“Bolts the Best”, Bellows Bronco Boy

December 11, 2006 at 7:05 pm (Sports thoughts)

Woody Paige is a regular on two ESPN opinion shows, Cold Pizza and Around the Horn. If you’ve seen the shows you know him; he’s the crazy one that everybody else makes fun of, the reason why less and less people are naming their kids “woody” or any name that could become “woody”. Well stereotypes aside he wrote a Pulitzer worthy article today and absolutely worth your time.



  1. Albino Hayford said,

    Aaah…somebody’s been teaching homiletics again..”Alliteration lets the lesson linger longer…”

    Chargers are awe-inspiring. That game on Sunday was a butt-whupping of Biblical proportions. Wow. Makes me proud to still be a Charger fan.

    Reminded me of watching a pop warner team play against some boys that are 3 or 4 years older. Almost didn’t seem fair.

    But if they meet the Cowboys in the Superbowl, the only way I will back the Bolts is if a certain youth pastor scores me some tickets.

  2. Daniel B said,

    haha, If you like alliteration you should hear my Christmas Message from Sunday. 5 Points : Power of the Prince of Peace, Righteousness of the ‘raised up’ ruler, Control of the Coming Chief, Mercy of the Miraculous Messiah, and the Salvation of the Suffering Servant. It’s not up yet but it will be this week, lwcpoway.com

  3. itsasecret said,

    I completely agree with that article. Have you seriously ever tasted a quesadilla in Denver?

  4. Jessica said,

    I can’t wait to start calling my kids Philip and LaDainian.

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