Over and Under Rated

February 28, 2007 at 10:40 pm (Pop thoughts)

Midweek fluff. Oscars were just given out and I am pretty sick of the whole dang academy.  They never seem to select the movies that I think are the best. In fact I don’t know who ever agrees with the Oscar nominations, they are usually a bunch of bologna. Never mind, I don’t care to talk about the Oscars. I care to talk about films that are  good but often neglected. The under rated movies. And since we are doing that lets hear what you’ve got for the most over rated films too.

The DVD’s in our house are categorized

1) Comedies

2) Chick Flicks

3) Action

4) Drama

So I will give you my personal list of the most under and over rated films in those categories.



  1. danielbalc said,

    The award for MUR Comedy goes to…

    Galaxy Quest

    This movie is hilarious! It’s a sort of parody of the Star Trek films, but in a unique enough way that it probably could gain it’s own Trek-like following (couldn’t you just imagine Questy conventions?). Tim Allen (not a good actor at all) is perfect as a spoofy type of William Shattner. Even folks who didn’t get into Star Trek thought this movie was funny. Yet It never got good reviews and a lot of people I know didn’t even see it. Maybe they thought it was an attempt at another Star Wars or Star Trek kinda like Stargate was. Well whatever the case may be, they missed out on some great entertainment.

  2. Albino Hayford said,

    Can’t wait for Reuben to come in here and defend “Accidental Tourist” (zzzzzzz), “Being There” (beg for death) and “Best Defense” (kid with remotely-controlled toy holicopter saves the country). I must have watched over a hundred lousy movies with Shawn and Rube over the years — can I get that time back, please???

    But let me say….worst comedy in all of human history? Howard the Duck, hands down. Terrible talking duck depiction, awful love story between duck and girl (including revolting kissing scene), and when all that didn’t work, they threw in a demon possession at the end. Ugh. I saw it in college for one dollar and I STILL GOT ROBBED!!! BTW, Shawn thinks it was one of the best movies of all time, even better than the Star Wars trilogy. Wow.

  3. RubeRad said,

    I still deny any responsibility for “Being There”. Just because it was at my house doesn’t mean I picked the movie.

    And I’ve never even heard of “Best Defense”. Is it worse than “Red Dawn”, which I had to watch with you shouting “It gets worse before it gets better!” every 30 seconds?

    Also, you need to man up to “Cowboy Way”. I want back the 90 minutes I wasted on your couch!

    Finally, don’t forget Shawn’s infamous “Bliged”. What was that Jack Nicholson Western stinker called again?

  4. RubeRad said,

    Perhaps more to the point, here’s an incredibly hilarious (but rated-R) recent comedy: Idiocracy

  5. Danielbalc said,

    Albino, these don’t qualify for “MOR” (Most over rated) since they got ZERO good publicity.

    I amnot sure about my MOR for comedy but I will now announce the winner for MOR Action movie. the Award goes to….

    Oh my! it’s a tie. Braveheart and Gladiator!

    Both of these films were always talked about with the phrase, “you HAVE to see this movie.” when i finally did I could barely keep my eyes open. Epic fight scenes are so bloody and so contrived that if it werent for the costumes you wouldn’t know which film you are watching. I don’t think Mel gibson is a bad actor, but when his eyes get all big and he falls back when he finds out that the bruce has betrayed him you can’t help but see shades of Jim carrey TRYING to convince us that he’s not funny. This is Mel TRYING to convince us that he doesn’t have a mullett and hasn’t just come off the streets of LA jumping off a building with a guy handcuffed to him.

    As for gladiator, the “romace” that never is in that film just bothers me. I also hate how Russell Crowes character is some sort of noble family man who just wants to get back to his farm. That’s lame. make him a blood thirsty power hungry general that he is. if you just planted a field or just got married or are jsut not into it you shouldn’t be at war, let alone a general.

    Both those movies were WAY over rater.

  6. Danielbalc said,

    Rube, that is on point and exactly what I am looking for. thank you.

  7. RubeRad said,

    Speaking of “Have to see this movie!”, T & I both agree with Elaine from Seinfeld about English Patient: “Die already!”. And I think I concur with Jerry Seinfeld concerning Schindler’s list — neither of us has seen it, and we resist pressure to see it just because society says we need to. Similarly for Shaving Ryan’s Privates.

