The 2006 rearview mirror: Lots of changes

January 2, 2007 at 7:25 pm (God thoughts, Pop thoughts, Random thoughts, Sports thoughts, Uncategorized)

When I look back on 2006 the biggest thing that stands out to me was getting married. September 23rd, will stand out more than anything else, but there was a whole lot more that took place. For anyone interested this is what my 2006 calender looked like…


The highlight of January as usual is the Missions Conference. Pastor Robbie Evans spoke the first night followed by Pastor Mark Blum detailing the new vision for LWC to be more involved in short missions trips throughout the year.

I began a 12 week class on the Book of Daniel on Sunday nights.


This month was fairly difficult. I remember feeling a lot of stress and fears as I surveyed the upcoming year. In addition to Dad’s health issues looming on the horizon were some of the biggest changes in my life. I knew the in 2006 I would be taking over the youth pastor position and even bigger then that would be asking Athena to marry me.

I preached this month and the title of my message was, “welcome to the valley”. Listening to that message again I can’t tell from my voice, but I remember feeling like I was indeed in a valley. Thankfully the year got better, much better.

M arch

This was an exciting month. Jonathan Rizzo and I went out to Arizona and watched the World Baseball Classic and visited the Padres spring training site; my brother Lance and I went to the Final and saw Japan beat up Cuba. The youth had an awesome winter camp. I preached at my final DiSCO on the 30th and i spent More money than I had ever spent in my life by purchasing an engagement ring.


This month began with me preaching a message on Stephen, detailing the activity of the Holy Spirit in motivating a martyr. The next day was opening day for the padres second consecutive division championship series and 4 days later I was on a plane to Kosovo for what would be an incredible missions experience. During our time in Kosovo I gained a whole new perspective on the secular Muslim culture. We ministered to many widows and orphans in addition to our visits to the small local churches. Most exciting was the time spent with the neighborhood children, communicating through actions like playing soccer and cleaning their park. I believe the seed that we planted in those youth will flourish.

On Friday April 14th on top of the Gloriette in the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna Austria, a view that looked something like this, I asked Athena to marry me. She agree, probably because of the setting, and my whole world changed.


May 20th Ted and Stephanie got married, i was honored to be a groomsman in this wedding and Athena lamentably had to see her surrogate sister start sharing a bed with someone else.

May 27th was Zac’s last message as YP. He and my sister Laura begin fusion church in Temecula. I hope that I can live up to the standards of his ministry. He was a magnificent YP!

May 31st Athena, my sister Julie and I left for Michigan so that I could be a groomsman in yet another wedding.


The first day of June was spent in Chicago having dinner at one of the coolest restaurants ever. not the best food, but an incredible view and tons of fun. Two days later Nicky and Kristen were married. Weird thing about Michigan, it stays light in the summer till like 10PM. Consequently both Julie and I lost our sunglasses. LAME.

The next week I began my service as Youth pastor of Lving Way church.

One week after this Jeff and Christa got married. Thankfully I played no part in this wedding, but I felt like I did because of the many hours Vickie and I spent talking about wedding planning.


I was really busy this month. My calender has something written on every day. Beach days, Family nights, youth groups. Preached one of my favorite messages ever, “seeing Jesus in the grain offering”. I’m still not to sure what inspired this message but it was fun to preach out of Leviticus.

Went to a wedding for my friend Miles on the 23rd. It was an outdoor wedding in Escondido. The temperature was about 115 with high humidity. It was horrible. Thankfully the heat cooled off in time for summer camp which started on the 31st.


My first youth camp as YP went pretty good. My cousin Noah and I were the main speakers and we both saw tremendous spiritual steps taken by our youth. I preached on the 20th, “the crossroads gospel” out of Jeremiah 6:16. The summer wrapped up and i felt like I needed a vacation, thankfully I got one…


My brothers and Matt and Eric Simila and I went to Oakland to watch the beginning of the Chargers incredible 2006 season. this was scarier than skydiving, but strangely a little cheaper. 12 days later came the pinnacle of my life. Athena and I exchanged vows on September 23rd. I wish i could display photos but currently my computer won’t take the disks. So I link you to Frank’s website to view a couple (the first 3). If you were at the wedding you can formulate your own opinion on the events. Personally I loved every minute of it and wouldn’t change a thing. Even though there was some stuff that probably could’ve been smoother, ‘it is what it is’. We are married!

We took off the next day for Hawaii, (thanks to my sister Julie and brother in law Josh for providing us with their timeshare). Kona Hawaii is awesome!


A day after coming back from Hawaii we headed out to Vegas! (Thanks to my parents for providing a time share). We saw awesome shows (Celine Dion, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia) and ate at awesome restaurants. And only lost a couple of bucks when I bet on the Padres to win the National League pennant and the World Series. A week later they were eliminated by the Cardinals (Dang).

The Church celebrated its 30th anniversary. God has been so faithful in using us. We are so blessed.


This month was fairly easy, We began a new series in the youth group based on Luke 17:5 “Increase our faith”. My vision for the youth group in 2007 is that each one develops a faith in Christ that is unshakable! We became more focused by having “core kids” and God is blessing the relationships we are building.
David and Melissa got married on the 18th wrapping up the year with us attending 7 weddings! That’s a lot of blenders.


Christmas parties and events,12 during the month. That’s a lot of red-sweater wearing.

Spoke on the 10th, “the first 6 letters of Christmas”. Christ, I am reminded, is the center of everything we do and are. in 2006 I was reminded of his power and grace in my life. I am so blessed and eternally grateful for the love of my savior. in 2007 I look forward to growing in him, being used by him and seeing others come to know him.


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    Very cool review. You are a gifted writer. You failed to mention the birth of your blog.

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