need a solution for is “how do we get their(our elected officials) hands out of the cookie jar?”

    Just a thought.

  28. danielbalc said,

    you’re right on with a few of those points Alex. most notably that illegals are using fake SS cards and having to pay taxes. The Dems especially don’t want the illegals out because SS is their baby and SS DIES if the fake numbers stop being used.

    As for militarizing the border I don’t think this is necessary. I think if we…
    1) enforced our current immigration laws (which do include hefty fines for corporations and companies that employ illegals).
    2) create a law that ANY illegal found within our borders by a certain date will be deported and PERMANENTLY BANNED from obtaining citizenship. (and enforced this law)

    then we would see some “terrific” things happen.

    (this is subjectively terrific because it only benefits lower middle class and down which I am a part of.)

    Cost of living would become much lower as there would be less “demand” for the supply on just about everything (houses, food, gasoline etc). Why? because so many illegals would leave realizing that if they really WANT to be citizens of the US then they better get back into line. Those who DON’T really want to be citizens would be choked out by a lack of work.

    Another terrific benefit of such a law is it would enable us to require English proficiency and skills tests as part of gaining citizenship. Thus those who are anti-American would be weeded out as well.

    another benefit would be an increase in wages and an abundance of jobs (again owning to the supply and demand principles.

    AND this would make a “guest worker program” monitored by visas, actually WORK.

    Finally the burden on our public schools, health care system, judicial system and transportation systems would be relieved and social security might actually be able to right itself.

    Those all sound good but come at tremendous cost to the upper middle class and the wealthy. Why?

    Their investments go down (temporarily) especially real estate. Indeed Exxon stock would even drop due to the decrease in fossil fuel consumption locally.

    They lose their “cheap labor” that keeps their factories and farms and oil fields going. Some suppose this would increase the cost of things like groceries, but I contend that supply and demand would balance it out and even decrease it.

    They lose the “needy” that they keep claiming they will help and thus lose the votes needed to keep them in power as people realize that hard work is rewarding they ask for less and less from the government so the government is forced to make cutbacks.

    A genuine immigration bill that enforces the laws of our sovereign nation is the primary hope of righting the “American dream”. The powers that be are either too afraid or too stupid to do these things so it looks like we are going to slip farther and farther away from the stability that this nation once had.

  29. Albino Hayford said,

    This is a loaded and complicated topic. Just a few things.

    My wife, a naturalized American from Mexico, is FURIOUS that those who broke the law will get amnesty. She says, “How will they make them pay the $5,000 if they can’t enforce the laws now?” Esther waited for a year and we spent thousands of dollars and filled out, literally, 320 pages of proofs to get her a finace visa then a residence card. “There are signs all over the U.S. Embassies in Mexico saying, ‘illegal immigration is a crime’, threatening jail and deportation, and now they’re offering amnesty?”

    At the same time, I understand the plight of many Mexicans here on the border with no documents, whose children and grandchildren are citizens, often professionals, who pay taxes.

    But I agree with Glen Bleck (better talk radio choice) when he says, “Turn off the water faucet before dealing with the flood.” Enforce the border FIRST.

    By the way, Daniel, here is who you should listen to on the radio:

    Glen Beck
    Sean Hannity
    Dave Ramsey
    ESPN Radio

  30. Alex said,

    Albino, No more Rush? What is this world coming too?

  31. Albino Hayford said,

    I listen to Rush, but only after big political events, like debates. Glenn Beck is more eclectic.

  32. danielbalc said,

    Albino, I heard the Glenn beck show for the first time last Saturday and it was very very good. We don’t have a daily GB show here so i doubt I will become an avid listener.

    Sean Hannity is right up there with Jim Rome as the most over rated shows on air. All Hannity ever does is say, “you’re a great American” every 4 seconds and plays kiss, kissy with his radio pals. He never says anything fresh, He promotes Guilliani like he’s the next Regan (even though he supports abortion). He acts like he’s a Christian when in fact he is a Catholic and not a very good one at that. He misquotes scripture, making it into some kind of tag line for his shows. And the worst thing about his shows is all of the annoying twangy sounds of country music before and after each commercial break (so every 3 minutes).
    No sir I am not a fan of Hannity. I’ll listen to him if he has a relevant guest (like Rice, or the aforementioned Guilliani) because I want to hear what they have to say, but Hannity’s words are empty. I sound like I could be on his “hate Hannity hotline” which is just another one of his ways to have a radio show without ever having to say anything.

    I’ve never heard Dave Ramsey.