    I was also disappointed that I caved to pressure to see Mel Gibson’s Jesus slasher pic. I didn’t need to see that. I left the theather thinking I had just paid good money and time to get beat up myself, inside. It didn’t even present the gospel. Where’s all the resurrection?

  8. Matt S said,

    MUR Comedy is………….

    definitely National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

    followed closely by The Burbs

    These are two movies that I can watch over and over again and still laugh pretty dang hard

  9. Matt S said,

    Throw in the mix as well……

    Surf Ninjas, that is is good movie that needs some pub and….

    North Shore, a classic surf movie

  10. Bruce S. said,

    What’s a movie?

  11. Albino Hayford said,

    My Aztec princess and I watched “Little Miss Sunshine” last September while on vacation in New Braunfels (old school theatre with not many choices and a ceiling fan overhead). Although there were poignant and funny moments, this movie is A WASTE OF TIME! I was stunned it was nominated for an Oscar. The premise was dumb and the payoff at the end was stupid and disappointing, not to mention dreary and godless. If you see the previews, you’ve pretty much seen all the funny parts.

    Also, why does the announcer who does preview narration in that deep, rich voice, always start every preview with “in a world…”?

    And why do we have to watch commercials now, after paying to see the movie?

    And why do we still have to get a bank loan to buy the overpriced popcorn and soda?

  12. Albino Hayford said,

    One day when I become a prosperity preacher and buy myself a 60 inch plasma television for my home theatre, I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THE MOVIES AGAIN!

  13. RubeRad said,

    [SPOILER ALERT]: Good point Albino, I’ll second the motion for MOR Comedy: Little Miss Sunshine. “Godless” is right. On the one hand, they wanted to mock the Jon Benet culture by taking it to the logical extreme of turning an innocent little girl into a full-on skank. That’s good. But at the same time, they couldn’t resist sending out Hollyweird’s usual message of “I gotta be me” moral relativism by celebrating the little girl’s striptease dancing!


  14. RubeRad said,

    Here is a twofer nomination for MUR Drama — two Period dramas about magicians: The Prestige with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, and The Illusionist with Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti.

    They both got Oscar nominations for Cinematography, and Prestige also for Art Direction, but no awards (except Illusionist won a “silver frog”?!). Does that qualify them as underrated?

    If you only want to watch one, I’d recommend The Prestige, because it also incorporates a little science fiction, with David Bowie playing Electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla, who builds the device which the movie focuses on in the opening court case. And Michael Caine is always good, and Christian Bale is one of the best actors out there (but so is Edward Norton, for that matter).

  15. danielbalc said,

    Your MUR Drama’s were fine movies, but you’re missing the point of the awards. See everyone I know liked those two period magic films. Who cares if the academy didn’t like it. They are not the judge. Matt has the right idea going with “surf ninjas“. IMDB users give it a lowly 3.9, but anyone who has seen it knows it’s terrific

    So with that I give you the Award for MOR Comedy….

    Oh know, this is tragic. A very sad turn of events, we could start hearing some cat calls with this one. It says here that the Most Over Rated Comedy is “The Goonies“. Yep the 1985 kids movie of your dreams has been so terribly perverted by rosy childhood memories that we forget just how lame it really is. IMDB users gave it a ridiculously high rating of 7.2

    Thats a full point higher then Matts earlier nomination of the Burbs

    Don’t get me wrong I liked the goonies, but it seems like EVERYONE I talk to thinks it was the greatest movie they’d ever seen. Sorry kids, it just isn’t. and now it’s got the MOR award to prove it.

  16. RubeRad said,

    Who cares if the academy didn’t like it.

    I thought the point was to highlight movies that the Oscars missed. I guess you mean under-rated/over-rated by popular buzz.

    Don’t get me wrong I liked the goonies, but it seems like EVERYONE I talk to thinks it was the greatest movie they’d ever seen.

    Hmmm. T-bird is also always telling me how great Goonies is. Now I have to watch it and judge for myself…

    PS, the blockquotes and links in this comment were super easy!

  17. Pablo Honey said,

    MUR comedy: Kingpin.
    Definitely over the top gross-out sometimes, but Bill Murray alone brings this movie to an all time classic.

