Sea Lions + SDNHM = PESA

November 17, 2006 at 10:34 pm (Politics thoughts, Pop thoughts, Random thoughts)

If you happened to read this story about the rogue sea lion then you probably formed an immediate opinion. I figure there are two main opinions:

1. This is an unfortunate situation, a risk we take by being in their habitat.


2. This is an unfortunate situation, a byproduct of environmental laws that have tied our hands and made animals less afraid of us.

The problem that I have with both of these opinions is that it removes the blame from the Sea Lion and places the blame on people. Why are we always so quick to defend animals at the expense of people? I will admit that when it comes to people like Timothy Treadwell it is reasonable to place blame on humans. And if an individual is attacked in a solitary fashion then not much could be done to prevent that. But in this particular story 14 people were attacked, and nothing was done to the Sea Lion. The fact of the matter is that people seem to have more forgiveness for animals then they do for people. Take the story of Rachel Martinez for example. Notice that the authorities ddn’t believe her story until someone else was attacked. And then what did they do about it? They posted signs. This is ridiculous. Are we a world of wiccans? Has Captain Planet made such an impact through Saturday mornings that we have forgotten who is at the top of the food chain?

Last week I spent some time at the San Diego natural history museum learning about evolution (a subject I know very little about). I can’t seem to figure out why “survival of the fittest” means we need to take extra special care not to cause any animals to become extinct. I can’t seem to figure out how “adaptation” and “preserving the delicate balance of the Eco-system” coexists.

But now I have a whole new perspective….

I used to think that we had a mandate to “take dominion” over the Earth and not to allow the earth to rule us. This doesn’t work. Instead we need to find a way to work together with nature.
It is for this reason that i propose we legislate ethical standards on all animals. We should call this PESA (people for ethical standards on animals). For instance, in the case of this rogue Sea Lion what should be his punishment? I say he must be sentenced to some form of Sea Lion prison. This will teach the aquatic mammals that such behavior is intolerable.

In order for PESA to work we should have multilateral support from the respective people, animal, plant and weather kingdoms so that the laws are balanced and our fragile eco-system remains stable.

From the people kingdom I nominate Al Gore.

From the animal kingdom I nominate Flipper .

From the plant kingdom I nominate those trees from Lord of the Rings.

From the weather kingdom I nominate Santa Ana.

When they put their heads together they will be able to come up with laws, rules, standards and guidelines that we will all be able to happily abide by and we will hopefully see less and less of these sea lion crimes.



  1. Albino Hayford said,

    I’ve always wondered why dolphins must be rescued from the fisherman’s nets, but not the tuna. What about those poor tuna?

    And dolphins are supposed to be so smart. So, stay away from the nets, if you’re so smart! And show me one dolphin university or “think tank” (get it?).

    All of these are futile efforts to bring the animals to the level of human beings, but the humanist are inconistent in their application of animal love.

  2. Jessica said,

    I’m still outraged that 14 people were bit by this so called “rogue” sea lion. I read the story again and it says “Experts say the rogue sea lion could be protecting his harem of mates or might have brain damage from toxic algae.”
    Ummm if there is toxic algae that causes brain damage to sea lions is it safe for people to be swimming in it??

  3. itsasecret said,


    I think people, generally speaking, are quick to defend animals because they operate primarily on instinct and therefore do not have the capability for the complex thoughts and reasoning that we, as human beings, possess. Should we not then protect animals as lesser creatures of God’s creation, incapable of protecting themselves in the same way we can?

    Personally, I say yes and no. I have always found it terribly sad that the human race is so self-centered, wasteful, and lazy that we cannot seem to collectively take simple steps to preserve the planet as God created it. Why can’t we just recycle? Why do we waste so much paper? Why do we rely so heavily on fossil fuels? I find there is a vast difference between nature-worship and creation-respect. On the other hand, we have clearly been established as the dominate species on earth. I see nothing wrong with terminating an animal who seems keen on attacking humans. Our “unenlightened,” primitive ancestors would have done the same. Why shouldn’t we? It is completely natural to do such a thing.

    About dolphins…

    Dolphins in tuna nets are actually a really sad sight. I suppose the difference, for me, is the “convenience killing” of these mammals (simply because they get in the way of the nets while feeding on the tuna fish), as opposed to the “slaughter for food” killing of the tuna fish. Dolphin killings can be completely avoided by line-catching the tuna fish. This line-caught tuna fish is available in the market now. I think that distinction bears merit, though I agree that there are many who do wish to elevate the animal kingdom to human levels.

    All that being said, Daniel, I second your nominations for PESA… all except Flipper who, if I recall correctly, drowned some years back in, of all things, a tuna net. I should like to nominate Lassie instead.

  4. danielbalc said,

    Lassie was my second choice, followed by Francis the talking Mule. I think communication abilities are a huge asset to PESA and Lassie’s abilities are limited, but his compassion for the People Kingdom is why I wanted him over Francis who is constantly sarcastic and demaning to People (and since we alredy have Al Gore…) I thought Flipper embodied both of those skills the best but now that I hear this tragic news regarding the chicken of the sea incident I will second your nomination of Lassie.

  5. itsasecret said,

    I guess that rules out Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Pitty.

  6. danielbalc said,

    Animals get a point back for this act of heroism.,2933,250120,00.html

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