    We get ESPN radio but the only show I ever liked was the Sports Bash when it had Eric Kasillias (sp?). Now the only halfway decent host is Dan Patrick, but every time I hear him he’s got Keith Oberman (super lib) on his show.

    The beauty of sports talk is when it’s local and about the teams you care about. Why ruin sports talk with hour after hour of Yankees, Red Sox, Barry Bonds, Kobe Bryant and Mike Vick? And now they are trying to shove nascar down our throats. No thanks. I’ll stick with XX sports radio and the broadcast company of the Americas. They’ve done so much for my family (just ask Pablo). .

  33. Pablo Honey said,


  34. Matt S said,

    We donโ€™t have a daily GB show here so i doubt I will become an avid listener.

    Watch his show on tv channel 32 (CNN Headline). Very good.

    BTW-He had that Jesus Christ guy on a few nights ago and just made fun of him the whole time, pretty funny.

  35. danielbalc said,

    The latest numbers have 4 of you visiting no Come on peoples do just sit there, click something!

  36. Matt S said,

    Sean Hannity is right up there with Jim Rome as the most over rated shows on air.

    I really like the Jim Rome Show. I have listened to him since he had his late night show here locally. I do understand why people do not like the show and that is fine.

    However, he is worth listening to if only for the interviews. He gets the best sports interviews on the radio. You just do not get that with one of the local shows who think they are super cool because they are friends with Jim Lampley, Wow!

  37. danielbalc said,

    Regarding Jim Rome’s show. It, like the hannity show, has one redeemable quality in that it is so large that he does get “big name” interviews. But unlike Hannity, Romes interviews aren’t really important to life. I mean seriously Condi Rice (though maybe not as well know) is slightly more important than Carlos Boozer, and Rudi Gulliani is more powerful than Mike Scosia.

    Rome will harp on one subject for a whole segment while never ever saying anything. I, like you, listened to Rome early on (thanks to our albino YP) but noticed years ago that the show just seems to be getting worse and worse. All of the terminology is just embarrassing, (vine, clone, take, cablanasian, BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH). It’s mentally frustrating to TRY to be entertained by his fluff.

  38. danielbalc said,

    point taken on the Jim Lampley thing as well. But the only sports figures I really care to hear from are the local ones and you just won’t hear them on Rome.

    Again nothing bad can be said about Scott and BR, they have blessed us abundantly.

  39. Albino Hayford said,

    Dave Ramsey is a financial guru who preaches saving and getting out of debt. Fascinating show on XM radio (but he’s probably syndicated in so cal).

    You make good points about Hannity…Beck is better (and also on XM)

    He told the Puerto Rican Jesus, “Does it bother you to have your birthday on Christmas — that whole double-gifting thing?”

  40. itsasecret2u said,

    Random note on SS number usage…

    They don’t always use random or fake SS numbers. Sometimes they use other peoples’. Like mine. I was on disability for a couple of months years ago and was informed by the disability office that they had my name and another name under my social security number in their records. I told them I had documentation that this was my number and I’d do whatever to clear it up. But they said, no thank you, we don’t get involved with double-number-usage and that sort of thing. We’ll pay you your disability, though, because we’ve kept his (it was a guy) income records separate from yours.

    HUH? Yeah, they had no interest in clearing up the matter. Nor did the social security office. Anyone else find that strange? So I do wonder if there is someone still out there paying taxes, collecting disability, or getting credit cards with my SS number. Weird. None of these “official organizations” seems to mind, so I guess I shouldn’t.

  41. danielbalc said,

    Well they did one thing to the bill, cutting the number of “guest workers”. That’s the most ridiculous amendment they could’ve possibly made (like a guest workers number makes any difference?). Meanwhile Obama is on a crusade to cut out one of the few parts of the bill that makes sense. the “points” system, which is (presently) the only hope on the bill for getting these illegals to learn to speak English.

    How is that not first on the list? It should be illegal have ballot’s issued in anything but English. If you can’t speak English you don’t belong in America. I don’t know anyone who has moved to another country and not made efforts to learn their native tongue. And these people want citizenship? preposterous.

  42. danielbalc said,

    Albino, the irony of a guy on XM ($25 a month) radio preaching savings and getting out of debt is overwhelming.

  43. AmyLee said,

    This has nothing to do with your post here. But I made a blog page of my own… ( I know I know I cant believe it myself)
    I dont know how to make people aware of it besides telling you my page.. so here it is
    My first blog may be of some interest to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Midge said,

    Niiiice AmyLee!!!

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