  18. danielbalc said,

    I will say this regarding kingpin, I am not the biggest fan, but for comedic value I prefer it ten times more then fellow bowling flick, “the big lebowski”. Which borders on being the MOR Comedy. the only thing that kept it off the list was that it is more a “dramody” (dram/comedy). These movies are so difficult to categorize that it removes it from the MOR title, whereas goonies doesn’t pretend to be a drama.

  19. danielbalc said,

    Big Lebowski was actually voted #178 top movie of all time! WOW that is MOR quality.

  20. RubeRad said,

    Love the Big Lebowski, man.

    The dude abides.

    I’m thinking about buying a “I don’t roll on Shabbas” t-shirt

    You’re out of your element, Donny! You’re entering a world of pain!

  21. danielbalc said,

    I am adding a category after reviewing this list of the top 250 movies of all time.

    MOR Trilogy…. Lord of the Rings. Good grief this long, drawn out, over dramatized, special effects showcase checks in at #’s 5, 14, and 25 best movies of ALL TIME?!?! that’s horrible.

    MUR Trilogy has to be Jurassic Park. OK so I am partial to dinosaur movies (My favorite genre), but seriously I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy the original JP. As for the other two, so they got progressively worse, but still we are talking DINOSAURS here! I want to be entertained by movies and nothing is more entertaining then the cheesy jokes, killer lizards and intense ethical ramifications (should we or should we not clone?)

  22. danielbalc said,

    It’s fine to enjoy the Dude, in fact I kinda of like his dudeness, but seriously number 178???? WAY too high.

  23. danielbalc said,

    You’ll be disappointed by “The Goonies”. I guarantee it. In fact, after you watch it again T herself will probably shrug and say something like, “well it was really great when I was a kid.” Your #1 may enjoy it however.

  24. danielbalc said,

    Notice, the segment that gave Goonies the highest rating…. Females 18-29


    two words. Corey Feldman

    ask T what she thought of him and then you’ll know why she liked The Goonies so much. I don’t know how old your wife is but I am guessing she is probably between 1 and 3 years younger then the #7 kid star of all time. Putting her in the prime spot to be seduced by his boyish charms.

  25. Matt S said,

    two words. Corey Feldman

    Another feather in the cap of “The Burbs”

  26. itsasecret2u said,

    Ew, Corey Feldman.

    And Daniel, I shall never, ever, EVER forgive you for what you said about Gladiator and Braveheart. Ever,

  27. danielbalc said,

    Spot on Matt, Check the female ratings on that flick. It’s crazy how young girls find CF so attractive.

  28. danielbalc said,

    Secret, It’s about time someone tried to defend those bore/gore fests. I was getting worried, because if everyone agrees with me that they are overrated I guess they aren’t really overrated. Thanks for proving me right 🙂

  29. Matt S said,

    I fell asleep in the theatre watching Braveheart, too long and contrived.

  30. itsasecret2u said,

    Love those movies. Love them…though I do sort of close my eyes during the really bloody parts. I don’t even know what to say to defend them except that I love them. haha Maybe it’s the romance of period films. I just can’t help myself. But Gladiator is pretty devoid of that, so it has to be something more.

    MUR comedy/chick flick: Clueless. I’m not kidding. Maybe you have to be a girl to get it, but that movie is really snarky and funny.

    I don’t remember if it would qualify as “Underrated” because I don’t remember what the buzz what like on this movie, but what about The Royal Tennenbaums? Hilarious for the dark commedy genre.

  31. itsasecret2u said,

    As far as bloody Mel movies go, I prefer The Patriot to Braveheart, but I still love them both. Patriot has a great performance by Heath Ledger and an even better, chilly performance by one of my favorites, Jason Isaacs.

  32. Pablo Honey said,

    Sorry Daniel, Lebowski is in NO way MOR. #178? Should be top 20. All time great.

    Matt, I’m feeling you. A great way to judge movies is repeatability, do you want to watch a movie again and again. In this regard Burbs ranks up there among the greats.

    Speaking of repeatability, there is movie I am always in the mood to watch, so it gets my nomination for MUR action movie: The Hunt for Red October. I suppose its tough to say this movie is underrated, as I know very few people who don’t enjoy it but it has got to be one of the all time greats. Then again I am a huge fan of Tom Clancy movies, or at least I was until Ben Affleck became Jack Ryan.

    Please allow me to point out an MOR as well: Rounders. This movie is lame. Soooo lame. I love poker as much as the next guy but I don’t love Matt Damon playing it. In fact the only thing I like Matt Damon in is the Bourne movies. Edward Norton is OK but otherwise this movie SUCKS.

  33. Matt S said,

    The more I think about it, The Burbs has to be the best non-blockbuster movie of all time! It was only nominated for “young artist award” (whatever that means) but has sooo much to offer!

  34. danielbalc said,

    Dark Comedies usually fail to qualify for MOR or MUR because the audience is so limited. The few DC’s (or dramodies) that go mainstream are open for the award, i.e. the already discussed “little miss sunshine” or “big Lebowski”. Tennebaums, Bottle Rocket, Life Aquatic etc. are too acquired of tastes to qualify for the awards.

    Clueless is an excellent nomination for MUR chickflick. That will be the hardest category for me to award, but the envelope will be opened later.

  35. Matt S said,

    Shout out to Edward Norton. He is my favorite actor, the guy is great!

    Fight Club, American History X, Italian Job, The Illusionist… the list goes on, the guy can flat out act!

  36. Matt S said,

    I think The Burbs should be mandatory viewing, you better believe my kids will be seeing that one.

  37. danielbalc said,

    LOOK people Lebowski isn’t in the running for the awards being given out so drop it.

    Pablo is cheating by putting in Red October because he knows it is on my top ten list. But it will receive no rewards do to limited exposure and confusion with all the other Tom Clancy films.

    As for Rounders, what category are you nominating it in? I am guessing Drama, but I haven’t seen it so I don’t know.

  38. Pablo Honey said,

    1 more underrated for you before I actually start working today. MUR for the Comedy category: The Cable Guy. Most people hated it at first because it is so twisted, but if thats your take on it please watch it again, and again, and again. It is fantastic.

  39. Albino Hayford said,

    MUR category: Stand by Me

    Made me laugh and really captured well the value of childhood friendships along with the reality of life.

  40. Matt S said,

    Best line in movie history:

    Ray Peterson:

    “I’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen anybody drive their garbage down to the street and bang the hell out of it with a stick. I-I’ve never seen that.”

  41. Pablo Honey said,

    Rounders is drama.

    And I am not cheating with Red October, it is just a fantastic movie and I love it.

    BTW Matt I agree with you on Norton, but I haven’t seen the Illusionist yet.

  42. Pablo Honey said,

    Nice quote, wish I had the Burbs with me to watch in my hotel room tonight. Instead it’ll be me, my laptop, and 24 season 3 all alone in my room at the Monte Carlo tonight.

  43. danielbalc said,

    Oh No! Albino also has fallen under the spell of Corey Feldman!

    Do they have exorcists in south Texas?

  44. RubeRad said,

    MUR comedy/chick flick: Clueless. I’m not kidding. Maybe you have to be a girl to get it, but that movie is really snarky and funny.

    I second the motion. Clueless is the best secretly-classic-literature ripoff of all time. (Romeo + Juliet with Claire Danes and Retardo DiCrapio doesn’t count, because it’s straight up Shakespeare)

    Two nominations for MOR Comedy: #1 Napoleon Dynamite, followed very closely by #2 Nacho Libre. Due to the undeserved popularity of Napoleon Dynamite, John Heder is coming into a decent career of better movies (School for Scoundrels was pretty good). Jack Black is usually fall-on-the-floor funny, but Nacho Libre sucked.

    Which reminds me of a new nomination for MUR for all categories but action: High Fidelity Hilarious and dramatic, this is actually a chick-flick that guys can relate to. No action though, unless you count Jack Black’s kickin song stylings at the end…

  45. danielbalc said,

    Napoleon is a love it or hate it type of movie. Far more people love it than hate it so I don’t think it can be called MOR. As for Nacho, first time I saw it (in the theater) I hated it, when I saw it at home I thought it was very funny. “They think I don’t know a butt load of crap about the gospel but I do.” Is written on my wall. I think Nacho is guilty of being over promoted, but not overrated. I don’t know of too many high school graduates and older, who admit to liking it.

    High Fidelity falls into chick flick and is a great nomination.

  46. danielbalc said,

    This just in we have the award for MUR Action Movie…

    Batman Begins

    Yes indeed, the newest picture of the Dark Night also is the best. It takes a lot for a movie to be immediately thrust into my Top 10 list but this movie had it all. It took a character that we thought we knew pretty well, (the smug Bruce Wayne) and showed us how he got to be that way. Even though we thought we knew his story we always had a difficult time reconciling his arrogance with his dark past. With BB we see how his playboy aura is actually a bigger part of his costume. I have never seen a movie more philosophical and yet still very exciting and entertaining. I know BB got good reviews, but as far as public appreciation for quality entertainment is concerned I think a lot of people missed out. They probably passed on this film because they thought it would be like every other comic book film. It wasn’t. It is a winner! proud title holder of MUR Action movie!!!! Somewhere Christian Bale sheds a tear.

  47. Matt S said,

    Christian Bale should also win for Most Underated Actor. He is a great actor, really liked him in the Prestige as well.

  48. RubeRad said,

    If you like Christian Bale, you might be interested in checking out The Machinist (I don’t know why the official title is not in English, it’s not a foreign-language film). It’s an odd, dark little film, and what’s most amazing is that Bale dropped down to an emaciated 120 pounds to play the role of a guy with horrible insomnia — and he had to audition for Batman Begins in that bony state! From the IMDB Trivia page:

    The producers of the film claim that Christian Bale dropped from about 180 pounds in weight down to about 120 pounds in weight to make this film. They also claim that Bale actually wanted to drop down to 100 pounds, but that they would not let him go below 120 out of fear that his health could be in too much danger if he did. His diet consisted of one can of tuna and an apple per day. His 63-pound weight loss is said to be a record for any actor for a movie role. He since gained the weight back for his role in Batman Begins (2005).

  49. danielbalc said,

    how much did Tom hanks lose for cast away?

  50. Matt S said,

    That reminds me of another great movie that got no pub which is “Momento” really well done in my opinion

  51. Matt S said,

    Check the spelling, “Memento”

  52. danielbalc said,

    Hanks lost 50lbs for cast away. I just discovered that the “trivia” section of IMDB is the coolest thing on earth.

  53. itsasecret2u said,

    Ew, and Hanks grew that awful beard, too.

    I like BB for the Action winner. A definite staple in our DVD collection.

    Does anyone else find the original Psycho to be overrated? Maybe it was scary at the time? I much prefer Rear Window if we’re talking about Hitchcock. Maybe those are apples and oranges, though. Horror vs. Suspense?

    I have the most overrated genre: Western. UGH. And the most overrated western is definitely “Shane.” I was forced to watch that movie when people found out what we were naming our oldest son (ahem). I can’t tell you how many times we heard “You HAVE to see this movie! It’s so great!” UGHHHHH.

  54. RubeRad said,

    Westerns are not my cup of tea, but I have to admit that there are diamonds in the rough. Unforgiven was very good. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was good.

    That reminds me of another great movie that got no pub which is “Memento” really well done in my opinion

    I thought Memento was a runaway word-of-mouth hit? Maybe it’s really just a cult classic. Either way, an excellent movie.

  55. itsasecret2u said,

    I love Christian Bale. He’s quite good in Little Women, even though Winona Ryder is horribly miscast there. She’s not bad, she just seems so 20th-century American and it’s awkward in that period film.

    (The first IMDB user comment on that movie says “Perfectly cast!” haha Oh well.)

  56. Danielbalc said,

    We will have no discussion of the film “little women” on my blog. that’s just about as bad as NASCAR.

  57. itsasecret2u said,

    Whatever, dude. Your Batman was totally in it.

  58. RubeRad said,

    New entry for MUR something (comedy? drama?): Stranger Than Fiction. What a great movie, a great screenplay, great acting (who would believe this is the same actor behind Ricky Bobby & Ron Burgundy?!) — this is NOT the movie that the TV ads made it out to be. It is much better.

    But the movie got bupkus for nominations/awards, and apparently barely recovered its $38mil budget.

    But is it a comedy or a tragedy (drama)? Funnily enough, this is a question that the movie literally tries to answer about itself — and if I told you what the movie concluded about itself, I would give away the ending. So in order to assign this to a category, you’ll have to watch it yourself!

  59. Matt S said,

    I got one more for you

    “So I married an Axe Murderer” has to be in the running for MU Comedy

  60. Echo_ohcE said,

    Stranger than fiction is a good movie.

  61. itsasecret2u said,

    “So I Married…” is good. But I didn’t think it was as funny when I saw it recently as when I saw it originally. :-/

  62. danielbalc said,

    here are some new MUR awards for you guys to chew on.

    MUR comedy- “Galaxy Quest”
    MUR action- “Batman Begins”
    MUR trilogy- “Jurassic Park”

    And the latest award for MUR drama goes to…
    “Hotel Rwanda”

    If you have not seen this movie drop whatever you are doing, go to blockbuster and rent it right away. Actually i take that back, go to suncoast and BUY this movie. This is a must have for everyones collection. It should be required viewing for all high school students as well as for all members of congress.

    this movie was instantly thrust into my top 10 of all time. The casting and acting could not have been any better. the direction, cinematography and locations are superb. I honestly can’t even imagine any complaint. Perhaps the performance of Joaquin Phoenix is it a bit unnecessary, but he plays it well enough to keep from hurting the real story.

    the first time I saw this movie was just one week before our churches missions conference. It was incredible to me because it totally shook the foundations of my cultural knowledge. I had always considered myself fairly accurate with my stereotyping specifically when it came to world events. I remembered reading about the Rwandan genocide as a teenager and picturing warring tribes massacring each other with machetes. I remember thinking something like, “oh how sad, I hope that they become cultured and civilized with the spreading of western civilization and the accompanying missionary movement.” For 10+ years my opinion on this world event gathered dust without an after thought. Then that week before Mission conference I sat in the theater with my Mom expecting to see a thematic portrayal of what I had long since imagined to have taken place. I was dead wrong.

    See the Rwanda in my mind was a bunch of half naked villagers living in mud huts attacking each other with wooden spears and hand crafted weapons. The Rwanda of “hotel Rwanda” (and I think reality) was a place 5 star hotels, paved streets, single family homes and well dressed people just like you and I. The Rwanda of reality was a place where machetes “made in china” were bought for $5 and used to hack to death neighbors, friends and family members. The Rwanda of reality was a place where prejudice, hate and anger were based on made up racial stereotypes that had less to do with the color of skin and more to do with the width of their noses (SERIOUSLY). I cried the first time I watched this movie, I cried the last time I saw this movie. I cry partly because of the tragedy that occurred then, but I think i cry more when i realize my own ignorance and my own tendency to think that they way that i think things are is the way they are. No movie has ever made me more aware of just how wrong I can be.

  63. RubeRad said,

    Indeed Hotel Rwanda is an amazing movie, but I wouldn’t call it underrated — it won a buttload of Oscars, didn’t it?

    FWIW, I didn’t have a preconception like yours going in (I was just plain ignorant!), but the most interesting (and saddest!) thing I think I learned from Hotel Rwanda is how the whole “ethnic” divide between the two sides of the Rwandan conflict was not a real divide at all, but was an artificial distinction created by the colonizing Belgians for the purpose of driving a wedge between the locals so they could be more easily controlled!

    PS Where’s Stranger than Fiction in the recap? That didn’t win a MUR award?

  64. danielbalc said,

    Stranger than Fiction did not win an award, I’m very sorry Rube.

    Here is a recap of your MOR awards so far…
    MOR action- Tie, “Gladiator” and “Braveheart”
    MOR comedy- “The Goonies”
    MOR Tirilogy- “Lord of the Rings”

    And your newest winner of a MOR award is in the category of Drama where the award goes to… “The English Patient”

    OK now this one is a rare breed. Nearly every drama is somewhat overrated do to the fact that people seem to associate the seriousness of the film with intelligence. Most people who have sat for two plus hours in a dark room without once smiling, laughing, crying or basically demonstrating any emotions at all want to make that experience somewhat worth while so they convince themselves that they just saw a really great movie. Even though the movie didn’t entertain them and didn’t really encourage productive thoughts. The movie probably didn’t do anything for them except convince them that it had to have done something for them otherwise it was one of the biggest wastes of time and money they could have possibly experienced. Well I have the distinct pleasure of giving this award to the “English Patient” without ever actually having seen the movie. I rather defer to the defacto president of the Daniel Balcombe MOR/MUR Movie Society to select this winner er loser. If Elaine Benes says it’s the worst movie she’s ever seen then that’s good enough for me. Congratulations English Patient.

  65. danielbalc said,

    BTW Hotel Rwanda: Nominated for three academy awards, won zero. Hardly a “buttload”.

  66. itsasecret2u said,

    I have now placed 13 extra pushpins in my voodoo doll of Daniel in response to the MOR Action winners.

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